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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ryokan, Zen poet 

Ryokan was a Japanese Zen hermit monk who lived from 1758-1831. In his life of extreme seclusion he wrote poetry, drew calligraphy, and communed with nature.
I found the following poems on the Anam Cara Site and copied them here so that we could all enjoy them. They are from "Dewdrops On A Lotus Leaf, Zen Poems of Ryōkan," translated by John Stevens and published by Shambhala Publications.

See: : http://www.anamcarafoundation.org

Ryōkan's poems

For Keizan,
Abbot of Ganjo-ji

Ganjo-ji is west of Hokke-do, a temple
Secluded among rocks and hidden by thick mist.
In the deep valley, moss grows rampant and visitors
are rarely seen.
Fishes dance in an ancient pond,
Tall pines reach toward the blue sky,
And between the trees a glimpse of Mount Yahiko.
One bright September day, on my begging rounds,
I impulsively decided to knock on the temple gate.
I'm a free-spirited Zen vagrant,
And the abbot, too, has lots of time to spare.
We stayed together all day, not a care in the world,
Sipping wine, toasting the mountains and laughing
ourselves silly!

How can I possibly sleep
This moonlit evening?
Come, my friends,
Let's sing and dance
All night long.

Stretched out,
Under the vast sky:
Splendid dreams
Beneath the cherry blossoms.

Wild roses,
Plucked from fields,
Full of croaking frogs:
Float them in your wine
And enjoy every minute!

Long ago a pretty girl lived next door:
She used to pick mulberries in a distant grove,
Returning with her white arms full of
Gold and silver branches,
She sang with a heart-rending voice
And sparkled with life.
Young farmers put aside their hoes when they saw her,
And many forgot to return home when she was around.
Now she is just a white-haired granny,
Burdened with the aches and pains of old age.
p. 61

When I think
About the misery
Of those in this world
Their sadness
Becomes mine.

Oh, that my monk's robe
Were wide enough
To gather up all
The suffering people
In this floating world.

Nothing makes me
More happy than
Amida Buddha's vow
To save
p. 72

In this world
If there were one
Of like mind -
We could spend the night
Talking in my little hut!
p. 53

My life the last few days has been very much "chop wood, carry water," only for me it has been "do laundry, shop for groceries, try to learn the ways of the new ipod I purchased." I find I am indeed a slow learner, but think it will be beneficial in the end--hope to find out how to put up links to actual readings of my poems in future. Fortunately, the young folks (the instructors) at the Apple store have lots of patience, and don't mind repeating the lessons often for me. As a former English professor (and current spiritual researcher), I am used to thinking about symbols, themes, overall meanings of things--not the itty-bitty details of the cyber world. But I feel that exploring the "new" technology is good as mind exercise--and I do make progress now and again.
Sometimes I think Ryokan had the right idea. The life of a hermit monk does have its attractions.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heather Charnley's Kundalini Experiences--PART THREE 


22nd January 2008 – Looking through this year’s diary I realised how much inner work I did over the years, with many an ache and pain in places that had been relieved by cord, device and entity removal. On this date an angel appeared, and I noticed he’d brought a rectangular casket about two feet long. On opening the box, inside were a miscellany of objects but couldn’t see the details initially. He put it on the floor by the bed and it gave off a wonderful energy and I could feel it within me. Then he put it under the bed so I could continue feeling the energy. Apparently one of the contents of the box was a list of the books I would write, and have done some of them so far. Will have to look again and see if I can see more! The angel was Zadkiel.

2nd February 2008 – I revisited the casket and saw a group of crystals inside and knew I had used them in ancient times. One was a long quartz crystal wand with a silver handle.
At various times, beings from the spirit world have come to help with psychic clearing, but on many occasions I have had to do it myself, for my guides said it is best if I know how, so that I can be responsible for myself, and the essential need to know what it all entails, and the understanding of what caused it all, which you don’t get if someone else is doing it for you. When spirits help, they allow me to realise the causes and then help with the clearing away process.

2nd August 2008 – I contracted some kind of fever and felt tired, and at the same time a huge mass of psychic phenomena occurred. Despite my attempts to clear it, it became too much and I prayed for Baba to come and help. He said that it was time for it to stop now. The entities faded away and I began to feel kundalini energy generating in my base chakra, stimulating the rest of the body. It felt rough as though scouring through my energy field, and I was a bit disconcerted but then it stabilised after a while. I felt the kundalini kick in more positively on and off during the night, as if I was surrounded by fire, and the energy was going up the main channel too, up to my head and I felt some going through my female organs and around the breast area too, it was just keeping them right, which was encouraging. I felt tired but relieved the next day.

6th August 2008 – We went to Scotland for a week, staying in a guesthouse in Aberfeldy, only to realise that we could feel ley energy running through our bedroom, so we had a dynamic experience that night. I felt the energy working through my base chakra and up the spine, and I could see imagery of a stone circle and other fleeting glimpses of the like, obviously what was along the ley line. I continued to experience the healing effects of the leys wherever we went, so this psychic health spa was just what was needed!

