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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The March of the Penguins 

Recently, I saw the movie, currently playing in many theaters, titled "The March of the Penguins." This movie is awe inspiring. Watching it is like making a journey into the very heart of Mystery. The penguins, who live in the coldest climate in the world, endure unimaginable ordeals in order to bear their young in the brutal Antarctic regions. Somehow, dedicated and skilled cinematographers managed to capture the essence of their journey, and create from these precious materials one of the most beautiful and majestic movies ever filmed.

As you can tell, I was deeply moved by this documentary. It made me wonder why we don't spend more time as a people loving and photographing the amazing creatures of nature, rather than going forth with weapons and machines to exploit and destroy them.

Experiences like this refresh the soul. We need to discover such renewals of spirit as often as we can in these difficult times, when so much of the culture which surrounds us is so focused on spirit-denying subjects.

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