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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Experiencing two spiritual presences 

On Tuesday, I experienced two spiritual beings--one a healer (who does not claim this title) and the other a renowned scholar/mystic devoted to tantra.

The first was Braco, who was appearing and "gazing" in this area. I had seen him once before in San Francisco, and had had a pleasant experience in his presence. As you may remember, he simply appears in front of his audience and "gazes" at the crowd. Many report that they experience dramatic healings from this experience. Others say they see lights around him (white, gold, or purple) or watch as his face morphs into many other faces.

I attended four of these gazing sessions, each lasting about 8 minutes--spaced at one hour intervals. In the first session, I did see some purple light outlining his body, and also watched his face change into a very different countenance--which I felt was that of some ancient shaman of unknown origin.

In the remaining sessions, I experienced very little, although the friends I was with had very positive experiences. One felt great heat during the gazings, and she felt that the heat was in fact burning off the issues that have been bothering her. (People report psychological and emotional reactions as well as physical healings.)

That evening, the three of us attended a talk by Daniel Odier, whom I have written about recently in conjunction with the Tandava (dance of Shiva). I admire his writings tremendously, especially his translation of the "Spanda Karika" (The Divine Pulsation). According to this ancient Kashmiri text, the cosmos came into being with a single pulsation or "tremor" and the resultant universe is in constant vibration. When we do the Tandava, we too experience the "divine vibration" of the universe. This text is thought to be at the origins of Tantra, the science of universal vibration.

Daniel Odier is French by origin, and speaks (rather softly) in a heavy French accent. Although I admired the man, I understood very little of what he said. Most of the discussion centered around his early experiences with his tantric teacher in India, and the questions from the audience were focused on personal psychological/emotional issues.

Though I experienced little if any energetic flow in either of these sessions, today when I did my own Tandava practice at home (to music, as always), the energies flowed sweetly within. Once more, it was a delightful experience. Once more, I realized that I am indeed a solitary practitioner, and can have a deeper "bliss experience" at home in my own living room than from the presence of recognized teachers and "healers."

And I discovered that there are several versions of the Tandava. In southern India, the dance is performed with swift, vigorous moves, appropriate to express the strong energies of Shiva. But there is also a slower version, described as follows:

The dance performed by Goddess Parvati in response to Shiva's Tandava is known as Lasya, in which the movements are gentle, graceful and sometimes erotic. Some scholars consider Lasya to be the feminine version of Tandava. Lasya has 2 kinds, Jarita Lasya and Yauvaka Lasya. [7] (from Google)

The Lasya is the form of the dance that I perform. It developed spontaneously from my practice over many years. And I discovered that one of my closest friends says that this is also the dance that she performs. So--you don't need a teacher or text to discover that form of practice that is best suited to you. It will manifest on its own if you simply allow it to happen.

(image found on Google with the note "added by Ecank")

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Power of Music 

Music is one of the most powerful stimulants of the emotions and the inner energies as well. Those who are going through K. awakening often experience music in a new way, as if it were literally being played inside the head, rather than entering from without. Whether the music is from a great symphonic orchestra or simple kirtans from someone like KrishnaDas, the effect can be quite powerful.

Today I received this description of a friend's response at a recent concert. As far as we know, she is not experiencing k. awakening, but the fact is her reactions to this and other experiences suggest deep spiritual transformation.

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2 in C minor ... One never hears Rach since he's considered sentimental, etc. but this performance for whatever reason was magical. At the first bars of the tolling bass note and then the chords, felt I had been stabbed in the heart and all the way through the first two movements, tears ran down my cheeks as I became aware of sniffling and searching for kleenex noises around me .. a man two rows in front of me was sobbing noiselessly. Have never experienced that level of emotion before in a concert hall.

Her account reminded me of a poem I wrote recently about a similar experience of deep heart opening while I was listening at home:


(Alexander Borodin--String Quartet #2 in D)

Alexander Borodin,
go ahead,
tear my heart open
with this music of leaving.

This is the lovers’
final goodbye,
the deathbed sweet drifting
to some other world.

It is the farewell
to all that
we have known and been
in service of becoming.

It is the small presence
that sleeps
in my heart,
waking to say,
yes, I still love you,
come close and listen,
go where I am going.

