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Monday, June 27, 2005

How It Happens 

In the poem above, Kabir described the nectar of the divine embrace. Here is a summary of an experience which occurred recently to a "friend of a friend," a young man who doesn't even describe his "opening to love" in terms of kundalini per se

Having reached a point of deep frustration in his spiritual journey, he simply gave up and released all yearning, all striving, all goals. Instantly, he felt the "uprush of divine love" ascend quickly up the back of his legs and spine, leaving him with a feeling of absolute openness. In the weeks that followed,
he felt he saw deeply into the innate perfection of all those he encountered. Externals no longer mattered, as he basked in the bliss of his new consciousness.

One wonders how many others are experiencing such "moments of divine encounter." Is the process of sacred union with the true Self and others indeed creating an ever widening net of "initiates"? Are we all involved in a process which is "growing exponentially," as some believe, moving us ever more swiftly toward "critical mass," a universal leap into a new stage of consciousness?

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