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Monday, August 31, 2009

Love Poems for the Invisible 

Love Poems for the Invisible

They speak of

They speak of enlightenment.

Can darkness
dispel Darkness?
light illumine Light?

O, My Invisible,
you and I know the secret ways.


Out of Nowhere

When you first came
I was not prepared.
Lightning flash of love
arriving out of nowhere.

Now you enter more stealthily.
Sometimes you have stayed
the night
and I did not even know.

I still am not used
to your presence.
Lodger who
leaves no sign,
pays no rent.


For so many years

How could I have known
this marriage would endure so long.
That you would remain faithful
for so many years.

I think this union
was meant to last.
Year after year,
your secret kisses,
my amazed silence.



Yet why am I surprised
to find you still here
day after day,
year after year.
Lying beside me,
waiting for me to wake.
Stirring in my veins
even before I arise.
Walking where I walk.

You and I both know the
We are the same.
Two faces,
one body,
two players,
one stage.

This pledge
was made in heaven,
eons ago.
We set the terms

Dorothy Walters
August 31, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Beckoning (poem) 

The Beckoning

You called me
and I came down,
small soul wrapped
in the folds of the dark flower.

I arrived not knowing
where I had been,
whose voice had summoned,
why I had come.

How could I know
that this unfolding
would arrive
in such bliss,
body awakening again
to its own beginnings?

How could I guess
it would carry such pain,
always the throb of grief
pulsing through
the vein of joy?

Dorothy Walters
August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Prayer from Clarissa Pinkola Estes 


Refuse to fall down.

If you cannot refuse to fall down,
refuse to stay down.

If you cannot refuse to stay down,
lift your heart toward heaven,
and like a hungry beggar,
ask that it be filled,
and it will be filled.

You may be pushed down.
You may be kept from rising.
But no one can keep you
from lifting your heart
toward heaven -
only you.

It is in the middle of misery
that so much becomes clear.

The one who says nothing good
came of this,
is not yet listening.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

(I think that the noble beast in the picture above (which I took on Trail Ridge Road just the other day) should be a model for us all. Keep such an image in you thoughts and it will indeed inspire you to "lift your heart toward heaven.")

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Braman is Atman, Atman is Brahman 

Brahman is Atman

When I was about eleven I read these words in a history book and they made perfect sense to me. Later on, I got a bit confused when I discovered that various writers and sects have varying interpretations of their meaning.

However, I think the simplest interpretation is often the best, so I cling to my early perception, which was, simply, that the highest part of our "selves" (our souls or spirits or essential core self-ness) is one with the vast, immeasurable, inscrutable power we term the divine or ultimate reality or Emerson's Oversoul or God or whatever word we use to designate that which is beyond description.

For years, that notion remained in my mind as a thought or concept, something I felt strongly, and sensed from time to time as, say, in the midst of some natural wonder or exhilarated by a piece of poetry or music.

After Kundalini, we know that this idea is not merely a concept, but something that is available to be realized in our deepest selves, an experience of union and oneness that simply cannot be denied. Kundalini awakening (and its later mysterious visitations as bliss or rapture)needs no proof besides itself. It tells us who we are at the deepest levels. It takes us into the presence of God and we revel in that profound connection. True, we sometimes experience pain along with the bliss, but how much of God can we receive into out bodies? To enter such extreme bliss implies a willingness to be "ravished by God" again and again, as our bodies adjust to this new level of being.

I am not saying that in this way we become God. In this way we know that we are a minute part of that infinite being, whose power and vast energies are beyond comprehension.

To go beyond this state is to risk total annihilation. We remain grateful that what is afforded to us is not more than we can bear.

Braman (ब्रह्मन्, brahman, nominative brahma, ब्रह्म) is a concept of Hinduism. Brahman is the unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this Universe in the Hindu religion.

(from Wikipedia)

But those who fully worship the unmanifested, that which lies beyond the perception of the senses, the all-pervading, inconceivable, unchanging, fixed and immovable--the impersonal conception of the Absolute Truth--by controlling the various senses and being equally disposed to everyone, such personas, engaged in the welfare of all, at last achieve Me."

(from the Bhagavad Gita 12:3-4)

(The image is a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti entitled "Beatrice in Rapture.")

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Review of Kundalini Rising (Barbara Whitfield) 

The following review was written by Barbara Whitfield, a well known writer and researcher in the field of near death experiences, which she sees as closely related to the Kundalini process. Barbara and her husband Charles have devoted their lives to making the world a better place through their contributions in various areas, including the medical as well as the purely spiritual fields. Through her investigations, Barbara is convinced that the life of the "soul" continues after death, and now she and Charles have produced a book explaining that the essential self exists before birth as well as after death. (She mentions this new book in her essay).

She is also a marvelous human being whose work deserves close attention.

-Kundalini Rising:
Exploring the Energy of Awakening
Sounds True
Boulder, CO
Sept 2009

It is with immense gratitude that I read this new anthology recently released by Sounds True Publishing. First, my husband Charles Whitfield and I are contributors. We are grateful to have been included with this wonderful list of specialists who together explain something that until recently has been unexplainable. In the East it is called “Kundalini.” Here in the West Christians call it “The Holy Spirit,” in Hebrew it is Ruach ha Kadosh. I’m sure we could find it in almost every religion. Now Western Science has gotten interested too. This anthology contains essays by published researchers and scientists who are on the cutting edge of this new field.

My opening to the Kundalini process began in 1975 after a profound near-death experience. I call it a process because it continued, and continues to this day, sometimes blatant but mostly subtle.

My second reason for gratitude to Sounds True and this list of contributors is that collectively we make a lot of sense. We bring together so many different disciplines that create a new gestalt for a human/spiritual mechanism that until now has remained hidden.

This energy, this mechanism looks and feels crazy in the beginning for someone like me who years ago had never heard of it and couldn’t understand why or what was happening. Now, after reading most of the essays in this book even I have a new understanding that I can almost articulate. We human beings have a spiritual nature that is waiting to be aroused, waiting to wake us up to a bigger reality then we have perceived until the unfolding of Kundalini.

Babies have this awareness but we (at least in the Western world) “reason” it out of them by the time they grow up (hopefully that is changing. My new book The Natural Soul is all about this).. Then through a spiritual experience like an NDE, or other mystical experience, or through a 12 Step Program (remember the 12th Step), or a workshop, spiritual talk, psychotherapy—this energy is aroused and we are on our way to a whole new way of experiencing our reality – and it’s not what the media is telling us is important! And that is where the rub is! We can’t be mind controlled anymore by the media or our religion (if it’s that type of religion – not all religions are about control but I bet if Jesus came here today to visit us he would shake his head and say, “I didn’t mean for you to get so organized. I meant for you to be like me.)

Jesus had an awakened Kundalini. He knew who he was. He knew where he came from and he was aware of and connected to his Father, Mother, God. So are we when we patiently work with this mechanism.

Barbara Whitfield

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poem by John O'Donohue 

A Morning Offering

I bless the night that nourished my heart
To set the ghosts of longing free
Into the flow and figure of dream
That went to harvest from the dark
Bread for the hunger no one sees.