Dorothy Walters
March 2, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

poem by Rumi 

Some Kiss We Want

There is some kiss we want with
our whole lives, the touch of

spirit on the body. Seawater
begs the pearl to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild darling! At

night, I open the window and ask
the moon to come and press its

face against mine. Breathe into
me. Close the language- door and

open the love window. The moon
won't use the door, only the window.

From Soul of Rumi
by Coleman Barks

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poem by Maya Spector 

Persephone’s Lament
Persephone rises from the earth a pale shadow.
Like mist from the water she rises,
Riding the air currents,
Invisible yet palpable, bird-like, with silent flapping wingspan
She turns and wheels,
Uneven, troubled,
Moving at random, integrating this burdensome freedom.
Wherever she drifts the earth quickens below.
A frenzy of surging new growth,
Tremendous bursts of color and beauty explode forth
With the charge of released life-force;
Life-force that hums in the ear and enlivens the heartbeat.
And yet Persephone sees none of it.
She is possessed by the months spent in the fiery molten core of existence.
Her being pumped full of the plans of Pluto her husband,
She consumed it all and swelled with his power.
But the mother fought back through her daughter’s essential goodness
And their conflicting thoughts ripped at her mind
Till she tore into warring fragments,
Each fighting each
And both being her.
Death, fertility,
Power, vengeance,
Passion uncontrollable and
Pure rage,
Unleashed rage,
These she now knows and is.
Released, she floats in the heavy winds and gentler breezes,
Whispering unthinkable paradoxes into the ears
Of people who do not see her
And disbelieve their hearing.
Jogging their fingers in their ears
They shake their heads and go on.
And so Persephone’s shattered being
Calls forth rejuvenation while pleading death.
“Oh, beware,” she moans over the fertile valleys, the dusty valleys,
through mutilated aching forests
and petrified endarkened cities.
“Pluto knows the Mother!
He bends the elements,
Shaping them to heavy forms.
He rapes the Mother as he raped me
And his being, engorged with power,
Knows no limitation.
Can you not see his flexed muscles
Gleaming upon your foreheads?
The Mother will not long suffer his violation
And you will bear the loss!”
“Do you not see?” she hisses through fields and sooty streets,
crumbling junkyards and antiseptic shopping centers.
“You feed him with your indifference;
He steps upon your bowed heads.
If his deadly fireballs do not destroy you, your neglect of the Mother will!
And how you will shriek
As the life pours from your broken bodies.
Feigning surprise, you will drink from the cup of fear that he offers
As the Mother’s fury screams out to the heavens.
Her shifting body, her storming elements
Will toss your helpless forms about
Like miniature sailboats caught in a tempest.”
The angel of the earth spews her torments into the winds.
She does so every Spring.
Perhaps once she was recognized and greeted as she passed
But those days are gone.
Very few puzzle over the irony of her release from earth and fire.
The masses are content to live out her effect.
All too eager to accept the affirmations of her flight
They neglect the despair of her voice;
A despair that deepens each year
And awaits the retribution.
- Maya Spector

Note: this is a serious poem, but these are serious times. Sometimes it is necessary to pause and reflect on all that is going on in our world, and to face the issues with honesty and courage. I for one feel that the world is falling apart and rebuilding all at the same time. And, as many say, it is necessary to die (in some manner) in order for rebirth and renewal to occur.

(Image found on Google)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Joan Borysekno and the question of health 

One of the all important considerations for those undergoing Kundalini awakening is to keep as healthy and fit as they possibly can. Kundalini can make special demands on the physical system, and care needs to be taken to keep it in the best condition you can. This includes observing the standard rules of health, and taking vitamins and supplements as needed.

One of the best teachers and writers on the subject of health, particularly as the body connects with the spirit, is Joan Borysenko. According to her own story, she suffered some sort of mental/emotional disturbance when she was young. Then she underwent a spiritual experience of some sort that restored her to full health in every way.

The following is from an e-mail from Stephan Dinan, of the Shift Network. Note the free introductory recording mentioned below:

Dear Dorothy, Last week we held a teleseminar with health & wellness pioneer Joan Borysenko on The 3 Ingredients of SoulCare. Joan shared a timeless and powerful message about the ways we can source our greatest health by caring for the soul.

