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Friday, December 30, 2005

Tribes, Clans, Cultures--More from Daniel Jacob 

As always, I am intrigued by the messages from "Reconnections," who are channeled by Daniel Jacob.

The following quote is indeed a bit "far out," but maybe it is time for all of us to stretch our imaginations and envision the greater possible rather than the smaller familiar. Once more, I am not endorsing these ideas, but rather am offering them as matters for reflection. I particularly like what is said about individuals combining into groups, and then into tribes, and on and on. This message was part of what I received some 20 years ago--that "soul groups" would form, composed of like-minded individuals, who would share a common identity, yet maintain their own individuality. I think that is what is happening now, as kindred spirits find each other. And I also like the reference to "mystical bliss," which is, to my mind, the sweet rapture of Kundalini when the spirit of Oneness descends and all boundaries and arbitrary divisions dissolve.

From: "Reconnections"
Subject: A New Journey Begins.....


(from the Reconnections):

And so....little by little......humanity is once more approaching that sacred time when we open ourselves.....COMPLETELY. Where we infuse ourselves, ALLOWING OURSELVES to be taken aboard a Magical Mystery Tour..........where days become night, up becomes down, and that which is within gets slowly turned inside out.

Archangel Michael comes to each of us now.......EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.....offering his Sword of Flame......inviting us to take our next steps:

"Take this sword in your right hand, and run it in and through your aura..........cutting cords of connection that have existed, all across time! Cords of Remembrance, Cords of Disappointment, Cords of Expectation, Cords of Anticipation.

Reach high into the sky, then reach down and touch the Earth..........move in circular fashion this way and that........severing ties to past and future so that all might be transformed and translated into LIQUID NOW!

Surround yourself in a Golden Bubble of NOW, and allow the protection and focus of NOW to fill each and every facet of your Majestic Being!

(Now Daniel Jacob)

DJ: A New Journey Begins. The alignment of 11:11 allows for the Mystical Union of 12:12. Those who were ready to allow in Mystical Ecstasy have done it, or are in the process of doing it. Those who are not quite ready to LET GO OF CONTROL are slowly, steadily, inching themselves ever-closer to the door.......peeking inside, peering around corners. For many, this stage is called WAITING TO BE READY.......and there are times when we do, indeed, feel like "E.T." stranded on the Earth, waiting for our friends to come back for us.


Where once the manifestation of that UNIVERSAL MAGICAL CHILD was beheld in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes, or symbolized by a star, shining high in the sky..........it now is to be manifest as a ONESELF COMMUNITY......a Family of the Heart. The process is an INWARD ONE........which slowly manifests itself outwardly.



Now is the time for Gathering the Clans and Tribes. Each of us is doing it, inwardly.....drawing to ourselves those individuals (on both sides of the Veil) who best symbolize and support an Inner Evolution Revolution that is occurring, all across the planet.

From the Reconnections.........

"We once told you that the event, popularly known as "Armageddon," was already being fought, on the Planes of the Imagination, at the Gateway which leads to the Multiverse. In essence, it has been a war of thought forms, a crisis of values and ideals. It is as though the ruling elements of your internal realms have been battling over the PRIORITIES OF YOUR LIFE, so that the victor could seize control of your "Multidimensional Ship," and set its compass for the next destination in your journey across time and space.

We are the Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you--just far enough. We are a Conscious Collective that has volunteered to serve humanity during this powerful time. Upon request, we will function as a search engine into your own storehouse of ancient knowledge and wisdom. At other times, we may also act as Tour Guide, for your journey through the corridors of possible/probable existence.

Soon will the outcome of this great battle be made known to all people! Each of you, in your own way, and by your own hand-- has now risen or fallen upon that inner field. It is already done. It is complete. What is seen here now is simply a revelation of choices which you have made. There is no condemnation. there is only learning. And everything and everyone around you is playing out each facet of who you are. You are not one of many. You are really many of one!

We speak now in the style of linear thought, so that your 3D mind can absorb and integrate these important lessons quickly and easily. Rather than seeing your world, at this time, as an unfolding mystery that needs to be "solved," it is far more useful for you to engage with it as a motion picture that has already been filmed--a finished product that is now being premiered for your pleasure and enjoyment. If you can do this, your personal stress levels will be held to manageable limits. You will be activated and excited, without being injured or destroyed! And so, we begin." (end excerpt)

The end of a paradigm.........the beginning of a New Cycle..........

Each of those Orientation Gifts is in the process of becoming a TRIBE, a focused CULTURE of individuals, united solely around that which makes them breathe faster and GLOW. Here is cyberspace, on the Discussion Lists, in our Hearts.........the Gathering of Tribes will commence. In Sedona, a selected group of physical beings can embody FOR THE WHOLE.........what each of us is doing individually.


Conclaves will expand into Enclaves......each focused on particular desires, proclivities, and desires. Are you ready to be a Research Leader into these 12 Gifts? Are you ready to gather with others who think, feel, YEARN in the ways that you do? Are you ready to congregate and impregnate your world with that one sacred focus?

Those who exist on the Other Side of the Veil are ready to stop by for purposes of seeding, and for an Empowerment Dance. Both sides always benefit from there. Here is some new material on Spiritual HOSTING..........which has just come through:


Do not be afraid. The Magical Child is within. The Mother's Presence permeates and empowers us, in bearing this new energy. Doubts are temporary. Knowing is forever. The difficult we do right away. The impossible takes a little longer!


There is so much to say and share, and we are doing it...........on the Inner Planes. I am constantly informed of "encounters" that are occurring, where entire LIBRARIES of Knowledge are being imparted. Think about NEO, in that first "Matrix".......learning all those martial arts forms. We're all so HUNGRY, to remember who and what we are! We could go on and on, couldn't we. And we will!

Have a Great New Year. Remember the words of that great Eric Clapton piece, called "After Midnight?" It is reminiscent of the period of STANDING STILL SUN that we just passed through. The Light is on, the champagne is bubbling, and a New Game is Afoot! Let's get busy and kick some Now Moment butt!!!

I love you all. Thanks for the gift that you are.

Daniel Jacob

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Cohesive Psychic Sea 

The following quote resembles much of what many others have said, and are continuing to say during these times of accelerated understanding. However, I think these ideas bear repeating, in whatever form, until they become totally embedded in our daily perception. It is sometimes easier to say words than to absorb them into our full psychic awareness.

