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Friday, March 30, 2018

Thomas Merton––The Sowing of Meanings 

The Sowing of Meanings
By Thomas Merton
(1915 - 1968)

See the high birds! Is theirs the song
That dies among the wood-light
Wounding the listener with such bright arrows?
Or do they play in wheeling silences
Defining in the perfect sky
The bounds of (here below) our solitude,

Where spring has generated lights of green
To glow in clouds upon the sombre branches?
Ponds full of sky and stillnesses
What heavy summer songs still sleep
Under the tawny rushes at your brim?

More than a season will be born here, nature,
In your world of gravid mirrors!
The quiet air awaits one note,
One light, one ray and it will be the angels' spring:
One flash, one glance upon the shiny pond, and then
Asperges me! sweet wilderness, and lo! we are redeemed!

For, like a grain of fire
Smouldering in the heart of every living essence
God plants His undivided power --
Buries His thought too vast for worlds
In seed and root and blade and flower,

Until, in the amazing light of April,
Surcharging the religious silence of the spring,
Creation finds the pressure of His everlasting secret
Too terrible to bear.

Then every way we look, lo! rocks and trees
Pastures and hills and streams and birds and firmament
And our own souls within us flash, and shower us with light,
While the wild countryside, unknown, unvisited of men,
Bears sheaves of clean, transforming fire.

And then, oh then the written image, schooled in sacrifice,
The deep united threeness printed in our being,
Shot by the brilliant syllable of such an intuition, turns within,
And plants that light far down into the heart of darkness and oblivion,
Dives after, and discovers flame.

Thomas Merton

Thursday, March 29, 2018

No Entrance Fee 

No Entrance Fee

In order to get
to this place
I am telling you about,
you do not have to pay
an entrance fee or
enroll in a course.

There will be no
directing traffic
or multiple signs
telling you which
way to go.

You will not have
to purchase
a fancy meditation cushion
or an expensive mala
to protect you from evil.

You will however
have to kneel down 
and open your heart
and let the light
flood in.

If you are no longer
able to kneel,
then let your mind
go there.
There will be
plenty of light
to go around
and you will
get your share.

You will then know for certain
that you are loved
and there is
no price tag
on who you are.

Dorothy Walters
March 29, 2018  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

To Die Before You Die 

To Die Before You Die

We are a constant unfolding,
and each layer of ourselves
is a new creation, a new beginning,
the way the tree surrenders
to death in winter,
and allows itself to emerge
in a new configuration,
a fresh formulation
in spring,
as if its prior self
had never existed.

Dorothy Walters
March 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dorothy's 90th birthday party––March 17, 2018 (St. Patrick's Day) 

Everyone is invited to the next Big One in ten years.  Actually, the rumor that I am now 90 years old is fake news.

The New Breed––Alison Luterman 

The New Breed
  for Emma Gonzalez and the other student activists

I see her on TV, screaming into a microphone.
Her head is shaved and she is beautiful
and seventeen, and her high school was just shot up,
she's had to walk by friends lying in their own blood,
her teacher bleeding out,
and she's my daughter, the one I never had,
and she's your daughter and everyone's daughter
and she's her own woman, in the fullness of her young fire,
calling bullshit on politicians who take money from the gun-makers.
Tears rain down her face but she doesn't stop shouting
she doesn't apologize she keeps calling them out,
all of them all of us
who didn't do enough to stop this thing.
And you can see the gray faces of those who have always held power
contort, utterly baffled
to face this new breed of young woman,
not silky, not compliant,
not caring if they call her a ten or a troll.
And she cries but she doesn't stop
yelling truth into the microphone,
though her voice is raw and shaking
and the Florida sun is molten brass.
I'm three thousand miles away, thinking how
Neruda said The blood of the children
ran through the streets
without fuss, like children's blood.
Only now she is, they are
raising a fuss, shouting down the walls of Jericho,
and it's not that we road-weary elders
have been given the all-clear exactly,
but our shoulders do let down a little,
we breathe from a deeper place,
we say to each other,
Well, it looks like the baton
may be passing
to these next runners and they are
fleet as thought,
fiery as stars,
and we take another breath
and say to each other, The baton
has been passed, and we set off then
running hard behind them.

