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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Staying in Your Comfort Zone 

Recently, a friend sent me the following:
Hey, I just came across a blog/website called "Buddha At The Gas Pump" that features video interviews of a whole range of folks who've undergone spiritual awakenings, some spontaneous, some in conjunction with spiritual practice .... and thought you might be interested in browsing the site. Here's the URL: http://www.batgap.com/

So far, I have been able to watch only a few of these interviews (on YouTube), but one in particular caught my attention. It is an interview with Janet Susskind, a psychic reader, healer, and general all around wise women. Many of her comments struck a resonant chord with me, such as her statement that we often choose to set limits to how far we are willing to go in the area of "expanded consciousness" in order to protect ourselves.

This can be a very good thing. If we go too far into the "unknown," we may induce fear and even panic if we get in over our heads. On the other hand, if we close down too tightly, we will fail to develop our own inner capacities. I like the idea of going as far as feels right and comfortable. If it doesn't feel right, and in particular if it seems too "scary,' it is probably best to back off and leave that particular avenue alone.

Your gut will tell you how much is right for you.

However, we should also add that once Kundalini starts, it must continue until it is finished. There is no reason to "fear," since what is happening is an internal process unique to you, and the K. will take you home if you will relax and allow it to do its work (and this may take a long time and be challenging for a while).

Janet also mentioned that true awakening is a gift, and no amount of practice and devotion can induce it if the timing is not right. No one knows why some receive the gift, and others not--it is grace itself that determines the outcome--but many more are being "brought into the fold" at this critical juncture in our lives.

Janet also added that we are each here to carry some part of the vibrational spectrum governing earth's purpose. Thus each of us has a special role to play, and those in touch with the subtle realms have--in my mind--a particular responsibility not only to "carry the vibration" but to help others advance on their own spiritual paths.

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