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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Return to the Home Planet 

The Kundalini Research Network Conference--Part One

I have just come back from the Kundalini Research Network Conference in San Diego. It was a peak experience, to say the least. This group was founded several years ago to study the kundalini phenomenon from a "scientific," statistical viewpoint, but for many of us, our "research" is the stories of one another. It was an amazing group.

On Thursday evening, before the official opening, I had dinner with three other members. Over a dinner of (mostly) fish and chips, I heard some incredible stories. One was from Barbara Harris Whitfield, who was one of the people interviewed early on by Ken Ring for his pioneer study of near death experience written up in his book, "Heading Toward Omega." Barbara said that for some time before she went for her interview, she would have inner images of Isaac Benthov (author of "Stalking the Wild Pendulum," which includes a "map" for the kundalini process) when she meditated. Now, this man had been dead for two or more years, and although she had read his book, she had never seen a picture of him. When she finally saw his picture, she realized that he was the one who had been appearing to her.

Barbara was uncertain whether or not to tell Ken Ring about her unusual experience with Benthov. But finally she did, and Ken replied, "Oh, Barbara, Benthov has been showing up all over Boston." (I'll say more about her later--a very remarkable woman.)

Another person then described her own awakening experience, which included telescopic vision. Now, I have read of this phenomenon in ancient accounts, but I had never met anyone who had experience it. She said during this period of initital opening, she could look far off, at a distant mountain, and see with clarity everything on it.

And a third member, who has not had a kundalini awakening herself, did have a story to tell. When she was teaching in a local community college, one of the students was a former naval captain. He said that once at sea the ship was surrounded with UFO's which buzzed overhead constantly for several minutes. I was quite glad to hear of this, for it seemed to validate the many reported sightings which many in authority are quick to deny.

And so it began. (More tomorrow.)

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