- Alison Luterman

Dorothy Walters––90th birthday, March17, 2018 

Dorothy Walters, 90th birthday, March 17, 2018

(Still delighting in the memory)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Dorothy Walters––excerpts from earlier writings published by WINN (Celia Coates) 

Dorothy Walters––from latest issue of WINN

Celia Coates was a long time student of Elmer Green, who gained fame by using scientific measurements to register the physiological responses of yogis who could perform unusual feats, such as slowing the heartbeat to almost nothing.  Celia now publishes an online presentation called WINN ("What Is Needed Now.")  The following are excerpts from my previous writings describing my own Kundalini awakening and subsequent unfolding.


When I was in my early fifties, something happened to me that changed my life forever. I did not go out of my body and float beneath the ceiling. I did not fly down a tunnel toward a lighted figure waiting at the end. This experience was something other, something almost no one in my circle had heard about at the time, and which I knew only by rumor, brief allusions in certain texts, and one autobiographical account by an Indian mystic.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled.’ According to ancient seers, the kundalini energy resembles a snake resting (for most of us) at the base of the spine. When it is roused, it raises its head and climbs upward, activating various energy centers (chakras or ‘wheels’) as it goes. The student is cautioned to approach the process warily, for premature awakening can easily lead to imbalance of the system. Acute illness, even death, as well as major psychological disturbance, can result. The practitioner is warned to proceed cautiously under the supervision of an experienced teacher, one pure of heart and well versed in the nuances of energetic transformation. The reward of successful arousal is ineffable bliss and union with the divine – in other words, enlightenment itself.
(These two paragraphs come from UNMASKING THE ROSE, my memoir about that awakening in 1981 and the years that followed.)

At the time of my unexpected awakening I was catapulted into extreme ecstasy, a state I had no name for. Since I had no outer teacher, ecstasy itself became my guide for fifteen years of isolated practice. And of course, I went through many challenges as well, as the energies went through my system and cleared out the blocks. I have continued to experience the subtle energies in one form or another through the years and have been fascinated to witness how they have become ever more subtle and available, even after over 30 years of unfolding.

I feel very blessed that it happened to me and feel that it is our common destiny to have every cell and pore of our bodies transformed into a new being, the New Human, as many call it. I believe that kundalini is the force behind the evolution of consciousness now occurring worldwide and that universal kundalini awakening is the means for personal and planetary evolution of consciousness. Evidence of planetary initiation is becoming more and more prevalent.

Kundalini energies and creativity are closely aligned. I am now ninety years old and I continue to write both poetry and prose at an ever-increasing rate. The Beloved Within continues to visit from time to time, in ever more subtle and blissful forms.
I began writing mystical poetry in the 1970’s after Andrew Harvey encouraged me to do so, and these days the poems flow forth at a very rapid rate. I am putting a new book together with many poems, all written in the last several months.

Celia wished me to include these two poems from my previous collection entitled SOME KISS WE WANT:POEMS SELECTED AND NEW (2017).


I am not a Buddhist
nor am I a yogi.

My robe has no
special emblem
or design.

My Great Teacher
is Silence.

I sit here now,

The Truth About Chakras

Do not say
this part is
that spiritual,
this one is higher,
that lower.

Quit trying to find new ways
to cut yourself in two.

When God made you
he blessed every part –
head, soles, and everything
in between.

Then he kissed you again all over
as you were being born.

Now something lives within,
shy serpent self
who stirs and awakens only
from his constant need
to pierce
to claim
and let his hidden sweetness

Besides writing poetry and prose, my other “occupation” is helping others along the way who are undergoing kundalini awakening and often don’t even know what is happening. I give them counsel and reassurance that they are not crazy, but rather undergoing a natural process of transformation.