Since then I’ve felt a lot more kundalini energy, running through me gently a fair amount of the time. One occasion it was quite strong with energy running up through me from the base chakra up through my uterus as well as the rest of the body. It made me feel rather ‘strange’ and tired, and continued throughout that day. It subsided a while, but returned for a second helping two nights later!

2nd January 2009 – I had a kundalini-active Christmas. I was reading B.S. Goel’s book about his kundalini journey and saw him in spirit and he told me the following – ‘God initiates it as Baba, Krishna or whoever, and guides you through the process, knowing what is best for the individual according to individual karma, and leads one to the final conclusion where you merge with God.’
Later I recall discussing something with someone in who was in the spirit world and needed some consolation, after I had been reassuring I felt a burst of kundalini, which continued most of the night, so was tired again in the morning!

9th January 2009 – I saw an image of Yogananda and he said that the guru you are linked with activates and maintains your kundalini situation primarily, but others who know about it can come in and help as required. He said that once the kundalini has been through you fully, that source of energy does its own maintenance of the body, relieving tensions, and then you are open to bliss, deep peace and good health.

13th January 2009 – I found more items to clear and had kindly help from spirit, namely Jophiel and Michael. I put my hand on a picture of Maitreya’s hand I have nearby and I felt a mass of energy coursing through me, and it lasted probably nearly half an hour. The sentence that came to me as I felt this energy was – ‘The fire in the mind causes untold gifts to emerge.’

15th January 2009 – On using some codes I made, they act as catalysts to move energy, and one kundalini spiral type one that is surrounded by a force of light moved a feeling of tension from my Alta Major, and moved it upwards to the crown near the rear of the top of the head.

3rd April 2009 – I dreamt of something illuminating after doing a code of an eye of the sephiroth, which was sending energy downwards, ending in a triple spiral where it then entered the spirit of mankind. In the dream a flowering branch of nature emanates from within the heart and exits the body via the mouth, so that all that he or she knows of spirituality is projected out into the world as naturally as breathing, for he or she has become integral with spirituality.

16th May 2009 – A white tornadoesque night last night for sure! Went to sleep around 11pm and woke from a deep sleep with the kundalini reaching a crescendo at 12.30, and it whirred on until gone 4am. Since the kundalini was scouring at my sacral area, I felt corresponding feelings of tension in my neck too. Then I awoke again at 9am, anticipating my head would be fuzzy after such a night, but the kundalini was still active, and so I was alert, thankfully.

20th May 2009 – I was told by spirit that when the energy over my head feels light, then I’m nearing the conclusion of all this, for at Christmas when a lot of kundalini energy was coming in, but the energy over my head did feel heavy.

22nd May 2009 – Today my head felt an inner tension as if the energy from the kundalini wanted to push upwards, but was unable to do so. I have also had aches in the left side of my head. I last had these aches just before a burst of kundalini relieved it, so am hoping the same applies in this case.

26th June 2009 – Recently I have had energy running up the back of my neck in a fiery way and I’ve felt very tired. I then did some clearing work. The energy in my neck has extended into my head now, and I’m glad the hot weather has eased off a little as that seemed to intensify the kundalini’s activity.

11th April 2010 – I got up at dawn to listen to the dawn chorus. I went and sat at old oaky’s seating area and just listened. I could sense the extra boost of energy that was coming while the birds were singing, and could feel it coming through me. I came away with inspiration to do more goddess paintings to reflect the magically charged atmosphere nature holds, and the reverence and love it will inspire. I must say that I feel much lighter energy wise these days.

Over the past two years I have been experimenting with some Atlantean-based chakra cards channelled by Merlin, which I use energetically to strengthen and clear my energy system, and feel they have been effective, and also act as a catalyst to bring in useful requirements to my life. I still have more to complete!

(image found on google)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kundalini Energies and Public Display 

In recent posts, I mentioned that my own energies often seem to "hide' or even vanish in public settings, as if they only desired to manifest in private in intimate and sacred circumstances. I wondered why this might be, especially when the healer I was with (when I visited the giant crystal) seemed to think that I was somehow deficient and wanted to give me instructions as to how I might feel the vibrations of this mammoth crystal.

A friend of mine (Laurel Griffith) who is a high sensitive (also undergoing K. awakening) wrote the following response, which sheds even more light on this issue.

I know exactly what you're talking about regarding the K choosing to manifest in "safe places". When my K first erupted, it was in public, but only two people actually witnessed it. One, who was in the room with me at the time actually had been K active for over 30 years, so she recognized it immediately. The poor chiropractor didn't quite know what to make of it, so he covered me with a blanket for awhile until he needed the room for another patient. At that point, I was still vibrating like mad. But I got up, and somehow paid my bill. The woman with the K approached me in the lobby. I said, "I don't know if I can drive home". She assured me that I could. That the energy would stop until I got safely home and would likely continue on once there. She was right!

