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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Place We Go 

A Place We Go

There is a place we go
beyond all the places
marked on the road maps
and atlases.

It is not talked about
on the talk shows,
nor written about
in the books
that win the prize.

Its compass lives
inside your heart.
It points the way,
but you must listen carefully
to hear its message,
to find this place
of thorns and manna
pouring down from heaven.
Not for the timid this journey,
you must strip down naked
before you go in,
bow your head,
offer your gift
of all you are.

Be ready.
It strikes at will,
may take a lifetime
or overtake you
even now
as the clock's hand is moving
to meet the arriving moment.

Dorothy Walters
April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ode by William Wordsworth 

Ode from Intimations of Immortality

By William Wordsworth(1770 - 1850)

The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar:

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home.

These famous lines from William Wordsworth, a romantic and a transcendentalist, express what many of us today believe: the soul is indeed immortal, it comes to earth wearing the clothing of our present "persona," then returns to Source when it leaves. Plato likewise believed that the soul existed before birth and again after death.

Interestingly, some believe that this "original soul" continues to operate from the higher realm to become the "spirit guide" of the little self that descends into our own being when we take on human form. Thus, while on earth, we are still part divine, part human.

I personally believe that when we undergo Kundalini awakening we reconnect more directly with this temporarily forgotten "higher self" and that we will be totally connected at the moment of death. Such remembrances also seem to occur during "peak experiences," wondrous moments when we feel lifted out of ourselves and into higher forms of consciousness.
(The picture of the new born on yesterday's post is a lovely illustration of Wordsworth's poem--this happy infant is clearly "trailing clouds of glory.")

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Baby 

Speaking of ecstasy. . . . . .
(Picture found on Panhala site).

Monday, April 27, 2009

More on Ecstasy 


Link TV is running a series of programs on spirituality on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. Pacific time. They are also republishing these interviews on their site. Listed above is a rebroadcast of a fascinating discussion by Andrew Harvey (Indian born spiritual writer and teacher) and Sobonfu Somé (African born ritualist and healer), on the topic of ecstasy, a state of consciousness that frequently occurs in Kundalini experiences. Many cultures over the world--from early times to the present--include ecstatic experience as a feature of their society.

Three primary types of ecstasy were discussed on the program. The first is that in which the participant literally "stands outside" him or her self, often losing all awareness of their surroundings, perhaps needing assistance to keep from falling or hurting him/herself or others. This kind of ecstasy is found in tribal cultures, shamanic trance states, oracles of certain lineages. It is wild, unbounded, and, frankly, a bit frightening to observe, since the ecstatic is in a truly ungrounded state and may act in unpredictable ways. Yet such experience has been part of ritual and ceremony from the earliest times.

The second kind of ecstasy is that produced through, for example, techno-rave all night dances popular in our time, in which the group together gets extremely "high" on the hypnotic beat of the music, the flashing lights of the dance floor, and (for some) drug induced trance states. The collective begins to "vibrate" as one, and all are lifted into some non-ordinary and seemingly pleasurable state.

Another form of ecstatic consciousness is produced by the continuous repetition of sound, as in the practice of Sufi Zikr, where the participants together chant the name of God, moving forward and back in a circle. Sufism itself welcomes ecstatic or trance states, as witnessed in the whirling dances of the sheiks and followers of the Sufi way. Rumi also partook of trance states, and it was he who founded the Mevlevi order of the "whirling dervishes."

All of these states are rather intense and involve ritualistic forms of awakening the energies within.

However, I believe that ecstasy exists in a myriad of forms, with a full spectrum of stages and manifestations. In addition to the extreme states of the shamans and rave dancers, there are also softer, more tender, more "refined" types of ecstatic experience. One need not lose awareness of surroundings, or be stimulated to the verge of possession to know ecstasy. I think Kundalini offers this kind of experience for those whose energies have subsided, taken on a more subtle quality. In this state, the energies may feel like light playing over the body--it feels like one is being stroked by a feather rather than being sounded by a bass drum.

And, amazingly as it may seem, these quieter visitations are not necessarily less blissful, less sweet that the more strident forms. Sometimes they can come from actions as simple as stroking the aura, or rolling the eyeballs. As one moves through the Kundalini process, the overall quality of the energies shifts into a kind of "lower gear," where less stimulation is needed to produce (still) fascinating results. Ecstasy may be aroused by simply listening to a piece of sacred music, or contemplating a representation of Buddha, or reading about sacred topics on the computer. Often it comes as a surprise, an experience familiar but unexpected.

In part, I think these differences of degree and intensity are accounted for by cultural background and individual makeup. Younger and/or more robust participants crave more exciting states. Older and more settled practitioners may need only a subtle cue to enter wondrous bliss.

In any event, all agree that humans yearn for ecstatic states as a way of escaping the realm of the familiar and ordinary, and entering transcendence. For many of us, bliss is itself a pathway to God experienced as the Beloved Within.
(P. S. The program from the previous Sunday is also fascinating--it is a dialogue between Karen Armstrong (author of "A History of God" and other major texts), and Robert Thurman, celebrated authority on Tibetan Buddhism. Both had belonged to religious orders, both left to work in the world in the field of spiritual studies.)
I am grateful that Link TV is giving us such wonderful programs from authentic spiritual teachers. We need more of such presentations on mainstream television.
(Picture is from Patricia Lay-Dorsey)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

About the Way We Learn 

First, an announcement: I am hoping to make a trip to Greece this fall--I left part of my heart there when I visited years ago and would like to go and find it again. But--I am looking for a small tour with focus on spiritual or else the classical sites (these are more or less the same, after all.) Also, not too expensive --more or less the mid range, whatever that is these days. If anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail me--see address in right side bar. Thanks.)

This is, of course a Kundalini site, but Kundalini does not occur in a vacuum. It is one part (and a central one) in the process of evolving consciousness we all are engaged in these days.

Last night on PBS I watched a program which I found quite exciting for what it had to say about those--especially children--whose consciousness (in terms of academic abilities) seem to be especially challenged. Many of these kids have trouble reading even at the most elementary levels and, since reading is the basis for almost all future learning, they fall behind their classmates, lose self esteem, and may become early dropouts or join gangs and such. They often are the "troublemakers" in the class, trying to divert attention from their own apparent failure in the academic realm.

