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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Braco on the internet tonight 

I just received this message and am passing it on. Braco is the "gazer" who often heals just by his looking. I saw him live in S. F. earlier this year. Dorothy

feeling spontaneous? livestream with us tonight and then see the world anew

Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.
John McLaughlin
Want to jump into something fresh tonight?
We made a New Year's resolution to look at every day as a chance to dance in the miracle consciousness -- to really step into our truth and see that gifts come forward for us all the time to enjoy and share anew if we'd only open our eyes and our hearts to see and receive them.
This past October, when we came to Agape with Braco for the first time and co-created the First International Live Stream Braco Gazing, we let people know well in advance and we had estimates of up to 20,000 who ultimately tapped in whether from their laptop across the city or at a gazing party in Spain. When literally at the last minute, the platform at Agape got 36,000 hits to join in the Braco Gaze livestream in one minute's time (just before the gaze) a little less than 80 people were bumped off the connection, but their great disappointment weighed heavily on our hearts.
We vowed next time that we'd have a more solid understanding of how to make better connections so that everyone who wished to participate in the livestream gazing and who also had the proper connections per our website instructions could do so more easily. While we are still working out how to make it as perfect as humanly possible and are thrilled that we'll be announcing something very big in the next day or say about this, and while we never wish to disappoint anyone, when we, too, were spontaneously invited to jump into the livestream again with people beyond those who can make it to Los Angeles, we decided to simply say yes and take that delicious leap of why not see ? Maybe if everyone just hoped for the best it would be simpler, easier, sweeter for all.
So let's think of tonight's livestreaming opportunity as a glorious, spontanous group test-- spontaneously cocreating on its own another chance for a few more people out there who wanted to join in the gazing experience with us either in person at the Agape International Spiritual Center or from any laptop or computer in the world.
If this appeals to you and your have some time tonight to join in or if you have friends, family, or associates (even an ex!) that might find soothing, healing, uplifting, exciting, and clarifying energy in Braco and you wish to share please click here:
Braco LiveLoveStream from Agape
(Note--go to info below for precise website)


7:00 PM, 8:00 PM AND 9:00 PM ( Pacific time)




This event is free, but to help defray costs of hiring a crew, engaing servers, etc. donations to Agape are gratefully appreciated // CLICK ON "DONATE"

1. If you cannot see the stream - make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (It is free) download at: www.get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

2. Have only one browser open while streaming.

3. Use a direct wired internet ethernet connection rather than wireless for a smooth broadcast. (wi-fi is wireles and not great for this)

4. Allow popup window for this site.

5. Clear your browser history or cache

6. Close all other applications

7. If the stream FREEZES or HANGS, just click the REFRESH button on your browser.

We are looking forward to THE LAUNCH OF BRACOLIVE.TV (Where you can see exclusive BRACO livestreaming events) in February. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Note: the times are (I presume) for the West Coast. Please adjust for your time zone.

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