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Monday, December 31, 2018

Terry Patten: "The yin Hero: a new Kind of Leader" 

Terry Patten: "The yin Hero: a new Kind of Leader"

As we turn to a new year, I believe it is important that embrace a new form of leadership, one that incorporates love and dedication to the welfare of the whole rather than one which promotes the inflation of the personal ego.

This presentation is free and well worth listening to.  It moves me deeply to see such values promoted, for, as an early feminist, I spent much of my life trying to awaken such awareness in others.

And, again for me, I feel that Kundalini is the ultimate experience and expression of such ultra feminine principles.  In Kundalini, the individual ego is submerged into a larger, more cosmic vision of reality and what is possible.

Happy New Year to All!!!   Let us move together into our next stage of evolution.

from Shift Network and Terry Patten:

"A new kind of leadership is needed, one that calls upon the latent heroism in every heart. Sign up now for a free live event with Terry Patten. Those who register will also gain access to a recording.

Dear Dorothy,

In my book, A New Republic of the Heart, I introduced the idea of the “yin hero,” a new model of leadership that draws on virtues associated with artists and the sacred feminine. It expresses not the yang masculine dominating capacities of the warrior hero, but heroic joyful love, the self-transcending care and generosity associated with great saints.

I am going to offer an important new special 60-minute online teaching event next week. In it, I’ll share practical wisdom you can use about the nature of this kind of leadership, how it is already invisibly getting stronger in millions of us, how you can nurture these capacities in yourself, and about how we can cooperate to bring this counter-intuitive disruptive leadership to bear on behalf of the human future.

The Call to Yin Leadership
A Free Online Teleseminar with Terry Patten
12 Noon PT / 3 PM ET, January 9, 2019

I hope you'll be able to attend and I hope you'll get out the word to others about this important event. In it, I'll also let you know about the yearlong social experiment I'm initiating for 2019.

Interestingly, yin leadership embodies radical creativity, and it draws on the capacities associated with art and artists. It breaks down boundaries, not just between love and politics, but between creativity and power. The classic books, The Art of War, and The Art of Loving, seem to come from different worlds, but the kind of yin leadership our world needs now, requires a reunification. What is the art of loving so profoundly that love commands power — and thus transforms (and “wins”) the war for the more-than-human future?

I have written that the icon of yin heroism is “not Achilles, but St. Francis.” At this point in human evolution, some of our biggest threats come from innumerable pumped-up egos, vying for yang pre-eminence and dominance over others. But now we need something radically different. Instead of slaying any outer enemy, we now need a new generation of heroes who will at last slay the monsters within so profoundly as to be able to relate to one another differently, co-creating a truly new way of being human, a post-egoic cultural pattern.

Instead of heroism that presumes separation, this heroic spirit sees through the story of separation and enacts wholeness instead. It refuses to put anyone out of one’s heart. But it is hardly soft; it is a ferocious stand for care. Such heroic love is required for us to break out of our fragmented, conflictual ways of being in relationship to one another—and that’s the crucial challenge of our time.

Please join me, and please help get out the word about this If your heart has sometimes been pierced, broken or horrified by the rising prevalence of conflict and cruelty in our fragmenting world, this teaching event will offer you needed uplift and hope — and a path toward your own personal empowerment — helping you see how you can bring a different kind of leadership to bear in the weeks and months ahead.60 minute teaching on January 9th at 12:00 noon Pacific Time. Click HERE to reserve your spot in this free webinar.

To our evolution,
Terry Patten"

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Poets' Faces––poem by Dorothy 

Poets' Faces

I  look at the poets' faces
and they are beautiful
and wry,
they know things
and how to say them,
they have been there
as witness to small events
and consequential happenings
and taken notes.

I am still struggling
to mould a decent countenance,
each year texture more amorphous,
outlines more uncertain,
as if I did not belong here,
as if it all was a mistake,
and I got delivered
to the wrong planet
and never found my intended

Still, I feel connected
to something
not definable,
something not seen
but felt,
a feather brushing my ear,
a soft breeze
stroking my belly.

