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Monday, November 30, 2020

What I Have Come Here to Know 

What I Have Come Here to Know

It did not always arrive     

in words.

Sometimes it was

just a feeling,

holding the hand 

of someone you loved

or the tumultuous waves

that washed through you

when you were dissolved

totally and knew nothing

but the bliss of the invisible,

come to claim you

as its own.

I could name things:

Mozart lifting you

to a place beyond the supreme moment

your body trembling

toward a different realm,

too intense to bear––

those leaves stirring within

as they shared their joy

with me, the witness––

those sweet frequencies that rose up

from earth itself

and captured you

in Ireland's sacred places,

your heart exploding

with unquenchable desire.

And of course

there were the dark opposites:

the betrayals,

the broken promises,

the desertions by the faithful.

All knit together now

into a single ball of truth,

a blend of everything

into a shining perception

of final reality,

how you are now mixed together

as one.

Dorothy Walters

November 21, 2020


The Evolute–– poem by Dorothy 


The Evolute

If you wish to transmute,

open yourself to change.

Le the vibrations of transmutation

flow through your being

like a gentle wind  caressing a rose

that opens its mouth to rain,

a bud that waits 

for the awakening sun.

Yes, you can hear without ears,

see without eyes.

These are done by the invisibles

again and again,

even without your knowing

or recognition.

But if you are wed 

to the realm

of the senses,

you will not reach

the kingdom I describe.

You will reject its perfections

for a world more familiar,

and wonder why anyone

would desire to enter

the realm of the immutable––

you will be content to remain

where you are, perishable

as a shadow in moonlight.

You will never know

the world of

formless beyond form,

the permanent after the ephemeral,

the embrace of ultimate bliss,

union with the unseen divine.

You will never find

your cosmic lover,

trembling as the earth shudders,

shaking within as secret love enters,

all in time with the leaf that wavers

now in your chest.

Dorothy Walters

November 20, 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020

Ivan Granger "The Warbler Knows" 


The Warbler Knows

By Ivan M. Granger

(1969 - )


The warbler knows

only dawn's shaft

of light

on her breast.

Forgetting false future

suns, she sings

in no voice

but her own.

Saturday, November 07, 2020

The witch is dead 

Ding, dong,

the witch is dead!!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Election Promises––Mark Belletini 

 Election Promises – by Mark Belletini

I hear the polls

are going to be open on Tuesday.

All day.

Good.  I certainly intend to go to them.

I certainly invite you to go to them and vote too.

But today I say the polls

Are not just open on Tuesday.

I say they are open every day.

Every hour.  Even here.  Even now.

‘Right now I am going to vote

for the robin’s egg sky,

the vanilla clouds,

the purple shadow spreading

under the gingko tree,

I am going to vote for tulips and redbuds,

I am going to vote for love,

That doesn’t have to run in someone else’s circles

in order to be love.

I’m going to vote the homeless into homes.

I’m going to vote the uneducated into classrooms

that teach them in the way they learn best,

not the way that would be most convenient.

I’m going to vote the sick into healing.

I’m going to vote the lost into belonging.

I’m going to vote, right now,

for the right to dream of a world

where the word politics

doesn’t stop me in my tracks,,

And where the word honor still

has a few good meanings left.

I’m going to vote right now

for the power of free people

to actually be free,

No matter who they are,

no matter who has abandoned them,

no matter who hates them.

I actually am going to vote for love,

I am going to vote for truthfulness as the norm,

not the exception.

I’m going to vote for a world

that doesn’t vote for killing, control and swagger,

I’m going to vote for you.

I’m going to vote for me.

Right now.  Right here.  Silently.  But for real.  

Friday, October 16, 2020


You are my true self, O Lord

By Shankara

(788 - 820)

English version by Ivan M. Granger


You are my true self, O Lord.

          My pure awareness is your consort.

          My breath, my body are your handmaids.

I am your holy ground.

My every action is an offering to you.

          My rest is my melting into you.

Every step I take circles you.

          Every word I speak is a song for you.

Whatever work I do, that work is worship of you,

          O Fountain of Bliss!


This Dance of Bliss: Ecstatic Poetry from Around the World Edited by Ivan M. Granger

Also available through Wordery Free shipping anywhere in the world

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Jeff Carreira's new book 


from Jeff Carreira

I’m happy to announce the publication of my latest book, American Awakening: Evolutionary Spirituality, Non-Duality and Free Thinking in the tradition of American Philosophy.


