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Friday, April 15, 2005

Return to the Home Planet, Part 3 

Return to the Home Planet, Part 3

Linda Greischel, the current President of the Board of KRN, did a tremendous amount of planning and preparation for the recent conference. She merits a special vote of thanks for all of her labors which produced such splendid results.

Linda has written two books relating to kundalini. "Divine Eros, The Alchemy of Soul and Spirit," incorporates personal experience with a more formal discussion of yoga, meditation, mysticism and the kundalini process. Linda herself experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 1969, which she describes in her book as follows:

(She is lying by the ocean when her awakening occurs.)

"During one of these many days, I lay down upon a flat surface of basalt rock. My body was outstretched upon the natural altar. My skin drank in the heat of the fiery, summer sun, the cool, playful spray of the water, the solid support of massive rock, and the touch and fragrance of the salt-scented wind. I slipped into a languid meditation on the four elements embracing my body.

Suddenly, an enormous force surged through the front of my solar plexus, rising up like a flash flood through my body, and then gushing out through the top of my head like a geyser. I dissolved into this luminous, liquid force. This divine force exuded the most extreme power I ever felt and was seething with ecstatic love! Its immensity pierced and shattered me, causing uncontrollable tears of rapture to stream down my face. In (that same) instant, I lost total sense of my separate self, fusing into thie Body of Being. I have no idea how long this lasted, but when it ceased, I knew that God, at long last, had answered my yearning questions. At that moment I vowed aloud, with all of my heart, to devote my entire life to a spiritual path."

copyright, Linda Greischel

(I will say more about Linda in future entries.)

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