You can access the free recording - that includes a few simple practices you can use to help you stay grounded and in your spiritual center - byclicking here. I'd also like to share with you a free 5-minute video Joan just made on the science behind meditation. Check it out here. She gives a compelling overview of some the latest mind-body research and what triggers "the happiness centers" in our brains, as well as how meditation can minimize the stress that leads to disease. It's a fascinating short video that is great to share with others about why meditation is so good for your health.

And if you are looking for a fresh and powerful approach to holistic health, I also want to invite you to join Joan in her upcoming SoulCare Course: 7 Weeks to Full-Spectrum Health . It starts Monday, April 4th, and offers you a powerful way to bring healing to your body and feel whole, healthy and joyful - while deeply nourishing your soul.

Click here to learn more details and register now.

Joan is a Harvard trained medical scientist, psychologist and director of a spiritual mentor training program, and she's discovered that living your best life is a multi-dimensional process of caring for your body, mind and soul.

This course will give you the tools and supportive community you need to truly enjoy what we call "full-spectrum health."

Join Joan for this 7-week mind-body-spirit adventure and enjoy:

  • Fewer stress-related physical symptoms - including headaches, digestive disturbances, back pain, inflammatory disorders. (Warning: Your blood pressure may become lower and your sleep more restful!)
  • Increased energy, vitality and creativity
  • An ease and calm to your day as you face its various challengesHeightened & palpable connection to your inner self, to others and to Spirit
  • Regular access to synergy and guidance to help you easily make decisions

There's a very good reason why Wayne Dyer calls Joan "the smartest woman" he knows and urges us to "drink in her wisdom."

She truly is a modern-day mystic who is grounded in the latest science, is walking her talk and sharing her teachings with the utmost grace, compassion and wisdom. Joan was a big hit at our Next Evolution of Health Summit in December.

Also, if you would benefit from splitting up the payments for this course over three months, then you'll want to register today. The 3-payment plan option expires midnight tonight.

Click here for more information.

Don't miss this opportunity to be mentored by one of the most brilliant and heart-centered pioneers in mind-body-spirit medicine!

Stephen casual headshot.jpg In spirit, Stephen Dinan

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mechtild of Magdeburg (poem 

I Cannot Dance, O Lord

I Cannot Dance, O Lord
Unless you lead me.
If you wish me to leap joyfully
Let me see you dance and sing--

Then I will leap into Love,
and from Love into Knowledge,
and from Knowledge
into the Harvest,
that sweetest Fruit beyond human sense.

Mechtild of Magdeburg

(Image found on Google)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tantava, the Dance of Shiva on YouTube 

After I wrote the previous entry, I discovered that you can view the Dance of Shiva on Youtube at

youtube tandava 3 (note--from Daniel Odier)

This is a rare opportunity to see this ancient sacred dance performed by a well known scholar of Kashmiri Shaivism. I believe the dance is not intended for an audience, but rather to allow the practitioner to follow the bliss flows of the inner energies.

I was surprised when I discovered that the movements that I typically perform during meditation are a form of this dance. However, my version is somewhat different from Odier's. He begins (see Tandava 1 and 2) seated and then stands up later.

I begin standing, and perform to music (to increase the energy flows). Also, he stands with his feet much farther apart than I do. In addition, my movements are significantly slower than his.

To experience this, begin on a day when you are feeling energy flows within. Put on some favorite music, and allow your arms and hands to find their own gestures. Remember that you follow rather than trying to lead or impose the moves from without.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tantava, the Dance of Shiva 

For many years, my practice has consisted of standing virtually still while allowing the arms and other parts of the body to follow their own slow movements, resulting (now) in quiet and soft sensations of bliss to flow throughout the body, most often in hands and arms, but sometimes including other areas. I came to this practice naturally, for it evolved over many years--but even from the beginning, I did not attempt to direct my process (even when the sensations were extremely intense) but rather followed the energies themselves, as the "Beloved Within" made love bringing sweet bliss.

Earlier, I had found a passage in a book on Kashmiri Shaivism (from Daniel Odier) that seemed to describe what I was doing, and so I began to think of myself as following this tradition. Today I came upon this description of the Tandava, the Cosmic Dance of Shiva, and indeed the "Shiva Dance" seems to be what I do in my "practice."

