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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Off line for a few days 

I will be offline for a few days.  I'll be in touch later.

Blessings to all.


Friday, February 01, 2019

A Time of Terror––poem by Dorothy 

Although I firmly believe we are in a state of vast spiritual transformation, I also know that other, less benevolent forces are at work in the outer world, where things appear to be falling apart.  No one can predict the ultimate outcome for planet earth.  My philosophy is always, "Acknowledge the shadow but embrace the light."

A Time of Terror

It was a time of terror.
Victims fled to the gates,
begged to come in,
but the authorities did not listen,
fastened the entries shut.

People died on the way,
and in the fields where the armies
slaughtered each other
and many of the people who lived on
the land.

Profits and things were
in the ascendent.
The media trained the populace
to crave more and more goods,
to accumulate possessions
ever more splendid,
to love only what
they had purchased
and owned.

Poetry and music,
time honored healers,
were mostly forgotten,
gave way to noise
and heated commentary.

From time to time
someone lost control,
killed at random,
in churches,
in schools,
in plazas and malls.

The society was ill,
had a sick ruler
who had lost touch
with the real,
lived in a fantasy world
and many believed.

What happened next
we are waiting to see,
the outcome is obscure,
no one can tell.

Some feel these are
the fires of transformation,
the birthing of a new era,
a time of an evolved creation,
a new dispensation
into a more meaningful
race, a re-formed species.

Others perceived
that we were the terrorists,
and were destroying all
that we had come to love
and be.

Two paths led forward,
which will it be?

Dorothy Walters
January 30, 2019

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