Even now
almost no one knows me
but I am not concerned.
I am hidden and diligent.
Words get whispered
into my ear
and I say them,
and sometimes some people

Dorothy Walters
December 29, 2018

Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Conversation with Andrew Harvey 

A Conversation with Andrew Harvey

This evening I remembered that Andrew and I had done a DVD on Kundalini a few weeks ago, but I had not really watched it.  So I spent the hour observing and hearing what we actually said in that conversation.

Among other things, Andrew described his own powerful Kundalini awakening experience that occurred last year.  He spoke quite elegantly and powerfully about this totally transformative experience and confessed that one simply must go through the experience themselves in order even to begin to understand what it is.  He asserted that no description, no account, no book or advice from another could begin to convey the majesty and wonder of the actual experience.

And I agree.  We both feel strongly that our planet is now experiencing the birth pangs of a new formulation of what we are as humans.   We are now undergoing a kind of mutation of the species, and thus becoming something new and wonderful.  We ourselves do not control this process.  It is being orchestrated elsewhere and our assignment is to show up and allow this process to transfigure who we are.

I do not mean to brag, but this dialogue is a thorough examination and presentation of what is happening at this moment in our mutual human adventure.  If you have not already done so, you can watch it on Youtube at:

"Dorothy Walters and Andrew Harvey Kundalini"

Also, please know that my new book of poems ("The Kundalini Poems") is now available through Emergence Education Press as well as Amazon and possibly B & N.  It retails for about $15.00.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Ted Murray––Our Human and Divine Selves 

Dear Dorothy,

Do you often feel like there are two separate parts of you, the human and the divine? We have all grown up in a dualistic society, so it seems natural that there is a division between these aspects of our nature. We may strive to live only as our divine aspect and try to negate our human tendencies. Many religious beliefs teach that the body and human desires are bad and to be overcome by strength of will as we aspire to become purely divine. Of course, the common result of that is a great deal of shame and guilt when we succumb to the natural human tendencies. Although pure divinity is a valuable goal, if we were already in this perfect state we would not be embodied on this planet.

Since you are currently in a body there must be a reason for it. This time of transition calls for you to embrace both your human and divine selves and allow them to work in a balanced harmony, with total acceptance of all aspects of yourself. When you move beyond judgment then you can truly love all aspects of yourself and become empowered to use this physical body to create something wonderful in the world. As long as you negate the value of the physical form your ability to manifest in this plane will be limited. When you integrate and love all aspects of yourself then your light will shine brightly and will have an amazing impact on everyone you meet.

Love and Light,

(picture from internet)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Another Christmas Story––poem by Lisa Shulman 

Another Christmas Story

What if Mary was María

dark skinned and tired

trudging through the desert

pregnant and far from home?

What if Joseph was José

and there was no donkey

but the burden of fear weighed the same?

What if there was no money

for Joseph or José,

and what if the birth pangs grew sharper

for Mary or María?

What if there were no beds

for any of them,

no shelter, no warmth,

only dust and cold stars glittering above?

What if Bethlehem was Texas?

What if the baby was born

in a manger

or a detention center

this Jesus, this Jesús

this child of God?

Would he be revered

or ripped from his mother’s arms,

this Jesus, this Jesús

this child of God?

Wouldn’t the angels rejoice

at this divine spark

born into the world?

Would we?

- Lisa Shulman

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Transition 

The Transition

Sometimes it happens
and  we mysteriously open
to new revelations,
fresh insights,
unfamiliar experiences.

What does it mean
to speak to the dead,
to travel through portals
that, shut fast for so long,
suddenly swing open
and allow us to see
with new eyes, saints'
eyes, in a world where
all is shining and new,
even the faces of friends,
the trash at the corner?

Or listen
to celestial music
or leave our bodies
and gaze in wonder
at ourselves down below?