The description comes from the website of Nathalie Delay, a follower of Daniel Odier, who offers workshops in Berkeley, California:


Tantric Shaivism of Kashmir - The cosmic dance of Shiva

The Tantric Shaivism (Shivaism) of Kashmir, and particularly its Pratyabhijñâ School, are living traditions of unbelievable modernity and rare sobriety. This is the lineage of my master, Daniel Odier, from whom I received the transmission. Direct and non-dual, Tantric Shaivism reveals to the intuitive intelligence, and this from the very first contact, its ultimate secret: "You are what you are looking for".

The founders of the Pratyabhijñâ school invite the seeker spontaneously to recognize her or his own pure and free heart, a heart forever perfectly identical in its essence to the supreme principle of the universe. One of the particularities of the tantric teachings, which makes them so contemporary, is their total immersion in reality. In unison with Mazu, a famous Chan master of the 8th century, they declare there is "No trace of the absolute outside of the reality".

These teachings don't propose complex practices of high technicality or formal rituals, but instead a direct and incessant diving into the source of all our emotions and bodily sensations, so we can taste Spanda, the primordial vibration underlying all of our actions. Among the various practices that Kashmirian Tantrism proposes, Tandava, the Shiva Dance of Totality, is an ideal tool for rediscovering the original, primordial energy of the body, pure and vibrating. This dance fine-tunes the body, like a musical instrument, so that it can vibrate in harmony with the pulsations of the universe.

The dance begins with a tactile listening to all the regions of the body and to the rhythm of the breath in a seated position. During this listening, little by little, a soft subtle movement will arise. After this first phase, the arms will begin to participate in the movement and then, in a standing position, a very slow and continuous dance will emerge.

In order for the dance to blossom, you have to totally abandon your will to "do" and surrender without any constraints, to this tactile listening to the body and the breath. The breathing itself will take root very low in the pelvis, and will be like an unending wave which will come to caress and untie our tensions and our restrictions. In this deep and tactile listening to the whole of our being, our fears, doubts and thoughts will softly melt.

This simple practice can be taught in a few hours because it does not require the memorization of sophisticated positions or complex sequences but it does take hours of practice to taste its infinite and subtle variations. Subsequently, over years, the whole of our body and mind gets liberated from their restrictions and pure presence infiltrates all our gestures. Then, liberated from all our references and the entirety of its psychosomatic memories, the mechanism of our body will be in harmony, and coincide with a reality which is perpetually new and vibrant.

The Shiva Dance bring us to a discovery of true spontaneity, and a capacity to surrender deeper into life's continuous multiplicity of movement.


(Image found at Nathalie Delay's website, listed above)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Black Swan 

The Black Swan

Now we know how it was
at Pompeii,
when the volcano
began to rumble
and people looked at each
other in confusion and fear.

When the monster wave approached
the shore
of this ancient seaside land,
people stopped to gaze in disbelief
and ask one another
what was happening,
no one had ever seen
a wave so big before.

In early Europe, there were
travelers’ tales
of black swans,
but everyone knew this
was a myth,
that swans were never black
for white was their given color.
Then one day in Australia, they found
the truth behind the claim.

Now a black swan is swimming
into our living rooms,
we are turning our heads,
we stare in disbelief
at this creature formed from

Which way shall we turn?
Is the world preparing
its own untimely end,
or are we readying
for something else,
a leap into universal

Dorothy Walters
October 28, 2008

In earlier centuries, travelers brought back reports of black swans, but of course no one believed them since a black swan was deemed to be an impossibility. Ultimately, such creatures were discovered to exist in Australia. A recent book made the point that "a black swan" is in fact a metaphor for any event that is totally unexpected and thought of as impossible. The recent combination of happenings in Japan would be such an event--no one imagined such a combination of catastrophes might occur. Other recent examples might be Katrina, the meltdown of the financial market and the resultant worldwide recession, the current revolts against dictators in the middle east and Africa. Some feel that the major turning points in history are inevitably "black swans," the result of circumstances beyond our imagination.

On the positive side, many of us believe we are preparing for--and indeed are already in-- worldwide spiritual transformation and that Kundalini is a major force in bringing this seemingly impossible event about. The "black swan" here is that the unbelievable can become the actual. Those of us who have experienced spontaneous kundalini awakening have a special reason to support such convictions, since what has happened to us is well outside the "normal" flow of events.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The following letter was forwarded to me by a "friend of a friend." I believe the writer is an American living in Japan in Sendai, one of the major centers hit by the earthquake.

