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Saturday, June 11, 2005


At last I have a new computer up and running. I am quite impressed with it, and realize how out of date the old one was, with its labored breathing and difficulty staying connected.

Finally I am able to see the beautiful photographs and art work on Patricia's site in their full beauty. (Go to www.windchimewalker.com, and check Patricia's journal, with its many accompanying photos.) She takes lovely shots of flowers, trees, water--nature at its best. And now I can enjoy them in the fullness of their rich colors and striking radiance. And brillliance has also entered my dreams.

Usually, I do not remember my dreams, but occasionally one flashes through--usually as a single image or incident. Today, while I was out walking near the ocean, admiring the ice plants (luminous green spears lit by the sun filtering through), I suddenly remembered a portion of my dream from last night. It consisted of a single flower--something like a sunflower, only more burnt orange and golden. It had no brown center, but unfolded as a beautiful petaled mass, quite broad across. And as I watched, it suddenly was lit from within, becoming a radiant emblem of total luminescence.

I was quite awed by what I was witnessing. And somehow, in the dream, I was convinced that what I was seeing was not a dream at all, but rather a simple phenomenon of nature.

And on reflection it now occurs to me that what I perceived was the beauty inherent in all things and beings, the reality so often hidden by surface appearance or incorrect interpretation. If we could only see all things in their true light, how glorious the world would be.

Dreams of this sort seem to be more than just "dreams." They are more like brief visions, moments of seeing into the authentic realms of being. And the colors--how stunning they are. It is as if, for an instant, we are in fact "transported," given a differnt pair of eyes in order to receive some hidden but essential teaching.

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