How can we suddenly
open to universal love,
as if we ourselves
drew the magic card
to take us there,
like Alice,
now going down the secret passage
where all is different,
and we ourselves are transformed
into a refashioned being,
a new formulation
of our old selves?

As if trees began to sing
and messages appeared in the sky
written in the viewer's own language.
Love becomes the universal currency
in  a festival of longing,
the invisible made manifest.

Dorothy Walters
December 26, 2018

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Someday Light––poem by Dorothy 

Someday Light

"Someday light will split you open."

And then who will you be?
Will you remember when you
held the keys
to a secret kingdom
where you were once
ruler and ruled,
and trees rained golden fruit
into your hands,
where the does and the foxes
came to be fed,
and sometimes you were nothing
but light glistening
through magenta clouds
at sunrise,
waves bursting
on the rocks
at midnight?

When you yourself
were like a great chord
sounding through heaven,
and stars formed your crown
and waves of ecstasy were
your body?

Dorothy Walters
December 24/25, 2018

(image from Hubble site)

Monday, December 24, 2018

Light Will Someday Split You Open––Hafiz 

Light will someday split you open

Light will someday split you open
Even if your life is now a cage.

Little by little, You will turn into stars.
Little by little, You will turn into
The whole sweet, amorous Universe.

Love will surely burst you wide open
Into an unfettered, booming new galaxy.

You will become so free
In a wonderful, secret
And pure Love That flows
From a conscious, One-pointed, Infinite Light.

Even then, my dear, The Beloved will have fulfilled
Just a fraction, Just a fraction!
Of a promise He wrote upon your heart.

For a divine seed, the crown of destiny,
Is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain
You hold the title to.

O look again within yourself,
For I know you were once the elegant host
To all the marvels in creation.

When your soul begins
To ever bloom and laugh
And spin in Eternal Ecstasy-

O little by little, You will turn into God.


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Flash Mob Performances from Around the World: The Need for Joy and Ecstasy 

Flash Mob Performances from Around the World: The Need for Joy and Ecstasy

I have just spent a delightful evening watching and listening to various flash mobs from across the world.  It all started when a friend sent me a Youtube link to a flash  performance by Irish traditional dancers.  Because I have strong Irish ties, this video brought tears to my eyes.  But I was wrong as to the cause: as I listened to other videos from around the world, I realized I was weeping because these wondrous performances reminded me of what the world could be like if we were not so mired in chaos, confusion, and horror.  We are so constantly bombarded with tokens of madness brought on by the lust for money and power of world leaders, so victimized by the surrealistic events wrought by a demented would be tyrant, that we forget what it is like simply to be human, to enjoy peace filled "entertainment,' how joy itself can repair our spirits and help us to remember what it is to be human and experience a world filled with creativity and happiness, rather than suffering and cruelty.

Recently a friend questioned why I chose to write about ecstasy rather than, say, the terrible incident of the child refugee who died of neglect from a callous border patrol, leaving her father and the world recoiling in horror at such cruel negligence.  Indeed, there is an abundance of similar events happening world wide.  The list of the dangers we all face is long and I need not recount them all here (the environment, the annihilation of the animals, the horrible situation of refugees world wide, the reprehensible behavior of police who kill innocent victims and are not brought to justice). The list is endless.

I follow these events carefully, for I wish to be a witness to what is happening in and to our society and the world.

However, my blog is not dedicated to social justice issues.  Many commentators delineate these problems, in print and on the air.

My focus is, rather, on Kundalini and global spiritual transformation as a means of salvation for the entire species.  I believe something very important is happening as more and more of us undergo extreme awakening into another state of consciousness, one more in alignment with what I think of as the divine love field of which we all are a part.  I write about ecstasy, even in this time of peril and chaos, because I believe it is a state that all are capable of and need, and that it serves as a counterbalance to the grim news that assaults us daily.

I sometimes describe my own ecstatic states in part because it is in my nature to share such experience through language and also because it is inspiring to others to "know that such things can happen."