A letter from Sendai
> Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am
> very blessed to
> have wonderful friends who are helping me a lot. Since my
> shack is even more
> worthy of that name, I am now staying at a friend's home.
> We share supplies
> like water, food and a kerosene heater. We sleep lined up
> in one room, eat
> by candlelight, share stories. It is warm, friendly, and
> beautiful.
> During the day we help each other clean up the mess in our
> homes. People sit
> in their cars, looking at news on their navigation screens,
> or line up to
> get drinking water when a source is open. If someone has
> water running in
> their home, they put out a sign so people can come to fill
> up their jugs and
> buckets.
> It's utterly amazingly that where I am there has been no
> looting, no pushing
> in lines. People leave their front door open, as it is
> safer when an
> earthquake strikes. People keep saying, "Oh, this is how it
> used to be in
> the old days when everyone helped one another."
> Quakes keep coming. Last night they struck about every 15
> minutes. Sirens
> are constant and helicopters pass overhead often.
> We got water for a few hours in our homes last night, and
> now it is for half
> a day. Electricity came on this afternoon. Gas has not yet
> come on. But all
> of this is by area. Some people have these things, others
> do not. No one has
> washed for several days. We feel grubby, but there are so
> much more
> important concerns than that for us now. I love this
> peeling away of
> non-essentials. Living fully on the level of instinct, of
> intuition, of
> caring, of what is needed for survival, not just of me, but
> of the entire
> group.
> There are strange parallel universes happening. Houses a
> mess in some
> places, yet then a house with futons or laundry out drying
> in the sun.
> People lining up for water and food, and yet a few people
> out walking their
> dogs. All happening at the same time.
> Other unexpected touches of beauty are first, the silence
> at night. No cars.
> No one out on the streets. And the heavens at night are
> scattered with
> stars. I usually can see about two, but now the whole sky
> is filled. The
> mountains are Sendai are solid and with the crisp air we
> can see them
> silhouetted against the sky magnificently.
> And the Japanese themselves are so wonderful. I come back
> to my shack to
> check on it each day, now to send this e-mail since the
> electricity is on,
> and I find food and water left in my entranceway. I have no
> idea from whom,
> but it is there. Old men in green hats go from door to door
> checking to see
> if everyone is OK. People talk to complete strangers asking
> if they need
> help. I see no signs of fear. Resignation, yes, but fear or
> panic, no.
> They tell us we can expect aftershocks, and even other
> major quakes, for
> another month or more. And we are getting constant tremors,
> rolls, shaking,
> rumbling. I am blessed in that I live in a part of Sendai
> that is a bit
> elevated, a bit more solid than other parts. So, so far
> this area is better
> off than others. Last night my friend's husband came in
> from the country,
> bringing food and water. Blessed again.
> Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that
> there is indeed
> an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all
> over the world
> right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the
> events happening now
> in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother
> asked me if I
> felt so small because of all that is happening. I don't.
> Rather, I feel as
> part of something happening that much larger than myself.
> This wave of
> birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent.
> Thank you again for your care and Love of me,
> With Love in return, to you all,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When Things Settle Down 

I am now approaching the 30th anniversary of my awakening experience. I have kept a record of my progress through the many stages of this transformation, in part so that I (and others) might know what it feels like to undergo this most mysterious and sacred process of "turning to light."

If I had to describe the changes that have occurred over these many years, especially those connected with how the energies themselves "feel"and how these have transformed over time, I would say this:

In the initial stages (and these continued over many years--ten or fifteen or more)--I experienced deep bliss that--for me--was more like ecstasy itself (in the Hedy Lamar sense--sensuous, flowing, exquisitely enlivening--but never sexual in the usual sense of that term). Always, the energies flowed throughout the system, including the entire body from feet to crown.

Then--for a few years--the experience of rapture occurred less frequently, but often I was surprised to find delightful bliss flows throughout--often in hands, arms, chest, or (around) the head. These sensations were exquisite, but of a different quality from those of the beginning.

And now--for the last few years--the sensations are even less frequent, and of a gentler, more subtle tone. I am always surprised that they manifest at all--indeed, I celebrated my 83rd birthday this week, and this morning, as I did my simple standing movement practice, I again felt these now extremely soft and sweet energies within--as ever, I noticed them especially in my wrists and elbows (don't know why). I suspect that what I now feel is more akin to prana rather than kundalini itself.

