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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Final Temptation 

The Final Temptation

(after viewing “Portrait of the Suffering Christ”
from the collection of St.Francis of Assisi)

Why am I so defenseless
against this face?
What is this stirring like love
reluctant recognition,
hidden centers opening?

Isn't this the visage of someone
I once knew
and still see occasionally
in the city,
riding the municipal bus
or at the market
checking vegetables?
Isn't this a person I
have spoken to now and again,
heard the story of his vanished wife,
his daughter away at college
who never writes?

This is a moment
I am not prepared for.
How often I have skirted
that great basin of sorrow
at the center of each day,
walked around it,
averting my eyes.
How many times I have looked away
not wanting to acknowledge,
see that face in full relief.

Now I have secret knowledge.

I am his blood flowing,
his weighted eyes looking out.

Who will protect me now?

copyright, Dorothy Walters

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