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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Merrilee's Journey Continues 

The below events happened on Sunday, November 6th, while I was listening to Jonathan Goldman's first Chakra Chants CD. Again, I included as much as I could remember.

Note: The chalice-like symbol that I mention below originally came to me in a dream in the 1980’s. For many months after that dream I would draw the symbol whenever I doodled.

The base of the symbol is like that of a simple chalice or drinking goblet, and instead of having a cup on the top to hold liquids, the symbol has only curved arms, which makes it look like a hollow cup. The base and arms are made of gold.

Inside the arms is a gemstone that sits in the bottom of the cup area. It is as tall as the top of the arms. It is purple (my favorite color) and is the shape of a grape with the smaller end at the top. The gemstone is carved all over with stylized flower petals that are shaped like the letter “U”.

General things about today’s session:
- Spent most of this session with my head thrown backwards, even on the lower chakras. Had occasional back-arching which only lasted a few seconds.

- Had a lot of head kriyas during every chakra track, with new movement patterns that included U-shaped half-circles with my head either upright or bowed, in addition to the regular up and down and/or left and right movements. Felt like an attempt was being made to keep my neck loose.

- Felt continuous pressure on my third eye chakra beginning with the 2nd chakra track all the way thru to the end of 7th one.

- Felt continuous pressure on my heart chakra beginning with the 4th track all the way thru to the end of the 7th one.
- Had 25 or so orgasms.
1st chakra track –
I had a lot of whole body kriyas (shaking and jerking). I also had some neck ones where my head moved up and down and/or side to side. I had a few orgasms.

2nd chakra track –
While my upright head was being moved in U-shaped semi-circles, I remembered the chalice-like symbol I mentioned above. Somehow the movement reminded me of the arms of the symbol.

I was told that I’m supposed to visualize using this chalice symbol sometimes when I do healing. I “saw” myself holding the base of the chalice with my left hand and sending healing energy through the purple stone by putting my right hand behind it. I used this vision to send healing to Dorothy. It was during this vision that my third eye chakra starting feeling pressure, and this continued for the rest of the session.

3rd chakra track –
This is the only track where my head was taken out of the head-thrown-back position. It was put into a very definite bowed position, which really stretched the back of my neck. My bowed head was then moved around a lot in the U-shaped semi-circles, which stretched my neck even more.

At one point, my head was put upright and moved as far right as it could go. After I had an orgasm, it was moved as far left as it could go. After I had another orgasm, the whole process was repeated to the right, but instead of going back to the left again, it was bowed and the semi-circle movement began again.

During this whole track I kept visualizing the chalice symbol.
4th chakra track –
My head was put in the head-thrown-back position again. I saw white light coming from high above my head into my heart. The light was almost liquid and reminded me of milk. I sent it out to family and friends and covered the planet in it. I didn’t see the chalice symbol during this track.

I went into the back-arched position a couple of times, but was quickly brought down again. This usually ended in an orgasm. At one point, my head was put in its normal position and then bent as far as it would go to the left so my ear was on my shoulder. After an orgasm, it was bent to the right. After another orgasm, it was put back in the thrown-back position.

5th chakra track –
I saw blue light coming from high above my head and flowing into the front of my neck. Then the chalice symbol appeared, and my head was thrown back further and my mouth opened as wide as it could go. Purple light from the chalice, with blue light on either side of it, streamed into my mouth and down my throat. During this I was also feeling a lot of pressure on my heart and third eye chakras.

Eventually my mouth closed and, even though the track was still on the 5th chakra, the purple light from the symbol started going into my forehead.

6th chakra track –
The chalice symbol moved about a foot away from me into some white light streaming from far above, and I could see the light reflecting off its gold base. (Prior to this the symbol was just a few inches in front of my eyes.) The white light went through the stone in the chalice, turned purple and went into my forehead. I felt a lot of pressure and some amount of pain in my third eye chakra. I also continued to feel a lot of pressure in my heart charka.

7th chakra track –
My body stiffened so that my head and shoulders were pushed into the back of the chair and my legs and feet were pushed down into the footstool, and I had an intense orgasm, after which I was returned to a normal sitting position. Then so much pressure was put on the top of my head that I was pushed down into the chair and my lower body actually scooted forward a bit. This didn’t last very long, and eventually I was returned to a normal seated position.