(The Sheldrake he refers to is Rupert Sheldrake, one of the most advanced thinkers of our time. It is he who originated the notion of "morphogenetic fields," which are created when something (an action, process, or thought) is repeated numerous times, so that each successive repetition becomes easier. Rats running a maze in an experiment which becomes constantly easier for other rats in other places is the primary example of this. How do they "learn" from one another? What exactly is this process of seeming transference of learning from one location to another though there is no physical contact?

How do we communicate "psychically?" Recently, I was trying to remember the name of a poet I had heard read some years ago in San Francisco. My listener supplied the name for me, though she knew nothing of the occasion I was referring to.

All of this is part of the self same mystery which we do not understand but seem to witness or experience, sometimes daily.)

... In other words, though invisible to the human eye, we seem to be immersed in a sort of universal ocean of interconnectivity. Just as all creatures in a sea are connected by the cohesive body of water, so the entire world/universe is interconnected in a kind of cohesive psychic sea. There is nothing to which you are not attached in some way.

Evidently, even our thoughts are not just isolated ideas waiting to be acted upon, but are actually linked in some fashion to the object(s) of the thought. Sheldrake goes on to say, "Our intentions stretch out into the world around us, and also extend into the future. We are linked to our environment and to each other." If, as Sheldrake says, we are linked to the future, then our thoughts affect what is coming. This means that our mental intentions, or stretching our thoughts outward, actually link to objects and draw them toward us.

Barry Carter

Monday, December 26, 2005

What is Awakening? 

Here is a description of awakening I ran across this morning on another site (see http://www.gogratitude.com/ ), and I wanted to pass it along. It seems especially significant for the beginnings of the new year, and the new era:

Awakening is a flowering of your innermost being.
It is a revelation of your essence,
hidden by long eons of self-delusion,
unbounded desires.
Enlightenment is an ending as well as a beginning:
the ending of the old, veiled, dark ego,
its longings, illusions, frustrations;
the beginning of a vast expanse,
an infinite field of the Unknown,
an adventure in consciousness.

It is a revolution:
it represents danger to the old way of life,
to old ways of thinking and living.

It is freedom from the known and the unknown;
from the real and the unreal;
from any appearance of division between you and Truth.

It is the abandoning of beliefs, dis-beliefs,
presumptions and stances,
self, ego,
call it what you will,
or call it nothing,
what it is.

It is the Path of the golden Dawn,
the Path out of the Night of Time
into the Bursting daylight of Eternal Now...

- Petros

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Seeing the Angels Dance 

I belong to a small circle called "Women's Sacred Spirituality." We meet once a month to share in rituals and events designed to help us celebrate our inner journeys, whether ours alone or with others.

Recently we did an "exercise" which made a very deep impression on me. We began our meeting, as always, with 30 minutes of quiet meditation. Then we broke into groups of three. Following our instructions, one person moved while the second mirrored her movements. The third member simply watched, with the intent of sharing her impressions of what she observed.

I was the witness. My two friends moved together in a common "dance," graceful and flowing. As I watched, I realized that something very sacred was occurring before my eyes. Each had a deep, dreamlike expression on her face, as they performed their fluid, elegant movements. It was as though they were "dancing naked," as if their spirits, fully unveiled, were in fact the dancers. I stood in awe of the inner beauty and sweetness being revealed before me. I felt wonder and amazement that I had such friends.

It was, for me, a holy moment, a descent of divine grace. I gave thanks to have such friends, and for their willingness to reveal to me what they truly were.

And so I wish that each of us may receive such precious gifts, such holy moments, now and every day in the coming year.

Blessings to all.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Love Poem 

In the tradition of ecstatic poetry, the Beloved Within is frequently addressed as though he/she were indeed an actual lover. This poem is in that tradition, and can be read either way.

Don't Be Seduced

Don't be seduced
by my words.

Especially when they talk
about love, longing.

I could be describing
the rose in the window,
the fish you left on your plate last night.

I could be conjuring
last night's sunset,
this morning's rosy
show (scarlet
spreading over orange
like ripeness overtaking
a fruit.)

Above all, don't listen to me now.
I am a reluctant lover,
a fugitive, like a secret
hiding in a fist
waiting to be found
and opened.

Even now I am not certain
if this yearning
is for god,
or a feeling,
or the scent you left
hanging in the room
when you left.

Dorothy Walters
December 11, 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

Who We Are 

Who We Are

This world is a school
for lunatics.

Sometimes we go raving
through the streets,
shouting Hare, Hare,
where have you gone?

Sometimes we sit
silently smiling into
one another's eyes,
fed by light.

Sometimes we take off
all our clothes
and dance,
and know who we are.

Dorothy Walters
December 19, 2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

Time/No Time by Daniel Jacob 

Here is anaother transmission from Daniel Jacob, who channels "Reconnections." Again, I do not necessarily endorse or agree with each part of his message, but it certainly offers food for thought. Many of these ideas have been around for a good many years, but they seem to take on a new urgency and a new reality at this time (for me, anyway.)

Here is his website:


Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......


My Dear Friends:
Your collective awareness has picked up the fact that you are about to unseat that Dictator of Consciousness called "Father Time." For too long he has dominated your hearts and minds, and you are currently in process about how to free yourselves from his tenacious grip without totally losing the benefit that he has afforded you during his reign. The number and variance of prophetic writings that are appearing, concerning how this will happen, are quite illustrative of the diversity of effect that time has had upon your race.

Your return to Oneness will not eliminate the distinction of your physical expression. You will still have bodies. Many of you have been concerned about this, thinking that you will eventually evolve into an amorphous glob of undifferentiated goo. Although there are worlds you can visit, where that is the indigenous state--it is not your only option, by any means. The same will be true with your experience of time.

We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We have never been far from you, just far enough. We are the Lords of Time, the Masters of Provision. And we are now your Tour Guides, if you will allow it--color announcers for the Grand Game! We come now with glad tidings. Your Game is almost over, and you have begun your journey home.
The changes we speak to you about are merely PERCEPTUAL in nature. This is because physical life is about perceiving, not alteration of what is! Even though changes appear to happen in 3D, everything and everyone is part of the SAME ETERNAL BEING! It is only your experience of reality that changes. Your journey here provides new ways of sensing and studying elements of reality that have been with you since the beginning. And everything that has been with you since the beginning will remain with you forever!

