you can read more about him at I've been reading his books and love them.
On Sunday from 10 am to noon, Dr. Moss will be speaking at SpritiKeepers at the West Boulder Senior Center at 909 Arapaho. This gathering has a few dances of universal peace and then Dr. Moss will speak. I believe it is just a basket out to receive donations, no specific fee.
A description of what happens at spirit keepers can be found here:
I received this emailed from: to a list I am on. I don't know Ivan, but imagine he would be fine to receive inquires about the event since he posted it to a public list.
Our spiritual teacher and healer, Richard Moss will be at the Boulder Integral, 2805 Broadway at 7PM Friday evening to talk about Inside-Out healing, the subject of his latest book. It will be an exploration of healing mind and body through the transformative power of present-moment awareness. My wife and I have been so impressed with his humanity, caring and genuineness and feel he is the "real deal" and is unique in bringing spirituality down to earth! On Saturday, he will delve more deeply in what will be an experiential day where you will be supplied with practical tools and deep inspiration to address the challenges in your life. Please be at the Star House by 8:30AM. Workshop ends at 5:45 and Lunch is provided.