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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Return to the Home Planet, Part 2 

The Kundalini Research Network conference, continued

One of the outstanding speakers at this conference was Barbara Harris Whitfield. Barbara was one of the Near Death Experiencers interviewed by Kenneth Ring in his ground breaking study called "Heading Toward Omega." Here is her story:

She had broken her back when someone unexpectedly pushed her into a swimming pool (she was fully clothed at the time.) While she was in the operating room of the hospital, she suddenly found herself near the ceiling, gazing at a ventilation vent. Then she looked down and saw her body on a table, and observed with interest what was going on there. Next she found herself in a "dark space" (the tunnel of the NDE experience), and at the end of the "tunnel" was her beloved grandmother. Barbara was "now" about 6 years old, and re-experienced being in the kitchen with her grandmother, who was showing her how to drop small balls of food into a pot of water (gefilte fish). Now Barbara quickly relived all her life contacts with her grandmother (and perhaps others as well), until she suddenly was "back in her body." She hated to return, and wanted to be back in "that other place."

Barbara sees (as others do) a direct connection between the NDE and the Kunalini process. These two radical experiences transform the self in similar ways Both are related to out of body experiences, which in turn tend to occur with those who have suffered childhood abuse.

Her subsequent life (like that of many others at the conference--I'll describe them later) has been one of service and giving. She has worked extensively with abuse victims and others in need. She and her husband, Charles Whitfield, are now a "Transition Team" to help those in the process of dying or being born.

Barbara is a delightful, exuberant, loving being. She is filled with vibrant joy, which is deeply contagious. She is well known nationally, having appeared on such venues as Larry King Live, and Oprah, among others. One feels empowered by her presence.

To read more about her and her remarkable work, see her website:


On this site, you can listen to a recording of the lecture she gave at the conference.

She also answered one very important question for me. She said that when she went for her first experience of sitting with someone in the dying process, she herself had a migraine headache, but she went anyway. This elderly patient, who had no one else to be with her, was extremely grateful. as Barbars simply held her hand quietly. So--one can indeed offer healing energies and a healing presence, even though one is herself a bit "off" or unwell. This question has puzzled me for years, and I was glad finally to have it answered.

Thank you, Barbara. You are a real gift to us all.

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