*   *   *   *   *
You can find my blog at www.kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com.
I also write a Facebook page

SOME KISS WE WANT: Poems Selected and New

UNMASKING THE ROSE: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation

KUNDALINI SPLENDOR: THE FUTURE AS ECSTASY (prose reflections).  Forthcoming

YouTube Entries:
Dorothy Walters and Andrew Harvey: (Dorothy describes her kundalini awakening and subsequent unfolding.)

Dorothy Walters and Andrew Harvey Read from “SOME KISS WE WANT: Poems Selected and New"

Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Life Moves Forward––poem by Dorothy 

My Life Moves Forward
"My Live Moves Forward in Ever Widening Circles"

My life moves forward
in a spiral,
now ascending
seeking its star,
now circling earthward
to regions unknown.

Like  a funnel of water
crossing the sea
it flows upward and again descends.
Yet always moving ahead,
ongoing progression of minutes
like a hawk rounding the heavens
before a swift plummeting downward
to seize its target
and claim it as its own.

When will I spiral upward
into final vastness,
unravel the message
in the clouds,
find the one who awaits
to seize me in joy?

Dorothy Walters
February 3, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Guns––from Elizabeth Warren AND PICTURES OF THE MARCHES TODAY 


Guns––from Elizabeth Warren

This morning, I sat down with the student organizers of the March for Our Lives in Boston.

Dorothy, these students are incredible. And here’s the best part: they’re not alone.

Today, more than 800 marches to end gun violence are happening in Massachusetts, across the country, and around the world. Right now, I’m on my way to another march in Springfield, Massachusetts – the home of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson – to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with students who just want to go to school without worrying about getting shot and killed in their classrooms.

These students are on the front lines in the fight to make our democracy work, and I’m with them all the way. And here’s another easy way you can do something to fight for gun reform right now, Dorothy – whether you’re marching today or not.

We’ve set up YouFundGuns.com – a website to help you call or tweet to the country’s biggest investment firms. Urge them to use their financial leverage as shareholders in gun companies to help reduce gun violence in America.

We’re making change. On Thursday, Citigroup announced that it would not do business with any retail clients that sell guns unless they require customers to pass a background check, restrict sales to people under 21, and refuse to sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.

Whether you take to the streets or blast out these tweets, please turn up the heat on lawmakers and corporate investors to take action today.

Thanks for being a part of this,



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elizabeth Warren
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 2:42 PM
Subject: They fund guns:
To: dorothywalters72@gmail.com

Dorothy, enough is enough.

In the 81 days of 2018, there have been 49 mass shootings across the country. Every 40 hours, innocent lives are cut short, families are torn apart, and the country is left wondering if there was any way to prevent this. It makes me sick to my stomach.

We can’t afford to sit around and wait for the NRA to give Congress permission to do something. We need to keep pushing Congress, but this is an emergency and we need to work on other ways to stop gun violence in America as well.

That’s why last month, I sent a letter to nine of the country’s biggest investment firms – all which are major shareholders for publicly traded gun companies – and asked them to use their financial muscle to push for more responsible behavior by gun manufacturers.

The next day, investment giant BlackRock announced that it would consider creating index funds that exclude gun manufacturers and retailers. Yay! But that was about it. For the most part, the investment firms haven’t had the political courage to step up and lead this fight.

So I’m asking you to help.

We’ve set up YouFundGuns.com – an easy website to help you call or tweet to the country’s biggest investment firms and ask them to use their leverage and help reduce gun violence across the country. Will you help me turn up the heat on shareholders who are making money off every sale of every weapon, Dorothy?

Ultimately, in any public company, shareholders hold the reins. They determine what those companies do, and the shareholders in gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Sturm, Ruger & Company, and Vista Outdoors are in a powerful position to encourage gun manufacturers to regulate their own weapons.

There’s a lot that gun manufacturers could do. They could ask retail outlets to impose higher minimum age requirements to purchase of their weapons. They could ask stores to require waiting periods prior to purchase. They could fund research aimed at developing safer weapons. They could step up and try to be part of the solution.