It has long been thought that the basic brain "capacity" was set in the early years and could not be changed. Now we have discovered that this notion simply is not true. The brain is extremely plastic (susceptible to change) not only in childhood but all through life. Researchers have discovered that the problem with many of these kids is not that they are lacking intelligence at all, but that their brains are somehow wired so that they cannot "hear" ("process") phonemes (the basic units which make up language) as fast as others can. Thus they have major difficulty in connecting the phonemes with language itself--they don't see the connection between the words on the page and what the words represent.

But there has been a breakthrough! A new technique, simple and relatively inexpensive, in effect retrains the brain, using, the computer and simple games to reprogram how it responds to sound and syllables. It even can be used at home. Over one million children have achieved significant progress with this technique, some even performing at the expected grade level.

One youngster who could not read at all at the age of about 13, did learn to read--it changed his life and he himself is now a teacher of others.

There is, of course, more to the learning process that this approach. There must also be motivation, attention, persistence, and such, but for a start, this technique sounds like as miracle.

"Leave no child behind, indeed." Give them the proper tools and they will advance on their own.

And, considering that we are all so aware of costs these days, think how much money will be saved by schools, parents, and society if these programs are made available to those children in serious need.
Here are two sites with information about this approach:

http://www.brainfitnessforkids.com/ (for a general overview)


(this one for more specific information)

And--in order to participate at home, you must have a computer with either DSL or Comcast (I think). The games are sent via these modes, and your child is also assigned to a "coach" who contacts him or her every so often to monitor his or her progress and give further advice. Most users report almost no progress for about 3 weeks, when they will start to have glimpses of the possible, and then the exciting phase begins where (many) seem to race ahead at a impressive pace. And kids are said to love the games they play in order to learn. The listed price varies from $200 to $400, depending on the length of time you sign up for. But you can try it out on the free offer listed on the Brainspark site just to taste a sample.

By the way, the main presenters on PBS are highly respected professionals in the field of brain research and childhood learning.

If I had a child I was concerned about, I would take this information to my school counselor and administrator immediately and ask for their help. If the school is not already aware of this technique, urge them to investigate it as soon as possible. As we say, a young life is too valuable to be needlessly wasted.

Final note: Whatever "cosmic consciousness" may be, it operates on the human level through the brain. Kundalini itself is also--on one level--an aspect of brain function, a consciousness where the human and the sublime seem to mingle. Thus, it is to our advantage to promote human intellectual function for all as much as we can. We all must move ahead together to enter the new era.
(Picture from source)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Power of a Hug 

Hugging Barack Obama

by foxeca

Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 03:20:08 PM PDT

"The White House would like you to participate in a grassroots greet with President Obama before his speech begins in Costa Mesa."

When you get an email like that, if you're me, this is how you react:
[insert shocked, slack-jawed silence here, interrupted only when someone punches you in the shoulder to check that you're still alive.]

foxeca's diary :: ::

I have no idea how the group of ten was chosen; I was barely even able to comprehend that I was lucky enough to be in it. But you don't question these things.

"What are you going to SAY to him"? demanded the few people I had time to tell in advance. I don't know - what do you say to the President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Leader of the Free World? Do you try to impress him with your wit and erudition, or do you just embrace your plebian unworthiness and call it a success if you don't drool on him?

Unsure whether I'd really have time to make conversation, I considered asking the native Hawaiian for insider tips on my upcoming visit to Oahu, or maybe making a joke of my utterly embarrassing snowboarding raccoon tan. ("I would have used SPF 50 if I'd known I would be meeting the President!")

But more than anything, in the year-plus I spent in the brutally intense labor of love that was electing him, all I've ever really wanted from Barack Obama is a hug.

Why? I'm not even sure. He just seems like he'd a good hugger, I guess. He's such a wonderful, fatherly figure, like Mufasa from The Lion King, Cliff Huxtable, and Atticus Finch all rolled into one...loving to his kids and wife, considerate of all, a good listener, understanding, funny, wise, gentle. And I'm big on hugs. So to me, a hug would be the perfect coda to this long journey that the President has no idea I've taken with him. Just a hug.

And, pacing anxiously with 9 other people in a curtained, makeshift "room" just outside the meeting hall - all of us more jittery and excited than kindergarteners about to meet Santa on Christmas Eve - I'm not sure I'll have the courage to ask.

People who know me realize how indescribably, life-changingly awesome it is for me to get within five feet of Obama. And people who know me very well realize how terribly shy I can be, especially when it comes to asking for something I want. I wrestle with this, but after 10 or 15 minutes of working up some nerve (and sweat in the warm California day)) I figure I might as well pop the question. This may be my only chance, and the worst he can do is say no.

Abruptly, and all too quickly, the "tank car" pulls up, and his lanky frame unfolds from the depths as an island of calm, controlled confidence amid a sea of buzzing aides. He calls out, "Hi, guys!" and waves. We offer a feeble, awed chorus of return greetings. Without hesitation, he strides toward a fellow team member and friend, Alisa, who bravely and graciously steps forward to offer her hand, welcoming him to Orange County.

He stops and chats for a few seconds with each person, asking each name, cherishing. This whole performance feels like it's on fast-forward, moving too fast for me to process properly. The closer he gets, the more my bones dissolve into wet noodles. Then, very suddenly it seems, this lanky, mocha-skinned luminary is towering over me, holding me helpless in a force field of mesmerizing, laser-beam eye contact. He bears a gentle smile and an outstretched hand that mine simply disappears into. "What's your name?" He asks it like he truly cares.

What is my name? Blank. Panic. Oh god - it's a pop quiz, and I'm failing. Finally, I grasp for it. "Elyssa." Whew.

The smile grows wider, and he gives a nod, still paralyzing me with his eye contact rays. "It's very nice to meet you, Elyssa."

"It's so nice to meet you." Deep breath, and I can feel a pleading "little girl" look uncontrollably creep onto my face. Forget the vacation talk, the sunburned nose. If I don't ask now, I never will. "President Obama... can I have a hug?"

He breaks out into a grin. "Of course." And the long arms of the executive branch envelop me in a warm, worsted-wool womb of Presidential power. "I appreciate you."

I can't really describe what it's like to be hugged by the President, but I'm obliged to try.

