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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seduced by the Mountains and by Love 

Dear Friends,

In my most recent post I explained that I would be taking a trip to Colorado. Once again, I was seduced by the mountains, and the result was that I am moving there at the end of this month. I will also have a new e-mail address after July 1 at dorothywalters72@yahoo.com Please use this address until further notice.

I am delighted with my choice--I have found a perfect apartment with a glorious view of the mountains in the distance. I had thought about what I would like in an apartment, and this one has all the features I had hoped for. I look forward to a wonderful and peaceful existence there--frankly, for all the attractions of San Francisco, I will be happy to relocate to a different location where nature is more integrated into the life of the city.

And I hope to begin more regular postings on this site after I get there and a bit more settled. In the meantime, I found this beautiful posting on the e-mail for Anam Cara (from Lawrence Edwards.) It expresses perfectly what is in my heart at this time. Because of time limitations, I am not going to try to go through and correct the piece as it stands--the result may be several asterisks and other "funny" marks throughout (due to uncorrected punctuation that will ot come through properly), but I hope you will overlook this imperfection and resonate with the entry.

from Lawrence Edwards:

June 21, 2009 Anam Cara Foundation Perennial Wisdom For The Soul's Journey

Narada Bhakti Sutra

Greetings and Namaste!
I remember my teacher, Muktananda Swami, who took mahasamadhi in 1982, saying, "All sadhanas without love are nothing but hard labor." Love is the juice, the life-blood that sweetens all we do. Love shows herself in many ways, gracing our lives and practices with devotion, ecstasy, enthusiasm, dedication, and more. Love is the universal solvent for dissolving all boundaries separating us from our one Infinite source.Devotion, both as a gift of grace and as a practice for cultivating the ground in which the divine blossoms within, is prized in every spiritual tradition. Devotion to God, devotion to Truth, devotion to Guru or lama or priest or rabbi, devotion to dharma, devotion to community, devotion to practices and devotional practices which clear the contractions which limit the flow of Love through all the arteries of our lives. The great saint Sri Ramakrishna said, "The best path to union with God is to follow the way of divine love as taught by Narada." Narada's path of divine love, revealed through the Bhakti Sutras he wrote thousands of years ago, is sublime reading for all spiritual seekers. On the path of Love, lover and beloved merge in absolute surrender. The ego-mind is transformed into a selfless servant of the Divine and only the Divine. This is the path of holy bliss!

Narada Bhakti Sutras The Way of Divine Love (Sutras 1-10 and 81 of 84) 1) Now, therefore, we shall teach bhakti, or the religion of divine love.2) Bhakti is intense love for God.3) The intrinsic nature of this divine love is immortal bliss.4) By attaining It, a man becomes perfect, immortal and satisfied forever.5) On attaning That a man does not desire anything else; he grieves no more, is free from hatred or jealousy; he does not take pleasure in the vanities of life; and he loses all eagerness to gain anything for himself.6) The devotee may first become intoxicated with bliss. Then, having realized That, he becomes inert and silent and takes his delight in the Atman.7) Bhakti cannot be used to fulfill any desire, being itself the check to all desire.8) Renunciation means dedication of all activities, secular as well as sacred, to God.9) A bhakta's renunciation means that his whole soul goes toward God, and whatever militates against love for God he rejects.10) Whole-souled devotion means giving up every other refuge and taking refuge in God.81) To love the eternal Truth - this indeed is the greatest Love.Swami Prabhavananda, translator and commentatorVedanta Press 1971

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(Follow this sutra and you will need nothing else--it says it all--Dorothy)

Blessings to everyone. Stay well and enjoy the love in your heart. that joins you all humanity and everything that is.


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