The upcoming shifts in your experience of Time will generally fall into two categories:

1. You shall no longer use time to define yourself or your experience. Recognizing that all time is NOW, and all space is HERE, you will dance freely and easily through The Fourth Dimension--flinging open, at will, the many doors of possibility that line its corridor. The state which you call "Timelessness" is truly an aspect of Oneness, and can be a Touchstone for you, to clear your palate for the next perceptual meal you are about to serve yourself.
2. You shall finally recognize that the Faculty of Time is but a filing system---a card catalog within the Library of All That Is. And you will learn to use it as such, in much the same way that you now use the "counter" on your VCR, to determine where in the movie you wish to go as you begin your enjoyment of it. The designation of "beginning" or "end" have been illusory constructs, which have provided you with considerable enjoyment during your Dance in Limitation. In truth, all essences are circular in nature--spirals, to be exact--and they each expand/contract, on and on, into infinity.

Even upon completion of your Timeshift Liberation, you may still allow yourself the familiarity of a "normal" life in 3D. Your manipulation of time may be as clinical as that described by H.G. Wells, in "The Time Machine," (there are versions of them currently in operation on your world, as we speak) or it can be as subtle and lyrical as the gradual unfoldment of a Spring Day.

Imagine a world wherein you awake each morning only when you are ready---from a sleep that leaves you perfectly refreshed and prepared to meet the day ahead. You eat whatever it is that pleases you, and you ask your body and mind what it desires next. You do this consciously, and in the moment, not adhering to some pre-ordered schedule that was set weeks ago, and penciled into a calendar which you allow to rule your life.
When you have decided what you wish to do, you set out on a road that will take you where you need to be. In the World of "Time/No-Time" there is no such thing as an "appointment." When a Reconnected Heart Space is allowed to freely orchestrate your lives, rather than your Separation Minds, everything and everyone becomes aligned within a synchronized flow. The tasks you wish to perform, and the people with whom you will perform them are all part of the same One Being. When humankind truly believes this, and begins to live according to that belief, the illusion known as "conflict" will begin to fade.

More and more, people will just begin "showing up" precisely at the time others are ready to see them. If a person sets out upon a journey and his desires suddenly shift, he will simply alter his path in accordance with the energy of the moment. Obstacles that appear to be blocking the attainment of some goal will no longer be considered to be your enemies. Rather, they will be interpreted as signs that you have gotten a bit off-course in your inner connection, and you need to re-examine your perceived desires.

The Law of Reciprocity states that it is energetically impossible for one person to desire something of another that does not have a significant meaning for both. After all, there is only one of you there! At the same time, a statement of "No, thank you.......," coming from one side of an interaction is automatically reflective of both sides. What you tend to think of as a "conflict of opinion" will eventually be recognized for what it truly is---an opportunity for two beings in physical space to experience and celebrate their multidimensional nature.

In Oneness, there is no such thing as disagreement. There is simply infinite variance upon the same, one theme. As your Reconnected Planetary Heart begins to beat in rhythm with this simple truth, your need for policemen and courtrooms will vanish. The time and resources once used to maintain them will be re-allocated to other endeavors. That alone could feed and clothe all the people of the world several times over.

People will be free and honest with each other--knowing that they are not alone, they are ALL ONE! What one sees in another is but a reflection. What all see in one is but a refraction of the selfsame Spirit of the All. Determination, will, and resistance become transformed into liquid availability--allowing the strongest, yet least contrived TONES of the Moment to lead the way.
More and more, people will just begin "showing up" precisely at the time others are ready to see them. If a person sets out upon a journey and his desires suddenly shift, he will simply alter his path in accordance with the energy of the moment. Obstacles that appear to be blocking the attainment of some goal will no longer be considered enemies. Rather, they will be interpreted as signs that you have gotten a bit off-course in your inner connection, and you need to re-examine not only what you are attempting to do, but why you wish to do it.

The shifts and changes we are describing here cannot be enacted through political action or deliberate intent. They are born of a higher vibration, and can only begin manifesting when humankind lets go of its addiction to ego-centered control, and simply begins to flow with the river of life that has always been within you. The struggle and hardship of your Limitation Journey are just about complete! Your hearts are opening, and becoming knit-together through communication, and your growing realization of who you really are.


Now.....during this next phase of this Global Transformation, there are important new rules to the Game. To remain in form and continue to function well, the Player must align him or herself with the continuous dynamic flow of Spirit within. We are not speaking here of just any spirit. Rather, we are referring to ONE DOMINANT Energy that draws the Player forward with pure desire (despite the consequences). Indeed, one of the derivative meanings of the word "desire" is "...of the Father." It will mostly be felt as a gentle, inward pull toward something that feels as if it is backed by an ocean! You who have experienced this sensation know well what we mean.

The movement of the Expanded Self is always positive and tends to incline the Player toward something---not away from anything. There is nothing "evil" or "negative" in an of itself. All is energy, and energy is essentially neutral. That sensation which has been recognized as negativity (as if you are repulsed away from something) is, at its core, nothing more than an inward awareness that some other, more empowering option is being overlooked.


Negative Focus, or that which pits the Player against or in opposition to a course of action (any action) will always decelerate your consciousness. Movement towards expanded awareness is usually marked by a simple allowance of abrasive or undesirable situations to exist, coupled with a diminishing tendency to focus upon them.

Full concentration must now be placed upon that which gently but firmly pulls an individual (not just the mind--but the whole self) towards something. We refer to this as a "Wave" of Energy. The tendency to struggle or push (for whatever reason) must gradually give way to a sense of "flow." At times when no waves are in sight, you can either gently explore your immediate environment, or you can simply wait until the next wave comes along.

The cessation of one activity is usually accomplished by a stronger impulse to do something else. Nature abhors a void. One desire fades, as another desire takes center stage. Problems can arise when the ego begins to make decisions and evaluations about self or personal behavior, and seeks to consciously intervene with the dominant flow that already exists. Some people refer to this tendency as "pushing the river."