In this book, I write in detail for the first time about what I consider to be the other half of my spiritual lineage - the American philosophies of Transcendentalism and Pragmatism. 

During my spiritual journey, I was deeply influenced by two traditions. 

The first was the non-dual mysticism of the Hindu tradition called Advaita Vedanta and the spiritual sage Ramana Maharishi. 

Along the path of awakening, I encountered the writings of Transcendentalism and Pragmatism, and I discovered an intellectual framework that accelerated my growth and clarified my thinking in many important ways. 

In American Awakening I want to share the profoundly impactful ideas that I found in the American philosophical tradition. 

In this book you may be surprised to find that an authentic path of non-dual awakening and conscious evolution has been developing in the United States for nearly 200 years. 

In this book you will explore:

The nature of the soul as an omnipresent field of perceptual awareness that is the true source of our being.

An expanded understanding of evolution that explains how even the laws governing time, space and causality have evolved from nothing.

The true role of human perception in the creation of reality.

A vision of how human life flows through us from sources beyond ourselves.

These and many more ideas are explained and illuminated in clear, simple and precise language. 

I hope you will read American Awakening and if you do please email me to tell me what you think. 

You can order print copies here or a kindle version here.


Jeff Carreria 

Sunday, October 11, 2020


 This is the Youtube  link to the interview I did on October 6 with "The Kundalini Hour...Kai Shakti, and Alan Steinfeld, Moderators:


Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Sally Kempton and the Global Circle of Lightt 


An Invitation from Sally Kempton

to Join a Circle of Light

Every Tuesday from October 13th to November 3rd, at 5 PM US Pacific Time, 6 PM US Mountain Time, 7 PM US Central Time, and 8 PM US Eastern Time

Dear friends,

I'd like to invite you to join me and thousands of others in a weekly meditation practice called Circle of Light. For four weeks on Tuesdays, between October 13th and November 3rd, we will practice subtle activism through meditation. Our intention is to activate the energy of love and wisdom in ourselves and the subtle fields around us. And to make a real difference in the atmosphere around us. 

You can register to be part of this free weekly event here. When you register, you will receive a (free) audio guided meditation, as well as a written version, that you can practice with or use as a template for your practice. 

You are invited to practice this meditation on your own, either instead of or in addition to ones you may already be doing. And I would invite you to create your own circle if you are moved to do so.

Here is what we intend through this practice: 

As you know, we are going through a time of deep confusion and polarization. Stress, fear, and uncertainty affect many of us and run through our societies. As a traveler on the spiritual path, you have a super-power—your inner focus—that you can bring to bear at this crucial moment. Many of you are actively working for change in the world. Along with that, you are in a unique position to practice subtle activism. Using our skills as meditators, as givers of blessing, and as souls who wish the best for each other, our societies, and our world, we have the skills, practicing together, to inject light and positive energy into the atmosphere. Many studies have shown that prayer works, especially affirmative prayer and active imagination, practiced in a meditative state.

The purpose of the Circle of Light is to practice generating light for the sake of humanity and our world. We'll be joined by the members of many vibrant spiritual communities, many skilled practitioners and teachers, and, hopefully, by you and your friends and family members. 

Every Tuesday from October 13th to November 3rd, at 5 PM US Pacific Time, 6 PM US Mountain Time, 7 PM US Central Time, and 8 PM US Eastern Time, we will sit in our own spaces to meditate. 

Together, we will help create a force of light that can circle the globe. We want to meet the challenges of this time without fear, and ultimately this demands that we meet it with love. It is not passive love, but an active love, a love that lets us tap into the power of Spirit and change the subtle energies of our atmosphere. We can each enact this intention in our own way. The core practice, which we'll be doing in the meditations that follow, is to turn into the heart, place our intentions there, and use the power of imagination to begin the process of healing that can potentially touch every corner of our societies. 

Every one of you has cultivated a relationship with Spirit, whether through meditation or through the way you live your life. This is our chance to bring these skills and subtle connections together to make a difference in this moment's energy. 

By registering here for this free program, you will receive access to an audio meditation, taught by me, that you can follow in your daily practice. You will also be able to download the written text for the instructions, which you might want to record in your voice.

I hope you can join us.