We know these sorts of changes are possible. Just last month, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that it would stop selling assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, and that it would not sell guns to anyone under the age of 21.

I get it: No amount of pressure on the industry can substitute action by Congress – and I’m going to keep fighting in Washington until we pass common sense gun reform. But every change is important, and engaging investors could be a start to help reduce gun violence across the country.

Money talks. Shareholders have power – and I’ll give it everything I’ve got to push these powerful investment firms to use their shareholder strength to demand change. But if we’re going to convince any shareholders to stand up to the gun industry and their powerful friends at the NRA, it’s not going to take just one of us – it’s going to take all of us.

Do you want to join the fight, Dorothy? Click here to visit YouFundGuns.com to contact major shareholders in gun companies and urge them to use their power to push for changes to reduce gun violence across the country.

Thanks for being a part of this,


P.S. This Saturday, students from across the country have organized more than 800 "March for Our Lives" events to demand an end to gun violence and mass shootings in schools. I'll be joining students in Springfield, Massachusetts – and I hope you'll join a march near you. Click here to find a March for Our Lives event this weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Blossoming 

The Blossoming

"If I could step out of my body, I would break into blossom."
                                                     James Wright

Yes, you and I have done this,
remember the times
when the stars have spoken to us
and rainbows flung themselves
across the spume and the heaving

Or perhaps it was when
someone special 
entered the room,
or when the Mahler
entered our bodies,
and all our chakras
opened at once.

And if you have had
the true awakening
you will indeed float 
from your body
and find your lost home
within and everywhere without
as a lotus blooms above
your head.

Dorothy Walters
March 22, 2018

(image from internet)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mary Oliver's Picture 

Mary Oliver's Picture

Gaze on this portrait 
and what you will see
is someone who has
grown old and wise,
who sees with piercing
clarity the inner truth of things
and knows who she is.

She carries her age well,
allowing each wrinkle
and shadow
to define her essence:
knowing, resolute,
yet with a wry pixie smile
that says
she is taking the world
and her life
with a grain of salt,
knows that not this
nor any poem
can be the final answer,
now waiting with poise
and graciousness  to embrace 
the next unfolding.

Dorothy Walters
March 14, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Coleman Barks––on Rumi and His Poetry 

Something brought me to my desk (my tabernacle, my shrine) early this morning and this is what I found on Marci Mattes' site (Brown Sparrow).

Coleman Barks on Rumi and his poetry..." the deeply kneeling man".....
"..... as described in the Heart Sutra, the central text of Zen, as having “no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind, and no consciousness.” To get there you must die before you die. Buddha’s Heart Sutra draws one along to the understanding that in that dissolving nothing exists by itself. Everything interpenetrates in the ecstatic core where heart-vision begins.

A bowl falls from the roof. This is not theoretical. It is the practical and experiential love that annihilates, and the most ineffable of experiences, if there can be degrees of unsayableness...... The love way is not religious. It is rather the origin and the longing inside religiousness. Footprints disappear at the ocean’s edge. When we bow to each other, feet become head in a circle. No one could tell with Rumi and Shams who was teacher and who the student. Lover, beloved, and love became one thing with them. Images of transparency and particles, light upon light, the candle at noon, occur, images of breath merging with sky. We are sleeping and wake inside another sleep; we wake again, and on…as veils, the mist of language, the apparent limits, burn off. Each region of love leads to the unfolding. There may seem to be a kind of progress....., from spontaneous wandering to the lord of the heart, but it might just as easily be reversed, or put in any number of sequences. The heart with its many regions moves more like interpenetrating spheres, concurrent universes, than a linear path. Areas of energy in the poetry merge with one another as layers of ocean, or as the mysterious workings of soil in a field, or the draining slant of a mountainside. Rumi’s impulse feels earthward in its transformation, going down instead of up in the way one might aspire to the angelic.