Truthfully, the Form Ego was never designed to issue command lines at all. There is generally not enough overall perspective available at that level of consciousness to be able to navigate correctly upon a human journey. Allowing your Ego to take control is like taking a mail room clerk in a Corporate Headquarters and making him Chairman of the Board.

It is very important, during these powerful times, to get in touch with your personal, inward flow. The sensations, images, and sounds of it are the closest thing to conversing with ALL THAT IS that you would ever need to know. If you like, you may attach it to some Transcendent Personality--such as Jesus, Buddha, or even The Reconnections. But in the end, you will come to recognize it as the clearest, most vivid and trustworthy part of yourself.

The prime regulator for the experiences of humankind is neither time nor money. It is your individual desire to move into Separation or to come out of it. The "collective" is simply a compilation of various aspects of the one who is perceiving it. It is a mirror, within which each person can view him or herself in a particular moment. If you do not want to be be powerful, you will create time issues or provision issues to keep you from experiencing power. When you are tired of that Game, all obtacles to power will fall away, as if by magic.

It is our perception that each soul is being exposed to this knowledge in his or her own perfect way. Some souls have not yet had their fill of hardship and struggle. They came here to suffer, and they will not wake up until their "quota" of misery has been fulfilled. So be it.

You come to 3D from a base of reality where you can literally do or have anything, just by thinking it. Abundance is no problem for you. In fact, you came here to get a vacation from all that power. You are like Corporation Presidents who need to take a few weeks away from your Empire--so you sign on to play greenhorns, at a Dude Ranch in Montana. You spend time slopping hogs, and scooping manure, and it relaxes you from playing out your role as Masters of the Universe. The life you are living in 3D--the joys, the trials, the connections, the reflections--makes up a perfect "holiday" for the Eternal Master that you truly are.

Does this sound outlandish to you? Good! That means that your time away has been fruitful, and your Infinite Mind has enjoyed a nice rest, here in 3D. Your alarm clock is sounding, and the moment to fully awaken is nearly here. If you'd like, you can hit the "snooze alarm" and catch a few more winks of sleep. Or, you can lay aside your "covers" of time and provision, and rise up to shower yourself with blessings, and return to your rightful "office" at the Center of All That Is.

Welcome to the World of Time/No-Time. You have now entered an Age of Magic. You need not look ahead to some "opening" for a realm that has never really been closed to you. Why spend time seeking keys to enlightenment? The door was never locked!

As you go through these final days of unfoldment, you may still find yourself drifting in and out of sleep. Your personal universe goes with you as you do. Some are experiencing a few more moments of sweet reverie, of gentle experiences---while others are cramming in some additional nightmares, just so they can rattle their brain. Some multi-media buffs are even managing to experience a multitude of "worlds".......all at the same time! Whatever you choose, enjoy it fully. There is plenty more where that came from, available at any moment you choose.

Channeled by Daniel Jacob.

Copyright, 2003-2004, by Daniel Jacob. All Rights Reserved. May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research. All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Daniel Jacob on the New Energy 

One of my favorite channels is Daniel Jacob, based in Seattle. He channels the group called "Reconnections." I do not necessarily believe all that he says, but the messages are fascinating. Here is a recent one on "The Great Reunion" (and I do believe that something very important is occuring at this very time--something has definitely shifted us into a different state of consciousness.)

The Great Reunion"
Led by Daniel Jacob, Channeling the



Hi Friends,

The vibratory key of 1+2 is the energy signature for a Convergence of Polarities, resulting in the manifestation of a Convergence Point, or MAGICAL CHILD.......the third point of a triad.

When this energy signature appears on both sides of the Veil (12:12), the resonant power flux absolutely goes off the chart! This is what occurred when God merged with and filled the womb of Mother Mary, and it is what happens every time two (previously) separated aspects in 3D Space choose to return to our Home State of Universal Oneness.

The heart of the 12:12 Activation is the blending of human and divine DNA, for purposes of expanding the experience of BOTH SIDES of the Agreement! The belief that humans are merely "handmaidens" of the Lord is borne of Separation Consciousness. We are COSMIC CHRIST MANIFESTATIONS, each within our own created universe. (uni=one), and worthy of much awe and respect.

As far as observation power goes, this little blue ball called "Earth" is the HIT ATTRACTION of the Multiverse. We are an "E" Ticket (if any of you are old enough to remember that term!)

In this evening's session, The Reconnections will discuss what it's like to MAKE LOVE TO GOD, GODDESS, ALL THAT IS. We'll also talk about being pregnant with Oneself Resonance. Further, we will consider what it's like to make love AS a God or Goddess.

Is this possible? Is there something that an incarnate human can offer, in Mystical Union, with The Great Divine? Oh yes, my friends.........It is the Secret of the Ages! Can you keep a secret?

The stories of UFO Contactees (Sons of God going into the Daughters of Men), Human Mixing and Mingling in Realms of the Fae, The Ecstacy of St. Therese of Avila and St. John of the Cross, and a whole host of Mythological Joinings across time are all documentations of what we'll be discussing here. The session concludes with a 12:12 Ceremony.

All Reconnections Events are committed to following Spirit in the flow of the moment. Each Workshop has visualized goals of focus, though each participant (and the group) co-creates that focus, moment-by-moment, including The Guides who come to be with us. Some concepts which seem up for consideration this evening are:

*The importance of a proper juncture of Spirituality and Sex to the healthy integration of the "New Energies."

*What are the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical ramifications of becoming "infused?"

*How do these New Energies affect my image of myself, my relationships to others, and my own life's work?

*More discussions of practical ways that I can assist myself with the process of integration and balance?

Are there any innate dangers of opening myself to a Mystical Union?

This session will include group process and discussion, toning, a live channeling from The Reconnections, and lots of Q and A.



Two Dates, Separate times for International Access. Each date is a whole unto itself, with distinctive content. Both dates give a nice taste of what happened on the weekend of 11:11 here in Kirkland.



Set of 5 Mp3 files are now available for the Spirituality and Sex Series. Over 7 hours of powerhouse material and discussions on Children and Sexuality, Recovery from Sexual Abuse Trauma, Spiritual Integration Facilitation, The Incoming Goddess Energy, and the Dance of the He and She.

For more info:


Also features a discount on a one-hour reading with the Reconnections. See link for details.