We all long for ecstasy, whether through the inner bliss of union with the Beloved, or ecstatic dance (think of the Electronic Music festivals held regularly in Detroit and elsewhere), or creativity, or time in nature, or music, or whatever you choose.  To deny this state (bliss, rapture) is, in my mind, to slam the door on "God" (source, life force, creative center, whatever you call it.)  We must hold both hands open, one to awareness and compassion and action for the vast cruelty and suffering in our world, one to the reception of that which is "other' and makes us more than we seem to be.

In my view, we are now in a transition to the next stage of human evolution.  In many ways, such a transition includes suffering and pain, for it involves the birth of a new stage of human existence, and birth is never easy.  Kundalini (the life force) is a major key to this reframing of humankind.  It is my "assignment" to serve this transformation as best I can, through language and direct assistance to those who seek help for  their personal transfiguration.  Kabir begged, "Turn Me into  Gold."  I think we are all being "turned into gold," as part of our common destiny at this time.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Who am I? (poem by Dorothy) 

Back Online

I am back online at last.  So sorry for the delay.  I was not able to post here or to send and receive e-mails, or open links or watch my webinars.  I am so happy to have the problem solved.

Also wish to let you know that my new book of poems ("The Kundalini Poems: Reflections of Radiance and Joy") is now published and available on both Emergence Education Press and Amazon.  It sells for about $15.00.

Who am I?

I am a tiny corpuscle in God's breast.

I am an actor in a drama I wrote myself; an imaginary character performing before an audience of ghosts.

I am a voice speaking from within a hidden source.

I am an energy of joy dancing before a cloudy mirror.

I am a mystery within a mystery, a question that has no answer.

I am a note in a symphony that extends into eternity.

I am a droplet in an ocean of bliss.

Dorothy Walters
December 22, 2019

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

After the Ecstasy 

After the Ecstasy

After the ecstasy,
the quiet joy.

After the tumult,
the sweet stillness.

After the knowing,
the irreducible mystery.

After the striving,
the final surrender.

Om shanti, Om.

Dorothy Walters
December 12, 2018

Note:  I am following Andrew Harvey's current Shift Webinar on "Wonder."  I wrote this small poem tonight while listening to his stirring presentation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Ineffable––poem by Dorothy 

The Ineffable

Who can say the name
of that which is indescribable?

Wo can limn the face
of that which cannot be seen?

Who can lead the way
to what is ever hidden?

It can be known
only by presence.

Then each unites with
linked in bonds of ineffable love,
and there is only
the One.

Dorothy Walters
December 10, 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

Morning Practice––Poem by Dorothy 

Morning Practice

Light flows
from crown to soles.

Something moving inside,
"I'm here."

Together stroking the intangibles,
hands caressing the unknowable.

Expansion of the sensed,
not touched.

Place, no place.
Time, no time.

The love field swelling
to the limits of everything,
all included.

Dorothy Walters
December 10, 2018

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Meditation––Ted Murray 

Dear Dorothy,

We all realize how valuable the process of meditation is. The benefits are tremendous, and the importance of meditation in your journey of self-awareness cannot be overstated. There are many different types of meditation available, and it is wonderful to experiment with all of the different meditation aids available. I have talked before about the insight timer app that allows you to time aspects of your meditation as well as have music in the background. These may provide lots of enhancement and make your meditation more powerful.

However, never forget the benefit and power of the most simple meditation. That is to merely go inside and concentrate only on the breath and the loving light that you are able to connect to. Nothing beats being only with yourself, with no external stimuli. When you are alone with just you and the love of the universe then you can most clearly gain access to your higher self. When you become absorbed in this simple yet powerful way you begin to realize that there is no true distinction between your body, your higher self, the Universe or Source itself, and the loving essence that pervades the entire cosmos. Just being immersed in this love bath of your own essence is the sweetest and most beneficial meditation you can experience.