First, consider: This man has the world on his shoulders. The number of seemingly insurmountable crises he and his advisers must unsnarl is overwhelming. Yet he gives the sense that he is there with you; that he is not distracted at that moment with the global economy, or Afghanistan, or subprime mortgages, or single-payer healthcare, or any of the thousands of other troubles, seen and unseen by the unwashed masses, that must plague his days. A feeling of power and peace permeates, like being embraced by a tiger whose last incarnation was Mahatma Gandhi. It defines what a "hug"should be: held but not awkwardly long, warm but not sweaty, firm but not constricting, caring but not smarmy. My friend Erik, who has also hugged him, would agree: strength, love, and a tranquil energy flow around him, and through him, into you. You are overcome with the feeling that everything is and will be all right.
Strangely, there's something about the hug that might almost make you think that it's just as much for him as it is for you

It's possible I'm overemotional, highly likely that I'm extremely biased, and no doubt all the work hundreds of organizers and I put into the campaign is skewing my perception, but Obama-up-close is a nearly spiritual experience that words simply fail to encapsulate from the perspective of an average person. Truly, it IS a remarkable individual leading this country; human, with flaws as we all have, but remarkable nonetheless, and someone that I can say, with the confidence begat by experience, is one of the best huggers I've ever met.

They were three of the most incredible seconds of my life.
After blubbering my gratitude repeatedly, for his acknowledgement, for his hug, for his existence, he continued on down the line, shaking hands, making friends. We took a group picture, and then he was whisked away to proclaim himself accountable for the condition and direction of our nation to 2,000 live Californians. And leaving me in a state of shock and awe unlike anything his predecessor could ever conceive.

So the lesson here is this: should you ever be in a situation to ask this compelling, benevolent, and soulful man for an embrace, go for it. He won't say no.

And you won't regret it.

Last note (from Dorothy): Have you had (and given) your hug today?

Friday, April 24, 2009

On Ecstasy as an Agent of Transformation 

(More messages from the Hathors. See http://tomkenyon.com/a-planetary-wave-of-conscious-ecstasy-2 )

In previous communications (see Hathor archives), we mentioned the need for ecstatic states of consciousness as a means to enter into a larger nesting of energ--specifically those nestings having to do with Earth-based ecstasy, galactic-based ecstasy and intergalactic-based ecstasy. By entering into an awareness of these greater spheres of energy you will gain an understanding that transcends and transforms your own personal egoic-terrestrial-land-locked consciousness. In other words, you will see the world and your position in it with new eyes.


Should the collective consciousness of humanity fail to rise to a higher level of spiritual maturity and responsibility as stewards for both life and matter, the global situation on Earth will rapidly deteriorate. But for those who have nested themselves in ecstasy and the transcendent nature of Earth-based, galactic-based and intergalactic-based awareness, the future can be quite different from the mass of humanity. This will take place primarily through spiritual communities, which will form all over the planet. Such communities will not necessarily look like you would expect them to. The fundamental principle is not the structure of how a community operates, but rather the vibrational field that it creates and sustains. Such vibrational fields of "coherent life-affirming energy" have a protective quality as well as a beneficial effect upon the local environment.

This ability of vibrational fields applies not only to communities but to individuals as well. Again, we suggest you consciously enter ecstatic states of consciousness, using some of the methods we have given in previous messages. Find ways to live your life in joy and discover ways to avoid the manipulation that is being perpetrated upon you through fear and mis-information.
Another benefit of creating and consciously dwelling in ecstasy and joy is that it will help you counter balance the negative emotional volatility of these times.

An Experiment In Consciousness

Note: the experiment being described here took place several years ago, but the overall purpose is quite relevant today.)

We invite you to participate in an experiment which will take place on the fall equinox (beginning at dawn on Sept. 22nd and extending through Sept.25th at 12 midnight).

During this period we invite you to enter into ecstasy as much as possible and then send this ecstasy to the Earth. If you are unable to generate ecstasy, we suggest you read over our previous messages on how to accomplish this task.

By sending ecstasy to the Earth, you will assist yourself and others to enter into a resonance with the Earth. To use a metaphor, she will recognize you if you send her the messenger of ecstasy or joy. These emotive-vibrational-fields created through your feeling nature will stimulate an energetic response from her (Gai)). You can then "ride" so to speak, this energetic response into deeper levels of ecstasy and a greater understanding of your potential destiny as a singular soul and as a collective intelligence.

If you wish to join us in this experiment, take some time during each of these four days to consciously enter into ecstasy. Do something that gives you joy during this period and consciously send your joy into the Earth. How you enter joy or ecstasy is immaterial. If you enjoy meditation, please do so and while in your inner reverie, send your bliss into the Earth. If you prefer to dance your way into ecstasy or sing your way into ecstasy, please do so. If you have pets and feel joy when you are around them, then take some time during these four days and play with them—consciously sending your joy into the Earth. If you garden and are brought into joy by contact with the devic kingdom then we suggest you spend time with your plants or in nature, and consciously send your joy into the Earth. You will find that if you consciously send joy into the Earth for a long enough period, your joy will naturally turn into ecstasy. And as we have said, you can then ride this ecstatic state of mind into communion with the ecstasy of the cosmos. By doing so, you will elevate yourself above the problems facing you and humanity. You will glimpse new possibilities and ways of living.

Do understand that by joining us in this planetary wave of “conscious ecstasy”, you will be assisting all life upon your planet.

The Hathors
(image from source)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secret Hands (poem) 

Secret Hands

Once more,

Once again,
lifted elsewhere.

What is this soft
lightning which plays
so tenderly
over my face and arms?

Has it come from
the place of my beginning?
Is it here
to show me
the way once more?

I offer my body,
the ground of my
being, as my gift.

Now I am struck
like a bronze bell.
Now I am stroked
by secret hands.
Am I lover or Beloved?

Dorothy Walters
April 20, 2007

Monday, April 20, 2009

In Presence 

In Presence

You cannot define it.
You cannot measure it.

You cannot hold it.
You cannot give it away.

You cannot summon it.
You cannot dismiss it.

Some call it Buddha,
but it has no name.

Dorothy Walters
April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Radiance Sutras (Lorin Roche) 

Here is the fifth verse of Lorin Roche's recently published new translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a wisdom book of the ancient Kashmiri Shaivite tradition:


Follow the path of the radiant life force

as she flashes upward like lightning

through your body.

Attend simultaneouslyto the perineum,

that bright place between the legs,

to the crown of the skull,

and to that shining star-place above the head.

Notice how this living electricity becomes

ever more subtle as she rises, radiant as the morning sun

until she streams outward from

the top of the head into all-embracing gratitude.

Thus become intimate with the life of all beings.

See Lorin Roche's website for more of the Radiance Tantras:


Wikipedia has this to say about these sacred writings:

Rudrayamala Tantra. As a Bhairava Agama it is a purely monistic teaching where Bhairavi (Parvati) asks Bhairava (Lord Shiva) to reveal the essence of the way one has to tread on the path to the realization of the highest reality-- the state of Bhairava. In his answer Bhairava describes 112 ways to enter into the universal and transcendental state of consciousness.

