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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chris Griscom 

"Let the body speak and it will show you realms of pure ecstasy and
light and even thought, at its very source. The mind of the cell is
the passageway between matter and the unmanifest. It holds the
blueprint of your Soul's intention into form. Ask where you come from
and your body will spin you out into the cosmos and into your
absolute essence."

(Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, "Soul Bodies")

Chris Griscom's amazing work and writings tie in very nicely with our recent discussions on light, connection, source, and essence. Once again, one sees convergence between ideas of the "New Science," Ancient Wisdom (the "Spanda Karikas," and current metaphysical/spiritual thought. They seem to say much the same thing, as if divine intention is putting out a single message on many levels, in various forms.

For more on Chris Griscom, see her website. I first read one of her books some ten or fifteen years ago, and was struck by the fact that she referred not only to ecstasy but also kundalini itself, an allusion rare in that time. (She is also the energy worker who helped Shirley McClain recover many past life memories. Shirley has received much bad press for her willingness to go public with her experience, but I happen to admire her for her courage and frankness, even in the face of criticism and ridicule. She is a true pioneer. Those who have gone through similar experiences realize that she knows whereof she speaks.)

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