In some ways, one misses the earlier times of "deep love making" with the Beloved Within. In others, one is grateful to have come, at last, into "safe harbor," encountering fewer "ups and downs," but rather proceeding in one's life with a sense of "coming home" at last, where safety and sanctuary await. Further, this is the time of "giving back," of "bringing the gift back home"-- now one can turn one's attention to helping others coming along the same path.

I feel that at this stage a foremost concern is to stay as alive and healthy as possible. Exercise, diet, and in general attending to the physical body now become especially important. So--after I did my morning practice, I set out for an hour's walk along the creek, which is still waiting for spring to come forth. And indeed, I felt blessed to be included in this all important process (of Kundalini awakening), which I believe is a key to the great "shift" of consciousness so much talked of today.

Everyone is, of course, different in the way that kundalini unfolds within their system. For some, the process is soon over, almost as if nothing has happened. For others, the awakening continues over many years, as the system seeks to balance and adjust. Some experience bliss punctuated by intervals of pain and discomfort. Some never realize the bliss, but encounter continuing pain. Each person is different in their makeup, and it seems that past history, particularly unresolved emotional and physical issues, as well as current life stressors, play a big role. Ultimately, it appears likely that grace itself plays a role, granting the states of bliss consciousness to some and not others, for as yet unknown reasons.

(image from google)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Christian Mystics (poem by Dorothy) 

Christian Mystics

On the cover,
pictures of the “Christian mystics,”
all bearded,
heads uplifted
in attitudes of prayer.

In the meantime,
Teresa swoons in her raptures,
is visited by her
fiery angel,
hears the voice of God
speaking within

and Hildegard sings
her holy hymns.

Dorothy Walters
March 18, 2011

(image found on Google)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In a Time of Crisis 

In times of great crisis, we often turn to the great wisdom traditions for spiritual sustenance and reassurance. Today, I visited a bookstore, only to discover that it (one of the great chains) had declared bankruptcy and that this particular store was being closed.

And so I searched for some texts that would speak at the deepest level--not superficial feel good books, but those that have been passed down from previous ages and that still open our minds and hearts to eternal truths.

I found two of this kind. The first was the "Bhagavad Gita," (tr. by Stephan Mitchell), a volume that we can read with profit again and again. For those who may not know, "Bhagavad Gita" means "the song of the blessed one." It is presented as a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, who are witness to a great war taking place before them. Some critics believe the war is meant to be taken as literal conflict, and other feel it is an allegory between the force of light and shadow. Here is a sample of the dialogue, with Krishna speaking::

Arjuna, all those who worship
other gods, with deep faith,
are really worshipping me,
even if they don't know it.

For I am the only object,
and the only enjoyer of worship,
and they fall back because they cannot
know me as I truly am.

(Here, I feel that "Krishna" is a symbol of final reality, divine essence, that which is ultimately unknown and unknowable and which nonetheless we know exists, no matter what name you give it or how you may worship)

The second book I pulled from the shelves was an anthology of poems by the Christian mystics. No matter what your personal faith, these poems speak a universal language, offered by those who have explored the deep heart of God and union of self with Self.

Consumed in Grace
by Catherine of Siena

I first saw God when I was a child, six years of age'
The cheeks of the sun were pale before Him,
and the earth reacted as a shy girl,
like me.

Divine light entered my heart from His love,
that did never did wane,
though indeed, dear, I can understand how a person's faith
can at times flicker,

for what is the mind to do
with something that becomes the mind's ruin;
a God that consumes us
in His Grace.

I have seen what you want;
it is there

a Beloved of infinite

I think that those of us who have experienced the K. bliss have been blessed to know what it is
to be "consumed in the grace" of the divine flow.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Flower (poem by Dorothy 

The Flower

This is an azalea.
It has no purpose other than
to make itself beautiful,
and so attract its
many lovers,
who come to gather from it
honey to carry on the winds
to other flowers, again
and again,
an endless sequence.

It is God,
waiting for all of us
to gather close.
It wants to make love with us,
every single being,
every hour of day and night,
a gift to share.
That way we make each other
rich and beautiful.
That way we fly forth
and know
that we are loved.

