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Friday, July 15, 2005

Signs of the Times 

Recently, I have discovered more and more people who are having "unusual experiences," once again confirming my belief that "something is going on."

One friend, who has been undergoing a difficult kundalini awakening process, went to a new doctor a few weeks ago in a city north of San Francisco. Almost immediately, in the initial interview, the doctor asked her if she was experiencing symptoms of kundalini (she was) and then she asked if it was a spiritual phenomenon (and again, it definitely was.) The doctor (female) then said she would help her to find ways to slow the process so that she could handle it and ultimately stabilize. She added that she had several other patients having similar experiences. My friend was relieved, and I was deeply impressed that someone in the field of traditional medicine was so knowledgeable about the ways of kundalini. So--the word is spreading!

Another friend described to me the most recent of a series of visits she has made to Argentina to commune with the whales. When she arrives, she goes (with others) out on a boat which anchors off shore and waits for the whales to appear. The whales offer valuable advice to the world, and in addition help those who come to deal with their own deep inner issues. Often the group is accompanied with professional therapists who are able to help with the processing of the deep material which is often released. Many significant psychological break throughs occur in this setting, often so poweful they effect total life changes.

And now, my friend's husband and (grown) daughters have also become involved in this process of spiritual unfolding, not only in terms of the visits with the "great beings" of the sea, but by becoming themselves more dedicated explorers of the inner realms. This is quite impressive, since the husband has spent his life as a high level business man, and the daughters are established in demanding professional positions in the corporate/government worlds.

So--instead of becoming estranged from her family by her mystical pursuits, my friend is taking her family with her on this most mysterious and wondrous inner/out voyage.

And, finally, I spoke with another friend, who in a recent meditation retreat was suddenly entered by a great shaft of light coming in through her skull and then traveling down through her body. This visitation brought up all kinds of cellular memories of grief and sadness, so intense it left her shaking and sobbing for over an hour. But when her experience subsided, she found that she had a great sense of relief and inner peace. She had finally been able to release issues which had plagued her for years. She understood more fully the nature of her life journey (which has included many unusual visionary and other experiences), and was empowered sufficiently to share with others feelings and memories she had kept locked inside for many, many years.

We do indeed live in exciting times.

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