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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why Kundalini Matters 

Last night, I went to a poetry reading at a local bookstore, and it so happened that I sat next to a female famous as a major voice of the "anti-establishment" in the sixties and seventies. She is still a woman of deep convictions, and is, I am told, convinced that times today are infinitely worse than they were in that earlier era of protest and demonstration.

Part of me agrees with her. Often these seem to be the days of darkness described in prophetic literature, the "end times" of the Bible, the final era of the Mayan calendar.

Yet, in the midst of all the devestation and despair, something remains which is highly affirming, totally convincing in its way. Kundalini comes to us like a precious gift, a blessing received through an act of grace. It serves as a kind of talisman, the charm or amulet to sustain the hero as he/she confronts the challenges of the great journey.

Kundalini tells us, in the most convincing way possible, that we, in our inner being, our ultimate self, are connected, undeniably and indissolubly, to an essential source. This source is not one we can adequately define or describe. It is truly ineffable. Yet, when it (the divine energy) comes, it breathes into our very bones currents of overwhelming love. It tells us that whatever the external circumstance, we are and will be connected.

Kundlini is part and parcel of who we are. As more of us awaken to this wondrous power, we will find increasing confirmation of the reality of that which possessses and is possessed by us. Kundalini will be recognized not as an aberration, but a normal faculty of the natural being. It will in fact carry us to that next stage of human evolution talked of for so long.

I do not mean to minimize or devaluate the widespread suffering now apparent throughout the world. Still, I wonder, is a city of light rising in the very midst of the ruins? Is humanity being redeemed in unexpected ways as universal destruction occurs? Is a new reality emerging even as our old world dissolves before our eyes?

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