My experience with K is that it shows itself more dramatically in private. It's even more active when my husband isn't home than when he is. I assume it's because it's such a personal, yet not personal energy. In hindsight, the chiropractor's office was a "safe place" for it to burst forth. Especially having an experienced K person in attendance. It's almost funny if you think about it. Had that happened at home, I most likely would have dialed 911. That wouldn't have been a good choice.

The K will manifest in spiritual settings, but it's never really gotten out of control. I'll get some vibrations, that are obvious, but it's pretty easy to work with so I don't make a scene. 8-) The best advise I've ever been given is to let the K have it's own time everyday. Much like you're doing. By doing that, I find it "behaves itself" the rest of the day.
(In recent posts, I discussed the situation in which one's K. energies simply seem to "hide" or disappear in certain pubic settings, as if they are reluctant to appear in any but extremely private and sacred circumstances.--D.)

I've always been "open" to energies, so this isn't new since the kundalini. It can be problematic actually. I sometimes envy people who aren't at the effect of everything around them. In your book you mentioned a visit to the Rosecrusion (sp?) museum in San Jose. I went there once, many years ago with my friend Bob. I enjoyed it very much, but I could hardly stand up by the time we left. I felt totally, energetically drained. Bob did a form of energy work called "Touch For Health". When we got back to my place, he threw me on the table and was shocked to discover every single meridian in my body was out of whack. He worked on me for hours before I felt well again. I really wanted to see the Tut exhibit in SF, but I didn't dare after that experience. Those objects weren't meant to see the light of day again and were meant to go into the afterlife with the deceased. I've speculated since on the supposed "curses" of the tombs. Maybe those weren't just mere threats to frighten would-be grave robbers.

Note (from D.)--I think that for some of us, displaying our "hidden" energies is tantamount to taking our clothes off in public. Another image I thought of was that since K. is our "Beloved Within," having a witness to our meeting would not be appreciated.

Monday, July 26, 2010

More of Heather Charnley's Journey 

(Heather Charnley' s Kundalini journey continued--more later)

4th July 2006 – Many astral beings are very aware of people’s state of being, and will ‘link in’ to put it politely in order to take what they would like to have. They are more attracted to the light and to those who have entities around them, but once all that is cleared completely, then you are exempted from their approach and your energy field can resist all interferences of that world.

3rd August 2006 – Back in Wales again and visited St Cybi’s well in the north peninsula. I sensed slow spiralling energies emanating here and words that came to mind were – ‘A place where the saint frequented and she lived nearby, and was inspired to go there to tend the well, and give healing to all who came. Her hands held the energy of the Earth and Heavens and had been through the difficulties of self-illumination, inner journeying and clearing the way to unity with the spirit. Her depth of understanding was an inspiration to all around the area, and she was known to travel to wherever a healing was required’.

On visiting Dyffryn Ardudwy the burial chambers from the Neolithic period, on the coast in mid Wales, for it was a place I had felt drawn to visit for some time, and I realised when I got there that I had some inner work from the past to deal with to do with enmity as the result of a battle held around the area. I made peace with the past accordingly. Later we travelled down to St David’s and I linked to St Non’s well and was encouraged to link in deeply for that would strengthen my condition.

4th November 2006 – When meditating I got the word ‘Awen’, so I looked it up in my druidry book and found it to be the three rays of light at north east, east and south east, relative to the sunrise at various times of the year. They are used for invocation and are the three aspects of deity, truth, beauty and love. I later found an old circle spot, used in the past in the old druid’s format, in which I would use it and find much wisdom and energy enhancement there.

12th November 2006 - I had a curious dream where someone was talking about the kundalini, and then I heard three small bells being rung in unison, which was supposed to invoke the thought of the three channels of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. So perhaps sound can play a part for the kundalini, and perhaps there are some healers in the world who are doing this. (I’d like to know!)

18th November 2006 – I had visited the base chakra area of our triple ley system and had seen an image of a dorje and a chalice there, male and female symbols. The dorje is a ritual object and is used to strike a bell, and also it is considered a thunderbolt of enlightenment, being the catalyst in the process. It somehow ‘rings a bell!’ with the dream of the bells.

6th April 2007 – I went out to the Walwick stone, which is only a few miles away and have visited it often over the years. My guide encouraged me to link deeper into the earth and also reach higher to the bright realms, and see that energy there, and also the same deep in the earth and draw it through me so that the heavenly energy reached my feet and the earth star chakra, and the earthlight energy was drawn up to the highest chakra over my head. I felt a deep peace running through me as a result.

26th April 2007 – This is the day I actually discovered my Cadair Circle, the druid like circle spot as mentioned I would find as given on 4th November 2006.

25th June 2007 – Inspired notes I wrote here are as follows: “Your condition is one that shamans have experienced at times when there have been very heavy energies over and around the Earth, in Kali Ages. In order to understand this process, the shaman takes on the energy around for the Earth is experiencing it, as are all life forms one way or another, but they usually notice the physical, mental and emotional effects rather than psychic. The closer you go to the god and goddess source, the more in touch with the universal you become and so you must know how to deal with the dark and light in depth. To be able to ‘ingest’ both of these forces and come through smiling is a shamanic goal of greatest strength. So this dealing with psychic phenomena means to have direct understanding of the process, and to know specific aspects of the problem.”

