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Monday, May 09, 2005

More on Subtle Energies 

I continue to study the various responses to my earlier thoughts on science and subtle energy, and to reflect on them--all quite stimulating. I am actually familiar with the various writers some of you mention (Bruyere et al) and think their work is fascinating. And I totally agree that mainstream science will always approach from a strictly materialistic viewpoint, and that any discovery or invention can be turned to malevolent rather then benevolent uses. Nonetheless, I am quite fascinated by what seems to be going on as traditional science delves deeper into certain basic questions, particularly those having to do with extremely subtle energies.

Today's S. F. Chronicle carried an article on something called "the fine structure constant". "The 'fine structure constant' controls the strength of electromagnetism, of which light is the visible manifestation. Thus,the fine structure constant controls the way light and matter interact" The fine structure constant "measures how sub-atomic particles interact with light and with each other."

It is the final phrase of each sentence which captures my attention, though indeed I can't pretend to understand much of this. But I can't help wondering if this "interaction of light and matter" isn't what we feel in kundalini bliss states, where we seem to become conscious of activity well below the threshold of familiar consciousness. (We dance with the atoms in our blood.) And I also wonder if this interaction of light and matter isn't itself the basis of various creation myths from many traditions which explain the beginnings of life in similar terms. (The famous awakening of Adam in the Sistine Chapel comes to mind, also certain texts from Kashmiri Shaivism on vibration as the basis of the all that is).

Where are the contemporary scientists who can put all of this together for us and explain it in comprehensible terms? We need another David Bohm or even a Fritjof Capra, someone fully grounded in modern physics, who can link the systems,both "scientific" and esoteric.

I also think that, despite itself, science is converging on ancient truths. Now, if we could just get a few of these folks "turned on" so that they could have their own personal k. awakenings--think of that!

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