There is no down or up in love, but if one had to say whether Rumi’s poetry goes more with the pure transcenders or more with the grief-gardeners, one would say he’s a ground-hugger and not so much a high-flyer, more jamal (feminine, receptive) than jalal (masculine, commanding). But as Rumi himself says hundreds of times, there is little one can say about love. It has to be lived, and it’s always in motion. When Rainer Maria Rilke, the great mystical poet of the twentieth century, saw the Mevlevi dervishes in Cairo in 1910, he said, “With Rumi the scale is shifted, for this is the mystery of the deeply kneeling man. In following the peculiar weight and strength in his knees, he belongs to that world in which height is depth. This is the night of radiant depth unfolded.” He was referring to the night of December 17, when Rumi died in 1273. It is celebrated as his union with the divine.

Barks, Coleman. "Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing ."  HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Lost Seeker––Poem by Dorothy 

The Lost Seeker

Oh, where is my robe?
I have looked everywhere
and I cannot find it.

When I meet others
wearing their robes and beads,
my heart clutches
in envy.
They know how to chant mantras
 and sing kirtan,
ways to fall into the secret
They turn about
on their jeweled sandals,
each movement a blessing.

I have neither bindu nor robe,
no scepter or crown,
only the sacred presence within.
Only the kisses that she
and I know together
when "naked to naked goes."

Dorothy Walters
March 18, 2018

(The phrase "naked to naked goes" is from Yeats and refers to the moment when the pure spirit encounters beloved source.)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kissing the Hem of Mary Oliver––poem by Dorothy 

Kissing the Hem of Mary Oliver

Here she is, I am holding her
in my hands.
A new and weighty book,
the record of her life,
each beauty (a leaf, a star)
tumbling forth
one after another,
her memorial
her memory book,
her journey of 
so many years.

She loved, was one with
nature itself,
the birds, the ponds,
the bears in the trees.
Even the insects
and snakes,
nothing was excluded,
she was the original
nature mystic
from ages past,
a goddess or queen
from some other world,
returned to ours
to give us
new eyes to see,
new ways to connect
with what so many had
amidst the concrete
and clatter
of this home we have made,
glimpses of the realm
where our 
Mother lived,
the realm from which we came.

Dorothy Walters
March 14, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mary Oliver––"Devotions"––poem by Dorothy 

Mary Oliver––"Devotions"

She came among us
like a wild creature
fresh from the forest,
wearing a tunic of green,
tiara of flowers in her hair.

Orpheus returned, 
she sang to us of mysteries
long lost,
secrets of the animals
and trees,
how these were
our ancestors,
beloved precursors
of our souls.

Bears, rabbits, garden snakes,
small bodies of water,
even spiders––
all received her blessing,
all part of the oneness that is.

We listened in awe
 to her sacred melodies,
in trance and yearning
for what we had forgotten,
our lost songs of spirit,
ceremonies of connection,
the place where we began.

Dorothy Walters
March 14, 2014

Mary Oliver has a new book called "Devotions: Selected Poems of Mary Oliver."  I, like so many, adore her work and am discovering many (to me) new poems in this volume.  All Oliver lovers should indeed get this latest collection.
I even wrote a second poem devoted to her and I will post it tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Transformed Human––poem by Dorothy 

The Transformed Human

The cabalists called it "Adam Kadmon"
and followed strange practices 
to achieve their goal.
The alchemists strove to turn 
the base metal of the species into gold,
always in secret,
away from censoring eyes. 
Teihard de Chardin said it would happen
at the Omega Point, the place
where heaven and earth meet.
Aurobindo spoke
of the Divine Human,
something in the making,
and we hold our own notions
of the New Person
now being born.
The Transformed Human.

Who is this being
so long sought,
so fervently desired?
Are we ourselves 
being cast into a new mold,
a better, more luminous,
more transcendent version of ourselves?

Will our refashioned nerves and renewed senses
carry us to an unknown way of perceiving
and acting,
a more peaceful and caring
 way of relating to ourselves
and the world?