Love and Light,
Ted Murray

Note: for those of us blessed with the experience of sensuous bliss, this is the highest form of "meditation," for it brings us into intimate connection with "It" (Source, the Divine,
the Ultimate, the Goddess, God, or whatever you wish to call it.)  Each moment of such contact is a blessing, a reaffirming of "who we really are."  As Ted says, this is "the love bath of your own essence."

(image from internet)

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Gillian Ross, author of Consciousness v. Catastrophe and 'Psyche's Yearning" 

Connection: An Awakening Experience

from the blog of Gillian Ross, author of "Consciousness v. Catastrophe" and 'Psyche's Yearning"

"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the tides and gravity…we shall harness the energies of love."
                           Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

Over the years my spiritual practices have become more and more finely tuned to a connection with a Divine Presence which I experience quite tangibly as the most exquisite energy of love. I would like to share with you my first powerful awareness of this Presence and its effect upon me by quoting an entry from the diary that I always keep when in retreat:

Monday July 17th 2000. I experienced today what in my words I would call a profound connection with the Beloved of my soul. Sitting in meditation the top of my head and my root chakra were pulsing. Suddenly I had the feeling that the top if my head was lifting off and then, totally unexpectedly, there was the feeling of an energy descending from above, the sweetest and most delicious energy of pure LOVE. I ceased to be little me altogether, for a few minutes anyway, and seemed to become that energy “Not I but Christ liveth in me” To be in that consciousness permanently would be my idea of enlightenment. One could just be pure love, no self-consciousness, no doubts, extraordinary, exquisite. Did I experience the descent of the Holy Spirit?

I lost the sense of oneness with this love gradually but remained sometime in its afterglow. The same happened again later, softening and embracing my whole being and again the intensity of the experience gradually declined but it left me weeping with a strange sweet blend of joy and sadness and gratitude and deep remorse for ever having doubted the reality of the Christ Consciousness. I feel different-joyousness has deepened and feels constant.

Paradoxically, an encounter with the Beloved can also awaken feelings of profound grief. Again these are experienced in the heart centre in the centre of the chest. It truly feels as though one’s heart is breaking. Like the love, it seems all encompassing and the world is full of grief. This ecstatic blend of joy and sorrow and love lingers like the after taste of some delicious fruit. I now understand so well what Joseph Campbell meant when he spoke of “participating joyfully in the sorrows of the world”.

Connecting with an inner Light and Presence has become like a daily early morning ritual for me. In my morning meditation it is as though I am plugging myself in to a non-physical energy above my head that recharges my batteries and lights me up for the day. The experience is always one of heart opening and is a constant source of wonderment to me.

I like to think that I am connecting with the Self or the Christ Consciousness or the Divine Beloved of the mystics but who knows, maybe it is just a passing angel relatively low key in the spiritual hierarchy. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is its impact upon me. As Jung said:

"No one can know what Ultimate things are… we can nevertheless take them as we experience them and if such experience helps to make life healthier, more beautiful, more complete and more satisfactory to yourself and those you love, you may safely say: this is the grace of God. (1958:105)"

For myself I know that I would never have been blessed with such a sublime experience had I not taken up a disciplined practice of meditation. The winds of Grace are blowing in abundance but you have to hoist your sails to catch them. Having said that, I would also like to make the point yet again that mystical experiences are probably a great deal more commonplace than we realize, especially these days. In her book Love’s Alchemy, spiritual therapist Sky speaks of the strange familiarity and normality of mystical experience:

Nothing can describe the feeling of pure aware being. All I can say is that it is an unspeakably wondrous space of peace and happiness, quietly so, beyond any mental conceptualization. If I locate the feeling in my body, it is around my heart, and yet not restricted to the heart, or indeed, to the confines of my body. It is familiar and yet mysterious. It is utterly normal and yet so special. Even when the mind is active, there is the achingly sweet sense of Presence, always present, like breathing even when I am most unaware. (2003:135)

I can identify with that curious feeling of familiarity. Whenever I have experienced that sense of Presence there is a sense of perfection. It was as though this was the only consciousness that could ever be. And when it left me, I thought that it would be the easiest thing in the world to reconnect with. Not so of course. I was exiled again. Not completely however. The taste of the Beloved lingers as a backdrop to my world of the relative. My diary entry goes on to reflect on the naturalness of the experience:

Is the energy of my “connection” in principle equivalent to the oxygen which organisms learnt to metabolize it in the primordial swamp and which transformed life on earth?

