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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kundalini and the Internet 

Did you know that Kundalini can flow through the internet? Even when you are not expecting it?

This morning, as I read a brief e-mail from a dear friend, I realized that very soft, sweet energy was moving in my hands and forearms. The letter was from someone who is himself very spiritually evolved--he has spent many years of devotion to the ultimate divine, and leads and instructs others in the practice. It was as if his own gentle energies were coming through to me, like a soft salutation.

I think this is how the "Field" will manifest. We will each be centers of energy, sending and receiving these delicate bliss waves from one another as greetings and acknowledgment. And this is why we must keep refining and lifting our own energies--so that when the signals are sent forth, we will be proper receptors. What good is a signal if the receiver is dead?

And in fact the signals are coming in now strong and clear from "other world" sources. Whether these be angels, or presiding spirits, or divine presences of love, or even some as yet unrecognized form of "alien" existence--we sense that some invisible, mysterious, and unknown reality is guiding us on this journey. It is a joint project--and, although we do not necessarily see or hear or name these unseen agents, we sense that they are there and that they and we are together "co-creating" a new form of communication and a new way of being.

Yes, gratitude is in order. How blessed we are to be included in this all important process in which humanity itself is moving to a higher stage in its evolutionary progress.

Some have called this progression the "divinization of matter." We ourselves , as bodies made of "water and clay," are the matter that is being transformed in this sacred alchemy by which we return to Source. "God throws us out into the world, then reels us back again with threads of love."

Happy transformation!

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