(Further note: Parvati is the wife of Shiva, and thus she embodies special qualities herself.)

(Image from Wikipedia)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tao Te Ching 


If you realize that all things change,

there is nothing you will try to hold on to.

If you aren't afraid of dying,

there is nothing you can't achieve.

Trying to control the future

is like trying to take the master carpenter's place.

When you handle the master carpenter's tools,

chances are that you'll cut yourself.

(Tao Te Ching, trans. by Stephen Mitchell)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tom Kenyon, the Hathors, and Planetary Ascension 

Recently I wrote about a visit (my second) to the Crystal Chalice, a crystal shop in Fairfax, a nearby city. In that post I described the unexpected and remarkable experience I had as I participated in a meditation which a single meditator was engaged in nearby. As I approached this woman (who was seated on the floor), I felt as though I had entered a powerful bliss field, and immediately I fell into ecstatic trance. The vibrations were the "highest of the high," and the overall experience truly transcendent. In the closing minutes, we were joined by a sound healer, who produced tones on a crystal bown that added even more to the intensity of the vibrations. Later, when I asked first woman about this meditation, she explained that this was a special meditation conducted by the "Hathors," an off planet group dedicated to helping the earth raise its vibrational level to prepare for major transformation.

Last night I looked up the Hathors on Tom Kenyon's website. ( http://tomkenyon.com/hathors-archives). Tom is a sound healer who channels the Hathors, both as spoken (or written) text and as pure sound. I was surprised to discover that this particular meditation had been more special than I had realized.
Here are the Hathors' comments on the meditation (as channeled by Tom):

...those who cannot join us physically for this gathering are invited to join us for the Planetary Meditation in absentia. This is a form of planetary service, through the action of what we call The Planetary Holon of Ascension. (You are then referred to the entry under "The Holon of Ascension" for instructions as to how to prepare a foundation for this meditation.)

We now wish to turn our attention to earth’s Celestial Soul, the BA of earth itself. For it is uniquely different in its organization. Unlike your BA, which is located along the central axis of your body at a point above your head were you to join your hands together, the Celestial Soul of earth is spherical. It completely encloses the earth in a sphere and is located about sixty miles above the surface of your earth. This is what some people refer to as the Christ or Buddha grid. It enfolds earth, completely surrounding it.

During the Planetary Holon of Ascension you align yourself with this greater BA.

You do this by extending the axis of your own Holon to the core of the earth and up to the BA of the planet. Thus, when the Celestial soul of earth responds to you, its energy will pass down this axis through your own personal BA, into your KA (your etheric twin), your physical body, and into the earth.

In a very real sense, you are grounding rods for the Celestial Soul of Earth during this meditation.

As corporeal beings, your bodies are primary standing wave patterns, comprised of atomic and subatomic particles from earth. And from this perspective, your very physicality is birthed from earth, which was, itself, birthed from the remnants of stars. Thus, as embodied beings you have the spiritual authority, the spiritual right and the spiritual responsibility to allow and to assist Earth’s ascension.

The Planetary Meditation

The Planetary Meditation has three phases.

In the first phase, you engage your own personal Holon of Ascension. This charges your KA body with etheric light and spiritual potency, generated from your own celestial soul. This opens your own KA body to become a vibrational-receptor, for the greater influx of etheric light and energy that will descend from the Planetary BA.

In the actual meditation on Sunday, April 5th, we will spend ten minutes in this personal phase, activating our individual Holons of Ascension.

In the second phase, you move your awareness up the axis, past your own personal BA, to the sixty-mile sphere of the BA that surrounds Earth. In the previous phase, you sent appreciation to your own personal BA in order to activate the Holon. In the planetary phase you send appreciation up the axis to the BA that surrounds earth.
As the planetary BA receives your impulse of appreciation it will respond to you and send an influx of energy down the axis, down into your personal BA, your KA body, your physical body, and into the Earth.

It is important to understand the nature of the appreciation that you shall be sending.

It is based upon a spiritual realization that occurs to one as he or she enters into the ascension process. We would describe it as a recognition that embodied life is a treasured gift, that the experience of being in matter and specifically in a human form, is something to be honored and cherished.

This has nothing to do with the dilemmas you may be facing in your life or the situations that aggravate you, make you fearful, angry or sad. These are separate issues, having to do with your own personal psychology and how well, or how poorly, you are adjusting to being a spiritual being having a human experience.

The appreciation that needs to be sent to the Celestial Soul of earth is appreciation for the elements of earth itself, appreciation for the unique experience of life on earth, and for the archetypal elements of water, air, fire, earth and space.

Your science does not consider space to be an element. But here we are referring to an ancient alchemical knowledge, not to the elements of your periodic table.

This ancient knowledge recognized that space is not the mere absence of something, but is a womb for all that may come into existence. It is the mother of all things. Out of this space, subatomic particles and atoms, as well as all their configurations are birthed.

Although your science currently views subatomic particles and atoms in a mechanistic manner, we see them as conscious beings with volitions of their own. This gives rise to a fascinating array of possible futures since your bodies are comprised of these multitudes of consciousnesses.
We intend in future communications to address how the art of human appreciation can affect atomic structures and possible futures. But let us now turn our attention back to the Planetary Holon of Ascension.

When you send appreciation to the BA of earth, you are sending appreciation for the treasure of embodied existence, and for the treasure that you call earth. It is the emotion of appreciation that shall cause the Celestial Soul of earth to respond to you, just as with the personal Holon of Ascension.

When earth’s BA responds to your appreciation, there will be an influx of energy down the axis of your own Holon of Ascension, and depending upon your level of evolution, you will have many different types of experiences. Some of these shall be transcendent in nature, some of them interdimensional in nature, whereby you are taken into the multi-dimensionality of earth in all her grandeur.

For some it shall be an act of purification, for the dross that would keep you at a lower vibration shall be struck like a bell, and the vibration that arises shall wake you from your sleep.

What we mean by this is that human consciousness has been in a state of slumber, not recognizing its abilities as co-creators of collective reality. While being asleep, human consciousness has allowed others to manipulate its reality, and determine its destiny. With the ascension of earth, those days are numbered, and so as the great Celestial Soul of earth responds to you, you shall enter into a more energetic vibration, a quickening of the KA (your etheric twin).