Daniel Jacob

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How Merrilee's Awakening Began 

To read earlier posts by Merrilee about her Kundalini awakening, see the following:

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November 30th - Merrilee's States of Consciousness
December 4th - Merrilee's Morning

Although I have posted several descriptions from Merrilee about her unusual Kundalini awakening (aren't they all?), I have not included her description of the very first moments and stages of her jouney. So I am now posting these initial descriptions, some of which foretell her later journey. She notes that she is (and always has been) a very sexual being, and her descriptions often are quite explicit. Some readers may be surprised, but Merrilee herself is quite comfortable with her "visitations from the goddess." This acceptance on her part has made her journey much easier; if she had rejected or tried to repress what was happening, she might have encountered many more difficulties on the way.

Her experience is not typical; in fact, it is (to my knowledge) unique. The Kundalini process can include all levels and types of awakening experience, but each offers some valuable insight into what this mysterious force is and how it can play out in individual experience.

Sept. 17th, 2005

My dear Dorothy ,

I am a 58 year-old (today is my birthday) Lesbian who is have a Kundalini Rising experience. It’s just 2 weeks ago that I attached the label “Kundalini Rising” to what has been going on with me for probably the past year or year and a half.

I bought both your books from Amazon. I haven’t read much of either of them, but I get a K-energy spasm whenever I pick them up, and also when I read one of your poems.

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail I sent to a friend today about what’s been happening lately:

E-mail sent to a friend today, Sept. 17th:

…It is thrilling and frightening. I am now having some other experiences, which I think are called kriyas. I was having them on the higher Chakras when I listened to the Chakra Chants CD. Now I am having them on every Chakra and much more intensely. Basically, various parts of my body start to move on their own, sometimes very, very fast. Sometimes it's almost my whole body. Supposedly energy blockages are being cleared. And last night it happened while I wasn't listening to the CD. I was just watching TV!

The K-energy orgasmic spasms are still with me, maybe 50 - 100 a day, some mild and some intense. When I touch things that are either supposed to be magic, like crystals, or books that I think I'm suppose to read, I sometimes get a K-energy spasm. What I mean is I think I can tell that things are "magic" or important to me if they ramp up my K-energy.

Some of the stuff I read on the web about Kundalini experiences continues to scare me, including about one woman who I think died because of it, so I've stopped reading a lot of it.

I have been so ramped up on K-energy that I haven't been eating or sleeping much. That's part of the process, according to what I've read. It's a helluva way to lose weight!

Today is my 58th birthday. I had some sugar and wine yesterday, and I am feeling very, very tired today. Won't be doing much sugar in the future, for sure, but the wine is tempting. The only problem is it really ramps up my K-energy as I start to lose my buzz. That's why I think I had the kriyas last night while watching TV. (End of e-mail)

Back to you, Dorothy -

I was raised Catholic and have always been spiritual, but I am now allergic to organized religion. I’m also allergic to gurus, masters, swamis, priests, preachers, etc. The only one of these who I have positive feeling about is Matthew Fox and his creation-centered spirituality. I read his book “Original Blessing” in the 1980’s, and I have read some of the works of the 12th/13th century mystics Hildegard von Bingen and Meister Eckhart.

At the age of 12 I decided I wanted to be a saint. Around age 13 or 14, I asked god for a stigmata (the marks of Christ’s nails on hands and feet, and the mark of the crown of thorns). Shortly thereafter, I decided that this was a bit presumptuous and egotistical of me, so I asked for just one little stigmata mark that only I could see. I was really asking god to prove to me that he existed. Well now, with my K-energy stuff, I feel like I got my stigmata and my proof that the goddess does indeed exist!!

There is so much more to tell you – and so much more left for you to read down below, so I’m going to stop except for two important things: The things that I think caused my Kundalini Awakening.

The first is a series of meditation CD’s called Holosync by a company called Centerpointe. They take you down to the theta and delta brainwave levels, the levels that experienced Buddhist monks go to while meditating. I’ve been doing them for two years.

The second is something like a homeopathic potion, which is supposedly the Philosopher’s Stone, the Alchemist’s gold, and which supposedly bridges the doorway between the physical and subtle bodies.

My Lesbian friends don’t know what to do about my K-energy stuff, and my spiritual friends don’t even know what to do about my Lesbianism!

I would be honored and delighted if you and I could correspond a bit about the Kundalini Rising stuff. And maybe even at some point we could perhaps chat on the phone.

I am planning on attending the Kundalini conference in San Diego next spring. I hope to meet you in person then.

I also know that L., from KRN, is a therapist. I am also allergic to therapists after having been to a few. These, and others I’ve met socially, seem to be suffering from the “Wounded Healer” syndrome. But at the same time, I will certainly contact her if I am having a really hard time. Otherwise, I am basically content to go through this process either pretty much alone or with a little help from my friends!

And now you have more to read below – another 2 letters to friends plus a post I made to a discussion forum (sorry!), so I will sign off…

Yours in warmest sisterhood,

P.S. I have a well-developed and somewhat individuated sense of humor. In that light, depending on the context, when I talk about K-energy, I can mean any of the following:

Kundaquesy – the energy that makes me nauseous
Kundaskeeny – the energy that takes away my appetite
Kundasqueezy – the energy that causes my spasms
Kundalinguini – the energy that makes me hungry (used to have it, don’t have it much now.)

My e-mail to R. and J. in Detroit on Sept 11th:

…OK, here goes - I think I am in the midst of a Kundalini Awakening experience. Remember when I told you, J., about my "Look, Ma, no hands" orgasms? Well, that was part of what is going on, but I had never heard of Kundalini Awakening/Rising until a week or so ago!

The following is a post I made to the discussion forum (df) for folks who are doing the kind of meditation CD (Holosync) that I am doing:

August 30th, 2005:

Background: I am a 57 year old woman who has always enjoyed sex. I am also a Lesbian. I came out about 38 years ago, tried bisexuality for awhile, but found it wasn't my cup of tea.

I have privately corresponded with D. and M., and have talked to them both on the phone, so I think they would vouch for me. The reason I say this is that what has happened to me sounds a bit like science fiction or someone's wildest fantasy...

