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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Are We Becoming Crystals of Light? 

As our nervous systems become ever more refined,and we experience things at an ever more subtle level, we ask ourselves what is going on with our physical and subtle selves? Are we moving closer toward the "omega point" of union with the divine, as Teilhard suggested? Are we participating in some grand program for human evolution? Are we indeed becoming beings of light, as many have averred?

Here is a poem which reflects this feelling:


The jeweled cloud sways overhead,
Meanwhile our cells are turning to air,
finer and finer arrangements of light.

(from "Marrow of Flame, Poems of the Spiritual Journey")

Elizabeth Reninger wrote the following captivating description of how it feels to undergo such a sense of transformation:

"I was able today to sit with one of my most cherished gurus: a 440
lb. crystal on display in the lobby of the Department Of Commerce.. . It's there as part of a display on crystalline technology, and carries an energy that is,
quite simply, sublime. So periodically I go there and, feigning
interest in the display, bask in the shakti of this most amazing
Being ... I've considered asking if I could pull up a chair, so I
could sit for a longer period, but so far haven't done this ... The
setting is decidedly military, and . . . I'm afraid
that such behavior might arouse suspicion. (Someone "just sitting,"
very clearly enjoying themselves, perhaps slipping into and out of
states of rapture, as "suspicious behavior" ... hmmmm ...) So I just
stand there for as long as feels comfortable. Today, the energy of
it was bringing to mind an experience I had in meditation several
weeks ago: having the clear image that the matrix of my bones was
being re-formed into a crytalline pattern: that my entire skeleton
was being made into a crystal. I was reflecting also on how there
was, for me, really no perceivable difference (at the level of
energy/bliss-joy/expansion) between "sitting with" this member of the
mineral kingdom, and sitting with human beings whose shakti is
alive ... both so delightful ..."

copyright, Elizabeth Reninger

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