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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


O God, Another Night is passing away,

By Rabia (Rabi'a Al-'Adawiyya)
(717 - 801)

English version by Charles Upton

O God, Another Night is passing away,
Another Day is rising --
Tell me that I have spent the Night well so I can be at peace,
Or that I have wasted it, so I can mourn for what is lost.
I swear that ever since the first day You brought me back to life,
The day You became my Friend,
I have not slept --
And even if You drive me from your door,
I swear again that we will never be separated.
Because You are alive in my heart.

-- from Women in Sufism: A Hidden Treasure - Writings and Stories of Mystics Poets, Scholars & Saints, Edited by Camille Adams Helminski

(reprinted from Ivan Granger's www.poetry-chaikhana.com Thanks, Ivan.)


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