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Monday, October 05, 2015

John's Kundalini Awakening--Part One 

John (not his real name) underwent unexpected Kundalini awakening a few years past. Here is the opening chapter of his experience:

The unexpected experience

On another summer night, not too long after my encounter with the Tibetan abbot, January 2007 between the 18th and 20th, I was listening to Yahoo Radio on my cheap headphones while typing on the computer. A variety of random songs and music from different genres transmitted from the massive on-line data base, many I had never heard before.

By about nine p.m. I noticed that I was hearing songs in a way I never had before. I seemed to be entering more deeply than usual into the mind of the writer and understanding what was being emotionally conveyed. So I kept listening. I felt the sorrows and joys of others as they spoke to me in song. I felt the tragic beauty in the passions, lost hopes and brevity of life as experienced by other people. There was a collision of sadness and beauty, a kind of majestic sorrow. I wondered if it was due to being fifty six years of age and being able to relate to many situations in life. Shivers repeatedly rose in waves up my spine from its base. I could not recall ever enjoying music to such an extent. I identified so closely with the singers, I became them.

I could get up and go to the bathroom or get a drink of chilled water from the kitchen without losing the spinal effect.  I then returned to the headphones and Yahoo Radio on the computer.

The shivers of pleasure continued to rise in waves up my spine and began to intensify and surge down my legs and up my arms. The base of my head, at the rear, where the spine joins the skull was hit by waves of exquisite sensation with each new song. It felt like a hand was gripping the upper back of my neck where it meets the skull, and channelling in high voltage pleasure direct to my brain. After each wave of energy up my spine, this sensation did not totally subside, but seemed to remain as a scintillation of increased magnitude higher than the level before it.

I became concerned as the euphoric physical effects intensified and extended in duration. I checked my pulse by the clock to see if I had an elevated heart rate associated with panic attacks. My pulse was normal and steady and my body felt very, very relaxed. I had the sensation of settling or falling back, deeper within my body, as the experience continued. My mind was paradoxically calm, intensely present, sharply aware and my cognition totally functioning and nimble.

The waves of sensation up my spine became a volcanic rush that entered my head. I was thinking “Oh, Oh, Oh! Awesome! Go with it!” Rivers of energy flowed outwards along my limbs. By now it was after midnight. My body felt almost weightless. I felt immense power flowing through my body.  At one point I looked at my hands and they felt so full of the sensation of energy and so insubstantial that I wondered if they might pass through the wall if I tried. I touched the wall out of curiosity and my hand was certainly still solid as it touched the wall! It was just that I could not feel my hand.

It went on and on, hour after hour as powerful waves of surging energy, ever intensifying. I was totally immersed in intense ecstasy. Suddenly, there was another huge rush of energy upwards. There was complete darkness. I found my locus of consciousness now resting in the centre of my head as a tiny pin point. The room I was sitting in had totally disappeared from sight. It was dark and comforting in the centre of my brain. Then, there was a final atomic eruption I could feel rising beneath this tiny “me”, my centre of total awareness, and it burst forth from the top of my head carrying that tiny point in a massive torrent of energy that felt like a clear, cool viscous liquid, and my awareness emerged into a infinite yet intimate space which was like an endless ocean where I felt connected to all things in the cosmos. I thought, “Huh! I must have died! Oh well, it’s not so bad.” I had no fear. I was merely a point of consciousness with no body at all. I was overcome with immense gratitude for the privilege of having been alive, and for my life with its joys as well as its sorrows and the total improbability of just being. I thanked God.

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