Dorothy Walters
March 7, 2011

(Photo by N. M. Rai)

Note: I will be off line for a few days. See you in about a week!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

From the Upanishads 

Of all the many wisdom books that have come down to us, the Upanishads are among the most important. Composed centuries ago in ancient India, they tell us deep truths about how to live our lives, how to come closer to God, how to become a "realized" human being. Fortunately, many of these wise sayings are available on the internet. Here are some I found today when I was browsing the "net."
See http://www.arcadelamor.org/storytellingmonk/ref/selfstudy/ref-Vedas.htm

for more of these wisdom jewels.

Truth alone conquers, not untruth. By truth is laid out the path leading to the gods by which the sages who have their desires fulfilled travel to where is that supreme abode of truth.

Mundaka Upanishad 3:2:3:
“The weak and timid cannot realize the Self. Self Realization is not possible through intellect or hearing spiritual discourse. One who welcomes God in every activity, through a thorough controlled and disciplined life, to him also the Soul is revealed."

Mundaka Upanishad 3:2:3
The Soul cannot be realized by the weak and timid.

Mundaka Upanishad 3:2:8
Just as the flowing rivers disappear in the ocean casting off name and shape, even so the knower, freed from name and shape, attains to the divine person, higher than the high.

Mundaka Upanishad 3:2:9
“The knower of God becomes God”

Mundaka Upanishad 2
All this is, verily, Brahman. This self is Brahman. This same self has four quarters.

Narashimha Upanishad 7:3
“Everything is God”

Prasna Upanishad Invocation 1
Aum. May we, O gods, hear what is auspicious with our ears. Oh ye, who are worthy of worship, may we se with our eyes what is auspicious. May we enjoy the life allotted to us by the gods, offering praise, with our bodies strong of limb.

Prasna Upanishad Invocation 2
May Indra, of increasing glory, bestow prosperity on us; may Pusan, the knower of all, bestow prosperity on us; may Tarksya, of unobstructed path, bestow prosperity on us. May Brhaspati bestow prosperity on us. Aum, peace, peace, peace.

Rig Veda 1:90:6-8
"Let every wind that blows drop honey. Let the rivers and streams recreate honey. Let all our medicines turn honey. Let the dawn and evening be full of honey. Let the dark particles be converted to honey. Our nourisher, this sky above, be full of honey. Let our trees be honey. Let the Sun be honey. Let our cows secrete honey."

Rig Veda 1:64:46
"Truth is one but wise men speak in many ways."

Rig Veda 8:19
Let this mortal clay (self) be the immortal God.

Shvetashvatara Upanishad 1:15
As oil in sesame seeds, as butter in cream, as water in river beds, as fire in friction sticks, so is the atman grasped in one's own self when one searches for Him with truthfulness and austerity.

Shvetashvatara Upanishad 2:5 and 3:8
Listen O children of immortality, let this universe be divine. Realize God as (the) Father of all, shining more brilliant than thousand suns. Know Him and be immortal. There is no other way than this.

Note: The following explanation comes from: http://www.hindunet.org/upanishads/

Related Sections
Upanishad means the inner or mystic teaching. The term Upanishad is derived from upa (near), ni (down) and s(h)ad (to sit), i.e., sitting down near. Groups of pupils sit near the teacher to learn from him the secret doctrine. In the quietude of the forest hermitages the Upanishad thinkers pondered on the problems of deepest concerns and communicated their knowledge to fit pupils near them. Samkara derives the word Upanishad as a substitute from the root sad, 'to loosen.,' 'to reach' or 'to destroy' with Upa and ni as prefixes and kvip as termination. If this determination is accepted, upanishad means brahma-knowledge by which ignorance is loosened or destroyed. The treatises that deal with brahma-knowledge are called the Upanishads and so pass for the Vedanta. The different derivations together make out that the Upanishads give us both spiritual vision and philosophical argument. There is a core of certainty which is essentially incommunicable except by a way of life. It is by a strictly personal effort that one can reach the truth.

The Upanishads more clearly set forth the prime Vedic doctrines like Self-realization, yoga and meditation, karma and reincarnation, which were hidden or kept veiled under the symbols of the older mystery religion. The older Upanishads are usually affixed to a particularly Veda, through a Brahmana or Aranyaka. The more recent ones are not. The Upanishads became prevalent some centuries before the time of Krishna and Buddha.

