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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going off line and two wonderful photo sites 

I will be going off line as of tomorrow and will be returning a few days after December 1. Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

My friend NM. Rai sent me the following link to her beautiful blog that is devoted entirely to flower photography.

She says:

have put up some new ones and will be putting up more in the next couple of days

click on any photo to enlarge - they come up two to a post

And Patricia Lay-Dorsey (see entry on her of a few days ago) has been participating in the Occupy Detroit encampment and photographing the activites there, in order to "get an inside view" of the events. This occupation, unlike many others, has been totally peaceful--no police presence was needed and none existed. The participants were incredibly organized and the atmosphere was calm but determined.

You can view these fascinating photos at: http://www.patricialaydorsey.com

To see the photos from Detroit, pull down the menu for Portfolios and click on Occupy Detroit. Patricia has also posted an entry on Occupy Detroit on her blog. You can access it from her website. Be sure to take time for her other portfolios as well--there are some amazing photos here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Sometimes" (poem by Dorothy 


Sometimes it is as if
Nothing is happening,
Nothing you have called for,
Or come to expect.

No unexpected knocks
At the door,
No strange and lovely
Scents in the house.
No midnight love play.

All is empty, void,
Self left to its own devices.
Did someone take a knife
And cut the connection?
Is there a thief in the basement
Severing all our close ties
Of feeling,
Threads of memory?

Then one day,
Surprise reappearance.
Do not ask where “it”
Has been,
What its purpose or
Revel in its
Forgotten splendor.
Give thanks
For its sudden return.

Dorothy Walters
November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

poem by Denise Levertov 

Primary Wonder

Days pass when I forget the mystery.
Problems insoluble and problems offering
their own ignored solutions
jostle for my attention, they crowd its antechamber
along with a host of diversions, my courtiers, wearing
their colored clothes; cap and bells.
And then
once more the quiet mystery
is present to me, the throng's clamor
recedes: the mystery
that there is anything, anything at all,
let alone cosmos, joy, memory, everything,
rather than void: and that, O Lord,
Creator, Hallowed One, You still,
hour by hour sustain it.

- Denise Levertov

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Recently I attended a sound healing workshop, in which the instructor offered a quite unfamiliar sequence of sounds (all vowels) to awaken the chakras. I had trouble learning this technique, and later realized that I prefer the more traditional soundings for the chakras as follows (moving from number one at the bottom or root chakra and then up):

Chakra sounds—(bija sounds)

Lum (base, root chakra at base of spine)

Vum (second chakra, sexual feelings)

Rum (third chakra, solar plexus, personal power center)

Yum (fourth chakra, heart, love)

Hum (fifth chakra, throat)

Aum (sixth chakra, pituatary, third eye)


I had looked this information up on the internet, but when I reached the last term (visarga) I realized I did not know what it meant.. So I googled this term on the internet, and came up with the following. Now I do not pretend to understand all the information offered in this excerpt, but for some reason I am quite captivated by discussions of certain ancient Indian terms and
beliefs, even when I do not fully comprehend their meaning. It is as if I get the "gist" of them, without full rational cognition. So I am reprinting here some of what I found and perhaps you too will gain from "osmosis" if not full comprehansion.

Bindu Visarga - A drop of moon on the crown of Tripura Sundari
Tripura Sundari Mandir, Banswara Rajasthan

In the definition of Kundalini, this is the source of creation, represented by the dot or Bindu in the center of the Sri Chakra. The Bindu means the drop or the point, or literally Bindu Visarga which is the falling of the drop. This is represented by the crescent moon and a white drop which is the nectar that is dripping down from the Vishuddhi chakra. It is the ultimate source of immortality, that state which is called bliss when this chakra is activated through sadhana.

"From that Bindu came ether, air, fire, water, earth and the letters of the alphabet" - Kama Kala Vilasa

The Bindu is connected with the Vishuddhi Chakra and its seat is at the back of the head, typically where brahmins leave a tuft of hair growing. It is believed during sandhya, the brahmin ties this tuft of hair tighter, and while he practices mantra, he develops a powerful and continuing awareness of this Bindu point. This is one of the traditional methods of accessing the Bindu Visarga consciously.