A strange thought indeed but what I was suggesting was that my experience of mystical connection is a part of our natural evolution. It is the energy of transpersonal consciousness. Whether we realize it or not I believe Grace touches us all at some stage in our lives–an exquisite experience of beauty or love or joy that leaves us feeling richer in our humanity. What I am saying here however (and it is the core message of the entire book) is that these experiences of the Transcendent need not be so fleeting. The sublime mystical experience that I am calling “connection” can be awakened to enrich every conscious moment. What is more, it is becoming increasingly obvious that if we don’t recognize this and begin to put in place the skilful means of attaining it, we will muff our cue in the drama of evolution with dire consequences for ourselves and our planet.

Mystical connection is everything. Without it we are nothing more than good or bad puppets, victims of our conditionings and our samskaras.

One of my favourite stories as a child was Pinocchio. I realize now that in many ways it is another Psyche and Eros story. The Blue Fairy is Pinocchio’s Divine Beloved. She constantly took pity on Pinocchio and rescued him from the consequences of his selfish excesses. Pinocchio, like Psyche, had to endure many hardships before becoming mature enough to be the recipient of Divine Grace. Both stories speak of the awakening power of love: “Love is the pain of being truly alive” (Joseph Campbell). The blossoming of Pinocchio’s love for his “father” Geppetto was the turning point for Pinocchio. It connected him to his love for the Fairy and in return she bestowed upon him the gift of being fully human:

"How ridiculous I was when I was a marionette! And how glad I am that I have become a real live boy. "(Collodi 1942: 96)

In simple terms, all our spiritual practices are about making us less like a puppet and more like a human being.

To be able to simply “be” in that Presence, even fleetingly, is to truly know what it means to embody the Transcendent. To be able to carry the Light of that Presence into everyday consciousness is our most precious gift to the world. It is not a question of words or knowledge. It is an energy event and it will “make the crooked places straight”.

(The above is an excerpt from Gillian’s book "Psyche’s Yearning.")

Friday, December 07, 2018

Andrew Harvey––The Alchemy of Awe––New Webinar on Shift 

Andrew Harvey has a new course from Shift:

Mystic among mystics, prophet among prophets, visionary of truth, beauty and wisdom, Andrew is offering a new webinar through Shift network that may be the most important one he has yet presented.  This course contains the distillation of his many years of exploration and discovery of the divine path, the way to access our common transformational process of becoming the "divine human," as we become the recipients of a saving grace to help us survive in this time of turmoil and confusion.  He  relies heavily on the wisdom and joy of such celebrated poets as Kabir and Rumi, whose verses have inspired innumerable audiences through the ages.  The Shift package also includes a free audio recording of his earlier noted web course on 'The Way of Passion,"devoted to Sufism and the extraordinary poems of Rumi.  Another bonus of this present course is a video recording of the recent dialogue that he and I shared on the topic of Kundalini as a major vehicle for the massive spiritual transformation now occurring worldwide.

from The Shift Network:

Who can describe God’s form? . . . Who can tell God’s secret?

It’s clear why mystic teacher Andrew Harvey read these lines by 15th-century poet Kabir in the first class session of his 10-week course, The Alchemy of Awe…

Kabir’s words, pouring forth from a heart aflame with wonder, awe, and reverence, capture the essence of Andrew’s program. Kabir goes on to say...

"The highest cannot be described and cannot be seen, but it can be lived. Why give your life for anything less?"

