It's probably fair to say that no one in the world has more first-hand experience researching life's codes and helping others activate their highest calling than Jean. From advising heads of state - including President and Mrs. Clinton - writing bestselling books, collaborating with other spiritual luminaries, and speaking around the globe, Jean has awakened millions of people to their life's true purpose - and helped them use that discovery to transform their lives and even change the world. These days, Jean spends almost all of her time traveling, speaking and teaching workshops and seminars. But for this special one-time event, Jean has agreed to teach her unique process to thousands of people around the world - at no charge. She'll help you turn the inspiration you feel within into powerful, purposeful action. This groundbreaking Global Teleconference and Gathering will take place on January 17th at 5:30pm PST. You can listen live by phone or online, or download the recording anytime after the event. We can't recommend Jean's approach strongly enough. Indeed, if there ever was a person who literally holds the keys for how you can find your highest calling in an Evolutionary context - it's Jean. Here's what other luminaries have to say about Jean's work: "With elegant simplicity, Jean Houston shows you how to unleash the genius that lies in the depths of your being." -Deepak Chopra, M.D. "Jean Houston plays midwife to the next phase of our evolutionary journey...We are literally drawn from the smaller, personal
self to the larger, universal possibility..." -Marianne Williamson "I learned so much from her." -President Bill Clinton "Jean Houston is a great producer of events and new possibilities as she orchestrates the voices of the new consciousness" -Margaret Mead "Jean Houston is a national treasure." -Wayne Dyer, Ph.D "One of the finest individuals I have ever met." -Caroline Myss You can learn more about this free online event by visiting this webpage. To our evolution, The Integral Enlightenment Team P.S. If you have any friends or colleagues who are seeking live a life of greater meaning and purpose, please share this invitation with them.

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e by phone or online or download the recording anytime.
You long to live a life of purpose. There's no time to waste—and you feel a deep sense of urgency around giving your greatest gift to the world. And yet you find yourself struggling, passionately searching, for exactly how to make a meaningful difference and finally live the life you were meant to live.
The good news is, you're not alone. In fact, at this very moment, millions of people like you are searching for ways to align themselves with a higher calling and deeper purpose. Some say it's a global awakening of proportions we've never seen.

And your struggles to gain traction are also not your fault. We simply never were trained on how to infuse our daily lives with meaning and purpose.

Fortunately, there are ways—proven methods—to activate your full potential and to live a life that is as deeply fulfilling as it is meaningful.

And you're about to discover the foremost system for bringing your highest calling into the reality of your daily life.

A New Era Demands New Training
You see, to actually live your true purpose in today's complex and challenging times, you need more than just a passion for making a difference.

In order to make a real difference at this unique moment in history, you need new skills.

You need to be activated in body, mind, and spirit—equipped with the kind of resiliency, vision, and creativity that transcends ordinary human capacities.

Simply put, fulfilling your life's purpose requires a software upgrade. You need a new "operating system" for life.

These are skills that aren't taught in school, they aren't recognized by our institutions, and you don't hear about them on the news.

But there are a small handful of individuals who have spent their lives charting the new territory of human potential—empowering people to discover and finally live their life's purpose.

So if you feel like you're about to give up, lose hope, and call it quits on your dream, here's very good news:

Announcing "The 3 Keys to Discovering &
Living Your True Purpose"
Free Teleconference
with Dr. Jean Houston
Jean Houston has dedicated her life to understanding life's codes and helping others activate their highest calling. From advising heads of state—including President and Mrs. Clinton— writing bestselling books, collaborating with spiritual luminaries, and speaking around the globe, Jean has awakened countless people to their life's true meaning and purpose.

Indeed, for more than five decades, Jean has enabled people from all walks of life to discover work that they love, to start and join communities that share a common purpose and passion, and to become catalysts for higher potential.

And on January 17, you'll have a full 75 minutes to "download" Jean's wisdom and years of experience into your own life. She'll help you turn the inspiration you feel within into powerful, purposeful action.

During the call, Jean will be sharing her unique insights into how to finally live your purpose in life—and then align everything, from job to friends to community, around that singular calling.

So join us and thousands of individuals around the world as Jean reveals her time-tested, proven process for living your true purpose. Register below by entering your first name and email address, and then click the Register button.