In Tantra, Bindu is depicted by the crescent moon on a moonlit night. The Bindu is closely related to the kalas, that is the waxing and waning of the moon. The Bindu gives a hint towards the vast void beyond, the Sahasrara. It is said when the Bindu is awakened, the sound of OM is heard within the self. It is also believed that this Bindu, or the moon, produces a very intoxicating secretion, which is nectar or ambrosia or amrita or soma. At this point, the bhakta enters the state of complete bliss and is no longer dependent on the world for sustenance.

Other explanations to the same Bindu define this as the red and the white Bindu, where the red represents the Goddess, alias blood of menstruation. White represents the sperm or shukla. The red Bindu is established as the sun and the white Bindu as the moon, representing the ida and the pingala. There are various interpretations to what the Bindu really is, but what strikes out most is that which is depicted on the crown of Goddess Tripura Sundari or that of the great Lord Kameshwara.

This is a phenomenon that renders the bhakta immortal, supreme and one with the divine. Great sages have made this secret phenomenon understandable to the masses by simple depiction. Simple depiction that hides within itself a supreme phenomenon unknown until contemplated upon.

This is embedded in the depiction, in the music, in the verses, in the songs to the great Goddess Kamakshi, Tripura Sundari. Quoting...

Tripurasundari Vijaya Sthava
[Ode of Victory to Tripurasundari]

Lakshya bhakthi rasardhra hruthsarasije sadbhi sadaradhitha|
Sandrananda mayi sudhakara kala gandojjwalanmoulike||
Sarvani sarana gatharthi samani sachinmayee sarvadha|
Srichakradhi nivasini, vijayathe Srirajarajeswari|| 14

Victory to the Goddess who resides in the center of the Sri Chakra, who lives among those hearts drenched in devotion towards her. She resides in the realm of happiness among those good. She wears the crescent moon on her crown and is the consort of Lord Shiva in her all pervasive form. She consoles those who seek protection in her, who is true knowledge, who is wisdom, who is Bindu, who is bliss all within the self.

Hreengarathraya saputathi mahatha manthrena sampoojitha|
Hothri Chandra sameerana agni jala bhobaswannabhoroopini||
Hamsa sohamithi prakrushtadishanair aradhitha yogibhi|
Srichakradhi nivasini, vijayathe Srirajarajeswari|| 15

Victory to the Goddess Rajarajeshwari who resides at the center of the Sri Chakra, who is invoked by the great chant in the three hreem, who is in the sacred offerings, moon, air, fire, water, earth, sun and sky. Who is worshiped by great yogis who look upon her in the divine form of Hamsa Soham.

Tripura Thilakam
[The Ornament to the Tripurasundari]

Eeshashad unmishada marthya sakhi kusumaavalee vimala tharakaa|
Vrunda Sundara sudhamsu ganda subhagee kruthathi guru kaishikaam||
Neelakunchithga naalakaam nitalabhooshanayatha vilochanaam|
Neelakandasukruthonnatheem, sathathasraye Tripurasundareem|| 3

My heart depends on the Goddess Tripura Sundari who is the greatest treasure of Lord Shiva, who is beauty described in her dense crown of hair which is embellished by the crescent moon she wears, that is surrounded by the very stars of the night sky. This appears like a fully opened flower of the Kalpaga tree. Among her blue locks of hair that gently flow down her crown, and frame her half open eyes that are like lilies blooming in the full moon night.

Lakshm aheena vidhu lakshanairjjitha vichakshanana saroruham|
Yikshukarmuka sarasanopamitha chillkayugamamathallikam||
Lakshaye manasi santhatham sakala dushkrutha kshaya vidhayineem|
Uksha vahana thapo vibhuthimahadaksharam Tripurasundarim|| 4

My mind remains awake towards the Goddess Tripura Sundari, who is beauty personified within the lotus face she has, growing like that of a million moons, and has teeth like the bow of a sugarcane of the God of love, who reduces the effect of all bad acts done, whose blessings is the greatest gift gotten from the worship of Lord Shiva.

The realm of the Goddess, the awakening of the Bindu is a drop of moonlight that descends into the consciousness of the Bhakta awakening him into the Sahasrara, the path to the realization of the void, of the universe beyond. The experience of this is probably far, but the very thought that the moon makes a poetic drop of elixir, brings intrigue and mystery into the subtlety of this great phenomenon, represented by a silver glow of the crescent moon on the face of the Goddess.