There are many, many types of experiences that will arise, but do not be sidetracked by them. They will naturally appear. The important thing in this phase of the meditation is to be the grounding rod for Earth’s Celestial soul.

The Mechanics

This is the sequence for the second phase of the meditation: the Planetary Holon of Ascension.

After activating your personal Holon of Ascension, you extend the axis of your Holon into the center of the earth and up to a point sixty miles above the surface. This point is one of an infinite number of possible points along the sphere that is earth’s BA.

Then you send appreciation to earth’s Celestial Soul and wait to feel the response, allowing the response to move down your energetic-axis into your body, into your KA and into the earth.

After you feel the response of earth’s BA passing through you into the physical earth, you return to the state of appreciation and send it back up to earth’s BA again, waiting and allowing the response, allowing it to move through you and into the Earth. You repeat this as many times as you wish during the time of the meditation.

This phase of the meditation will last twenty minutes.

This portion of the meditation can become very dynamic. If at any time the energetics become too strong for your comfort range, shift your attention back to your personal BA point and just rest in your personal Holon of Ascension until you feel ready to receive a greater influx of energy. Some of you may need to do this several times in the course of the twenty minutes.

After this second phase of the meditation, we will return to the personal Holon of Ascension for five minutes, allowing the experience to integrate.

At this point, we will have been in meditation for 35 minutes. We then suggest you rest in silence for at least five minutes. If you have the time, it would be a very good thing to lie down and drift off for a while. It is not advisable to move into your outer world of activities without this period of rest.

Once the meditation begins and until it ends, we shall, ourselves, construct a Holon of Ascension. We shall create a disc shape, just like the personal Holon of Ascension. The center of our Holon will be the center of your Milky Way Galaxy, what is sometimes referred to, as the Great Central Sun, and the disc shall extend out so that the entire galaxy is enclosed in it. For some of you this is unnecessary information, but for others this information will be helpful.

Through the mystery of space, the mother of all potentials, we extend to you this invitation. We invite you energetically to join those of us who shall be gathered in Seattle for The Great Triad. And we welcome you to this grand experiment of collective co-creation.

The time has come. The bell is sounding. It is time to wake up to your greater destiny.

The Hathors.

Tom’s Observations

I would like to take a moment and thank those of you who have decided to join us in this planetary meditation as described by the Hathors. Know that you will be joined in your efforts by thousands of other people throughout the world who, like you, sense the great opportunity of these times.

Although you may not know each other’s names, although our paths may never cross, we are part of a vast and growing global community. Some have called people like you, Lightworkers. The Hathors call you the Life-sustainers, for the values you express in your life, your work, and your community have a direct effect on the quality of life around you. And in the dance of creation, whereby thought becomes manifest in our lives, your life and how you live it helps to sustain life itself, or at the very least the higher qualities of what we call human.

Know that in this type of energy-work, distance does not matter. Those of us undertaking this form of planetary service will be connected in ways that transcend the limitations of time, space, location and distance.
Thus, in Seattle, when those of us who have gathered enter into the meditation, we will do so with a community of the well-intended who are spread throughout the earth, on almost every continent and in many different countries.

Those of us undertaking this planetary meditation share one commonality. Although our lifestyles and positions in life may differ, and although our philosophies and religions may not concur, we all agree on one salient point: life on earth is precious.

The grand experiment in collective co-creation that the Hathors refer to, is the hope that with enough well-intended persons working to anchor the ascension energies of the planetary BA, we may, as a species, wake up to our powers of creation and change our destiny.

It is my opinion that earth is going to be fine in this period of great transformation that we are now in the midst of. Some of her inhabitants might not make it, especially us humans who think we are above the ecosystem that we live in. But earth will be fine.

If the myths, prophecies, and legends that speak to this time are right, then earth will ascend to a new vibration of being and all those upon her will enter a golden age. Only time will tell if this is true or not, or just the delusional hopes of primate human minds with overly active imaginations.

I do think that we are in extraordinary times. Thus, one can witness almost daily, a plethora of extraordinary fiascos, stupidities and dangers as well as extraordinary opportunities for personal growth and ascension. For those of you new to the Hathor postings, in their view of ascension there is nowhere to go. Ascension is not about leaving earth in a flash of glory (although that is one version). For most of us, ascension is a movement upward in consciousness while still being embodied.
And so we undertake this meditation because we are embodied. We are made of the stuff that is earth herself. And thus we have, as the Hathors say, both the spiritual right and the spiritual responsibility to allow and to assist Earth’s ascension.


Those of us who have gathered in Seattle for the Great Triad Intensive will enter into the Planetary Meditation on Sunday, April 5th at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. For those of you outside the US, the Internet has several Time Conversion sites that are free. The World Clock is one of these and it is easy to use.
If, for some reason, you are unable to determine the exact time in your time zone, then I suggest you just pick a time and do the meditation on your own. The vibratory field of the Planetary Holon will continue for some time after the meditation is completed in Seattle.
The meditation will last 35 minutes as the Hathors indicated. After this, those of us in Seattle will be in silence for 5 minutes to re-orient ourselves since I anticipate that this will be a very dynamic experience in transcendence.

For the last twenty minutes of that hour, we will be closing the Intensive with a sound meditation.

If you are joining us for the meditation at a distance, then this would be an ideal time to rest and integrate the experience before moving into the rest of your day or night.

NOTE: I have including this large segment from the Hathors and Tom Kenyon because I feel the message is of paramount importance at this time. Although I cannot vouch for the actual source (the Hathors or Tom's subconscious) I certainly can attest to the power of the meditation. It did feel just as it is descibed above, as of one's "Ka Body" (etheric twin) had become a "vibratory-receptor" for the greater influx of etheric energy descending from the planet's own spirit/soul ("Ba Body").

What a blessing to have received this unexpected gift!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poems by Rumi 

I would love to kiss you.

The price of kissing is your life.

Now my loving is running toward my life shouting,

What a bargain. Let's buy it.


Come to the orchard in Spring.

There is light and wine, and sweethearts

in the pomegranite flowers.

If you do not come, these do not matter.

If you do come, these do not matter.


Walk to the well

Turn as the earth and the moon turn,

circling what they love.

Whatever circles comes from the center.