As Andrew explains in the following 7-minute snippet from Tuesday’s class, “What Kabir is proclaiming with such force, such precision, and such subtlety, is that the ultimate experience of God is of a no-thing beyond thought, beyond any possible religion, concept, or dogma — a vast, infinitely spacious awareness that is the source of everything…"

Listen here to discover more:

Kabir: A Mystical Poet Aflame With Wonder, Awe, and Reverence with Andrew Harvey

"The promise of these sacred teachings," says Andrew, "is that you can walk the path that Kabir did… and live the alchemy of awe until you turn into the gold of embodied divine humanity."

With his signature passion and eloquence, Andrew explains that “awe is the natural response to the unfathomable splendor of a divine universe created out of an unknowable mystery…”

"In fact," he says, "just one moment of feeling awe wash over you can initiate the deepest imaginable adventure — the adventure to understand the depths of who you really are...

What’s more, awe connects you more deeply to your humility, compassion, and wisdom — qualities that are sorely needed in today’s world."

And that’s why Andrew states so emphatically that a lack of awe is like a lack of oxygen to the soul.

Andrew is quick to emphasize that awe is not just something that happens to you; you don’t have to wait for awe to unexpectedly overcome you. You can actually infuse the transformative power of awe into your daily spiritual practice.

In this way, you can learn to live in virtually a perpetual state of grace and expanded sense of oneness with all that is.

To discover how to live with a heightened sense of wonder and awe — and how to open a portal to ever-greater transformation — click here to get all the details about The Alchemy of Awe.

Phil Bolsta
In joy,

Phil Bolsta
Community Transformation Team
The Shift Network

P.S. Andrew’s Rumi course FREE with your registration — a $297 value!

Because Andrew’s new Alchemy of Awe program is all about expanding your heart and entering into a state of real reverence for life, we’re including Andrew’s entire 7-session course on Rumi at no additional cost when you register for The Alchemy of Awe.

If your heart has ever thrilled to a Rumi poem, you know that there's no more important and appropriate poet to call us into the state of awe than Rumi.

Find out more about The Alchemy of Awe — and lock in your free enrollment in Andrew’s 7-session program, Rumi and The Way of Passion — by clicking here.

(You may have to go to the Shift web site to enroll.)

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Sometimes a Wild God––poem by Dorothy 

Sometimes a Wild God

Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.
                                     Tom Hirons

Never trust a god who doesn't dance.
                              Alain Danielou

He doesn't knock.
He simply appears
in the middle of your
living room.
He wants to dance with you.
He begins to swirl and
you take a turn or two
You feel his breath
like a sweet cloud
upon your neck.
His energy body
begins to flow as a frequency
into yours.
Then he wants to
kiss you.
He says, "We have done this before.
Many times in the forest,
by the stream,
while the birds sang
and the swaying branches beat time
Sometimes we lay down together,
moss and aspen leaves
for our bed.
Sometimes we spawned new life,
most of whom remained
in our forest retreat.
You have simply forgotten
who you are.
Your gadgets and activities
have blacked out your
memory of the lost times.
The times when you were a god,
when you danced in the forest,
played your flute beneath the chorus
of echoing stars.
I have come to remind you
who you are,
help you remember
how to dance.

Dorothy Walters
December 4, 2018

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Unexpected Rapture in a Chair––poem by Dorothy 

Unexpected Rapture in a Chair

As always,
You arrived

It started in the head
and moved slowly down.

Each tiny pore and opening
filling with love,
so soft,
so subtle,
my hands moving
from a distance,
divine caress.

Rose soothing cheek.
Feather touching self.

Love strokes.

Even now.
Even here.

Dorothy Walters
November 29, 2018

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Holy Others––poem by Dorothy  

The Holy Others

Now I want only
to contemplate the holy ones,
how their lives were shaped
to an intention
as clay is shaped to
a mould, permanent
and strong.

How they rose early
to greet the sanctified
how at night
they bedded with the stars,
heard the celestial lullabies
lifting them
into sleep.

Teresa in her ecstasy,
heart pierced by
the angelic lance,
John, his neck opened
by a wound of love.