Further comment (from Dorothy): Kundalini in its highest forms is also an introduction to the "secret mystical teachings." When the currents flow through the system, we realize through our own intimate experience that we are indeed part of all that is, and that Brahma

(God) is in fact the entire universe of which we are a tiny part.

Read the Upanishads and grow wise!

"From the unreal lead me to the real!

From darkness lead me to light!

From death lead me to immortality!"

(from the Brihadaranyaks Upanishad)

(image from Google. Today, we notice that both teacher and student are male--likely women did not have access to the gurus at that time, for they were--I believe--more or less confined to the home and domestic life. We could construct a different image for today's world, for there are many great women teachers as well as female followers.)

Friday, March 04, 2011

poem by David Budbill 

What We Need

The Emperor,
his bullies
and henchmen
terrorize the world
every day,

which is why
every day

we need

a little poem
of kindness,

a small song
of peace

a brief moment
of joy.

- David Budbill

(ph0t0 by N. M. Rai)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

ISSSEEM Announcement 

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
ISSSEEM promotes understanding, exploration, research and
application of the energies of consciousness.

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President of ISSSEEM
Jacob liberman
Jacob Liberman, PhD, O.D.

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) is an international non-profit interdisciplinary organization dedicated to exploring and applying subtle energies as they relate to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential. ISSSEEM is in a unique position, acting both as a bridge builder between communities and a leader in the field, offering a community with a widespread appreciation of the energetic component within many disciplines including quantum physics, therapeutic modalities, healing, psychology, consciousness, psi and the understanding of our multidimensional existence.

Board of Directors

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Hendrik Treuget, MD

Lynn Van Buran, MA


Wisdom Council

Patricia A Norris, PhD

Co-Chair, Founder

Christine Hibbard, PhD

Co-Chair, Founder

Wanda & Herb Blumenthal

Steve L. Fahrion, Ph.D.

Elmer E Green,

Founding President

David Hibbard, MD

Jeff Levin, PhD, MPH

Karl Maret, MD

Ann Nunley, PhD

Bob Nunley, PhD

Jim Oschman, PhD

Maurie Pressman, MD

Carol Schneider, PhD, Founder

T M Srinivasan, PhD, Founder

Jerry E Wesch, PhD

Leonard A. Wisneski M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Denise Lewis Premschak

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Dear Friend of ISSSEEM,

We are delighted to invite you to the Sacred Awakening Series, a

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Last year 43,000 participants joined this Series. This year offers all new teachers who build upon the incredible wisdom shared last year (which is still available for download).

For more information and free registration, click here:

beyond awakening

We are excited to cosponsor this Series, which includes deeply respected spiritual leaders such as Alice Walker, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Grandmother Mona Polacca, and Sylvia Boorstein, more (see full list below).

They will each be sharing the deep inner workings of our spiritual path and what they've learned about creating a truly sacred life. These won't be canned presentations, but intimate and heartfelt explorations of what has been most real, powerful and transformative for each of them.

With so many people participating in the Sacred Awakening Series last year - many of whom said it was the most powerful series they have ever done - it's clear there is a deep hunger to awaken to our full sacred potential. People want to discover their deepest selves and apply that to their highest service in the world. We hope to help illuminate your path for doing just that through this program.

You can participate live on as many calls as you like and interact with both the leaders and other participants via the state-of-the-art MaestroConference platform, which will connect people from around the world. Or you can download the recordings and listen later at your convenience.

The series begins March 9th and is completely free as an offering from The Shift Network and ISSSEEM.

Click here to join us:https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/sas2011ISSSEEM/ISSSEEM/

Please do share this invitation with your friends and allies - all are welcome to participate. We hope to connect with you on one of the calls!


Denise Lewis Premschak, CEO

P.S. The Sacred Awakening Series gives you personal access to the following inspiring spiritual leaders:

Alice Walker, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Grandmother Mona Polacca, Sylvia Boorstein, David Spangler, Lama Palden, Gordon Davidson, Eli Jaxon-Bear, Satyen Raja, Wendy Palmer, Rev. Deborah Johnson, Bill Bauman, Cheri Huber, Hale Dwoskin, Leonard Jacobson, Alexandra Solnado, Kabir Helminski, Jeddah Mali, Rabbi Marcia Praeger, Roger Housden.

Event Co-sponsors:

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