(Coleman Barks)

(photo of painting by Monet)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parallel Universes Continued 

On an earlier post (March 15)I discussed the theory of parallel universes as presented by Michio Kuko, a physicist who often writes or speaks for a general audience. In that posting, I mentioned that several phenomena could be accounted for if indeed parallel universes do exist, including ghosts, UFO's, bi location, and long distance seeing. Now I would like to add to the first 4 I mentioned then:

5, Teleportation, in which a material object moves from one place to another energetically. Molecules seem to be disassembled in one location, reassembled at another. Do they go through another dimension to do this? So far, only protons have been observed to do this, splitting in two at a test point, then reuniting on the other side.

6. Transmutation, that involves a shift from one molecular form into another.

Ancient tales of wizards who transform human into animal form on up to the Eucharist, where bread and wine are said to be literally transformed into other substances. There is also the phenomenon of bending metal by mind or mind along with exerted pressure, an effect which many have observed or facilitated.

7. Psychokinetic movement, in which objects move through concentration.

8. Spontaneous Kundalini awakening, that may involve a sudden shift from one dimensional reality to another. The nervous system now reacts differently, picks up heretofore unfelt vibrations and the "third eye" opens to new realities. In tune, one vibrates with the cosmos itself, and feels its ecstatic pulse. One discovers one's place as a single atom in the whole.

9. Synchronicity in which two events appear to be strangely linked . Does this occur when two universes co-exist and collide for a brief moment?

10. Deja Vu--The sense of having lived an experience before in some other lifetime, including sudden recognition of strangers.

11. Historic references to re-existence on other planes. These are frequent in literature and myth. Plato believed that the soul existed before birth (where? and Wordsworth said "trailing clouds of glory we come". Various other writers and philosophies posited the pre-existence of the spirit before it took on material form. Reincarnation theories affirm this idea, as do certain Cabalists,who think that each spirit passes before God before birth, pleading not to be caught into physical form but it is always refused.

12. Numerous accounts of the appearance of persons who have died, including Biblical stories of Jesus returning.

13. Tales of places which retain the vibrations of past events, especially battlefields, sacred centers of worship, and locations where happenings of extreme importance occurred.

Again, it must be stressed that these are not the ideas of Michio Kuko, nor are they offered as fact, but rather as speculation. How much of science fiction is in fact true, once the existence of parallel universes is taken into account?

Monday, April 13, 2009

More from Tosha Silver and Coming Shift 

Yesterday, I posted an astrological reading by Tosha Silver who sees a major shift arriving almost immediately. Today, I received the following addition to her earlier reading:

Hi everyone...Unusual for you to hear me from again so soon but I wrote an addendum to yesterday's article about the upcoming unusual energy portal. This describes steps that can be useful in preparation for the upcoming time. I'll stop with this mailing. If you want any further info you can get it directly from the examiner.com website.But the information is important enough that I'm sending it on to you directly, especially for those of you that haven't discovered the column yet. Enjoy.

"Only Divine Love bestows the keys of knowledge." --Arthur Rimbaud

"Love is the reduction of the universe to a single being, and the expansion of a single being to God." == Victor Hugo

If you didn't get a chance to read the Easter column, you might want to look at it first before reading this one. Here's the stuff I ran out of room to say.

1) These coming transits are a high harmonic of heart-chakra energy inundating the planet for a considerable stretch of time. Venus and Mars together at 29 degrees Pisces carries a pure vibration of heart-based transcendence. So this upcoming period is a highly unusual portal. Certain actions can help you be more receptive to its gifts.

2) You may have to do some preparation to resonate with this celestial opening. If you're filled with resentment, guilt, blame, jealousy or hatred, you''l have more trouble aligning with the incoming frequency. So this next week is a good time to do some clearing. It can help to pray that the heaviest emotions be released by your Higher Self. If you sincerely ask for this, you'll be shown the actions to take for release. Feel whatever you need to feel.

3) Can be good to make a list of all the people against whom you have grudges and petty grievances. Offer the list to the Divine, then burn it. You can also write a letter that you don't send to the person, and burn that. This process good for blame towards yourself as well.

4) Resentments, even when they're 'right and logical'', just lower our own vibration and hook us psychically to the ones we wish to escape. We literally 'carry them on our backs'. So forgiving someone can actually be a generous act of self-love. Especially right now.

5) Acknowledging the Divine as the Source of all abundance makes forgiveness so much easier. This simple understanding changed my life completely Someone may hurt us, but God can always bring a new conduit for fulfillment.

6) Calling in Divine Order can be helpful. I've simply been saying, "I invite Divine order through all areas of my life to prepare me for this upcoming time. Let me release all that needs to go. Let me welcome all that wishes to come."

7) Release any irrelevant activities to make positive time with yourself. Go slower, breathe, feel.

8) Sometimes when I'm really stuck, I use a trick from India. I buy a coconut filled with milk and imagine putting all remaining attachment, fear, or unresolved energy into that. I let it becomes the container for outstanding karma and offer it to the Divine. Then I go outside and smash it to bits. The release is palpable.

9) Continue to clean out your home, your car, your belongings. Create a vacuum that will be filled with the new. Jettison whatever you don't need.

10) John Gray's silly book (Men from Mars, Women from Venus) notwithstanding, the energies of these two planets have nothing to do with gender. We each contain the energies of both. Granted, the balance may be tipped one way or another in someone, but that can be regardless of what astrologer Caroline Casey would call "highly temporary gender assignments." A woman with a lot of Aries might be more 'Martian' than a guy with much Cancer. But you knew that, right?

11) This can be a good period for a light fast or cleanse.
Even just fruits and vegetables or light eating for a few days could be helpful.

12) The process of releasing and preparing can be really enjoyable. Many people have written to say they were feeling these transits, a sense of 'incipient expectation' as one woman put it, without having a clue what was going on.
Nice to know.

With love to you,


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Rebirth Day 

Tosha Silver is a gifted astrologer and also a friend of mine. She writes a regular column for the "Examiner" out of San Francisco. I thought the following comumn was especially significant:

April 12, 2009 Hi everyone...Happy Rebirth Day to you all!

I wanted to pass on today's entry from the examiner.com column I'm doing. Filled with pertinent astrological information you may find helpful. You can see the full entry which has a few extra surprises, plus all other postings, at Spiritual-Examiner. Free to subscribe and be alerted as new articles are hatched.

There's about 55 columns now so it seems to be morphing itself into a book. Anyway, here's today's column.

Enjoy. PS. And since some are still writing to wonder, yes, still giving readings! Just wearing two hats right now. Luckily Capricorn sun in the Gemini house actually enjoys the juggling.

Easter, Birkat Hamacha and the New Beginning
Something incipient is in the air. Something new,
as Easter opens the door.

You can just feel it. For the rest of April we enter unusual planetary transits indeed.