All that is eternal in me
Welcome the wonder of this day,
The field of brightness it creates
Offering time for each thing
To arise and illuminate.

I place on the altar of dawn:
The quiet loyalty of breath,
The tent of thought where I shelter,
Wave of desire I am shore to
And all beauty drawn to the eye.

May my mind come alive today
To the invisible geography
That invites me to new frontiers,
To break the dead shell of yesterdays,
To risk being disturbed and changed.

May I have the courage today
To live the life that I would love,
To postpone my dream no longer
But do at last what I came here for
And waste my heart on fear no more.

John O'Donohue

"To risk being disturbed and changed." O, yes, we must all take risk from time to time in order that we may "do at last what I came here for..."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Into the (Literal) Heights 

My friend Karen came for a visit and we drove the famous Trail Ridge Highway up from Estes Park. This is one of the most spectacular drives in the country, for sure. Great mountains rise in the distance, wildlife abounds, and at the summit, you are literally at the Continental Divide. Here it is always cold. There is in fact frost on the ground for many months of the year, and indeed, the earth is covered with fragile tundra, which is found only in Alaska and Russia besides this stunning location.

In the distance from the highway, you can see Long's Peak, favorite climb for those interested in mountain adventures. Here is a story about such a climb.

Many years ago, my friend Carol Konek, then 14, was camping at the foot of the mountain along with her father and brother, who had planned an ascent for next day. Carol was to wait below. But when dawn came, the brother was sick and couldn't go on the climb. So her father, not to be deprived of his adventure, woke up Carol and told her to get ready to go up the mountain with him. She was totally unprepared. She had done no training for such an arduous undertaking. But off she went at her father's bidding, and up they went together.

The climb was long and tiring and at times terrifying. Often she didn't think she could go on, but on she went, inch by inch, foot by foot. Finally, in total exhaustion, they reached the top and came back down safely.

Carol, an extremely brave and dauntless woman, has always observed that after making such a climb, she knew that she could do anything she chose in her life. And she has.

Frankly, I think that kundalini is a similar challenge. We don't know exactly whre the path is or where it is going to lead. We may not feel ready. We may not be in touch with those who have gone before us. At times we are uncertain whether or not we are "doing it right" or if we will even survive. But climb we must, and trust we do, for we know that however uncertain we may be, how unsure the outcome, it is the right path for us and that we would not choose any other.

We are intrepid travelers, as much as the mountain climbers with their packs and staves. Our pack is all the wisdom we have accumulated beforehand, everything we have learned or experienced in our lives. Our staff is our inner direction, the ever present guide who leads us always in the right direction.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lightbodies, Ecstasy, Pain 

It is not an easy task to transform flesh into light, matter into spirit. But I strongly believe that this is the task we are now engaged in here on this plane. Many of us volunteered long before we came in to dedicate our bodies and our lives to this purpose and now we are honoring that commitment.

This process is the true evolution of the species, the progression onto a higher level of being, the lifting of consciousness to less dense, more delicate levels of awareness.

This information (of the impending evolution of consciousness) was with us even in l981, the year I experienced awakening. Although kundalini was not much talked about at that time, writers like Teihard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, and--more recently--William Irwin Thompson all had predicted the transformation of consciousness now taking place widespread over planet Earth. And theory has now become fact, for we are in the midst of the transition.

During the course of my journey, I have experienced many confirmations of this process. I have had countless experiences of ecstasy, innumerable episodes of pain, in an endless cycle of death (to the old) and renewal (into the new mode of being). And I have known that mine was not a personal journey, but part of a wider, indeed universal, process occurring across the planet. We are indeed moving to the next level in the process of spiritual ascension.

On Sunday night I attended the kirtan ceremony presented by Kabir and friends as I described above and there I was again filled with ineffable ecstasy. Ecstasy is not sex per se but it has an exquisite, somewhat erotic tone that is irresistible. This is the time that god comes as the Beloved Within; it is the moment of divine union. And it is the means by which we are lifted to a higher level, one which includes universal love and compassion as well as inner joy.

It was a beautiful evening. But--next day (yesterday)I was stricken when my old bete noir--intense stomach pain associated with hiatal (esophageal) hernia-- returned. Suddenly I was thrown into acute suffering, for which I could discover no convincing cause. Was it what I had eaten for breakfast or lunch? Had I somehow twisted my body as I got on and off the city buses and thus thrown the hernia our of place? I had not carried anything heavy (a common trigger). I had not tried any of the special breathing practices that often (for me) seem to throw the organs out of alignment. Had I turned my body the wrong way in doing my morning stretching exercises? Nothing offered a plausible answer.

And then I reflected that since I arrived here six weeks ago I had experienced much gentle pleasure and joy of being, but no intense highs of the ecstatic moment. Neither had I had any physical ailments plaguing my body. So, I wondered, does this mean that I can go along living a flat line life, with no peaks or valleys to punctuate the relative calm, and so enjoy a happy but somewhat lacklustre life, but that episodes of passion and excitement are off limits unless I want to invite equivalent suffering as the price I pay for transcendence?

I thought perhaps I might have to go to a doctor (goddess forbid!) if this pain continued, and even wondered if it could be an indication of a heart attack. And then a voice within counseled, "You have a doctor inside," and I began to feel gentle sweet energies move in my arms and hands.

So I began to do very subtle energy movements, directing them to various parts of my body, and what happened next went beyond any experience yet. These energies were, yes, even higher, even more subtle, even more precious than any I have ever felt before. I moved (physically) hardly at all, yet each tiny motion of hand or body sent thrills of exquisite (but soft, oh, so gentle) ripples of bliss here and there. I felt my aura--finally extended my arms as far out from the body as they could reach, and each time sensed the indescribable bliss of the delicate outlines. This was a new level, a plane well beyond anything I had known previously, the wondrous vibrations of the light body revealed in its fullness (or at least as much of its fullness as I could receive.) It was an ultimate gift.

And it was then that I realized that what was happening (my stomach distress) was not just some deficiency in my ability to balance new energies, that it was part of the much larger process going on within each of us. We are indeed receiving infusions of energies far, far beyond what we have experienced or imagined before, and each such infusion requires a major balancing within--something like the "healing crisis" that sometimes occurs after massage or energy treatments from human healers. We must flush out and transform the old to prepare our systems to cope with the new.

The process of human evolution is not simple. We have not signed up for an easy ride. We will--again and again--be carried up to new heights of ecstatic bliss, of wonder, and we will, over and over, experience deep pain, more, often, than we think we deserve or can bear. But each episode will awaken us to new possibilities of feeling and new awareness of just how much is possible. We are, in fact, moving into (and in fact already are) our light bodies, matter illumined by divine spirit, flesh transformed into god.

When I was experiencing inner initiation (now over 25 years ago) I was give my new name--it was Bodhidharma, the great master who brought Buddhism to China so many centuries ago. Now I did not interpret this to mean I was the reincarnation of this great master (although I at times I feared that might be the case and then what would I do?). Rather, I thought of the meaning of the sanskrit that translates as "truth speaker." It is not easy to speak one's truth aloud, but this is the time for all of us to confess what we truly believe at the deepest levels, no matter what the world at large may think.