Will we now be more closely connected
to the unseen Divine?

What is the power propelling
such transfiguration?
Is it cosmic energy, predestination,
benevolent beings from elsewhere, 
places far removed?
Unseen divinities shaping
our course,
gods who cherish us,
leading us on?

Some say it is an inevitable process
of nature, where simpler systems
always combine into higher 
formulations of themselves.
Some feel it is Kundalini,
life force entering and animating all.

Some call it a field of Love,
pulsating god source that holds all of us
in its embrace,
shows us the way. 

Dorothy Walters
March 9, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Secret 

The Secret

A hundred scholars
could search the texts
and never find the meanings.

Yogis can turn themselves into pretzels,
become limber as serpents
and still not know the secret.

I think such knowings come from bargains
struck long ago
in a place that has no name.

Formulas were sewn
into your spine and skull,
ready to be found.

No one truly understands
how all this happens,

how some are chosen,
some not.

This is a process
that some call grace.

You must listen carefully
to hear 
when your name is called.

Dorothy Walters
March 12, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

After the Awakening––poem by Dorothy  

After the Awakening

After the event,
you will not be the same.
You will feel like a ghost
returning from another realm
with a message
that no one wants to hear.

Or perhaps the one living being
walking about in a city of
the dead.

The world and all that is in it
is suddenly very beautiful
and you know that it and you
are one.

Will we now be more connected

to the unseen divine?

If you try to tell someone
what has happened,
they will look uneasy
and change the subject.
Or maybe suggest
that you should call 9ll,
check yourself in.

You learn to be silent,
pretend to be like them.
They are all very busy,
buying the latest things,
showing off their new clothes,
watching the game or the
commercials on T. V.

If they wish to be good,
they take the children to church,
but don't listen when the minister
rambles on telling them how they should live.
They secretly look at their cell phones,
watch the athletic contests in progress,
check their investments.

Each day you listen 
to celestial music,
but nobody else can hear.
You know that angels
are floating overhead
on golden clouds,
but no one wishes to look up.

You learn to be silent,
never reveal what has happened,
who you are.
You live in your own secret world
where your only companion 
is God.

Dorothy Walters
March 11, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Saints––poem by Dorothy 

The Saints

These were not like us,
these ancient ones.
They lived in caves,
ate grass,
lashed themselves to poles
and stood one legged
in the sky.

Some flew up to the church ceiling,
then wondered how they
would get down.
Others healed by allowing those in need
to touch their hem,
receive grace through the eyes.

Yet we survive.
The rapture comes
and we receive.
Who can tell
how sweet and soft
it is,
or tumultuous
like a storm,
pulsation of bliss.

We have no guide
or explanation.
Only the wonder
of the real.
Merely the touch
of that which is.

Dorothy Walters
March 3, 2018

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Eight Ways the Flower Opens 

Eight Ways the Flower Opens

You are entered
and ravished
by something
you cannot see.
Your body pulses
in pleasure and joy.
Finally you lie
on the earth, arms outstretched,
and say, "Here I am, take me,
I am yours."

You move slowly,
blossom gently kissed by rain.
You struggle cautiously 
up the mountain,
wondering why 
you are doing this,
if you should go on.
Someone has said
there are unicorns
and hanging gardens
up ahead
and so you 
continue to climb.

You find teachers 
who dispense universal wisdom.
They lead you,
give you things to do.
Sometimes you touch
their hems in gratitude,
receive their blessings.

You scour old texts,
examine ancient scrolls.
You look carefully,
certain that the secret is there,
the guide to the buried treasure
waiting to be found.

You are a skeptic and see 
that the others are bewitched 
by a comforting trance,
myths to sustain
in an uncertain world.
You remain alone in your tower of truth,
and know that you are braver, wiser,
more enlightened than the rest,
for you have seen through
to where nothing is.
Then one day something happens,
some kind of light
pierces the darkness
and everything changes

You cast aside all instruction,
do it your chosen way,
paintings and dancing,
music and poems,
trees that sing to you,
the crashing of waves
at the shore.
Something unknown
directs your movements,
you are led by an invisible guide
into the realms of the subtle raptures.
Finally a voice speaks to you within.
You pause and listen.