Kundalini Tantra: Swamy Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar school of Yoga
Vedanta Spiritual Library.
Posted by Kavitha at Sunday, March 22, 2009
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JC said...
Tripura literally means 'Three cities', which refer to Earth surface/ mean sea level that acts as abode for the relatively superior 'animal world'; Sky or Space as the abode of Heavenly Bodies, having Tripurasundari, that is, one of the members of our solar system, moon (virtually on the 'forehead of earth' and called Tripurasunderi teh most beautiful Queen of queens) as the 'true likeness' of the Nirakar Nadbindu (like the symboloc 'bindi' on the forehead of any person, representing 'sahasrara' that believably houses the essence of moon); and the netherland (underground/ below the mean sea level) that acts as the abode of burowing animals/ innumerable aquatic life forms...

"Hari anant/ Hari katha ananta..." conveys possibility of innumerable paths to reach the above realisation through eyes and the 'shabd' or words (in various alphabetic/ graphical symbols) of different Yogis who apparently act as different characters at different times repeating the 'Truths' for the 'common man' as well as the 'Absolute Truth' for teh 'seekers'...
7:49 AM
Kavitha said...
Joshi Uncle,

the essence of the moon, i have come to believe is before one attains samadhi, or activates the sahasrara chakra.

Its beyond this that the void or universe is experienced within the self.


I hope my previous comment didnt offend you. Apologies if it did. I tend to get carried away.
8:05 AM
JC said...
'Reading between lines', the mythological stories, 'Vishuddhi chakra' is indicated as the house of the 'mayavi rakshashas', literally 'defensive mechanism', interpreted by 'west' as the demons/ Satan,

(image found on internet)

Friday, November 11, 2011

"Going Beyond" (poem by Dorothy) 

Going Beyond

Once you arrive at the crossroads,
You must choose
From three paths.

One is the path of fire.
To enter it,
You must take off
All your clothes,
Fasten your tongue
To the roof of your mouth,
Shut your eyes,
No longer breathe.

The second is the way of water.
To go here,
You must relinquish your boundaries,
Make of yourself a drop of rain,
A splash of ocean water,
A handful drawn from a well.

The last is the journey by night
Along earth’s ridges and descents.
Thls will take a long time.
It will be filled with terrors,
Spouting dragons,
Monsters threatening.
When you finally arrive,
You will be nothing
But air,
Burning sunlight.
You will be other.

Dorothy Walters
November 9, 2011

(Inspired by “The Way In” by Linda Hogan)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jonathan Goldman and ll:ll:ll 

Sound For Planetary Peace

Join Us in the Temple Of Sacred Sound

Dear Sound Friends:
On Friday, November 11th, there is a unique time sequence occurring. As many of you know, at 11 minutes past 11 o'clock on this day it will be 11:11 on 11.11.11. This seems to be an extraordinary numeric event that many perceive has great significance as a potential cosmic portal for great shift and change.
No one really knows what this means or if indeed there is any significance to it--perhaps it is simply a unique chronological and numerological experience. Or perhaps, as some suggest, it marks the beginning of a unique evolutionary landmark. Rather than add more speculation about what it means, perhaps it is best that we go within, open our hearts and find the meaning of this event for ourselves.

I'd like to suggest that if it resonates with you, we take this unique time signature as an opportunity for Global Harmonization--to project Light & Love through Sound for planetary peace and healing. At around 11:00 that day (either AM or PM), go to to the "AH Toning Chamber" at templeofsacred sound and sound along with others for the purpose of helping to bring balance and harmony to our beloved Earth.

There's all sorts of activities planned for 11.11.11 that are happening throughout our planet with all different focuses--most associated with some sort of evolutionary ascension. Perhaps you are planning to take part in one yourself.
Here in Boulder, we're doing a workshop to celebrate this event, scheduled to be sounding the Divine Name on 11.11.11 . At 11:11 AM Mountain time, (at during any 11:11 time throughout the planet) you are invited to etherically join us, letting the energy of love and compassion ring out throughout our beloved Gaia via sounding at the templeofsacredsound,

Many of you have seen this video "How the 11.11.11 Becomes the Divine Name" on YouTube. I personally make not statement about what this means. Is there a specific code or other significiant aspect with regard to this phenomenon? Once again, we need to go within to decide. It is nevertheless quite interesting and I am very glad that so many of your have resonated with this video. At the very least, I trust that this unique time signature presents an opportunity for those of us into sound to tone together via the Temple of Sacred Sound in order to utilize the power of our consciousness and love coupled with sacred sound to help assist the vibrational shifts on our beloved planet.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Let's resonate together at 11:11 on 11.11.11 at www.templeofsacredsound.org

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound,
Jonathan Goldman

(Jonathan Goldman is a pioneer in the field of harmonic resolution and is rated as one of the major authorities on the use of sound as a healing modality. See his website for a list of his many CD's and books on sound.)