I have become multi, multi, multi, etc., orgasmic, like 25 - 35 orgasms in a row from just one episode of being stimulated. And I mean the vagina-clenching, neck-arching, can't-help-but-make-a-noise kind of orgasm. I can do this sequence 3 or 4 times in 45 minutes or so, which amounts to over 100 orgasms. This started about 6 months ago.

I can also now have orgasms with no direct stimulation - just a thought or a memory or a light kiss or touch in a non-erogenous area, or me touching or kissing my lover in the same way.

And finally, I also have orgasms when my multi-orgasmic lover does, again with no stimulation, rather they are "empathy" orgasms. (My Myers-Briggs profile is ENFP - the empath.) And they are very, very intense, too.

I attribute this to, in part, [the homeopathic-like potion] I've been taking it for about a year.

My e-mail to R. and J. in Detroit on 9/11 (continued):

And then, on Saturday, Sept. 3rd, [Note: This is perhaps my “official” Awakening date] I called a friend to tell him about my recent orgasmic experiences. We had a great talk and he asked me to e-mail him. I am enclosing a copy of the e-mail I sent him on Sunday, Sept. 4th:

My e-mail to B. on Sept. 4th:

...Where to begin? Please know that I am having a bit of a hard time reading, thinking and writing. I really do think I am in the midst of a kundalini awakening. I apologize in advance for the lack of coherence.

As I said to you on the phone, I've been mostly watching what's going on with me out of the corner of my eye. After talking with you last night, I've been much more closely watching what's going on in the present, plus I've been going over events from the past. It's fun stuff, sometimes scary, occasionally confusing, often new and certainly out of the ordinary.

As you know, I've been doing Holosync (binaural entrainment meditation) for 2 years. For the past few months, I've also been listening to some fabulous CD's from www.healingsounds.com , in particular "Chakra Chants" (which has binaural entrainment) and "Holy Harmony", 4 or 5 times a week. The CD's contain great stuff from many Eastern spiritual traditions, plus some fascinating items from theories about sound, frequency, harmonic vibrations and intent, all put together very wonderfully by Jonathan Goldman…

…Let me tell you first what has happened since I talked to you last night. Even as we were on the phone, you asked if I had tried to move the energy up my spine, and as soon as you said it and I thought about it, it happened. My neck arched and the energy went out the top of my head - as I mentioned to you. And it happened a second time while we were still on the phone. It happened some more after we got off the phone, whenever I would think about it. For the rest of the evening, I also had chills/energy/tingling in my crown, the back of my head and my neck.

You mentioned blockages on the phone, and we kind of agreed that the congested feeling in my lower abdomen was a blockage in my second (sexual) Chakra. Last night as I was listening to my Holosync CD, I noticed the congested feeling, so I did the energy up the spine visualization and not only did I feel the energy go up and out the top of my head, but I also had an intense, vagina-clenching, neck-arching, noise-making orgasm. This happened 3 times.

The next morning I couldn't sleep (have been really energized on and off the past week), so I got up and listened to my "Chakra Chants" CD for an hour. While listening, I had many, many, many twitches in all parts of my body (including my face and even inside my throat) (I think that some people consider that to be the releasing of energy blockages), and at the end, when the crown chakra was being addressed by the CD, the energy went shooting up my spine and I had a half dozen intense orgasms, some of which were vaginal and some of which were more "whole body". Also towards the end of the CD, my body was shaking and vibrating, in particular my head.

I continue now to have a fair amount of tingling/chills/energy up my back, in my neck and the back of my head. There is also periodic pressure in the back of my head. When I pay attention to the energy and move it all the way up my spine and out the top of my head, I have orgasms about half the time.

I am also very teary this morning.

This past week, and on and off over the past 6 or more months, I have had episodes of being very energized, very wired, accompanied by trembling, fast-breathing, sweating, and feeling like I'm vibrating. Lately I have been unable to read much, to spell very well, or to even write legibly - but I can type much faster than usual!

The other obvious thing that has been happening, that I think I mentioned to you, is that I have had weird feelings in what I think is my heart chakra. I think I would maybe call that a blockage. It's like intense energy/pressure and intense sorrow. When I focus on it, a voice says to me, "I ache". This has been especially present during the hurricane Katrina tragedy. I have tried to release it using the Sedona Method (www.Sedona.com), and I have tried Focusing on it (www.focusingresources.com). These are two things that have helped me deal with feelings in the past, but they weren't working for me a couple of days ago. I finally just cried and the feeling passed. I had a little bit of it last night, did my energy up the spine visualization and it went away!

On another note, some info about me from my distant past - I have always been a spiritual person. I was raised Catholic and, starting about age 12, I decided I was going to be a saint. My spirit guides, which I got in a feminist version of a Silva Mind Control class in the 1970's, are a snake (named Chastity, of all things, given my very sexual self) and an "Amazon Lady". I have always wondered about the snake. Now I know that it has some kind of association with Kundalini energy.

I am currently allergic to any kind of organized religion, but I have taken bits and pieces from various Eastern and Western traditions and made them my own. I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "Namaste" (the divine within me acknowledges and honors the divine within you), and I try to live my life that way, but I don't always succeed…

My e-mail to R. and J. in Detroit on 9/11 (continued):

That was on Sunday, Sept. 4th. On Tuesday, I was having uncontrollable orgasms while driving, while walking (!), while talking to people at work, while typing, etc. I'm sure I had over 200 orgasms, maybe even 300! I think this is my body's attempt to ground the increased energy. It was getting to be a bit much - kind of annoying like hiccups!

But as the week progressed, the number of orgasms lessened. Today I will probably have about 50 - 100, and they are much more under my control, and I like having them. Gives me obvious proof that something special and magical is going with me.

My head and neck continue to tingle on and off, and if I run my hand through the energy field around them, I have an orgasm. If I visualize energy going up my spine, 95% of the time I have an orgasm.

I listened to the Chakra Chants CD again this morning, had orgasms throughout the whole thing, and when both the 6th and 7th chakras were being addressed, my head and neck physically vibrated and shook intensely for a minute or two.

There is a lot of negative stuff about Kundalini Awakenings/Rising on the internet, but I'm having a pretty good time here. I think it's because I've done a fair amount of therapy, formally and informally, plus I've been going to chiropractors for over 30 years, so my energy meridians are functioning pretty well, plus I'm a woman (no male ego), plus I'm used to being different because I'm a Lesbian, plus who knows what else.

