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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Poem by Kali Das 

The following poem is from a group of devotional verses called "To My Devi, Poems of the Heart."

The mountain stands steady in its grandeur,
rising from the mists of the lowlands,
summit shrouded in clouds of unknowing.
A hidden path winds its way up from the jungle,
lost to all but one in love.
Blessed by the Devi,
she endured the hardships,
followed her inspiration
and entered the cave of the heart of the mountain.
Her sanctuary found
she shed the coarse garments of the world
and surrendered to the quiet ecstasy of utter stillness
deep within her mountain,
unaware that at that moment,
a thousand birds rose from the mountainside,
taking flight in joy!

Kali Das

(copyright, Lawrence Edwards, Ph. D)

Lawrence Edwards is a Jungian therapist, meditation workshop leader, poet and writer, scholar of yogic philosophy, and generous friend and supporter to many seekers. For many years, he lived with Muktananda in India and the U. S., and continues to maintain a very close and loving connection with the Goddess, whom he calls "His Devi." He is a very wise and compassionate man, truly a model of what a devotee should be. He is active in the Kundalini Research Network, and has served as Director of the Board of that association.

A visionary since childhood, he has written his life story as "The Soul's Journey," available on Amazon.com His website www.thesoulsjourney.com is a bountiful source of information and inspiration.

I am honored to claim him as my friend.

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