(Picture from Hubble website)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And Yet Another Synchronicity 

When I arrived in Boulder, one of the first places I went was to the Farmer's Market held in the park downtown on Saturday mornings. I bought some tamales at one of the little stands, and sat down on a benched table to eat, next to a young lady who, it turned out, had spent time in Asia as a student of the cultures in that part of the world. She was waiting for her brother to join her, and he soon arrived. As we talked, I discovered that he was a musician who had studied Indian music under Ali Akbar Khan, the famous performer and teacher of Eastern music. I asked him for references for devotional resources in Boulder, and he gave me the name of Kabir, who leads Kirtan singing in the city once a month. I was intrigued and hoped to be able to go, for I love Kirtans (devotional songs of India.)

Tonight I went to hear Kabir (who is named after the famous poet of early India). He was accompanied by some other gifted musicians, including John, a fine drummer, and Christine, one of his advanced students, who has a magical voice plus some others whose names I did not get.

It was a small group. Some ten or twelve of us sat in a circle, repeating the response to the call from Kabir. However, I preferred just to sit and listen in silence, for somehow such quiet allows me to resonate with the music more fully.

And--the result was a totally transcendent experience--indeed, ecstasy at a very deep level. Those of us who follow the ecstatic path hunger for it when it is not present in our lives. For me, it has been quite some time since I have experienced such bliss. Since I moved here, I have tried to focus on the necessary mundane tasks of getting set up, unpacking, making the necessary phone calls, and such. Many days I have hardly left the house, concentrating on those boxes which never seem to diminish in number. In fact, I was beginning to feel too solitary, in need of human company as well as uplifting experience.

It was, for me, a great evening. And, to top it off, one of the women stood and danced at some point in the performance--it was an impromptu performance, but totally appropriate for the occasion--her full skirt twirled like the dancer in the picture above, and her moves were an exquisite expression of the feelings conveyed by the music.

I felt immensely grateful to have made this connection--with the music, the presence of the divine which permeated the room, and the lovely people who were there, both the performers and the audience.

Afterward I bought two CD's, only to discover that one of them is of Andrew Harvey reading the poetry of Rumi with Kabir accompanying him on the flute. Andrew was for several years my mentor, giving me great help and encouragement when I wrote two of my books, including writing an introduction to each.

This evening would not have happened had I not gone to the Farmer's Market and happened to be seated next to this helpful young man.

(Picture by Patricia Lay-Dorsey)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kundalini Rising and More Synchronicities 

In a recent post, I mentioned the publication of "Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening," now available on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble. One of the first essays I read in this exciting volume was by Whitehawk, who wrote on "Deep Light and the Great Retruthing." I was quite impressed with her discussion, and even went so far as to e-mail her. I received an answer to my e-mail almost immediately telling me of a wondrous synchronicity that had just taken place. It seems that the very moment my letter popped up on her computer, she was sending a letter to a man who was my publisher for "Unmasking the Rose." She had, in fact, read my book when it appeared and found it helpful to her as she moved through her own experience.

And there was more. She had once lived in the city where I have just moved. She even asked where I was living and wondered if it could be a certain senior housing apartment where she had a friend living. No, I do not live there, but I did in fact seriously considering this place when I was deciding to move.

We both thought it was a "wow" experience.

I have spent some time lately surfing her blog at http://wingingwithwhitehawk.wordpress.com

I recommend it to you, for it contains much wisdom and offers a great deal to think about, relating to the spiritual journey as well as personal experiences. I happened upon this entry, and am now posting it, because it seems to speak very specifically to certain correspondents who have contacted me recently.

Although Whitehawk is here discussing male/female relationships, what she says also applies to same sex couples when one takes over the dominant role and seeks to control the other. It also can apply when the female seeks to control the male in a mixed couple. Human nature is human nature, and the same scenarios can play out no matter what the nature of the pairing is.

However, Whitehawk is absolutely right that the reigning paradigm in almost all world cultures is for the female to be submissive to the male, to take care of his needs and repress her own, and, above all, never to speak in her own voice and express her own true needs. Even today, there are women who are "birds in a gilded cage," fearful to live lives independent of the family roles in which they are entangled.

Here is the excerpt from her blog:

Unless one is an advanced spiritual initiate practicing meticulous lightbody hygiene, a huge array of thoughtforms accumulate in the human energy field. Often, clairvoyants can see them clustered around a person. They are just there, in everyone, like a cage full of various pets (or pests), tending to influence (or wreak havoc on) a life in such a variety of ways, they can become quite capable of taking over as a person’s primary navigation system, for better or worse, depending on prevailing themes. Thoughts are indeed things (or beings, even), verrry powerful once they are loosed by a fertile mind — especially if energized by strong emotion — and verrry magnetic to more of the same. They broadcast invitations to resonant others to come join them and their beneficent host/creators, being us, sometimes to the point of burning down the house with their explosive potentialities. They can also be likened to viruses, reproducing exponentially in the operating system of a life, as we cluelessly, sloppily, and naively obsess over various dramas in which we participate — in starring roles, as supportive cast, or “merely” as hooked voyeurs… all of which are investments of the energy of our attention. Of course, if one’s thoughts are 100% pure, loving and godly… then hey, no problem! But this post isn’t about that blessed state.feminine surrender

Consider that one destiny of these highly charged and magnetic thoughtforms can be the inception of addictions: ie, to the way one feels under the influence of a drug, or a person (ie guru or celebrity supplication/ worship are prime examples… or just a compelling peer connection), or sex. Sex is hugely powerful; ground zero in the “nuclear neighborhood” of the lower chakras. It is a portal to the divine if worked with in frequencies of high love and/or sacred intent. In the intoxicatingly charged dominant/ submissive dynamic between particularly aligned (or misaligned) male/ female polarities, it can be an ignition sequence for losing all control before you know what hit you if you don’t practice concerted management of your faculties. This seems to me to be particularly true for the feminine/yin polarity of the equation: the dominant (male/yang) energy can easily syphon precious – and potent – energy from the sex centers (being physically present is not a requisite) of an open female, sending her into a long spin right out of her root. This can become dangerous, fast, for all control over one’s life can be lost if the lower centers lose their secure grounding. The male in this scenario gets stronger (with a likely ’substance addiction’ strengthening as well), while the female’s power wanes as she slides further under the control of the dominant partner as his provider, possibly intoxicated out of her senses and swooning every minute until she wakes up one day to a life in shambles.

So: thoughtforms. Say you have a Big Experience somewhere along your journey. These are mandatory for the earth school; otherwise we wouldn’t incarnate to learn. That experience resides in one’s energy body, or field, like a highly compressed holographic recording, with its emotional tone as its magnetic mortar. It sets up what might be considered a multi-dimensional domain (distributed across various levels of your energetic template)… and invites “guests” over to join it for as long as we live; even longer (as karma). Because the lightbody tends to pair up with numerous physical bodies over time to work out particular themes to their ultimate healed conclusion… unhealed thoughtforms can accompany any number of “bodies” through incarnations. We continue working on these ongoing plot-lines until ultimately (please God!!!) we achieve resolution and can graduate to a whole new story. (This, incidentally, is what I believe humanity is endeavoring to do en masse… graduate to a new story… within the very near future!)