13th August 2007 – Wales again! Down in south Wales I went up a lump called Crug Hywel or the tumulus of Hywell Da, a well respected Prince of Wales in times past. I saw a shaft of light on the top with energy reaching up from around the fort to form a roughly conical shape, and a spinning ring of energy at the apex, which enlivens the shaft of light. I have found in more recent times that to experience a cone of energy is greatly catalystic, by creating one the way the witches do, or by my sets of chakra cards I have been creating and the best set is the magician’s set, (there are ten sets in total). They invoke a conical energy down into the system, or you can even wear a conical hat!

(Note: conical hats are found in many cultures, ancient and modern. The above image was found on Wikipedia)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Energies and States of Consciousness 

In a recent post, I mentioned that--much to my surprise--I felt no vibrations coming from the large crystal in the home where I was visiting, though I have felt marvelous energy coming from the two black obsidian arrowheads I have at home.

Then, yesterday, I took my new Ipod (first one ever) to a restaurant and listened while I was eating. Again, although I was listening to some of my favorites--pieces that often "turn on" the bliss-- I felt nothing inside, though the sound itself was lovely.

What I have realized is this--my own energies are quite selective as to where they will manifest. If I am in an unfamiliar setting, where other people are stirring about or speaking nearby, they choose not to manifest, because I myself am in a different state of consciousness than when I am alone at home doing my practice, listening to sacred music, or perhaps out in nature. I need to be in an altered state to experience these energies. Otherwise, nothing much happens. And I have "learned" not to enter these states in more pubic settings.

I can go into this altered state among such groups as residents or visitors of an ashram, folks gathered for sacred purposes, or in museums or on sacred land with other seekers.

I know that some high level spiritual teachers and healers are always in such a state, and that is why we can experience their energies when we are in their presence. Also, those in the beginning stages of k. awakening often stay in touch with these intense energies during the early periods following awakening.

I have a friend who is a high level Sufi who is so sensitive she cannot be in the presence of any crystals for very long before she finds her own energies becoming quite disturbed. I suspect that because of her dedicated practice she is very "open" most of the time.

On the other hand, many healers use crystals to amplify their own energies during sessions. Different crystals are known for different properties. Some people I know collect crystals almost obsessively--they constantly discover new crystals with new energies and powers and they love each new discovery.

So, in the proper context, crystals seem to have almost magical powers to heal and enliven. They can awaken the K. within for many of us.

Kundalini is wonderful, and gives each of us that which we need, and it always has new discoveries for us as we progress.

(image from Crystalinks on internet)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Almost Dawn (poem) 

Almost Dawn

Almost dawn.

Once again,

you slipped in

while I was sleeping,

now you are demanding more.

What else can I give you?

My heart was the first to go.

When I heard your voice

I fainted and fell down dumb.

Each time you trembled through me,

you with no body,

no name,

a flame lit where I stood,

until I became a shadow,

a wraith consumed in fire.

Do you want these ashes?


hold out your hand.

We are mingled here



Dorothy Walters

July 24, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Sappho Awakened" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

This wonderful piece by Clarissa Pinkola Estes ("Women Who Run with the Wolves") appeared on her face book page yesterday, and a friend sent it on to me. I am taking the liberty to post it here because I find it extremely moving. As a life long lover of women, it speaks to me at a deep level (think fifties, sixties, seventies and on even into the present, when full acceptance is still not universal.)

And, of course, after my K. awakening, I too wrote poems of ecstasy dedicated to the Beloved Within, who manifests as a real lover, not a mere metaphor. One result of Kundalini can be this awakening to the quasi-erotic nature of the relationship of oneself and the Beloved--and many of the saints experienced similar feelings (See St. Teresa of Avila, for example.) A lover is a lover, whether in the flesh or pure spirit.

I mentioned how honored I was to meet "Dr. E." at Tami Simon's party. She is truly unique, one of the great and gifted spirits of our time, one who does not fear to speak truth and act upon it. She blesses the world with her very presence, wherever she goes. She carries the flame of the goddess in her heart.

" Women Who Love Women: One Day When I Woke Up Sappho"

by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I went slightly mad one day and without any sanction, reconstructed twenty of Sappho's fragmentary poems of which often only a word or phrase still existed here and there... the rest unpreserved, repressed or destroyed.

An old feeling had come into my hands as I read the often pitifully sparse fragments, a feeling of examining the broken threads, repairing, thinking how to make thread bridges enough to carry the whole thought that might have once been in her work

A feeling came over me as a poet who knows a good deal about shape and form like a reconstructor of skulls at a museum, who can see the arcs and curves that the fragments suggest, and so reconstruct what that ancient person may have looked like to a large degree.

Part of what drove me was knowing Sappho's work had apparently survived, some say that a manuscript of her work survived up to the early centuries of A.D., but was then destroyed by conquerers and the various or specific religions they brought with them.