From a vantage point outside my body, I saw the top of my head disappear and white smoky light start flowing into it. I then started viewing things from a position inside my head about eye-level but near the back of my head.

I saw the white light fill up the whole inside of my head, including down into my jaw. I eventually saw the light go down into my chest. When this happened, I got an intense pain in my heart chakra that only lasted for a minute or so. After that I saw the white light go down into my torso, down my legs, and all the way down to my toes. Shortly after this the CD ended and the light slowly faded and then everything went dark.

Postscript –
Again I felt an intense desire to devote myself to my Kundalini process, and to whatever cause I’m eventually suppose to take up, by listening more to my CD’s, by doing things like Chi Gong and other exercise, by reading all the books I’ve bought recently, etc.

Here is another chapter in Merrilee's amazing story. As she indicates, this experience took place only last week. Again, how grateful I am that she is willing to offer us this "front row seat" for her incredible opening (which began only about two months ago). Those who ask,"What is kundalini like?" would do well to read this account. All personal responses to the onset of kundalini are of course unique, but hers is a revelation of what the experience can be like for one in the initial stages.

By the way, Merrilee continues to work at her job, which requires her to be quite attentive to rather complicated detail materials. She seems to be handling the tension of "mundane vs. sublime" quite well thus far.

The only other narrative I am aware of which traces the day to day (and even minute by minute) unfolding of the kundalini process is the account written some years ago by B. S. Gael. He lives in India and writes primarily of his psychic and emotional mood swings during the beginning stages (as I recall.)

Merrilee seems to be undergoing a highly speeded up process, in which the various stages occur rapidly, one after the other.

I decided to experiment with doing some kind of spiritual practice while riding in my work-sponsored vanpool in the early morning when it was still dark. Below is what happened to me on Tuesday, November 8th, beginning about 5:45 AM.

I started the process by sending energy up my spine while listening to some Gregorian chant, which I often find soothing and even trance-inducing. At first I experienced my usual orgasms, which I toned down since I was in public. Fortunately, no one was sitting in the seat next to me, plus most of the people on the van were asleep.

I don't remember the exact order of the rest of this, so I will just tell you the events. Most of these things occurred after I redirected the energy from my spine into my body, which I've never done before. By the way, the movements, kriyas and orgasms were all toned down and rather discreet.

First, the usual physical things occurred:
- I had a couple of whole body kriyas.
- I had head kriyas - up and down, left and right, and up & down & left & right at the same time.
- Twice my head was bent sideways right and left all the way down to my shoulder and I had discreet orgasms.
- I even did a quick back-arching thing, all the while hoping it looked like I was stretching.
- My right hand started shaking really obviously. Fortunately no one could see it.

Then came the fun stuff! I had an experience that I think is similar to the kind you have, Dorothy - slow, sweet ecstatic energy flowed all across my back, up the back of my neck, across my shoulders and down my arms to my elbows! Wow! It was totally erotic. I even started breathing like I was turned on - because I was! I played with the energy by doing hand mudras or just moving my fingers (wow), by moving my shoulders or my head or my neck a little (more wow), and by putting energy into my chakras (additional wow). And I thought about you a lot as I was doing this, about how this is probably very similar to what you experience. It was incredible!

It's very nice to know that I can do this kind of thing on the van sometimes, if my energy is co-operating and if no one is sitting next to me, the latter of which happens about half the time.

I also did some healing on your back during all this. I put my hands in the Pran mudra position - tip of thumb touching last 2 fingertips, with second and third fingers sticking straight out. When I visualized your back, my right hand started to shake and move in a pattern, so I visualized purple light coming from the tips of my second and third fingers and going across your whole back and down your arms in sync with this pattern. It felt quite powerful. (I like the Pran hand mudra for doing healing, and I have done other healing things with it.)

One last thing - during the day I had a number of flashbacks to what happened on the van, and a couple of times I experienced energy flowing up the back of my neck and into my ears and cheeks, which felt quite wonderful!

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