I have sent for a few books on Kundalini Awakenings from Amazon. One of them is by the guy who wrote this: http://www.thesoulsjourney.com/kundalini.html He has a very feminist, positive take on Kundalini. I also ordered a book written by a Lesbian who had an Awakening in her 50's (sounds familiar!). See http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/104-9038994-3191125

The sexual stuff tickles me. I have always thought of sexual energy as sacred energy.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Psychic Ability and Kundalini 

Psychic abilities may or may not be associated with (energetic)Kundalini awakening as such: indeed, some people believe that psychic powers are themselves an aspect of Kundalini. Some writers warn students against developing such psychic capacities, on the grounds that it will deter them from future spiritual development. Personally I believe that these abilities, like any others, should be allowed to develop naturally (should they appear), and not suppressed.

A friend recently wrote that for years she had dreams of an airplane (or airplanes) crashing into tall buildings. After 9-11, she felt that her dreams had been prescient. This same friend dreamed that her young daughter dashed into the street and was hit by a car. One day her daughter began to run ahead and toward the street, and my friend, remembering the dream, ran after her in time to save her from an oncoming vehicle.

Another friend once had a "waking premonition" while he was at a service station that a car would cross the median at a nearby highway/avenue and strike his own vehicle. Minutes later, as he drove down this avenue, he remembered the premonition and switched to the far lane, just before a car swerved over the median and into oncoming traffic.

Yesterday, I had a little experience of "seeing auras," as I have often done in the past. While I was in my chi gong class, I noticed clear light around my teacher's head. As I continued to watch her, I saw bands of dark purple light outlining her shoulders and arms, all the way to her wrists. I felt that I was literally seeing her chi energies as she moved her limbs through the exercise. I thought it was especially interesting since she was wearing a black silk chi gong jacket and trousers and the purple was visible even against the black. Sometimes when she moved her two hands together down in front of her chest, I saw streams of purple light (energy) follow her hands.

These are only a few examples of psychic events which I have heard of (or experienced) recently, coming from a limited circle of friends. I wonder how many similar accounts we would hear if more of us shared our experiences? What if we had the total "world picture"? We would doubtless be amazed at the infinite connections of psychic communication and happenings going on constantly all around us and all over the globe. We do indeed all swim in the same inner sea, and are connected at levels deeper than we know.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Merrilee's Morning 

To see earlier descriptions of Merrilee's experience of awakening, see:

October 11th - Kundalini and Sex
October 26th - Divine Union
November 1st - Kriyas, Inner Visions, Hidden Messages
November 4th - Merrilee and Mechtild of Magdeburg
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November 20th - Merrilee's Mystical Vision
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November 30th - Merrilee's States of Consciousness

As many of you are aware, Merrilee is undergoing a continuing unfolding of her Kundalini process. Here is a brief description of her typical work morning, just to provide a bit of context for her ongoing descriptions.

11/28/2005, Merrilee wrote:

You know what happens to me? I drive to work and listen to music and sing for about 25 minutes. And then I listen to more music on the van, usually Gregorian chant or Hildegard or Jonathan Goldman, for about 45 minutes. While on the van, I generally start to go into an altered state, i.e. my Inner Beloved comes to the fore, and I start thinking about things of a mystical nature.

By the time I get to work, my Inner Beloved is usually running the show - although not always, especially if I am having a crabby morning and/or I'm not feeling well. Anyway, after I go buy coffee and eggs in the company cafeteria, I sit down to write to you, often in this altered state - this state which makes me feel all mystically mushy!

Meanwhile, to respond to your e-mail from last night -

Regarding James Twyman's book about the extraordinary things people can do, you wrote:
"And then I think, But these things are not possible.....are they?"

I think I experience something similar to what you do - a kind of cognitive dissonance, where it's hard to believe that people can do these amazing things, even as I seem to be doing some amazing things! I've had to expand my belief system around the "magical" things people can do. And still sometimes I have a hard time believing what people can do, even as I have a hard time believing what I have done. Sometimes I think I must have been dreaming or misremembering or that what I think happened really didn't happen.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sharing Dreams with Animals 

Many of us have had the experience of "sharing" dreams with others, particularly those we live with or with whom we are very close. By "sharing" dreams, I mean that when we sleep, we have dreams which are strikingly similar to the other person's own "night" dreams. Often they carry the same theme or similar imagery. Such similarities of experiences seem to be the result of "psychic merger" or "psychic bonding."

But do we also share the same intimate connection with our animal companions, particularly those who live with us and share our daily lives? Now, people who have such companions know that animals are in fact quite psychic (when they want to be.) They seem to pick up on matters which concern them, and ignore the rest. For example, if you even think about giving the last bite to your dog (who may be snoozing in another room), she instantly appears, ready for her treat. The same goes for taking her out for walks--don't let the thought enter your mind, unless you are ready to deliver--she knows what is going on in your head, as if you had called her and brought her leash.

But what about sharing their dreams? Usually, there is simply no way to check this, since, gifted as our beloved creatures are, they do not speak. But here is a little incident which made me wonder.

Dreams can be prescient of future events. Usually such dreams predict (or pick up on) events of major significance--impending disasters, deaths of close friends, even world crises. But our dreams are often about trivia, matters which we often do not even remember next day.

My dream was one of the latter. It didn't have a plot or purpose. It was a brief snapshot, a glimpse of our cat (Maude Gonne, named for the beloved of W. B. Yeats) eating heartily from the bowl of our dog,(Nora Barnacle, who is named for James Joyce's wife.) Now, in case you don't know, cats simply don't eat dog food. They would almost never condescend to this level, demanding their own special dishes, those intended for cats alone. I didn't remember this insignificant moment in my dream life--until Gina told me the following next day.

It seems that the morning before the dream, she had very carefully and quietly put some special food in Nora's bowl--Nora being deeply asleep on her bed in another room. Nora apparently didn't hear what happened. Then Maude began to approach the bowl to see what was new--and Nora instant appeared, ready to defend her victuals.

So--my question is--was I picking up on Nora's own dream last night, one expressing her own anxiety that the cat would raid her food bowl and eat all her good treats? Did I somehow tune in to Nora and her fears? If it was mere coincidence, it was a rather curious one.