Sappho, is said to have lived on the island of Lesbos at Mytilene and that she came from one of the upper class families. Her father they say was named Skamandronymos, and Klay-use, was her mother's name.

It is said that Sappho was exiled along with hundreds of others ...but no one says for what purpose. What we know is that record even of her parents name for certain, have somehow seemingly been scraped.

What I knew from my studies in ethnology is that the first people a conquerer targets are the teachers, artists, storytellers and holy people... for these carry living memory of the people, and preserve and record the soul of the group, keeping the people strong in spirit and soul, and formidable in resisting being over run.

So all that is left of Sappho's work now are some sheave of brittle paper, much of her words erased in time. Though many readers of the pitiful fragments of her work say that she was -- the way many scholars have more or less categorized all women's writings for many millennia--concerned with "household and personal relationships"

... and that these concerns make up the substance of her work...I'd either say otherwise, or in addition... something has been left out of understanding her work.

While her interests may 'also' have been about household and relationship, when I read her work I was taken with its passion in the same vein as that of the ecstatic poets Rumi, Mirabai and Kabir who are writing of love because they are in love with God and they call their god, Beloved, and relate to love as lover, as marriage partner.

The more I read the many translations of Sappho’s work, the more I was convinced that her work was prayers, profound love prayers, profound erotic love prayers that not only celebrate love amongst women, but also toward the female deity...

a profound erotic love for the feminine written in the same sacred tones that mystics have used since time out of mind to worship any beneficent and bountiful creator.

Below is one of the twenty I wrote 'into', praying before hand to just ask permission, and that all be well between spirits.

Most of the suite of these reconstructed poems were performed onstage at a Women's Chorus performance in Denver, to, well, screaming acclaimation from the good and varied audience... perhaps not surprising when one considers that Sapphos work is about ecstatic undertakings such as ...

lying in the grass and eating tasty food, what I affectionately call 'taser love', you know what I mean... and the bewilderment and wilderness of betrayal, and irreversible love, and near death, petit mort states of ecstasy between life and death that can anoint loving ...

and in that spirit, even so, only Sappho can be Sappho... and she ought to have been allowed to do just that.

And with love,


[The stars are little beauty] fires;
they [glow, but they are just tiny] babies
[next to the splendor of the moon.]

Anyone who is a lover
can see how the moon
in her long gown
shakes a [silver] powder
all around her body,
then sets it afire,
and then how then she [burns]
for her lover
with such a [silver] fire,
all night long,
all night long,
turning first this way
and that in the sky,
spinning ever so slowly
before the eyes that watch her,
loving the eyes that watch her,
turning slowly,
taking all night long
in order to show
-- and slowly --
her every treasure.

(Text and image both found on Facebook)

and with love,

(Note: I will continue with Heather's story tomorrow.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heather Charnley's Kundalini Experiences 

Heather Charnley is a painter/writer/mystic who lives in the far north of England. She has graciously agreed to let me publish the following entries describing her Kundalini experiences. Remember, each one of us is on a very individual journey--each one is different from all others. What follows is Part I of her account. Other sections will follow.

My whole life has been a journey towards preparation for experiencing the kundalini. Even at the age of three I had my first past life experience though I didn’t know it at the time, and is one of the signs that kundalini is purifying the system, by expelling unwanted subconscious thought patterns, and heavier energies to regain a ‘clean’ system, so that the internal fire can gain access and move up the body.

My own experience of the kundalini’s movement has been predominantly quite slow and peaceful, just a nice flowing movement of energy going up the body for most of my life. I think this was kept as the default mechanism due to the fact that the whole of my subconscious clearing process was being done all at once, so as there was a lot to deal with, this ‘clutter’ acted as a brake or thermostat control (!) to stop the kundalini from becoming too powerful.

It was only very recently that my energy system has been extra charged up because my psychic ‘clutter’ seems to be thinning off quite a lot. I visited some favourite local stones that have very powerful energies, catalysing the kundalini to work more vigorously, and for a few nights I experienced a strong feeling of fire inside my head which was quite uncomfortable, and if I did too much manual work or activities where I had to use my mind, then it activated it even more. I found that visiting a well and imbibing its energies helped to quell the fires. I can appreciate a little what it must be like for people who experience the kundalini full on, but at least I feel the kundalini is making real progress now.

Mostly over the years, I have had to deal with heavy energies, cord cutting and a constant stream of entities and presences, sending them into the light usually in the small hours in order to relieve the weight of tiredness, discomfort and lack of sleep that this would bring on. This process I have been doing for the past decade and a half. I found initially that it was extremely tiring and heavy work, for the amount of cords was like in a telephone exchange and there were hundreds of entities that could travel at will up and down the cords and they didn’t look pleasant at all. With every go at clearing I would feel a wave of peace and energy coming through, and so I knew that I was making progress, albeit slowly. As the years progressed, I felt my energies gradually improving and more kundalini would come through more frequently. Before all this psychic upheaval I did get more kundalini, but I realise it was gearing up to this dark night of the soul period ahead.