With much love,


Sally Kempton teaches at the cutting edge of ancient and contemporary wisdom, unfolding the energetic practices of the tantrikas in an atmosphere that creates space for real inner change. A former swami in a Vedic tradition, she has been teaching for nearly 40 years and is known for her powerful transmissions of meditative states. Sally is the author of the recently released Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga and the best-selling book Meditation for the Love of It. Her audio program of meditations on the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Doorways to the Infinite, was recently released by Sounds True. She offers regular retreats and workshops as well as teleconferences.

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Monday, October 05, 2020

Kundalini Hour presentation by Dorothy 


First, from KaiShanti:

As Evolution Evolves Itself, We Are Becoming More Free

Understanding how our nature works involves understanding the patterning that has been created as a part of our cellular structuring.  We can't see the whole if we can't see the minute details of our own existence.  Reasoning would say that we must be whole beings of light if we are structures of cellular renewal and light emanations.  Reasoning would say that we must be renewing ourselves every day to be a new part of a whole system of play as dynamic grace.  We must be this every day or we will be redefining an old system of uncooperative, unharmonic games.

What do we want to become truly?  Do we want to become play as the unequivocal grace that arises from every strand of our being?  Do we want to become the play of grace in the harmony of the things that are unseen as well as seen?  Do we want to know that grace is our very structure, and beingness is created in this space?  Do we want to know that we exist in harmony with all things that are seen in this world of reality as well as the unseen world of biomolecular change.  Our repeated reasoning makes us think that we are something, somewhere in time and space.  Our knowledge from within the depths of our being makes us know that the divine is at play and we must acquiesce to the changes that are becoming real in our biological play.

It is all happening for a reason, and we must see the play as a dynamic change in our every day functioning as a modern upgrade for divine grace!

Kundalini Hour with Alan Steinfeld and Kai Shanti

October Guests

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won't miss us when we go Live.  Although, the broadcasts will also be available after the initial Livestream.

Tuesday, October 6th @ 6pm ET, 3pm PST


Author of "Kundalini Wonder: The god/goddess in Your Body",  "Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation",  "Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New", and more beautiful poetry books.  She will discuss her awakening experience and read a few of her mystical poems, all related to Kundalini.  She experienced spontaneous awakening in l981 when Kundalini was almost unknown in the West about Kundalini.  Thus she went through her process basically with no information or guides.  She was thrown into ecstasy (The god force) and ecstasy became her guide.

Find Dorothy's Books on Amazon

Tuesday, October 6th @ 6pm ET, 3pm PST


Author of "Kundalini Wonder: The god/goddess in Your Body",  "Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation",  "Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New", and more beautiful poetry books 

Saturday, October 03, 2020

 Hi Dorothy,  

This is a reminder that following Emergence Education Press event is happening tomorrow...

American Awakening Book Launch

with Jeff Carreira

The possibility of attaining our full human potential and spiritual enlightenment has been explored by prominent and respected American thinkers for two centuries.

This discovery compelled me to study and write about this undervalued aspect of American philosophy and the end result has been my new book - 'American Awakening: Evolutionary Spirituality, Non-Duality, & Free Thinking in the Tradition of American Philosophy'.

I am so glad you are joining me for the free online launch of this book tomorrow.

Day and Time

Sunday, October 4th at 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm US Eastern Time

Location: Zoom Video Conferencing

>> Enter the Zoom Room Here <<

Meeting ID: 882 0042 4466

Dial by your location

+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)

+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/keBEqTOcLQ




e: jeff@jeffcarreira.com w: jeffcarreira.com 

w: emergenceeducation.com

w: mysteryschoolforanewparadigm.com


Monday, September 28, 2020

Zoom Interview with Dorothy 

 Zoom interview with Dorothy

Date: Tuesday, October 6,  2020

Time: 4 p.m. MT and 6 p.m. ET

Topic: Going Through Spontaneous Awakening Alone

from Kai Shanti:

The show will be live on my YouTube channel, "Kai Shanti - Angel of Light - Channeling God's Love"



And Alan Steinfeld's YouTube channel, "New Realities":


from Dorothy:

Dorothy underwent astounding spontaneous Kundalini Awakening at a time and place (Kansas, 1981) when there were no teachers or gurus available and few people had even heard of Kundalini.  In a single moment she exploded into ecstasy, a state she had no word for.  Since then she has written and talked about her awakening process extensively and has helped many going through their own process.  Her story is described in "Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation" (now a classic on Amazon).  She continues to have occasional visits from her beloved Kundalini Goddess and is now (age 92) getting a new collection of poems ready for publication. ("The Goddess Speaks: Poems of Ecstasy and  Ascension")  See also many presentations on YouTube as well as her FB page and other books of poetry and prose, all on Amazon.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Indeed,, Turn Me to Gold (poem by Dorothy) 

Indeed,  Turn Me to Gold

               (for Kabir)

Every cell,

each bone and covering.

