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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mirabai and Sacred Poetry 

I just spent well over an hour composing a post having to do with Mirabai, who often wrote of sacred union, and also of the pain of separation when the beloved seemed to disappear. Just as I was about to finish, the entire post somehow vanished before my eyes, and left me with a blank page. So I am left with the puzzlement and pain of "loss and separation", a small "dark night of the soul," in fact.

I also had mentioned the inspiration I received on Sunday from participating in a small group reading of sacred poetry. The experience reminded me that poetry itself was in its origins a sacred performance, not a product for critical analysis. Poetry has great "shakti power" if we will let it.

So--today--I suggest you take down your favorite poet and read some selections aloud to yourself a few times, and see how they resonates within.

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