The situation that initiated this rather loaded post involves a man I spent some time around the other day. In a revelatory moment, a few choice thoughtforms of his personal life played through my mind like a slide show. This has happened before… I occasionally have these little glimpses into “interiors” quite spontaneously… and it is not intentional. I just have occasional “spurts of reception” with people I seem to have a sympathetic resonance with. I have no sense of it coming… I just suddenly receive little transmissions which also nail me with the full-throttle emotional tone of the scene being witnessed. I really FEEL these. I’m an empath, which is still a new revelation (and learning curve) for me in the full sense of the term. (Note – Zeroing in on this easily-overlooked feature in my psycho-energetic makeup has illumined a very specific and crucial nook of my existence! ~ And if my experiences ‘feel familiar’ to you, do yourself a big favor and study up on The Empath, as well as the importance of clear boundaries. Could spare you a world of grief. I suggest you check out http://mysilentecho.com. ) I tend to take things in (or more to the point, I suddenly “find things in me”) that I then have to grapple with in some way. Sometimes I have no idea what they are or why I’m experiencing them so intimately and intensely (as was the case when I “experienced” the events of 911before they happened from a ground zero perspective; devastating! It didn’t making any sense to my rational mind until after the event… tho it certainly freaked the bejeezuz out of me).

In this case of the other day, I knew exactly what was going on, and it was troubling, and it took me on *quite* an extensive ride. It is, in fact, a prevailing ‘neverending story’ of the sexes, and one of the deepest wounds in my life (speaking karmically, across timelines). It’s probably the Big Wound in the lives of most women (throughout time): the absolutely primary orientation to love, countered by the agonizing loss of trust in love. Not that men don’t have their hurts, of course… but being a woman, this is my lens. What “popped” out of this man onto my inner screen was a very personal (to him) scene involving sex. The woman in that scene actually reminded me of MYSELF; her entire emotional frequency, investment, and heart full of desire to give in that situation at the expense of her own receiving felt intimately familiar, and it set off a huge reverberation in me (my ‘resident’ thoughtforms/ karma were totally set off by this, if you follow) which continued to reverb through all time, all women, all earthly dimensions, and all archetypes involving male/female dynamics going all the way back to “the fall,” or first separation, by which I mean the point at which the sacred man/woman union of bliss and mutual harmony, respect, and co-operation fractured into what we have today. What we have now is a deep distortion of that beautiful bond – rife with fear, power plays, secrets, lies, and manipulations. Some day soon, in these shifting times, I envision this once again unifying into the shining, blessed pillar of solid connection that upholds the lives of a loving, committed couple — and their family, and the family of man on earth — as we are all such integral parts of the healed Whole. The final and ultimate healing begins with the masculine/feminine rift at its basest levels. The Ace of Wands!

So this little event sort of “caught me,” or I caught it, like a virus that hijacked my thoughts and my emotions on such an expansive issue… and I feel it all echoing through me like some kind of giant, entangled MEME for the entire species. My heart is literally aching, and extremely tight. I sense this is another immense layer of “genetic pathcutting” (ie “batch” karmic processing and cleansing on behalf of humanity as well as oneself) in fact, at this point — I have to heal this gargantuan, mass thoughtform in myself to send that “healed ripplet” into the collective heart/soul… to contribute to the rainbow bridge back to oneness. If you’re a meditator… I invite you to join this effort as a healing practice.

This particular meme is about the expectation that women submit to men. The eternal “pleasing of the king,” while not having her own needs met or remotely even acknowledged… her needs (and entire life lens) being more emotional, as she struggles to be the love-and-care giver to everyone around her, while so often being taken for absolute granted or even disrespected for that form of service… and gradually collapsing over time inside her own suffering. She has been trained by society to keep silent because her truth is something no one wants to be bothered with. While men are free (encouraged!) to openly make their wishes known and pursue them – and have the ‘entitlement’ to simply expect women to acquiesce to them – women tend to have to struggle to find alternate work-arounds to keep themselves in the game in ways that aren’t completely demoralizing. Women often can’t speak up without some form of physical, mental, emotional or professional repercussion. Women, by and large, are encouraged to be “sweet” and generally compliant… which can work for her to an extent… until something happens that absolutely requires that she rise up.

[In another perhaps tangential synchronicity on this theme... I caught a few minutes of an old movie last night in which a compassionate, upper-class British woman married a wealthy American slave owner in the 1800's and came to live stateside with him. Her shocking discovery of the horrific reality of those abused slaves, and her struggle to remain with a man who could be this cruel, made for disturbing viewing. I actually couldn't watch, though I suspect her presence did eventually manage to assist the slaves somewhat.]

So… back to this man and his illustrious thoughtforms. I found myself thinking of his wife sleeping next to him all these years, and while she may not have seen his “repertoire” like I did, I KNOW she HAD to feel this at the core of her being. I feel certain of this, and my heart broke for her, and for myself, and then for all women in similar situations… in which they cannot trust the man they love, as he cavalierly romps around among various interchangeable toys. Women give their bodies & souls to their relationship (and its offspring), but it isn’t enough. And, what is there to do with such situations? Just keep suffering silently the entire life? Venture out into a highly complex and competitive world solo after 20 years? On and on this went. BTW, I know this is a complicated situation, that I am addressing in a rather singular way, and there are a thousand reasons that partners stray or love expires… though I suspect these reasons fall into a small group of core themes.

Now I am working on clearing all of this from my OWN field, as it has taken on MYTHIC proportions here, like the universe is processing one of its biggest tears through me. (By “tears” I mean “rips,” but tears in the sense of crying — also appropriate!) I feel strongly that our biggest task at this time is to just keep healing these karmas, keep nipping (blessing, healing) negative forms in their buds before they gather too much steam, and keep holding faith in the promise of sacred union between the sexes, and the ultimate healing of humanity and its return to vibrational Oneness with God. We cannot expect the “vibration of Oneness” (or bliss) to do this for us, ie, “I’ll get healed when I’m in heaven.” We have to become heavenly (loving, respectful, considerate, compassionate… including – or especially – to ourselves) in order to merge with that heavenly vibration during these ascension years! Quite the challenge when our egos are reacting and responding to everything in their own primal, self-oriented, and generally rooted-in-fear inclinations.

I will end this by offering a very elementary exercise that can help clear ones’ field of gnarly thoughtforms and other energetic gunk. It involves invoking light and healing from your own soular level, which can be envisioned as a tube with “little earthly you” on one end, and funneling up into the “vast oversoul you” that merges with Source Creator on the other end (imagine the Galactic Center, if you appreciate specificity). Open that tube, or funnel, and draw in the purest whitest energy you can imagine, and scrub yourself out with it, from the bottom up, as often as possible. I’ve done this with my beloved “photon bubbles” mentioned elsewhere in this blog; I’ve also done it igniting mini-explosions in each chakra, sort of like big old box cameras used to do when they took the picture — the “pouf of light,” if you follow. Just play with what feels best/most effective.