Contact Information
email: info@healingsounds.com
phone: 303-443-8181
web: http://www.healingsounds.com

Forward email

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

poem by Linda Hogan 

The Way In

Linda Hogan

Sometimes the way to milk and honey is through the body.
Sometimes the way in is a song.
But there are three ways in the world: dangerous, wounding,
and beauty.
To enter stone, be water.
To rise through hard earth, be plant
desiring sunlight, believing in water.
To enter fire, be dry.
To enter life, be food.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

More about Patricia 

As those of you who read this blog likely know, it was set up by my long time friend, Patricia Lay-Dorsey. Patricia is one of those people I admire most in the world. She is a woman of many talents, and in her time has participated in a wide range of activities, from long distance runner to social worker to teacher to political activist to artist--and now, in recent years, emerging photographer whose work is attracting notice and admiration from the highest quarters.

Patricia always seems to find the center of the action, whether that is political or artistic or something other. Although she is now confined to a scooter (MS), she still swims a half to three-quarters of a mile four days a week, and works out once a week with her trainer at the gym.

Patricia seems to move from one celebration to the next, as she continues to receive new honors for her photography. Here is where you can find some of her work: www.american-journal.org. During the debates about gays' right to marry, Patricia did a series of pictures called "Just Another Married Couple" depicting the day to day activities of a male gay couple who are her long time friends. She said that she wanted to show that gays truly were just like other people, not the horned creatures the opposition described. The accompanying interview is extremely perceptive and revelatory.

And to find Patricia today, you would need to go to the "Occupy Detroit" movement now taking place. She is there with her ever ready camera, recording these historic events for the present and future. She takes great pride in the fact that she is now "part of the community" (she has a remarkable knack for gaining acceptance with any group she enters).

She doesn't like to be called an "inspiration," but how could we not be inspired by her example as political activist, artist, and loving friend whose heart reaches out to others in need, whatever their background or social status. I have never seen Patricia refuse to offer a gift or speak words of encouragement to those on the street. She is precious, one among many, and, if she believed in angels, I would say she is one.

Monday, November 07, 2011

About 11:11"11 Stargate Activation of Divine Love Hide Details FROM: The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network TO: dorothywalters72@yahoo 

As Nov. 11, ll a.m (or is it p.m.?) approaches, various groups are preparing rituals, celebrations, and other kinds of activities associated with this special date. Here is one such announcement, that I received via e-mail. I do not know who this group is, but I find their approach interesting. Obviously, I am not endorsing the group or its activities, but just pass the information along for your perusal.

11:11:11 Stargate Activation of Divine Love

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network


11:11:11 ~ Stargate Activation of Divine Love

Mp3 download http://www.pleiadianlight.net/dl.htm [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=hh4qeqcab&et=1108447807215&s=6455&e=001EvAkfapy3T2agR67SkJqOpfTSX6-WRFjA621G_m1W_zKbFnjv256QNDEylud2nHGHi415StseQCaiKNUJ6VHC-t69_6bguzvhycxixjIOMPcHwT91WGZWCkYLlJTjNQq]

You Tube Video http://www.youtube.com/user/childrenofthesun1 [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=hh4qeqcab&et=1108447807215&s=6455&e=001EvAkfapy3T2av6oZDSgqvvRYZZXu4QEj52sWufW39GRbOb-EBnOoW1y664O4w4VLZ-W0pa1Ff7EisUAu4MBecKVK4BTaywxZIbTPzyARURXYqB7Tt1NODjsoGTHO1hrIh_4uynDKWUtd7PyYmHz1wg==]