Now, one reason I mention this is that it sheds some light on subconscious communication between all of us. Some people believe that there is a vast reservoir , a common pool of dreams, thought, memories issuing from us all. Generally, we stay in our own bailiwick, and "armor" ourselves against such a mass of data coming in. But psychics seem to be able to "break in" to this storehouse, and others of us do from time to time have experiences that suggest we too are connected at a very deep level to what Yeats called "anima mundi," the world soul.

Now, having said all of this, another thought occurs to me. What if I was not picking up on Nora's dream but that of Gina, who witnessed the earlier encounter and told me about it(but after my dream). In that case, it would merely be an instance of one human sharing another's dream--but still, that too is rather remarkable.

P. S. There is also a Kundalini connection here. Psychic awakening seems often to precede or accompany Kundalini awakening. The psychic powers of the yogis is legendary. And the development of our own psychic ability seems (sometimes) to help prepare for the further opening of the subtle body through Kundalini arousal.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Rising 

Someone recently posed an interesting question: What is the difference between "Kundalini Awakening" and "Kundalini Rising"? We often encounter each of these terms, but I had never thought about the real differences between them. After giving the matter some reflection, here is what I concluded (and since I am not an authority, I could be wrong.)

"Kundalini Awakening" is the term we most often apply to the beginning stages of the whole transformative process. It can refer to the very first experience of Kundalini (which may be mild or intense) but it can also apply to the many manifestations which may occur in the days, weeks, or even years of this continuing process.

Yogic texts describe Kundalini (the creative life force) as a snake resting at the base of the spine. This energy is always active in our bodies, but we are not aware of its operations until "the snake awakens," that is, until an unconscious process becomes conscious.

The image of the snake is, of course, simply a metaphor to describe this "awakening" process, and indeed Kundalini arousal is like "waking up." It is as if we have previously been "asleep," unaware of what is going on within. Now we become highly sensitized to both pleasure and pain, as if we are in contact with the deepest levels of our body, mind, and spirit. Everything intensifies. We may feel another's joy as our own bliss, and, likewise, their pain may be felt as our own.
The awakening itself can be a very long and mysterious process, with great rewards and challenges.

"Kundalini rising" describes the energies in ascent. They may travel up the spine, part way or sometimes all the way to the crown, where intense bliss states may occur. They may flow upward in a more fluid fashion, opening up varous areas to new sensation. The sleeping forces have been awakened. Now they stir and move throughout the system. (Like a sleeper waking up and getting out of bed.) Released from their slumber, they are ready to roam freely. Because such movement is unfamiliar, all manner of problems may occur, as well as states of ecstasy and rapture.

To experience deep Kundalini awakening and the ascent of the subtle energies is to undergo rebirth, a total transformation of the self. It brings us into a new world, and leads us into unsuspected paths.

I am not certain that my distinctions are totally accurate here. The terms are used by many different people in different ways, and sometimes they indeed seem to be interchangeable. But this is how I view the them.

Whatever the fine points, the Kundalini process is, in my view, one of the greatest gifts that one can receive. It affirms the divine connection in indisputable ways, and carries us into a new state of human evolution. It is the ultimate "self-validating experience."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Is Enlightenment? Further Reflections 

Many books tell us that Kundalini begins in the root chakra, and then rises, chakra by chakra, up the spine and into the crown where, at last, enlightenment itself is attained. But for most of us, this is not true. Other books explain that the energies are in fact less predictable, that the chakras may not open in any set fashion at all. The energies may leap up from the base to the crown in a single swoop, they may bounce back and forth from one plexus to another. One day the practitioner may feel openings in the heart, and the next stirrings in the base or abdomen. It is not a set process. It follows its own inclinations.

Likewise, we are told by many that the process of opening will lead at last to the state called "enlightenment." No one seems certain of exactly what that is, nor exactly why it is a desirable condition, but nonetheless it is held up as a goal for disciples and seekers.

Now, I have a confession. I am by no means an enlightened being, but (I feel that) during my experience of "opening" I did in fact "taste" or at least glimpse the enlightened state for a few moments. In that state, I knew (not intellectually or mentally, but at the deepest possible level of being) that I did not exist as an independent entity. The only reality was "It", the immensity which animates the cosmos and all that it contains. I was merely a speck, a wee atom in this giant process, a non-being which existed only as an insignificant part of this immense force.

And then I returned to--more or less--"normal" reality, but always with that memory held deep inside.

But--what is "normal consciousness"? There are many states or levels of awareness, including the ecstatic (somatic bliss), mystic (oneness with one's surroundings or with the divine), visionary, creative, reflective, objective (what scientists claim), critical, and so forth. Sometimes we move through many of these in a single day. In addition, there are psychic states of various sorts, including e.s. p, clairvoyance, clairsentience, trance of various intensities, mediumship, aura reading, telekinesis (movement of objects by mental concentration), mind reading, out of body travel, and others. There are also the experiences of "altered states" induced artificially through drugs,hynosis, and other means. And what about aesthetic exaltation, states of joy, grief, pain, sensory and sexual pleasure? The list goes on and on.

And then there is enlightenment itself, when all the preliminary stages give way to an ultimate realization.

What would happen to us if we attained that exalted state and simply remained there, forever cut off from our awareness of the common world around? Are there enlightened beings among us now? We hear such claims, and then we hear stories of gross misbehaviors, abusive or exploitive actions, suggesting swollen egos and exalted self-images.

I myself do not believe any of us in the contemporary world live in such a state, the condition of pure,unbroken awareness of the All. I think some of us make progress and from time to time attain an "expanded consciousness", an awareness beyond what we have known before. Such advances are essential to our inner growth, even though we never arrive at some final revelation. "The path is the goal," as the Taoists say.

The world needs those who know and are willing to use their knowledge in the service of others. We must, all of us, at whatever stage, devote ourselves to the common task, which at present is the preservation of earth and all who live upon it. We must, at they say, live in the two worlds, maintain our inner connection with the "higher reality" which is our divine source, and yet labor constantly in the fields of love for all humanity. We must "be and not be," "do and not do," "exist and not exist." We must know who we are, which is to say, each a small but all important aspect of Mystery itself. This truth is difficult to grasp. But that is our constant challenge.

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