After this “cleansing,” it is advisable to invoke a final “whirlwind” of photons down through your field, past your feet, into the earth. The point of this piece is, that “spinning vortex” vacuums up all the “debris” shaken loose, even pulverized, by the first step, and recycles it back into neutral energy that the blessed elementals can come along and recycle into positive new forms! It also doesn’t hurt to finish up with the great and good Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is like the extra wax job on the vehicle that’s been cleansed to a gleaming shine. Search that term if it is new to you; I’m sure you will find a lot of info online.

So… quite a major and meandering gush her. If it speaks to you, I’d be interested in your response or experiences.

Love all… Whitehawk

Note (from Dorothy): It so happens that I am also an empath, not in the way that Whitehawk is, but rather in the sense that I sometimes literally pick up (feel in my own body) the energies of other people. When I meet people who are highly evolved, especially those who have practiced yoga and meditation and given great attention to their energy bodies (and who are also loving and compassionate), I often sense bliss flowing through my own body. And the reverse is true, if I am placed in close contact with someone with negative feelings such as anger, frustration, hostility and such, I begin to hurt. It has been a lifelong task for me to learn not to be thrown off by chaotic crowds or disturbed persons. On the other hand, I have had some wondrous experiences with groups or persons whose energies vibrate in harmony, for my energies begin to pulse in the same frequency in a most delightful way.

I believe that at the next level, we will all vibrate as one essence, and it will be essential to maintain harmony within the group in every way, lest we together fall into pain and distress. We will work together for we will know that we share a common bond of love. That love will be universal, and will not depend on personal relationships, but will be felt by all for all. (I am not discounting the importance of experiencing such personal relationships here on this planet and on this level of development. Eros (romantic love) can be an extremely powerful teacher, even when the outcome is devastating.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Synchronicity 

And here is another synchronicity that happened to an e-mail friend of mine recently. Through FaceBook, he reconnected with a childhood friend who had in fact been his best friend in grade school. They had not been in contact for many years, but when they corresponded they discovered that they both were writers, both were interested in spirituality, and that she was having mysterious tremors in her body. He then revealed to her that he was going through Kundalini awakening, and she realized that a similar process was happening to her.

I find events like this fascinating, and they seem to be happening more and more often to many people. Such events are known to be more common when one is undergoing deep spiritual transformation. It is as if the barriers between soul and soul, psyche and psyche, dissolve, and we are reminded that we are indeed all one.

Yes, the nets are growing tighter, the bonds that connect us all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Synchronicity within a Synchronicity 

Dear Friends,
My computer is doing something very strange. It will not allow me to post a picture, nor change the script below, so I am trying to publish it as is. Sorry about this. Dorothy

The last post talked about Ron Adams and the curious synchronicity that occurred when he e-mailed me soon after I moved back to Boulder and just two days after my internet got connected. In that post, I offered his own description of his Kundalini awakening that occurred in Boulder a few years ago, and I wondered if he had advance knowledge of my return. But no, it was a true synchronicity.

A few days later, Ron mailed me again, and in this letter he asked whether or not I was on Facebook (no, was my answer). But later I was curious as to who with my name was indeed on Facebook, and so I began to check out this question. Somehow I came upon a reference which read, "I had found "Unmasking the Rose" by Dorothy Walters "(in a bookstore.) This phrase had a reference to a certain site (not Facebook) that I turned to, but the page contained no such phrase or reference. Then, somehow, my computer clicked to another page (part of the same internet group) and there was a picture of Ron Adams with the following entry from Ron:

I had a spiritual synchronicity happen today. I posted my story of my kundalini experience over on my Facebook page group, and mentioned Unmasking the Rose by Dorothy Walters. I ended up finding her email address on a blog a couple of day ago and emailed her. She replied today, she has moved back to Boulder, where I do Tarot readings, and just got internet hookup 2 days ago. How's that for timing? I love this stuff! Metaphysics of Business Part 8: Synchronicity Happens.

To me (Dorothy) this latest "coincidence" is especially interesting because the site I located wasn't even Facebook, but one I did not know about.

Here is Ron's self-description on the above site:

What Ron does

I am a professional psychic, writer, and blogtalkradio guest and soon to be host. My main two goals at this present time are publishing my writings, and gathering clients for the Sacred Wheel of Fortune ceremony.

What Ron does best

Tarot readings and my Sacred Wheel of Fortune ceremony are what I do best with my clients. I speak, write and teach about the metaphysical arts, western magick, mayan calendar, learning tarot, developing your psychic abilities, and give abundance workshops.

What does Ron need?

Well I am doing pretty well this summer with clients, and one thing that helped was asking for their emails after a tarot session and shoot them out a reminder about what we talked about. Now what I need is to publish my manuscripts, being that I am a writer too.
I am creating more clients for my larger Sacred Wheel of Fortune ceremony.


High School graduate of F. J. Reitz High School in Evansville, Indiana. Went to Colorado University at Boulder for 3 1/2 years, studying Public Relations and Sociology.


I've read tarot cards for over 32 years. Working on Mile High Psychics, Psychic Friends Network, and now on American Association of Professional Psychics. I've read at Boulder bookstores: The Emerald Rose, The Delphic Oracle, the Mandala, and also the Mystic Rose.
And there is more about Ron on Facebook. He has had a very interesting life journey, investigating many esoteric realms and applying his knowledge to his Tarot and psychic readings and other areas. On Facebook, you can find out how to contact him if you would like a reading.

I look forward to meeting Ron in person.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kundalini, Synchronicity, and Strange Experiences 

When I first arrived Boulder last month, I had considerable trouble getting my internet connection set up. Finally, it was working, and two days later, I received the following e-mail from Ron Adams, whose picture appears above:

