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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barbara Marx Hubbard--another free lecture 

Barbara Marx Hubbard--another free lecture by internet--you can register and hear the recording .


Go to the above site and you can find the link to register for the free lecture. She is one of the pioneers of evolution of consciousness, and this is a wonderful chance to hear her speak, with no charge at all.
Hooray for the internet!

Years ago Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a magazine column called "My Day." So here is mine:

I knew almost as soon as I got up that this would be one of the "it" days, when you don't have to look for the inner energies, because they will find you. So I did "my thing" (standing and circling my body with my hands held a few inches away.) And sure enough, here they came, soft and gentle, like liquid light, here and there, everywhere, with especial sensation in the face and head, plus hands, arms, and elsewhere. As always, I am mesmerized, feel like I am getting a "transmission" from somewhere, wonder if it is a new moon, why they are active now. It started while I was still in the kitchen, and continued even when I moved to the living room. Ahhh--I said. Lovely, I whispered to myself. How nice to still be doing this, after so many days of doing other things, of not doing my practice, of, in fact, being ill because I "overdosed" on some of my herbs.

It was as if my "inner guide" had waited for the right moment, and no viagra was needed (not that it ever would be--this is not a sexual experience, but it does feel good.)

It has rained with snow mixed in for the last two or three days--no going for walks, no trees bursting with light--in fact, many of the blooms had fallen or dulled, as if, well, you had your one day of glory, now spring is gone and you missed most of it.

But, as I started off for my "computer lesson" on my new Mac (Apple provides wonderful instruction for a year if you pay an extra $100 and I did), I decided not to bewail my state, but to feel gratitude for what was given.

The day was beautiful, everything, especially the lawns and the leaves on the trees had that brand new yellow green look that come with the first days of spring. I had a wonderful lesson, learned many new things (feeling as though I have jointed the cognoscenti, the inner circle of experts--not true, but I do feel empowered to make even this progress), ate at one of my favorite restaurants--and voila--surrounding the restaurant were the most beautiful blooming trees (magenta in color) I have ever seen. I had no camera so couldn't photograph them, and I don't know what they were. But they were the splendor of the moment, celebration beyond celebration of the arriving season.

So, I felt deep gratitude, for it was indeed a "perfect" day.

(Note: this photo is not of the trees I saw today, but rather they are of a flowering bush of an earlier spring, and the color is perfect!)

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