The first half of the month was meant to be rocky, with a series of Saturn oppositions creating the need for release and purification. I've been writing up a storm about ditching everything you don't need to make psychic and physical space, including old grudges, resentments and vendettas. It's never too late.

Starting today, aptly timed with Jesus' resurrection, we go into rare and exquisite planetary alignments for about three weeks. In fact, I've never seen anything quite like this in thirty years of star-gazing. (And for all my spiritual predilections, I'm restrained, even sardonic, about predicting massive shifts.) But I tell you. This is big.

First, on April 15 Mars and Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, will meet in Pisces. Opening act of major surprises. Then April 17, Venus will go direct after its six week retrograde. If you've been dealing with endless relationship and financial snafus since March 5 some may begin to resolve.
But that's just the prelude.

The upcoming waltz between Mars and Venus is the pièce de résistance. Venus has just retrograded to 29 degree Pisces, the final sacred degree of the zodiac, where She will simply sit for the next seven days like the Holy Mother waiting to give birth. By next weekend, April 19, Mars will be moving forward in Pisces to reach Venus at that cosmic threshold. For the following week Venus and Mars will move together out of that ultimate Piscean degree of purification to 0 degree Aries and restart the zodicac. Major new beginnnings may well ignite on relationship and creative fronts. But it's bigger than all that. Venus and Mars uniting to cross this zodiacal doorway really is about the tantric integration of the masculine and feminine in all life, the Shiva and Shakti that dance to create this shimmering galaxy.

It's not hyperbole to say that energetically over the next three weeks a whole new world is born. And here's a great twist. As an astrologer, I've been noticing this upcoming configuration for awhile. But a few days ago a friend let me know of a coincidental development in the Jewish calendar. "Birkat Hachama" is the return of the sun to the place it was at the time of "Creation.". It happens once every 28 years. But this past Tuesday was the Big of the Big. For only the third time in recorded Jewish history this sacred day coincided with Passover, the holiday of Liberation. So this event which hasn't occurred in 1923 years is considered a literal Re-Imagining of the World.

And western astrology is saying the same thing.
Love to you all,

(Picture from Source--Hubble?)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Persophone Again (poem) 

Because it is spring, and the time of renewal, and because we are approaching Easter, the time of resurrection of the spirit, I am publishing a poem on Persephone (symbol of perpetual rebirth) that I wrote some months ago and posted on the blog. I am also including a description of the source myth on which the poem is based.

Persephone Again

Everyone wants to talk

about Persephone.

Especially the poets.

How she was grabbedand carried off,

how she was kept in darknessso many months,

while her mother searched everywhere,

waited for her darling

to come home.

Some say

the daughter

liked what had happened

(you know the story,

how women really want it

even when they say no),

others claim it is in fact

the mother who is at fault,

that it is she

who drove her daughter

away, forced her to

leave home and

flee into that hidden world

because of her own impossible


And then of course

there are those

who read it as a simple

nature myth--nine months

of lushness and sun,

three of winter and death

over the land.

What do I think?

I think she is the soul

of each of us,

going down to obscurity,

twilight, and grief,

resurrecting like a flower

over and over

as our seasons return.

Dorothy Walters
December 10, 2008

(Image from http://www.paleothea.com/sortasingles/persephone.html)

Persephone's story appears in Greek myth in various versions. Essentially, it is told as the experience of a young girl (daughter of Demeter) who was abducted by Hades, King of the Underworld, as she was out picking flowers. Ultimately she was allowed to return to the world above, but, since she had eaten a pomegranate seed while she was captive, she was forced to return to Hades for three months each year (winter) and then allowed to ascend back to earth and her mother for nine months (spring and summer). Thus she represents fertility and renewal.

In the Eleusinian Mysteries, her story became the central myth of the death and rebirth of the spirit. These Mystery celebrations can be seen as a forerunner of the Christian and other celebrations of the death and renewal of the psyche.

In fact, these themes can also be connected to what happens with kundalini and other profound spiritual transformations. The "old self" disappears and a "new self" is born. Thus one is in fact "born anew" in a particularly meaningful way.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mysteries, Yes 

Mysteries, Yes

Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous
to be understood.

How grass can be nourishing in the
mouths of the lambs.
How rivers and stones are foreverin allegiance with gravity

while we ourselves dream of rising.
How two hands touch and the bonds
will never be broken.
How people come, from delight or the
scars of damage,
to the comfort of a poem.

Let me keep my distance, always, from those
who think they have the answers.

Let me keep company always with those who say
"Look!" and laugh in astonishment,
and bow their heads.

Mary Oliver

(picture from source)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009



Sita Ram,
listen to my prayer.
It is my gift to you
and also what I ask.

Let me be with you always.
Let me be cradled in your arms
like a small child
thirsting for its mother.

Let me be the honey
caressing your throat,
the breath moving slowly
in and out.

Let the sound of your name
echo through my body
like wind in pines,
while I become a sounding board,
a stringed instrument on which you play.

Let me be you.

Dorothy Walters
April 5, 2009

Monday, April 06, 2009

Surprise Blessings 

Surprise Blessings

Once again, I find that my life is graced with unexpected gifts, moments of joy which I had not (and could not have) anticipated.

On Friday, I went to a kirtan (Hindu song and response) in a yoga center south of San Francisco. The kirtan was lovely--good lead singers, musicians, drummers--all young and talented. But perhaps most exciting of all were the dancers--folks from the audience who got up and danced spontaneously at the back of the room. I watched with delight one young woman in particular as she leapt into the air, hair tossing from side to side, durint the ecstatic pieces. Then, during the slow, meditative segments, she swayed back and forth with indescribable grace, gently moving arms and body to the slow rhythms. I felt as though I had gone back in time to a goddess ceremony--indeed she reminded me of some of the dancing figures depicted on early art works.

Yesterday, my friend Joyce and I set out for yet another kirtan by Jai Uttal, one of the primary performers of this ancient Indian mode of devotion. (Kirtans were and are sung by the people of villages as part of their homage to the deities.) They are simple songs, often consisting of repetitions of the name of the god or goddess. They utilitize the form of call and response between the leader and the audience, and the effect can be quite hypnotic.

On the way to Spirit Rock, the Buddhist meditation center which was our destination, we stopped at a newly opened spiritual "gift shop" in Fairfax, a suburb north and west of San Francisco.. This is where I had experienced the wondrous evening a few weeks ago when the Hawaiian "kapuna" (wise woman and healer) spoke. As before, I entered an altered state even before I stepped in the door of the "Chrystal Chalice," which indeed is filled with crystals of all shapes and sizes as well as other sacred items.