You arrive somewhere,
know that this is the place
you have been seeking
for so long.
Your crown opens and
you scan the landscape
with new eyes.
Everything dazzles
illumined by an inner sun,
you know that you are nothing,
all is one.

People call you a saint
or a savior.
You wonder how this
could be.
You return
to the foot of the mountain,
again struggle upward
over the rubble and scree,
pilgrim among pilgrims,
help others
as best you can.

Dorothy Walters
March 7, 2018

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

When––poem by Dorothy  


When your body opens
you will be a flower,
swallowing sun,
earth pierced by rain.

Child at mother's breast,
lover entering and being entered.

Pulsation of joy.

Kiss of heaven.

Dorothy Walters

Monday, March 05, 2018

The Initiation––Dorothy Walters 

The Initiation
(for Genevieve)

When it happens,
you will not know what it is.
You will go trembling and afraid
into the arms of an unseen lover,
one who will hold you tightly
in a close embrace.

You will sigh
and give in,
relinquish all control.
You will let it have its way
with you.
You will not know if
it is male or female,
but you will not care.

The rapture will extend
until night itself
groans in joy.

In the morning you
will realize
that you have just made
love with god,
that this is what you
have always longed for,
that you yourself
are the god within.

Dorothy Walters
March 3, 2018

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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Something Inside––poem by Dorothy 

Something Inside

Now that I have grown older,
it is time to think about things
that really matter.

Did I ever learn anything
from all those broken hearts?
The seniors in rank who rated 
what I did
who were so inept?
The childhood tapes
that just kept on playing
no matter what?

The way things changed
so suddenly?

The many gifts
that have been showered
upon me?
The beautiful people
I know and hold dear?
The mysteries that surrounded
me that I could never unravel?

Something inside has held me
through it all.
It is still here,
leading me on,
even if I still don't know
its face, its name,
or even the destination.

Dorothy Walters
February 24, 2018

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Friday, March 02, 2018

Oh, Seeker--poem by Dorothy 

Oh, Seeker

Oh, seeker, do not follow
the trodden ways
that the elders have created.
Too often these are deceptive,
have lost their luster.

Find your own pathway,
and you will arrive
at your true destination.

Nothing will be gained
by mindlessly repeating
ancient formulas
and prescribed practices
with little understanding.

Accept what rings true
but test each in the fire
of your own intelligence.

Do listen to those
who wear robes
and thus claim authority
or wish you to bow down.

There is an authority
higher than any of those
who demand blind obedience
and imposed obligations.

Your true guide is the one
who lives within,
who will lead you
to the prize you yearn for,
the jewel in your heart.

Dorothy Walters
February 28, 2018

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Dorothy Walters and Andrew Harvey  Youtube interview

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Andrew Harvey in Boulder March 16 

Andrew Harvey: The Mystic Meets the Prophet
Public · Hosted by Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality

Friday, March 16 at 7 PM - 8:30 PM

First Congregational Church UCC Boulder
1128 Pine St, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Please join us and our special guest Andrew Harvey for his evening talk entitled, "The Mystic Meets the Prophet: Listening for the Call to Compassion"

The crucial task of our time is to marry the deepest spiritual wisdom and compassion with wise focused radical action in Sacred Activism. Only a world wide revolution of compassion in action can prevent terrible crises and co-create a new and just world. Andrew Harvey will lay out his vision of Sacred Action and inspire all that come to rise to the challenge of our time.

Your confirmation receipt will act as your ticket. Please print and bring with you to the event. Thank you.

About Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality

Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality
Religious Organization · Boulder, Colorado
Transformative graduate and continuing education guided by the principles of Creation Spirituality and grounded in the wisdom traditions of faith & science

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