I look for them
even now,
even when the books say
they are long gone,
wafted up into a place
that has no name,
dwelling still in our minds,
our yearning hearts.

November 30, 2018

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Monday, December 03, 2018

Holy Wounds 

Holy Wounds

"When the breeze blew from the turret, as I parted his hair,
It wounded my neck with its gentle hand, suspending all my senses."
                                                            St. John of the Cross

Not at night
but by light of day,
You came,
one for whom
I had no name,
yet I knew it was You,
the one I had waited for
 so long.

And so you wounded me
with love,
rapture so intense
I had no word
to speak it,
could not say its origin
or end.

Our rendezvous could
not be told,
but in silence
we joined
as if a god descended
to earth
and sought its mortal

And I lay ravished
night and day,
for time uncounted
and now am left to wonder
what that purpose was,
how it still returns,
so many days and years,
rapture unveiling my soul,
taking me into the hidden
of my beginning,
my destined end.

Dorothy Walters
December 3, 2018

Saturday, December 01, 2018

"The Kundalini Poems' is now published!!! 

The Kundalini Poems: Reflections of Radiance and Joy

from Dorothy: I am delighted to announce the arrival of "The Kundalini Poems" for purchase. I am deeply indebted to Emergence Education Press for publishing this volume and in particular to Amy Edelstein, who has been a wondrous editor and support throughout this process. Such efforts keep the world alive, in the way that good thoughts create beautiful symmetrical ice configurations, as we have seen through the famous work of Emoto in this realm.

Here are two links where you can buy this book:

Here is some descriptive text from Amazon:

Dorothy Walters is widely recognized as one of today’s most ecstatic and illumined kundalini poets. Her work is simultaneously authoritative and abandoned, with the power to uplift, transport, and even awaken readers to the extraordinary splendor of the Divine. In this volume, she shares the work of her lifetime of contemplation, offering an extensive set of poems that, as she describes, arrives in a special way, “pouring forth from the Divine Source over a short period of time” during which she became simply the vessel in which they were received. Walters is convinced that universal awakening is possible and indeed is now occurring over the globe through similar transformations. It is her wish that the poems in this volume will provide inspiration and guidance to all whose hearts are opening to divine love as well as those who long for such experience.

"Of all modern visionary poets, Dorothy Walters is, to my mind, by far the wisest and most radiant...This is a magnificent book written by our wisest and most mature mystical poet. Anyone who cherishes the mystical path and who pursues with awe and humility the way of divination will find in Dorothy Walters’ poems not only radical inspiration but profound encouragement and abiding wisdom born out of the deepest experience of divine love." Andrew Harvey, author of "Turn Me to Gold, Translations of Kabir."

"Dorothy Walters, PhD, a former English professor, has brought her rare qualities of a penetrating intellect and a writer’s disciplined mind to the mystic’s path of unbounded Love, which has unfolded for her by the Divine’s power of grace and transformation, known as Kundalini in the yogic tradition. Kundalini bestows the gift of directly experiencing the Infinite, the Divine, as our true nature and the nature of all we see. For Dorothy, this exploded the conventions of her ordinary heart and mind, allowing the cascades of light to flow through as her radiant poetry. Repeatedly bathe yourself in the warmth, humor, insight, devotion, irreverence, and power of the inspired poetry that flows from Dorothy’s heart of hearts. You will see longed-for reflections of the truth of who you are." Lawrence Edwards, PhD Author of "Awakening Kundalini: The Path To Radical Freedom"

“Dorothy Walters’ luminous poems are literal transmissions of the possible for every soul who braves the peaks and valleys of the Path Within. We are extraordinarily blessed to have them. Actually, one does not read these poems. They are taken directly through the heart. Dorothy has delivered us to the gate of bliss and welcomes us home.” Claudia Helade, Ph.D., Transpersonal Psychotherapist and artist.

Please write a review for Amazon.  I would deeply appreciate it.

Regular price $ 14.95

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