You Tube Video http://www.youtube.com/user/AnritaMelchizedek [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=hh4qeqcab&et=1108447807215&s=6455&e=001EvAkfapy3T288suPwQ7iXPI_9_7wU6Bhj_T1QJ6opt1mlReADaDoOzCZO8c14n8ZeZQGBDCO8PVvZCXEr_DQPc0Nw9erCqN1MuA-Wyl7q4kEE-JY7kmDmPc7sgLwtp42O8mPBszhWc4n2eP9gMsk2g==]

On November 11th, 2011, we are presented with an unparalleled, unprecedented Now

moment through the 11:11:11 Stargate activation of Divine Love to collectively ascend

these first wave souls in human embodiment of the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light,
and become these become these Flames of Divine Love with the new DNA encodings of
Light activated at this time, while lifting ourselves in cosmic consciousness awareness
into the Golden Age of Atlantis.

This glorious activity of Light, heralded as the gateway into this Golden Age and
New Earthis amplified and activated through the Arkansas, Lake Titicaca and Sedona
stargates and Golden Solar Sun Disc discs, and from here moves through all the Golden
Solar Sun Disc discs, vortices, leylines, sacred sites and chakras of Mother Earth,
attuning us to a fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love and experienced through
the 144 Crystalline Unity Grid of Divine Love.

To re-experience our Highest Potential through the Patterns of Perfection, just
prior to the Fall of Atlantis, the High Priests to the Order of Melchizedek sealed
the etheric records ofour Highest Potential and Master key codes of Light in the
One Unity Consciousness Portal in the land of Khem, later to be called Egypt, builtunderground
Cities of Light and additionally relocated nine of the Atlantean extraterrestrial
crystals within and around the crystalline field of Atlantis. Three of these primary
crystals were relocated to Arkansas, with other locations in Brazil, Mt. Shasta,
Bolivia and the Sargasso sea. The Golden Solar Sun Disc discs through the Crystalline
Cities of Light were further activated as these stargate portals of Light linking
us into the higher dimensions, with the Lake Titicaca Golden Solar Sun Disc disc
and Crystalline City of Light serving as an interdimensional Portal of Divine Love
through which the first wave of human ascensions could occur. The Company of Heaven
knew that when we were at a point to collectively ascend, to become the I Am Avatar
race, taking on our Patterns of Perfection and garments of Light, these Atlantean
crystals would be reactivated, and this time is Now for the first wave Souls, with
the second wave of spiritual ascensions occurring in 12:12:12 through the Golden
Flame of One UnityConsciousness, and the full actualization of all Patterns of
Perfection and geometries of Light within the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

As the Cystro-Sun-Disc activation takes place within the Arkansas stargate, amplified
through the Platinum Flame of Universal Christ Consciousness and the Overlighting
of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light, this activation will "Fire the Grid"
and in particular the 144 Crystalline Grid and all the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs,
bringing in the new DNA encodings of Light through the 12 helices to these Golden
Solar Sun Disc discs. Simultaneously, as this Platinum Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness
travels through all the Grids of Light, it ignites within Lake Titicaca to activate
this Golden Solar Sun Disc disc as the Portal of Divine Love. As this Divine Feminine
Portal of Light is activated in the beautiful Pink-Orange Flame of Illumined Truth
and Divine Love, the ray Overlighting us in this year of 2011, these key codes trigger
the activation of the Divine Masculine Portal of Light within Sedona, merging these
Divine archetypes of Light within ourselves and that of all Life through the clockwise
rotating vortex within Lake Titicaca and that of the counter clockwise rotation
of the Sedona vortex, amplified through the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness.
As this unity between the Titicaca-Sedona vortex fields occurs, we actualize the
new DNA encodings of empowerment, Love and wisdom and merge into a fifth dimensional
stargate of Divine Love as these Flames of Divine Love and Group I Am Avatar Body
of Light.

Additionally, the universal axiatonal lines will be amplified through the Unity
Grid of Divine Love and through this fifth dimensional stargate of Divine Love,
assists in the activation and actualization of the new DNA encodings of Light, through
the spin points found along the acupuncture meridian lines in our bodies, and the
spin points found along the meridian points and leylines of Mother Earth. As we
release our human mis-creations, and actualize these new DNA encodings of Light
through the 12 helices of the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs, our chakras start to
merge in one unified column of Light. As all the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs, Crystalline
Cities of Light, sacred sites, vortices and chakras of Mother Earth are wrapped
in the Platinum Flame of Universal Christ Consciousness, the Pink-Orange Flame of
Divine Love and the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness, we take these ray frequencies
within and around this Earth plane to assist in the clearing of all human mis-creations
so all Life may choose to experience themselves as Flames of Divine Love.