I just came across your book, Unmasking the Rose, at the Lighthouse
Bookstore in Boulder, so I am looking forward to reading a female view on Kundalini, having already read Gopi Krishna's books. Let me share my experience with you: The summer of 1984 I had just moved to Boulder, Colorado and I was experiencing my first Saturn Return, at the ripe old age of 28. My friend Gary went back to Indiana, where we both came from, to visit his folks. It was a weird time, all alone in a new town. I started having anxiety attacks, and one hot summer nite I was sitting upstairs in the hot room in my shorts, and suddenly I had the weirdest sensation, at the bottom of my spine, I kept feeling icey cold and firey hot, like liquid mercury sloshing around. The feeling began to rise up my spine. It was like energy rushes, very powerful. When it got to my heart chakra, I was sure I was about to have a heart attack. I called 911 and they sent the ambulance. My blood pressure was skyrocketing, 190 something over 100. They took me to Boulder Hospital. The doctors calmed me down, but they could find nothing wrong. When a nurse happened to come in to check my pulse, it began to happen again. I mentioned it and she asked me to describe it. I did and she told me not to say another word to the doctors, that I was having a spiritual experience. She gave me the name of a local holistic health group and I went there the next day. The doctor there listened to me and announced, you are having a Kundalini experience. I asked, "A Kunda what?" He explained that yoga practitioners practiced for years to have this experience. I told him they could have it. He gave me some book titles, Gopi Krishna's Kundalini books and suggested that I go to Boulder Library and get them immediately. He said next time it happened, ride it like a tiger and try not to be afraid, that it would complete itself. I was also having stigmata in the palms of my hands, incredible heat and redness.So I immediately went to the Boulder Library, checked out the books,and as I was coming out, here it came, the rushing energies. I was by the beautiful Boulder Creek so I accepted it, as it would be a perfectplace to die, if that was the case. I took a gulp, as the energy rose from the base of my spine, up to my heart, and I did ride it like a tiger. I left my body as the rushing energy escaped out my crown, it felt like dying and anxiety, being born and bliss, as I saw smokey darkness. Then in some mystical vision I saw the planet 130 years in the future. There were no longer any buildings, roads, cars, concrete as we are use to, but instead everyone lived in tune with nature in small tribes. Nobody wore clothes, and the climate was about 72 degrees all year round. It seemed like everyone was telepathic, as I saw some teenage boys off to hunt, with their faces painted like Indian warriors, all for play. I saw this naked elderly woman telling stories to a group of children. I looked in her almond shaped eyes and could sense the whole planet, and the term "Planetary Consciousness"entered my mind. As I was awakening from this mystical vision of pure Peace, I was still standing in the middle of the green grass of the Boulder Library. A homeless guy was walking by and I went up and gave him a big hug, probably freaked him out. It was incredible. My thoughts the next few weeks were awesome, thinking of things in terms of "Breaking the Cultural Trance," "Spiritual Evolution," and"Planetary Consciousness." My telepathy was strong. I discovered Joseph Campbell and Aleister Crowley. Within a year I had talked to Dr. Jose Arguelles about the coming Harmonic Convergence in a few years, 1987, and I held my own Peace and Freedom Day in BoulderCentral Park, with the intention for that day of living in thepossibility of the end to the threat of nuclear war. Ann Waldman, Naropa teacher and poet, a band Electric Third Rail, and other poets, performers and bands showed up that day, I even got the even supportedby the Boulder City Council and UNICEF, being October 25th, l985 beingthe 40th anniversary of the United Nations. Anyway, that was the real beginning of my spiritual awakening, and I am lucky that nurse sent me in the right direction, or I probably would have ended up on prozac or some other antidepressant, or something worse.I look forward to reading your book, and I've also read Andrew Harvey's work too.-- Peace & Freedom,

"Tarot is the art & science of tuning into random events and synchronizing meaning, transforming understanding, into new

consciousness." Ron Adams
Now I was, to say the least, surprised by this communication. First of all, it is an arresting account of kundalini awakening, and I am always interested in spontaneous arousal of the energies. But, more than that, the writer was mentioning places in Boulder I was very familiar with--the Light House Bookstore, the Library, the park downtown, Boulder Creek. It was difficult to believe that the writer had not somehow learned of my recent move back here and was therefore writing about places and scenes I knew.
But--it turned out that this was not the case. The timing of the e-mail was pure synchronicity (two seemingly unrelated events coinciding in time).
I immediately got in touch with Ron and discovered that he was a professional psychic who also did Tarot readings on Boulder Mall on weekends. We agreed to meet sometime in future.
Now, the synchronicity did not stop there. Because this post is already rather long, I am going to wait to tell the rest of the story until tomorrow. I will also say more about Ron and his background at that time.

Friday, August 07, 2009

About Om 

What is it about "OM" that is so fascinating? Why is it that when a group sounds "OM" together the sound resonates through your whole body? Does OM have a meaning or is it simply a syllable we use to connect with something beyond ourselves? Does the fact that this Sanskrit term has been used for centuries by many hundreds of thousands (or more) devotees to affirm their allegiance to a greater power (known by many names) add shakti power to the word when it is chanted or sung?
Does a special energy accrue to a word or a place or an object when it becomes the object of veneration of myriad devout worshippers? If so, what is this magical power? Why do books have the capacity to raise the shakti within, even when they sit unopened on the shelf. (and music of course--and visual images too--and the world of nature--the list continues)
There is a young man living today who lost his sight when he was two years old. His mother assured him that he could "see" with his other organs--his eyes, his ears, his hands. And so he did. But as time passed he learned to do even more. He learned to "see" (sense ) objects in his path, without touching or feeling. He was able to navigate on sidewalks unaided, even to play in the street with his mates. And then he began to do more--he would make little clicking sounds to help him "echo-locate" the way bats and dolphins do, to know where objects were. With this unique faculty, he became gifted with a sense that no one else in the world possesses.
This amazing young man was presented on a documentary recently and his power was impressive. Who knows what the rest of us might do if we surrendered to possibility? What vast numbers of us might accomplish if we together focused on allowing this kind of expansion of consciousness to occur?
Perhaps we are finding out now. Perhaps this is indeed the time, ours the spirit, the world essence the creative intelligence to take us together to undreamed of heights and to accomplish unbelievable marvels.
Be prepared!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A new anthology has just been published from Sounds True. As the cover indicates, it is an anthology on Kundalini including many writers from diverse traditions, many of whom are quite celebrated in the field. Among others, the contributors include Lawrence Edwards (of "The Soul's Journey" and Anam Cara), Bruce Greyson (an authority on near death), Gene Kieffer (who has devoted his life to publicizing the work of Gopi Krishna and the importance of Kundalini), Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (noted teacher of Kundalini Yoga), Barbara Harris Whitfield (who also writes of Kundalini and Near Death Experience), and even the renowned Ken Wilber (an authority on everything), as well as many others, including yours truly.
This lengthy book is divided into four sections focusing on:
Accounts and Reflections from those who have personal experience of Kundalini (what is it like to experience it?)
Kundalini and health (always an area of concern)
Kundalini looked at from historical, philosophical and cultural contexts (it is a universal phenomenon, known to all societies and all periods of history)
Musings from Yogis (those associated with certain traditions share their wisdom)
Each writer brings a special knowledge and perspective to the subject. Together they form an anthology in the truest sense, writings covering the many facets and angles of this deep mystery, which continues now more than ever to fascinate and puzzle.
Gregg Braden, well known writer in the field of metaphysics and spiritual development, says of this book:
"Kundalini Rising is the contemporary voice to guide a new generation of seekers through the uncertainty of life's most intimate journey. This is the book that you'll hand to your children with pride while wishing that someone had done the same for you years earlier to answer your questions of awakening."
Tami Simon, founder and publisher of Sounds True (the firm that has offered so much to the spiritual community and society at large though its recordings and publications for many years), reveals in her Introduction that she herself experienced Kundalini awakening in 1984 at the age of 22. It was this event that propelled her to dedicate her life to
"disseminating spiritual wisdom" through her now acclaimed publishing house. At the time of Tami's awakening, very little information was available on the topic of Kundalini, and most of that was in esoteric texts aimed at "Eastern" readers.
She says of this present volume, "Here is the book I wish I'd had twenty-five years ago.. . .It is time for our understanding of kundalini to be broad and multi-disciplined, for our discussion about kundalini to come out of the realm of esoterica and enter ordinary discourse...more and more of us are experiencing spiritual awakenings of all kinds, identity-shattering experiences that leave us open to the mystery of being beyond name, shape or form."
Like Tami, I also wish I had had such a book at the beginning of my own journey, now even more than twenty-five years ago. As I examined this beautiful collection, I was moved to think of that woman (with my name) sitting alone in her living room so long ago, experiencing one of the most dramatic life moments possible. She had no teacher or guide, but relied on the inner voice, the spirit that takes us through. Now so many years later, she contemplates the long journey of awakening, and feels that, somehow, this book is a landmark, a time of arrival.
And I also thought of the great civil rights leaders who wept at the recent presidential inauguration, for they had thought, "not in my lifetime."
So it seems that miracle do happen, that the unexpected should always be expected, since the actual possible is in fact the art of the seeming impossible.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Creator (poem) 