After we had been there several minutes, I noticed a woman seated on the floor in the corner--she was in deep meditation. I stepped over quietly to take part, and at that point entered a bliss field that was one of pure rapture. I stood, bowing my head in silence, allowing the waves of joy to wash through my subtle body. She was then joined by a second woman, who began sounding a huge crystal bowl, and these vibrations added to the overall effect of extremely high energy. After a few minutes, the meditator opened her eyes, rose and came back into "our world." I asked her what was going on here to produce such an amazing result and she explained that this half hour (from 3:00 to 3:30) on this particular day had been designated as a time for univeral meditation for raising planetary vibration by the Hathors. Now, I know who the Hathors are. They are described as disembodied spirits who at one time were connected with Egypt and now operate as earth helpers somewhere off planet. Their messages are frequently channeled by Tom Kenyon, an amazing sound healer whose C. D.'s I have heard (he sometimes channels sounds as well as language). The woman who had struck the crystal bowl during the meditation said that she was a student of Tom's--and I don't remember what the first woman said, but obviously she was "tuned in" to the Hathor frequency.

I am always a bit cautious about accepting claims of earth messages arriving form spirits located somewhere in outer space, but this experience gave me something to contemplate. If the effect of such planet wide meditations can be so intense, then indeed anything seems possible, The experience had a profound effect on me, for I felt connected to a vibratory field very high, rich, beautiful and overflowing with bliss. I felt blessed to have stumbled upon such an amazing experience.

More surprises were in store. When Joyce and I arrived at the grounds of the meditation center, several wild turkeys greeted us, some with tails spread in perfect fans, just as the Thanksgiving pictures depict them. I was delighted, for I realized that I had never in all these years seen a wild turkey display in this way.

The concert was quite lovely as we might expect. I was particularly taken with the flautist, Namose (a beautiful young Indian looking male with a pony tail), who coaxed pure magic from his instrument. After the concert, he was standing outside in the lobby beside his C.D.'s that were for sale, and of course I bought one. He warned me that the one I had picked up was "meditation music." "Fine," I answered. Then he added, "It contains Tibetan chanting as well," "Fine," I answered. (I am used to being taken for the stereotypical elder who knows little of esoteric modes.) I then told him how much I had loved what he he played on his flute during the concert. In fact, it was the most beautiful flute music I have ever heard. And then I was surprised and delighted when he picked up a second C. D. which he gave to me "as a blessing." And indeed I felt blessed.

Sunday, April 05, 2009



Perhaps I am Hanuman,
perhaps Shiva.
or she who rides the lion
the one named Durga,
ruler of all.

My forms are many,
my appearance unknown.

I am that which flows through your body
when you awaken at dawn.
I am that which accompanies
you at dusk
when you close your eyes
for sleep.

I am you.

Dorothy Walters
April 5, 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Dissident 

The Dissident

I am neither
Muslim nor Jew.

The ropes of Buddhism
do not trammel
my feet.

I refused the exalted ones
who instructed me to
bow down and kiss
their toes.
As for the Zens,
who wants to sit
on a hard mat
and stare at a wall
waiting for lightning
to flash.
Even the Taoists
had a handbook
of rules.

I tried breathing
and twisting
and saying magic words
but none of these helped.

Finally I heard a voice within
calling my name
and I fled into who I am.

Dorothy Walters
April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lucy in the sky with diamonds 

Last night, I watched Nova on T. V. The presentation offered a theory for the extinction of the "large land animals" (wooly mammoths and giant saber tooth tigers) in the Arctic some 12,900 years ago, an event which has puzzled science for years. Part of the evidence had to do with infinitely tiny diamonds recovered from the ice. The theory held that these miniscule gems (seen only through extremely powerful electron microscopes) indicated that a large meteorite had exploed in the area at exactly the same time period these animals disappeared.

Now, as I was mulling over this intriguing theory, I seemed to remember that some historians posit approximately the same date for what is called the "Neolithic Revolution," the period when humanity shifted from a nomadic hunter/gatherer society into an agrarian culture which allowed for the taming of animals and the planting of crops . This transition led, ultimately, to the creation of language and the rise of cities and organized units of government as well as the creation of myth and legend, the efflorescence of the arts, and the introduction of new technologies, particularly in Sumer (now southern Iraq). And then I thought of the various science fiction notions that we as humans were in fact "star seeds," some holding that life on our planet began with material which arrived on earth from fragments of bodies from outer space which impacted earth, and others, even more dramatic, speculating that actual beings from other planets arrived here and implanted new genes into existing life forms (us, in our early physical bodies) and instructed us as to how to advance in our evolutionary progress.

And then my thoughts roamed even further. If, indeed, civilization had its earliest beginnings in the Nile Valley some 12,900 years ago, could it be that "diamond dust" from this massive Arctic explosion drifted into the Nile Valley, and that this plus other accompanying factors literally brought about a mutation in our species, so that we became capable of transformations which formed the basis for later accomplishments such as writing, advances in technology, poetry and the like. This growth in species development occurred over thousands of years, but the crucial beginning was the same time period as the Neolithic Revolutiona, which laid the foundation for all that followed. Many of these later advances seemed to be spontaneous leaps, with little preliminary buildup. No one has explained why.

Then, this morning, when I went to the Wikipedia site to check on something else, I found this astonishing entry under the caption

NASA reports a shower of diamonds from the sky.

(D)esignation 8TA9D69) was a meteoroid 2 to 5 meters (7 to 16 ft) in diameter that entered Earth's atmosphere on October 7, 2008, at 02:46 UTC (5:46 a.m. local time). It exploded an estimated 37 kilometers (23 mi) above the Sudan desert. Searches of the impact zone later turned up 8.7 pounds (3.9 kg) of rocks full of minuscule diamonds in 280 fragments, which were leftovers from the meteoroid.

So--diamonds do fall from the sky after all. And, indeed, perhaps we are all star seeds, connected in ways we had not suspected to sources in distant space.

And, since I am on this line of thought and since I like to link everything to Kundalini, I wonder if our "bliss states" occur when our inner "diamonds" begin to glow and allow us to feel our "radiant bodies".

I wish the anthropologists and the the archeologists and the geneticists and the geologists and all the other "ists" would have a serious conversation about all of this and tell us--do we in fact come from outer space?

Perhaps we are "star seeds" in more ways than we imagine.

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