Furthermore, these pulsating waves of Divine Love will assist in actualizing the

City of Light within Sedona into the physical/etheric realms, becoming the blueprint
of Light

for the actualization of all the Crystalline Cities of Light within and around this
earth plane.

We are Overlighted in this stargate activation of Divine Love on 11:11:11 by the
entire Spiritual Hierarchy, including the Christed Extraterrestrials, the Pleiadians,
the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians, all of the Light, as well as the
Archangels and Angels, the Trinity Lords of Light, the Chohans of the Rays, the
Galactic Federation of the Light, the Mighty Elohim, the Brotherhood of the Light,
the Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Universal Logoi, the Mahatma, and Mother/Father
God, as well as the Divine Unfolding Light of the Platinum Ray of Universal Christ
Consciousness, the Pink-Orange Flame of Illumined Truth and Divine Love and the
Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness. All eyes, hearts and minds from On High
are upon this sacred jewel on which we physically exist, as we truly become these
Flames of Divine Love, in service to Mother Earth and all her Life, re-experiencing
the parallel reality of the Golden Age of Atlantis. As we take on our Patterns of
Perfection as our I Am Presence through our I Am Avatar Blueprints, our etheric
electronic bodies of Light and Adam Kadmon Bodies of Light, we are encoded through
the rays of eternal Light with the new DNA activation key codes of Light of empowerment,
Love and wisdom, and the memories of our multidimensionality as Master Beings and
co-creators to the Company of Heaven. As the left and right hemispheres of our brain
are perfectly balanced through the merging with our Divine Masculine and Feminine
archetypes of Light, we have the ability to truly become these Flames of Divine
Love and Spiritually ascend in our physical bodies as Mother Earth Herself ignites
to hold the Flame of Divine Love for all Life on this earth plane through a group
collective Planetary Merkaba Vehicle of Light.

(more follows)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Poem by Michael Black 

Crossing Wildcat Creek

There, far below us, lay Wildcat Canyon.
We scampered down an unmarked trail,
Beneath magnificent, gnarled California Live Oaks,
Acorns and leave mold gnawing at our feet and nostrils.

Down, down, down we dropped, descending
Into a riparian woodland which once housed Ohlone dreams.
One by one, trees peered inside each of us, perhaps assessing
Whether our hearts were sufficiently clear, open and tender

To proceed?

At creek side, live oaks mixed with alders and other
Vertical record keepers, welcoming fairies home.
Boulders and trickling water our companions,
We both knew to remain silent. Often speaking is

Best done by Being.

Passing through the sheltering tree canopy, we
Walked along this spur and that, until the shadows
Enveloped everything and everyone. The light turned
Liquid orange, with a hint of yellow, magenta and

Purple. Quietude washed over the land.

Sunset reminded us to take the return trip home.
Dropping down creek-side, there we stood for the longest
Time, listening to the mesmeric sounds of water,
Counterpointed by gently conversing Owls.

Standing there together, drinking in the beauty, I
Felt a knowing in my heart. Some soul or souls
Sought our help in that moment, from another dimension.
Grounding deeply, we dropped into Dream Time.

A peaceful Ohlone Village once occupied this land
And its people sought our help. A child once drowned
In the creek, and its soul was trapped on the astral.
Would we assist in reuniting it to its family in the


I’ve grown accustomed to often saying “Yes,” while
Walking in this world, as “Seva” has become as deeply ingrained
As breathing.

I spoke with the child’s soul, thanking it for its prodigious gifts,
And offered, on behalf of the Great Spirit, to reunite it with its

Tribe. Would the child’s soul trust that our hearts were
Sufficiently pure to proceed?

“Yes,” came its answer, and supported by
The Ohlone themselves, we created a sacred
Caldern to contain the disembarking Being.

As owl man, I called upon owl woman to kindly
Assist this most precious soul in crossing over
Into the Light. Would they kindly assist? “Yes.”

