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Friday, July 01, 2005

Bliss vs. External Awareness 

Mind, then, or soul?
Break free from subtle words. Only be still,
Lay down the mind, submit, and Being then
Is Bliss, Bliss Consciousness: and That you are.

Arthur Osborne

These concluding lines from a poem by an early twentieth centure poet (see www.poetry-chaichana.com for the complete text) seem to capture the essence of the kundalini/mystical experience. Once again, we are admonished to let go of language and thought, and enter into unbroken bliss consciousness. And we are reminded that in such states we become our true Being.

And yet (and always there seems to be an "and yet"), in our present crisis we must, I think, turn to words to assess the realities around us, and to do our part to preserve a threatened world. We cannot afford simply to "disconnect," and float away entirely on our clouds of bliss.

Today I signed a petition imploring our leaders to appoint someone to the high court who is concerned with protecting our civil liberties from further assault. Bliss is our birthright, but so is freedom, and there seems to be less and less of this recently. We are indeed in perilous times. Often one feels as if the world is sleep walking toward ever growing threat of disaster. Will we wake up in time, or simply go over the cliff and perish together?

I think the trick for personal (psychic) survival is to cling to both, bliss and acute awareness. We should allow ourselves times of inner attunement but maintain our connection with the "outer" world of events and issues. Both are essential as we tread this narrow passage toward what may be an ultimate transition.

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