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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

from What Is Enlightenment? 

The following description of this blog appears in the current issue of "What Is Englightenment"? (Thanks are due to my friend Claire, who called the magazine's attention to this site). The description is included in an article on the uses of the internet for spiritual topics.

"... Another one to check out is Kundalinisplendor, a blog started by Dorothy Walters, author of "Unmasking the Rose." Given the site as a 'birthday present', Walters was hesitant at first, but soon this seventy-seven year old mystic got in touch with her inner blogger and now describes the forum as her 'letter to the world.' She uses it to chronicle her ongoing experience and thoughts about her Kundalini Awakening that transformed her life two decades ago. Like many blogs, its entries range from the mundane ('Today, because it was a bit cold, I decided to do my chi gong stretching in the kitchen, rather than in my usual place' to the sublime ('We are being filled with light we do not comprehend, lifted toward essence, assaulted by nameless love, at this juncture of the finalities...'

I was, of course, quite pleased to be noted by this national magazine. And I am especially happy that more and more of us who pursue a spiritual path are being united, at least in cyberspace. I had lunch yesterday with a woman I met recently, who had a remarkable awakening some 30 years ago, and is just now ready to share some of her experiences with others. I think sites such as those mentioned served to give those who are isolated and needing support the gratification that at least they are "not the only ones" having unusual experience.

Indeed, many people still are threatened by "going public" with their mystical interests. Some are fearful of the reactions of family or friends, others feel such a disclosure might jeopardize their professional reputations.

Indeed, the situation of the "closeted mystic" is in many ways comparable to that of those who remain in the closet because of their sexual orientation. Personally, I think it is not good for people to be "outed", no matter what the issues may be. Fortunately, however, more and more are coming forward in all categories. A public declaration is wonderfully liberating--one no longer has to worry about "what people will think." True friends will stand by you and offer support in all circumstances. And--do you really want the other as friends, anyway? One more point--sometimes it turns out that people are more "enlightened" than you might suppose, if you simply give them a chance to express their true feelings.

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