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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Divine Union 

My friend and correspondent Merrilee, who wrote the post above about her experience with sex and kundalini, has generously agreed to let me run the following excerpt from her ongoing description of her intense experience. In recent days, she has moved into a new stage. This stage brings a sense of union with the divine, through her awakened energies. Thank you, Merrilee, for sharing with us such intimate and sacred moments.

Yesterday I experienced - what - "ecstatic union with the Divine" is definitely one way to put it. This went on (with little time-outs when the "Chakra Chants" CD I was listening to switched to the next Chakra) for 25 or so minutes. It involved my heart, throat and third eye Chakras.

While I was sitting in a chair, my body was put in different, unusual positions, usually with my back arched and my head thrown back - didn't feel uncomfortable at all, but I think it would have under ordinary circumstances. During most of this, I experienced a profound feeling of love for, and of being loved by, the Divine and/or God and/or the Mother. The Divine entity kept changing. I felt myself melting and surrendering. I cried a great deal. I felt shot through with Divine love, pierced by it. And each of the Chakras, in its turn, felt physically present and under great pressure.

It was a little like I think I felt when I was 12 through 14 years old and wanted to be a saint. I remember I used to feel some kind of personal connection with God then, some kind of fascination and even a minor mystical connection, but this experience was much, much, much more intense, even as it was a little bit familiar.

I feel like my ego was sliced and diced somewhat, and I'm not quite as cocky as I have been in the past when talking to my Goddess Within. I have definitely done some more surrendering.

I must say, this is a fascinating path I'm traveling down...

Yesterday and today I felt inspired to do some Internet research on Christian women mystics. There are a whole bunch of them from the 12th and 13th centuries. I am convinced I was there, and perhaps I was a mystic back then. The beguines - independent, unmarried women living communally - have always fascinated me. Here is a link if you want to do a little reading:


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One of the more interesting mystics is Teresa of Avila,who,in her book "The Interior Castle," describes states of rapture which sound very much like kundalini.

Chapter Four of the section titled "The Sixth Dwelling Place" contains the following summary of its contents, saying it "Treats of when God suspends the soul in prayer with rapture, or ecstasy or transport, which are all the same in my opinion, and how great courage is necessary to receive sublime favors from His Majesty."

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