My favourite pastime for years was walking in nature, up fells and moor land places and especially if there would be an ancient site to visit, and I would draw standing stones and stone circles and their energy systems, which eventually became compiled into books. Their energy would help keep me right on my journey, stabilising and helping to keep me more balanced, and I realise now how essential the balance between all the elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether are in order to be able to deal with the kundalini. Like with my occasional burst of fire in the head, I knew to go to a well in order to balance out my water element in the body, to get the Ida to compensate for the Pingala energy.

In previous years before the clearing process began in earnest, I can say that my spiritual unfoldment came in steps or stages of process up the mountain. In my twenties I was earnestly seeking spiritually, but didn’t find as much as I would have liked! I did find Carl Jung’s books and they were a blessing for it helped me understand the individuation process, for I would get dark dreams as if the subconscious was stirring and I knew something was in progress, until the late 1970’s to early 1980’s when I had a series of psychic attacks, and during that time my heart centre opened out a lot and I began to feel much peace coming through. I then embarked on daily meditations which brought in much insights, both indoors and with all aspects of nature, namely, trees, flowers, stones and ancient sites, and so this would lead on to my affinity with ancient sites and the books I would write later. While meditating I would feel energy activation in all parts of my body and quite a bit of that serpentine movement as the ‘force’ spiralled through the Ida and Pingala and the nadis as well.

I felt much strength given by all this process which would lead on towards knowing about the kundalini, and I went to one of Lilla Bek’s kundalini workshops where she told me my kundalini was already active, and so I became a bit more informed about the process in preparation for the years to come.

I do recall some beautiful moments, even in my twenties, and teens where I would be speaking with someone and I would suddenly feel a wonderful sweet sensation in my heart, and I thought even then, that it was the most precious thing ever, much better than anything else you could ever experience! So now, while writing this I realise this was probably the catalyst for my spiritual search in the years to come.

Here are some excerpts from my diaries over a period of years of 2004 - 2010.

10th April 2004 – Last night at Alice’s I awoke in the small hours to feel energy moving through my body. I could feel it from my feet right through me. I wondered if it was because of the ley line energies being near the priory, and of course my going to the park nearby. I was aware of spirit talking to me about the philosophy of the animal energies and qualities as seen in the American Indian wisdom, and was shown once again how integrated these qualities are within the energies of Mother Earth, and to know them is to know her. The colour black is of the feminine and the Earth, and white of the masculine and heaven, this was emphasised again, so there must have been some new facet of it I needed to recognise. It was in the context with the crow, who is a mentor in my life, and has some femininity regarding intuition, to get there ‘as the crow flies’! And is a spiritual messenger in the American Indian tradition, and black because the crow works nearer the ground than an eagle.

29th May 2004 – I went up to Aberdeenshire to do a weekend course on crystals with Kathleen Murray, who has a large collection of crystal skulls, and where I slept was where all the crystals were kept. The powers that be, must have thought I needed an energetic catalyst, which was certainly true as I could feel their energy working through my body all night long! I heard the name Hephaestus and later realised he was the god of creativity, which was timely as I began to do more creative work just after being up there. I also had a dream there of seeing a face with the left side black and the right side white, and I was also inspired to get a clear quartz crystal ball and an obsidian one. The first night I sensed the crystals were all looking at me and were aware of my psychic difficulties I have had, and they were kindly and supportive. I’d felt energies going up my back on the last night, and I realised my crystal keys used on the course were by my side and forgotten they were there, and had to move them as I felt their energy penetrating me though they were only trying to help!

That year I decided to find out more about pagan lore in order to support my inner process, so I embarked on a correspondence course that was very helpful.

2nd May 2005 – I went to Glasgow that weekend to do a course of Melody’s crystal healing. The main object of the exercises we did was to clear the subconscious to aid progress. On the first day of the course we were asked to tape a particular crystal onto our backs for the night and report back in the morning what happened. During the night the crystal became active and acted like a kundalini catalyst, bringing energy up the spine. It was trying to help me understand why the psychic business was still around, and found it was related to ancient abuse of responsibility and power. It was a super 7 crystal.

Later I recalled an image I’d seen in a vision or meditation while up in Glasgow, it was of a six-pointed star with a five-pointed star inside, which I understood to be heaven and earth combined, and reminded me of a message from spirit just before this whole clearing began that heaven and earth were coming together and I felt a sense of activation of heavenly energies and earthly energies homing in on me, somehow I felt like a helpless creature trapped in the middle in a way! Not that I worried about it unduly, just that I felt I didn’t know enough about what was going on and about to happen, even though I knew that higher intelligences were watching on lovingly, really.

17th May 2005 – A note here to consider, regarding the elements as mentioned previously. The American Indians thought highly of thunder because it encompassed all of the elements. Water comes via the heavy clouds, fire with the lightning, air because it is essential to activate the fire, and earth as the receiving station for the lightning. It has relevance to kundalini actions.