Let me shine

like a golden coin 

spinning in the  summer sun,

a yellow leaf

that falls to earth

 in  early

autumn, late spring.

Let me be a beacon for all

yearning to pass this way,

to become pure,

like the alchemist's dream,

the cabalist's desire.

Let me be dipped

in liquid gold,

complete at last.

Dorothy Walters

September 24, 2000

from Ånne Lamotte (on Donald Trump) 

On Donald Trump:

from Anne Lamotte:

 “He’s a cross between Bernie Madoff and Al Capone.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

NDE of Mira Sai 


NDE of Mira Sai

Mira Sai's NDE yielded the ultimate experience of oneness with Supreme Consciousness. She was led to mystical experiences in the Himalayas and spent 10 years at Sai Baba's ashram. Mira  will start her talk with a candle light meditation (see event for details).-- 

May you experience daily glimpses of love, comfort &

blessings from sources seen and unseen...

Jacqueline Arnold, MSLS 

Jeff Carreira: Free Workshop 

 Post: Edit

 Hi Dorothy,

Over the upcoming weeks I will be offering a number of free workshops in which you can explore the ideas, experiences and perspectives that open up new possibilities for human life. 

We are living in very challenging times. The continuing threat of  COVID-19, as well as ongoing social, economic and political uncertainty, make these particularly difficult times for many of us. 

In such challenging times it is easy to lose sight of higher possibilities. It can even feel frivolous to pursue lofty ends when basic survival needs are in question. 

The pursuit of spiritual awakening and a shift in paradigm is always important and it only becomes more important when things are tough. 

So please take advantage of each of these workshops. They are offered at no cost to support all of us as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. 

The first of these free offerings is:

Foundations of a New Paradigm 

Saturday, September 19th, 2020 

12 noon to 1:30pm (US Eastern Time)

Learn more here

In this workshop we will explore some  of the ideas that I feel are most essential to the shift in paradigm that our world so disparately needs. 

We will also explore how we can engage with new ideas to create dynamic shifts in our own perspective and understanding or reality.

But, it’s not the ideas themselves that are so exciting, or even the shifts in consciousness that we can experience as a result of those ideas. 

What is so exciting, is how much the world can actually change with a shift in paradigm!

This is the message that we all need right now. 

If we change the way we think and feel at a fundamental level, not just as individuals but as groups of individuals and ultimately as a society, we can change the world in ways that seem unimaginable. 

How many of the world’s greatest problems, climate change, wealth disparity, social injustice, have been worked on for years, decades, even longer?

No matter how smart we are, if we are working within the same paradigm, we cannot produce radically different results, sure we can make incremental change, but it will never add up to the dramatic change that we all really want to see. 

There are a few foundational ideas that shape the way we perceive and think about everything. When those ideas shift a whole new world of possibility will open up for all of us.

This is what I want to share with you on 'The Foundations of a New Paradigm' Workshop.

Please join me and experience what is possible. 

>>Click here to learn more and register <<

A recording will be made available for those cannot attend live.


Jeff Carreria 

P.S. You will receive information about other workshops as it becomes available. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Singing Guitars 

 The Singing Guitars

You're Invited: The Singing Guitar Release Party (on ZOOM)

Tuesday, September 15 at 6 pm Central

Come together with Craig Hella Johnson, artists, composers Kile Smith and Reena Esmail, and fellow listeners to celebrate The Singing Guitar. We'll sample music from the album, converse, and give away some fun prizes! FREE!

We'll be celebrating on Zoom; registration is required to participate via Zoom . You can also access the event via YouTube by clicking on the event page on September 15.

Reserve Your Spot on Zoom

Craig Johnson is a famed composer/ conductor of the well known group of singers called "Conspirare."  He is also one of my most beloved and oldest friends.  Listen if you can!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Even Now 

Even Now

In the body,

things happened that

I had no name for

and no one to tell me.