The Creator

Consider Louise Nevelson,
how she kept on going,
how the shapes and forms
inhabited her dreams at night,
her hours of waking,
how they kept tumbling forth,
spheres, rectangles, squares,
complex shapes
of pentagons,
things for which we
have no names,
all emerging
like images
from a photographic
rising to the surface,
arranging themselves
in relationship
until what she had
was something
borrowed from
the beginning
of creation,
original form
coming into being.

Dorothy Walters
August 5, 2009
A question often asked of poets (and other artists) is, How do you write a poem (paint a picture, etc.) ? This poem "came through" this morning as I was beginning my slow movement practice, and I wrote it down immediately (I compose at the computer--that makes it easier to revise and also to read the text later.) This is the sequence of thought that led to this unexpected poem:
As I was moving, I was contemplating the mountains in the distance and thinking of a dream I once had in which "Shangri-La" (paradise) was located just up Boulder Canyon and slightly to the southwest, in a very special place. It was quite vivid, and I have often longed to find this edenic locale. Then I thought of a sculptor friend (now rather famous) who used to have a cabin in the mountains near this place. Then I thought of Louise Nevelson, a most powerful sculptor of abstract form, and how her creative energy continued until she was a very old woman and became a recognized figure over the world. Her picture in old age, with her extremely long, very dark eyelashes (obviously artificial) and her kerchief tied around her head, is extremely memorable. She is almost mythic in her appearance (like an ancient goddess or crone)
I saw an exhibit of her work a few months ago in San Francisco, and was most taken with the energy and force of her installations. (Photographs of her compositions do not do justice to them--you need to see her creations in person to get the full effect.) I am not an artist and sometimes have trouble deciphering modern abstract art, but I was captured by the power of these works. They spoke to me on a deep level.
And so, when her image came into my mind it made me think of other creative artists who continue to write or paint or compose well into old age, which, for them, is no barrier. And I "heard" the line, "Consider Louise Nevelson," and turned on my computer to capture the lines that were coming through.
Like many people, I think there is a close connection between Kundalini and creativity. This is not to say that all who have awakened Kundalini are by virtue of that turned into creators. But artists often seem to have an energy--a drive and dedication, as well as a highly active imagination--beyond that of much of society. Gopi Krishna thought Kundalini was the engine of human evolution, and that its full flowering turned us into geniuses. I don't know about the latter, but I do think it can help us reach a new level in our own spiritual and creative development.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Poem by Denise Levertov 

O Taste and See

The world is

not with us enough

O taste and see

the subway Bible poster said,

meaning The Lord, meaning

if anything all that lives

to the imagination’s tongue,

grief, mercy, language,

tangerine, weather, to

breathe them, bite,

savor, chew, swallow, transform

into our flesh our

deaths, crossing the street, plum, quince,

living in the orchard and being

hungry, and plucking

the fruit.

Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov is reminding us that it is not enough to yearn for the fullness of life, or merely to read the accounts of others. We must "taste" the world about us for ourselves, we must see it up close, we must feel its texture. We are indeed surrounded by beauty and transcendent reality, but only if we allow ourselves to breathe its essence into our own being will we possess it. We live in the orchard, but it is up to us to pluck the fruit.

P. S. Just a few minutes ago I received an amazing "care package" from a friend in another state. It contained a wealth of forbidden "goodies," from chocolate chip cookies to popcorn--all the things I love and generally do not allow myself to eat But, since this was a special occasion (aren't they all?), I immediately began to sample the spoils. And so I smiled when I read Levertov's poem once more--since I was indeed taking her advice to "taste and see."

Like Oscar Wilde, I can "resist anything but temptation."

Monday, August 03, 2009

Solar Eclipse 

(Note: the following commentary on the eclipses was forwarded to me by a friend, but I do not know its original source. The ideas it contains are very fascinating, and I suspect many of us are already well into the experience of major transition in our lives.)

A New Peace

Past the Total Solar Eclipse in July, Great Mother now gives birth to a new consciousness on Earth. Bask in the vibrations of freedom, unity and transpersonal love.The Lammas Gateway opens this weekend and culminates in a powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius next week. This is another potent time for prayer, ritual and manifestation, an opportunity to align with the divine will of the cosmos.This summer's trinity of eclipses completes next week with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the night of August 5/6, just as the Earth reaches the mid-point between the June Solstice and September Equinox.

The eclipsed Moon at 14 Aquarius joins the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in the later degrees of the same sign. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the Awakener. His lightning bolt strikes suddenly, swiftly, opening us to new insights and possibilities. Brilliant, daring and revolutionary, Uranus ushers in the next astrological age.Right now transiting Uranus in Pisces is opposing Saturn in Virgo, and both are squaring Pluto for the next several years. The energies of these outer-planet aspects are destructive, forceful and relentless. The structures and forms of our lives - as well as the beliefs they represent - are being reconfigured from the inside out.This weekend is the Lammas cross-quarter gateway, the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. This is a powerful time in the solar year as the Earth journeys around the Sun. Traditionally the Sabbat of Lammas falls on August 1 and extends through the zodiacal point when the Sun crosses the 15th degree of Aquarius (on August 6/7 this year, depending on your time zone).Add to this the three powerful eclipses this summer, and we've got the ingredients for a highly volatile, fast-changing landscape filled with sudden twists and turns. Reality, as we know it, is breaking up. Institutions are crumbling. The playing field is being leveled. Shifting economies mean differences in the way we live our lives. We're forced to evaluate our priorities and pare down to essentials. For most of us, day-to-day existence looks wildly different today than it did a year ago and will continue to morph through this transition.The stellium of planets in Aquarius is a beacon. This is where to focus in coming years. The unpredictable energies of Uranus teach us to let go, open to the destructive/creative forces of the Universe, and allow love to shine through. We're entering the astrological age of Aquarius, and this eclipse supports the transition to a more humanitarian, egalitarian and spiritual world. The conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius brings healing and expanded consciousness, an opening to the love of the cosmos. The Moon in Aquarius teaches emotional detachment. The brotherly/sisterly love of agape reigns. In the Aquarian Age, we living cooperatively, for the common good, acknowledging the special gifts each one contributes within the community. What unique talents will you offer at this special time in Earth's history?