I also called upon the Angelic Keeper of Souls, in case
Fragmented soul shards needed to be gathered for the
Imminent journey home. Would they help us? “Yes.”

Next I asked the Ohlone whether they were prepared to receive their
Little Great One? “Yes.”

At twilight, I felt deeply moved as the child’s soul rode out of
Wildcat Canyon, atop owl’s own gracious back. Tears of gratitude
Welled up as the child was, at last, reunited with a once-grieving tribe.

All was made right again within the peaceful Water Temple below.

When all was unsaid and done, the Canyon’s Apu—and
Especially the Creek itself—sought acknowledgement for having
Held sacred container on behalf of so many for so long. I found a
Stone that was just right. My companion reverentially returned it

To its precise place amongst free flowing waters. After calling out to me,
A second stone, too, sought to be honored, loosened from the creek bed and
Released. I asked whether it was a gift? “Yes, for Wildcat Creek.”

We returned that stone, with Thanksgiving, to now jubilant

With winged hearts, we scrambled up the steep hillside that evening,
saying reverential “Thank yous!” and “Goodbyes!” to the trees, the Apu,
The Ohlone, to owl woman, to the Angelic Keeper of Souls, to the

Devas, elementals, fairies, elves, gnomes and All-that-is who made this
Resurrection possible.

The next time you cross Wildcat Creek, or one possessing perhaps a different name,
Consider bearing unspeakable gifts on behalf of a magnificent Earth.

Give your love away, like a Blessed

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

About the Three Part Nature of the One Creator 

Recently, I received this perceptive letter from someone who had read "Unmasking the Rose." At the risk of seeming to be too egoic, I am including her complimentary words about this text, as well as her rich and discerning analysis of the "One Source." She makes an important point: (several, actually) and that is that Kundalini bliss is but one aspect of the divine creative force and that a complete view will take into account the other aspects of 'his" nature as well. As she notes, when we are in the grips of intense Kundalini bliss/pleasure, it is difficult if not impossible to think in a rational, analytical fashion. Only before and after intense awakening can we think in a more analytical way (but we can learn to alternate between the two modes.)

