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Friday, June 10, 2005

Water Crystals, Synchrony, Kundalini 

Masaru Emoto's experiments with water crystals are now world famous. Ice, as it melts, forms crystals for a few seconds before it transforms to water. Emoto has photographed thousands of these crystals in process of emerging, and has concluded that their overall shape (whether symmetrical or ragged) is determined by various unexpected factors. The source of the water itself is important: for example, the water of Tokyo is so contaminated that no crystals are formed at all. Best results are obtained from pure sources, such as clear streams, lakes, unpolluted rivers, and the like.

Emoto also has found that certain words or phrases appear to help shape the emerging design. A perfect crystal was produced when he wrapped a piece of paper with the words "love and gratitude" typed on it around the container. "Thank you" in various languages created crystals which were beautiful and complete.

Conversely, negative words or phrases ("You fool...you make me sick...I am going to kill you") produced no crystals, or else crystals with unattractive features (such as dark lumps in the center.)

Of course, there is much more to his theory than this. He has published many books describing in detail this interesting approach to a little known subject.

I have no idea whether the words associated with the crystals actually influenced the emerging shape. If some outside factor is indeed impacting the results, then I wonder if it could not as well be the actual thought patterns or feelings or emotions of the experimenter himself, rather than the words on the paper. Perhaps the vibrations aroused within the experimenter by the simple phrases of love or its opposite somehow resonate with the seemingly inert matter to produce some pattern of harmony or disharmony within. Is this another example of the influence of mind over matter?

Often when I enter a harmonious resonance field (such as that produced when members of an ashram chant or worship together), I pick up on their vibrations, and often feel deep bliss as a result. These patterns of resonance stir the deepest levels, including the blood (which Emoto correctly identifies as primarily water) which of course circulates throughout the body. These synchronized pulsations of the subtle field also awaken the self's own electromagnetic system, that is, the chi or kundalini energies. Is the phenomenon of guru shaktipat the result of the devotee entering the intense and extremely harmonious vibratory field of the teacher? Does like then resonate with like in rapture and bliss?

What would happen if such an advanced kundalini master were present when the shift from ice to water occurred? Would the crystals then reflect the absolute harmony of his/her resonance field in its emerging shape? Would the presence of the "sinner" rather than the "saint" produce opposite results?

It would be interesting if someone would play with such experiments. There is much to be discovered about vibration, resonance, kundalini, inner feelings, personal and world harmony, planetary survival, and cosmic reality. Can we learn to vibrate together in appropriate measure? Will we thus reach a critical mass, bring about a true "harmonic convergence", and together transition to a new level of being?

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