Lammas celebrates the first fruits of the harvest. The masculine and feminine energies have combined to fertilize the crops that are beginning to yield fruits, vegetables and grains. The Earth and the Sun share with us. We, in turn, share with each other. This is a disseminating period culminating in the Full Moon, whose light bathes us in the radiance of Divine Love. The eclipsed Moon shows us what lies in the shadow, both individually and collectively. How are we prepared, and not prepared, to live a simpler way, cooperatively, in harmony with our brothers and sisters around the world? How are we taking care of ourselves, each other, and the Earth?

As we make our way through the 2012 Gateway, we're learning to let go. What was before is no more. What's coming is our own creation. If we choose to focus on Aquarian ideals, we'll be aligned with Universal will, and the way will be made clear to manifest and create powerfully. If we resist and fight the changes, we'll have another kind of experience. Neither path is easy. Following the path of love reaps infinite rewards.This is the most exciting time imaginable on planet Earth, a time of awakening, the flowering of love. At this Full Moon, and through the Lammas gateway, please consider joining in prayer, meditation and ritual from your location to receive the incoming light of the cosmos and disseminate universal love to all beings and the Earth.

Om Shanti

Timing and Ritual

Lammas - August 1-7 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse - August 5/6
Full Moon is exact at 8:55 PM Eastern August 5; 12:55 AM GMT August 6 Eclipse Duration - 7:01 to 10:17 PM Eastern August 511:01 PM GMT August 5 to 2:17 AM GMT

August 6 The beginning of this penumbral eclipse of the Moon is visible from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, western Russia, western Asia, South America, Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The end is visible in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, North America except the Northwest, and parts of the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.You can convert to your time zone here:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.htmlCeremony, ritual and meditation will be ultra-powerful throughout this period, and especially during the eclipse window on Wednesday night through zodiacal Lammas on August 6/7. Lammas is the first of three harvest festivals celebrating the plentiful ripening grain and the prosperity of the land and people. It's traditionally observed with festivals celebrating early harvest, with an intention of giving back to the community.More about Lammas and the Sabbats: http://www.starcraftsob.com/craft/sabbattiming.shtml
(Note: the picture at the top is not of a solar eclipse. I tried to find one but could not, so I put up this picture of a star (the heavens) from the Hubble site.)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Krishna Das, Boulder Creek, Om's 

Last night I went to see Krishna Das in concert. I had planned to see him in San Francisco before I left, was unable to because of my move, so I discovered him here. As always, he was quite wonderful, singing his familiar kirtans and telling his stories. The audience loved him, and, although many of us know these stories by heart now, we overlook the repetition and enjoy the presence.

The audience looked much the same as that in S. F.--all thirty or forty-somethings, some accompanied by their very young children. However, for some reason, the audience did not seem as expressive as those I had been in before. I always look forward to the ecstatic dancers in the aisles, and, for some reason, those who chose to dance stayed in the back of the room. At first, only a few people stood in the audience (as the music heated up), but finally they did stand and move their arms and bodies a bit. As for me, I went into my familiar altered state, and moved my hands and arms at will, since I believe this kind of devotional music calls for bodily participation. Some sat throughout rigid in their chairs, as if they were in church or attending a solemn ceremony.
As I looked over the crowd, it seemed that I was the oldest person there--something I am getting used to these days. I would not claim that age brings wisdom, but I do find that it lends perspective. For example, at the end of the evening Krishna Das led us in chanting "Shanti," Sanskrit for "peace." My first introduction to this word was in graduate school when we were studying "The Waste Land," a complex poem by T. S. Eliot that describes the decay of Western Europe. This famous poem ends with three repetitions of "Shanti," explained in the notes as the ending to an Upanishad. Eliot was one of the first Western scholars to investigate Eastern spiritual thought, now quite prevalent in this part of the world. For me, this shift is like another "time collapse," something quite foreign at one moment, then extremely familiar the next.

There is a Buddhist college near where I live. Many Tibetans flourish here, with at least four gift shops on or near the main street, and at least two restaurants I have discovered. It is gratifying to note this integration of cultures, and to realize that these recent immigrants have done so well in this city.

Even two of the apartments in my unit display Tibetan prayer flags on their balconies, and there are two "OM's" on the front of a house I frequently pass down the street. The yard also boasts one of the biggest flowers I have ever seen--is this a rose or something else?)
(The picture of Boulder Creek has lots of white light on it, but I have never discovered how to photograph water with light on it without getting a lot of distortion, and I wanted to show where I again walked this morning.)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Walk in Boulder 

Today was the day. Most of my time since my arrival in this old/new home has been devoted to unpacking an infinite number of boxes (the pile seems to grow rather than decrease daily), and scurrying about on buses making necessary purchases to get set up. Actually, it was rather hot for many days after my arrival in Boulder (after San Francisco, 90 degrees seems rather torrid to me--like everyone else, I was wearing sweaters and fleece jackets just before I left)--and then in Boulder it rained off and on for several days (after four years of extreme drought, this area is now experiencing one of the wettest summers ever.)
But today was perfect--perhaps around 70 degrees with no sign of rain. So I set out to explore Boulder Creek with its 7 miles of walking trails. The photos above are a photo record of my walk. The first ;icture is of a lovely flower (is this a sunflower?) I met along the way. Next is a man fishing in Boulder Creek--this creek used to be filled with salmon--I have no idea whether any are to be found there now or not. Soon I arrived at the weekly Saturday farmers' market held in the park--wonderful fruits and flowers and vegetables were displayed on every hand. Here is a shot of the crowd, including one of the local Peace and Justice group demonstrating quietly against the violence the U. S. is caught up in abroad. Then there is one of a colorful "hippie" who, with his tie dyes and backpack, seemed to be a reminder of the sixties. I purchased some Vietnamese noodles from one of the food stands--they proved to be delicious. The last shot is of two little Asian (Vietnamese?) children who sat with their Caucasian mother across from me at one of the outdoor tables. I miss the Asian faces of San Francisco so I was happy to capture these images of such delightful children.
In Boulder, I have emerged cautiously from my "shell". In fact, I may have been a little bit "shell shocked" after I arrived, and at first didn't want to venture far from my home--I went out mainly to purchase necessaries or transact business. I didn't go wild with joy, or indulge in ecstatic exhilaration at being here (though I was indeed very grateful and quietly happy.) For days I reveled in solitude and silence. Now I am (finally) expanding my field of activity, going out on more local exploring expeditions and seeking new events.
Before I left San Francisco I had bought a ticket to hear Krishna Das in concert--but after I set my move date, I was unable to go, because I was scheduled to move out the day after the concert. But tonight I am going to hear him in Boulder--it seems a nice way to close the circle, to knit loose ends, and start the flow of more regular life once again.
Right now I am involved in discovery and integration of this "rebirth" experience and so I am writing more about personal adventures here on the blog. But soon I will return to less personal topics, with greater focus on Kundalini as such and the impact it is having on all of our lives.
My friend tells me that tonight is especially propitious, for it is the third of three eclipses and these mark the beginning of a new era--a time of renewal and movement into even higher states of consciousness. (I told her I wondered how this was possible, since many of us seem to be levitating already.) Frankly, I am glad my move is over. I think this is the right place for me to be in such a time of transition.
Greetings to all,

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