30th July 2005 – Found some useful notes on inner workings. I was told in meditation to consider the pineal gland, which is governed by the crown chakra, the will of the father or monad, whereas the pituitary is of the second ray of love and wisdom, and the carotid and medulla are of the third ray, of the son and intelligence. Also correspond to the Aryan, Atlantean and Lemurian respectively, as well as the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala, also respectively. The three aspects have to be unified and then true kundalinified integration can take place.

6th August 2005 – We visited Bedd Taliesin (the grave or ‘bed’ of Taliesin); it is situated in mid Wales near the coast overlooking the Dovey Valley. I saw an effulgence of white light, as well as the crystal-like jewel of spring green that shines like a star; this denotes a link to the centre of the Earth. In the guide books on this place and Cader Idris a mystical mountain not far away to the south, if you sleep in the vicinity you either become mad or a prophet. I have slept near ancient sites occasionally and have felt their energies working on me catalysing the spiritual and kundalini unfoldment.

To reconsider the connection between the land and individual human’s energy systems, I have visited landscape temples around Britain, where certain places have the qualities one finds in any one of the seven chakras, and they are laid out in the relevant order, and I could recognise these energies as they would resonate in my chakras, appropriate to the site in question. We have a triple ley system in Northumberland, and I happen to live between the base and sacral regions and so it is quite useful for good kundalini development!

(Image of muladhara chakra is from wikipedia)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A CD and some info on Feminine Power 

Although I had some difficulty feeling the energies of the giant crystal, I had no trouble when I listened today to an incredible CD by Sue Blessing (the hostess at the ceremony I described) and Jim Ballard. She is an incredibly gifted flute player--each note is infused with divine energy, and the result is something beyond ordinary sound. Sue had given me the CD at the gathering, and it seemed a fitting culmination to the events of the ceremonial day.

The CD is named "Beauty's Way: Spiral Harmony," but it is not on Amazon. If I find out where you can obtain it, I'll let you know.


I received the following e-mail today and pass the information on for those who may be interested. I have not listened to these, so cannot describe what they contain. My own focus is on the Divine Feminine, more than on the place of women in society as such. But I welcome any advance in women's roles in our world, assuming they are directed to true humanitarian and spiritual aims, rather than merely to personal advancement.

Dear Dorothy,

Last month, we wrote to let you know about a series of free global teleconference gatherings called "The Keys to Feminine Power," hosted and facilitated by two evolutionary leaders we deeply admire and respect, Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit.

Katherine and Claire have been instrumental in shaping the evolutionary conversation in regards to the role women are playing in co-creating our future.

So far, 22,000 awakening women from 36 countries have already participated in this inspiring and transformative free live event.

They've received so many requests from around the world to make their teaching available to as many women as possible that they've decided to host another free call this Wednesday, July 21st, to guide women step-by-step though the process of awakening their co-creative feminine power.

We highly encourage you to join them to experience this groundbreaking work first hand by registering now for their special event: "The Keys to Feminine Power: Awakening the 3 Power Bases of the Co-Creative Feminine." Be sure to register even if you can't attend the live event, so you can download the audio recording after the call.

Katherine and Claire are dedicated to empowering awakening women with the tools, resources and support they need to fulfill their evolutionary calling.

We can't recommend their approach enough -- their Feminine Power work has already transformed the lives of thousands of women.

So what is Feminine Power?

According to Claire and Katherine, unlike masculine power, which is the power to create those things that can be controlled, feminine power is the power to create those things that are beyond our control, but which our hearts most deeply long for. Things such as love, intimacy, spiritual connection, self-expression, creativity, right livelihood, meaningful contribution to the world and a brighter future for generations to come all require the awakening of a co-creative feminine power to bring them forth.

Their work has been gaining so much recognition that recently human potential leader and visionary Dr. Jean Houston and Grammy award-winning artist Alanis Morissette interviewed them about why Feminine Power holds the keys to our personal and planetary evolution.

In fact, when you register for this free event you'll gain instant access to these special bonus audio downloads:

1) Jean Houston & Claire Zammit on the topic "Woman, an Idea Who's Time Has Come"

2) Alanis Morissette & Katherine Woodward Thomas on the topic "Evolutionary Partnerships: Standing With and For Each Other to Transform Our Lives and Our World"

You'll also gain access to the Feminine Power community through their Global Community Blog, so you can begin connecting with Katherine, Claire and other awakening women from around the world.

Whether or not you can attend on Wednesday, we encourage you to register for this free global teleconference. You can listen live by phone or online this Wednesday evening, July 21, or download the recording anytime after the event.

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To our evolution,

The Integral Enlightenment Team

P.S. Don't forget that when you register, you'll also get instant access to bonus audios of Jean Houston and Alanis Morissette interviewing Claire and Katherine about their Feminine Power work.
Please also forward this invitation on to all the powerful women in your life!

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(Image found on Wikipedia, where it is described as "Chinese women playing flutes, from the 12th-century Song Dynasty remake of theNight Revels of Han Xizai, originally by Gu Hongzhong (10th century)."