Dear Dorothy,
In the public library here in Eugene, I happened across your unique memoir, Unmasking the Rose, and I am writing to express my appreciation.
The disclosure of your kundalini awakening is far more informative than other such accounts I have read, and this is largely because of your unflinching honesty. I consider it an immense act of generosity that you have been so frank, neither minimizing nor exaggerating the character of your experience. Furthermore, the detailed account of your spiritual odyssey is fully contextualized by your personal life in such a way that I can better understand how a sublime transformation of consciousness—indeed veritable identification with Source Consciousness—still leaves room for the homeliness, doubts, and intrinsic imperfection of individual life. I am so very grateful you decided to publish rather than give in to the idea that your memoir was somehow incomplete. To my mind, the non-finality of your spiritual enlightenment constitutes a seal of its truthfulness and authenticity.
I would also like to remark that I admire your fidelity to the inner guru. It is not only exemplary, but also it is an encouragement to those of us who, for whatever reason, could not get ourselves situated, much as we might wish for it, within the community of a compatible human guru.
You may wonder what factors in my personal history move me to write you. The thing is, I have familiarized myself with this general subject matter through years of reading and intensive solitary contemplation. Yet I am not a meditator. Rather, as you describe in Part One of your memoir ("Preparation: mind encounters Mind"), there has been in my case "a passion of writing." I have spent the major energies of my life in "essays/reflections on certain fundamental truths." Rather than extensive mystical experience, I have a theological orientation. What makes me happy is revelatory ideas about the Creator, the Source Consciousness.
I value your memoir for a variety of reasons, but especially for the light it throws on human union with a particular aspect—the bliss aspect—of Source Consciousness. As you have pointed out, the extremity of spiritual bliss tends to resist (or postpone) objective comprehension. At the height of bliss, there is an annulment or eclipse of the Examiner. Thus, mystical theology, which depends on the Examiner, must usually precede or else follow in the wake of bliss consciousness. When bliss has subsided or is not yet in full flower, intellectual apprehension of Source Consciousness can filter into the human mind though intuitions or sudden knowledge-nuggets.
For me, theologically, there is the tri-unity of Shiva, indicated by his trident. For Mother-worshippers, the same tri-unity is indicated by the inverted equilateral triangle. As I see it, there are three aspects of the One Creator:
First is Presence or Omnipresence. Your memoir, Unmasking the Rose, throws very great light on the character of the divine presence, which is all presence. i.e., omnipresence—the original substance or existence, potentially capable to manifest as all the limited objects and subjects of the universe. Eternally, from the no-beginning, the aspect of Presence is creative bliss. Even before the worlds come to be, there is OM, the creative bliss ocean, characterized by the love/joy of ever-becoming-one. Within that perpetually confluent primordial maelstrom of harmonic forms there are no discrete individuals, but only the original identity, Shiva or Source Consciousness. The creative bliss so eloquently described in your memoir is, to my mind, none other than the original presence/body/world of Shiva. If and when the original presence/body/world of Shiva becomes contracted or coiled, it is known as kundalini, the vibrantly ingenious and dynamic stuff of the universe.
The second aspect of Source Consciousness is Omniscience, i.e., comprehensive understanding and also the perception of unrealized possibilities. What unrealized possibilities? In the original bliss, certain creative possibilities are foreclosed, because they can manifest only in conditions of darkness and limitation. The Omniscience of Shiva is aware of these latent possibilities.
That leaves the third aspect of Source Consciousness, which is Omnipotence—the original, almighty I, the so-called Will of God, by which Maya is activated. Maya, the limitation of consciousness, is the prerequisite of individuation. By the power of Maya a secondary reality, a contingent and inferior reality, shows its effects. This secondary reality is the universe, which comes to be because Shiva is not attached to perfection. Shiva, the original I, is absolutely free and wild. Inherently, he is beyond all obligations, and he has such a nature, he is possessed of such awful, wild asceticism, that he can actually sacrifice perfection in order to manifest the creative possibilities of good-and-evil. When the universe comes to be, it is as if original Bliss becomes the sacrificial animal, drawn and quartered to make the myriad worlds. The beauty and horror of this divine act is aptly illustrated by the sacred person of Shiva—a magnificent figure, crowned by the moon, entwined with deadly serpents, loins wrapped in the skin of a tiger, with the heavenly Ganga spilling from the tangled heap of his dreadlocks.
Again, Dorothy, I am thanking you for clarifying to your readers the originally blissful nature of Nature. This original bliss is well concealed by Shiva. What he has concealed, he alone can reveal. It seems that Shiva has arranged for certain persons to get acquainted with Original Nature through the medium of your frankly shared life experience. Hence we have been blessed to read your wonderful memoir Unmasking the Rose.
With my gratitude, admiration, and best regards,

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Jonathan Goldman and Internet Radio 

Healing Sounds Radio November 9, 2011

HEALING SOUNDS RADIO with Jonathan Goldman & Don Campbell
www.healthylife.net--November 2011
Please tune in November 9, Wednesday, at 12 noon US Eastern Time, to www.healthylife.net when I present "The Healing Sounds Show". My guest for this show will be Gregg Braden.
Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. A New York Times best selling author, Gregg spent many years as a scientist working for major corporations before the global crises of the late 20th Century inspired him to begin a full-time quest for the solutions that he believes survive in the oldest records of our past. For more than 20 years Gregg has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets.
To date, his work has led to such paradigm-shattering books as The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix ,The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Fractal Time and his latest, Deep Truth: Igniting the Origin of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate. Gregg's work is now published in 17 languages and 23 countries and shows us beyond any reasonable doubt that the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past.
Through Gregg's work, we discover that we have the power to reverse disease, re-define aging and even change reality itself, by embracing the focused power of human belief as the quantum language of change.
Gregg is both a colleague and a friend who has collaborated with me on the co-creation of several projects including the CD of "The Divine Name:Sounds of the God Code". I am so very pleased to discuss Gregg's new work in what will undoubtedly be an extraordinary vehicle for transformation.
In addition, please tune in on December 14th for what I promise will be a most intriguing and captivating radio show.
If you have a question and would like to be "live" on the air with us on the Healing Sounds show, here's the audience call in telephone number: 800 - 555 - 5453.
Please tune in to this Internet Radio Show Wednesday, November 9th, at 12 noon Eastern Time to healthylife.net
Harmonically Yours,
Jonathan Goldman
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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"When Death Comes" (poem by Dorothy) 



OCTOBER 26, 2011

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