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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kriyas, Inner Visions, Hidden Messages 

Here is another of Merrilee's recent experiences. Once more, I am grateful to her for her willingness to share with us her accounts of her sacred journey. The Chakra Chants CD she refers to is by Jonathan Goldman,whose music is always quite powerful, especially in terms of awakening the energies.

I had a new experience while listening to my Chakra Chants CD. In a nutshell, I "saw" some things in my mind while I had my eyes closed. It was a combination of a movie and a slide show! I have never "seen" anything before, and I thought perhaps I never would.

I was put in positions similar to my last experience, with my back arched to varying degrees and my head thrown back. I noticed that I was balancing in part on my elbows on the arms of the chair, which I now realize I did the last time, too. This made it easier to be in those positions. I was on the verge of tears a few times, but didn't cry. I really wanted a repeat of my last experience of Divine Union, and then realized that I was "trying too hard", so I let go and let whatever happened be OK.

While the CD played the heart Chakra track, I saw a slide show of what I think were religious statues that were made of marble or plaster, which then turned into a movie of plaster-colored entities floating past me from left to right. There were a lot of them and they were moving like they were flowing in the current of a river. I think these were people's souls on their way to somewhere.

During the the throat Chakra track, I saw a movie of medieval-looking people in a square going about their daily routine. I was standing up on a wall around the square and viewing the scene from above. A voice told me that my role was to speak (throat Chakra) for all the people who couldn't speak for themselves because they were too busy just trying to survive!

During the third eye Chakra track, I saw a slide show of round, stained-glass windows and then a movie of people in colorful garb milling about in my vicinity.

During the crown Chakra track, I was allowed to sit in a normal position, and again I felt a lot of pressure on the top of my head, and again I went to sleep or went away. This time I didn't come back until many minutes after the CD finished, and I have no memory of anything that happened.

This morning I've been dialoguing some with my Beloved Within, and She has been right there with answers to my questions and comments on the other things I say to Her. I've decided I'm going to talk to Her more often.

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