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Ceremony and a Crystal 

It took place high in the mountains. It was a ceremony held to celebrate the coming of a giant crystal to a new "earthkeeper," someone who will be its caretaker in the next phase of its existence. Said to be many thousands of years old, this crystal remained buried far below earth's surface until a few years ago, when it was discovered and excavated.

It was a giant--some two or more feet high, and perhaps a foot deep. It resembled a great ice crystal, with many inner reflections and images.

Some felt energies coming forth from its surfaces, and others did not. Some saw the face of a lion in its interior, and others did not.

To my surprise, I felt nothing in the way of energies, nor did I perceive a face within. I admired it and spent time beside it, but had no special feeling for it. The energy healer who sat beside me truly wished to help me "feel" its energies, but to no avail. She suggested various techniques and approaches, but nothing worked.

I finally decided that I have practiced so long in solitude, following the promptings of my inner guide, disdaining most outer instruction, that I simply cannot respond "on cue." I often feel the energies, yes, but mostly in the privacy of my own home during my personal practice. Being in the company of others, even hearing suggestions from teachers well versed in energy work, does not stir my own energetic response.

The ceremony itself was held outside, in one of the most beautiful mountain settings one might imagine, among great pines and boulders. During the "calling in of the 6 directions," I did indeed feel energies--sweet soft blissful energies, coming from her voice and the stirring of the vibrations of our small circle. Here, I felt safe. No one was noticing me or my reactions. I was "home" in my beloved mountains, in a way I have not experienced since coming here.

Each member of the circle (mostly healers, musicians, and lovers of the earth) reverently placed a stone around a tree stump in the center, taking time to speak a brief blessing on the land and the crystal that had arrived here as its new home. I felt as though these were in fact "my tribe," my spiritual sisters and brothers, gathered for this special occasion. I felt immensely blessed to be included in this splendid energetic field.

Later, we stood outside on the balcony and viewed the entire front range of the Rocky Mountains. What an amazing sight it was.

Then we enjoyed a potluck, listened to music from various players, and went down the mountain as dusk descended.

(image from pics digger on internet)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

San Francisco 

I have just returned from two weeks in San Francisco and the surrounding area. As always, the highlight of the trip was visiting with old friends, renewing my acquaintance with Asian food, attending a museum exhibit (of early Impressionist paintings), and getting out of the city for a weekend on Tomales Bay (north and west of San Francisco).

These experiences reminded me of all I have missed since moving to Boulder exactly one year ago. Where I live now, good Asian food is scarce, as are major art exhibits, cultural events such as ballet, opera, symphony and such.

But--in other ways, I was reminded of why I decided to leave. San Francisco in the summer (and usually the winter as well) must be one of the coldest cities in the country. I had to remind myself to take fleece jackets and warm clothing, for I was leaving ninety degree temperature for mid-50's or thereabouts. And, yes, when I was outside for very long, I immediately began to freeze. Also, instead of busses with polite drivers and few passengers, I once more experienced pressured drivers of huge vehicles, and full loads of passengers. On the streets, one must be ever alert, not drift off into day dreams or altered states. The energy of cities is now very chaotic, with many folk at various levels of tension, some looking for "easy marks."

Because I was almost constantly with other people, I was not able to meditate or write poems, so for two weeks I had a "sabbatical" from my usual routine. I did bring back a few photos of my trip, posted above.

The first three were taken in the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. I spent one day alone there, and it was a highlight of my trip. The first picture is of flowers in bloom in the park, the second a tree which seems to have mysterious code language inscribed on its bark, and the third is two school children who were part of a group visiting the park.

The last two pictures are from Tomales Bay--a boat at anchor in the bay (how do the owners get back and forth to this boat? we wondered), and the gate in the small garden of the cottage where I was staying.

Everything was lovely, but it was also nice to get back home, back "into my body," to meditate and write poetry again. Kundalini, for me, seems to require time alone, focused concentration, and the right circumstances to invite the divine presence to "come in."

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Holy Man 

The Holy Man

(dedicated to Braco, one of the holiest among us)

When I was
the Dalai Lama
and sat upon my throne,
they came to me
and asked for blessing.
I gave them each a scarf,
and touched their heads,
the silent currents flowing
from my own body
into theirs.

Sometimes they were
sometimes sad,
and wept, heads bowed,
as they
backed away.

What I gave
was love
coming down
in streams
from the hidden realms,
reported but never seen.

I did not choose this life,
this role of god/man,
but it was given me
long before I came
to this world.
Go and heal this place
of woes,
they said.
Give it peace and mercy,
love so strong
it will reek of longing,
turn its face at last
to its source.

O, what if I am
the Dalai Lama
come again
to this place of sorrow?
What message
should I bear?
What love
can I now bring?

Dorothy Walters
July 16, 2010

This poem, which focuses on the Dalai Lama, is actually intended for all those who dedicate themselves to raising the vibrations of earth at this critical time. One such outstanding example is Braco, the Croatian healing presence whom I wrote about in the previous post. He is one of the holiest ones among us, and uses his talents for the betterment of all.

(picture was taken from my balcony)

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