What was that strange current

that moved here and there,

now stroking my cheek,

now commanding me to dance?

Oh, sweet one,

you took me to places

that did not exist,

showed me panoramas,

 landscapes where I had

never been.

Even now

you sometimes give me kisses

when I sleep. 

Dorothy Walters

August 30, 2020

Monday, September 07, 2020

 "The Man Who Would be King" (Title of book by Rudyard Kipling)

Once Upon a Time there lived a man in what formerly was held to be a great country.  Though it did not offer equal opportunities for all and had other flaws, still it had many features that made it respected by both its own citizens and those of other countries.  It had a so called "Bill of Rights" that guaranteed such freedoms as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to bear arms (meaning a blunderbus rifle, not modern weapons of war) and still other precious rights in accordance with democratic notions of justice and equity.

However, because of a flaw in its election procedure, a candidate was put into the highest office who had no respect for the founding principles which the early fathers had put into place at the country's beginning.  When journalists or commentators expressed opinions contrary to his desires, he attacked them bitterly.  When those in various government posts spoke in ways the did not like, he fired them.  He regularly chose people for high office who had no real qualifications for their positions, but were major donors and supporters of him.  He consistently used his own position to make personal financial profit.  He made use of the Whitehouse grounds for political reasons, though such use is prohibited by law (Hatch Act).  He sent unidentified military agents to certain cities where legitimate peaceful protests against police  brutality were underway with the result that law abiding citizens were snatched off the streets and held without their consent (kidnapping).  His administration sought to undermine the U.S. Postal System to prevent those he saw as his "enemies' from voting.

He encouraged violence and dissent, with the result that a 17 year old supporter with an assault rifle shot and killed 2 people and wounded a third.  Then, to top it all off, instead of condemning this action, he condoned it and furnished the services of his own core of lawyers to defend this murderer in court.

In his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, he boasted that he had handled the covid19 virus wonderfully well, even though the death toll has now risen to over 180,000 because of his failure to set up a national program.  Experts agree that thousands of lives could have been saved if he had acted in a timely manner.

He boasted about our economic prosperity, even though the number of those currently unemployed is almost as many as were jobless during the "Great Depression."

He demands 'law and order' though he himself creates chaos and dissent by his acts and opinions.

Sinclair Lewis said earlier in the twentieth century that the next dictator would arrive wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible.  This man takes Lewis' words as advice for him to advance to the highest office.  He supports fascism, not democracy.  He even refuses to share his tax returns, lest his ties to Vladimir Putin be known.  I could continue with this list of crimes and offenses, but time restraints do not allow.

Oh, America, what is happening to our democracy?  When will you realize that the emperor has no clothes? 

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Replay of Zoom talk for Caritas 

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago I recorded a Zoom talk on Kundalini and related topics for Caritas.  It is now available for viewing for those who may have missed it at:


Love to all,


Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Scrubwoman's Song 

The Scrubwoman's Song

I could be a Buddhist

and  look wise.

Or I could be a Tantrik

and be a bit wild.

I could be a yogi

and tangle my limbs

like a secret code

that no one else could read.

I listen to an inner music

that none but me

can hear.

I scrub and dip,

scrub and sway,

to this music

that only I can hear.

Dorothy Walters

August 30, 2020


Saturday, August 29, 2020

Always the Mystery––poem by Dorothy 

Always the Mystery

Who awakened me on that fateful day?

 Who led me through those jungles of doubt

as I moved forward without guidebook or guide?

Who danced with me 

when there was silence everywhere?

Who sent the music

that thrilled my bones, flowed like a prayer

through my body?

Who comes to me, even now,

when my cells and tissues

are transmuted into love?

Who witnessed my longing and joy

when all was knit together

in the place of knowing?

Who speaks 

with unsaid words

as I listen in silence?

Dorothy Walters

August 28, 2020


Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Slave 

The Slave

I am here 

to be transfigured,

so go ahead,

knead me, pound me,

shake me upside down.  

I don't care

what you do to this being.

It was yours well before

I came to this realm.

You carried it in

your future plans drawer,

then perfected it in earth fashion

once I arrived.

What I see in the mirror now

is what you imagined then,

this body, with all its scars

and imperfections,

the one you designed,

so I will live with it,

claim it for my own.

Just tell me

what to do

and I will follow your desire,

the way a favorite dog

gladly obliges the master

whom he loves.

Dorothy Walters

August 27, 2020


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