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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Merrilee's Journey Continues 

Here is another entry on Merrilee's journey of awakening. As always, I thank her for her willingness to share these intimate details with us. I feel that by learning more about one another's experiences, we get a firmer sense of what kundalini is capable of once it awakens.

She is handling her experience exceptionally well. She is accepting the various phenomena as gifts from the Mother, and trusts that she is being led toward a future goal of healing others with her newfound energies.

The below events happened on Saturday, November 5th, while I was listening to Jonathan Goldman's Chakra Chants 2 CD. I included as much as I could remember. Ironically, it takes me longer to write about this than to experience it!

General events:

I had some notable differences in breathing patterns during this session. I experienced:
- very fast and shallow breathing (especially during intense feelings)
- deep, diaphragmatic breathing
- “regular” breathing.

I had maybe 40 orgasms.
During the 4th thru 6th chakra tracks my lower jaw quivered on and off (help with future speaking role?).
During the 4th thru 7th chakra tracks I had lots of minor head kriyas, with movement up and down or sideways, sometimes very slowly, sometimes quickly.

1st chakra track – I had a few body kriyas during which my whole body jerked and shook.

1st thru 3rd chakras tracks -
I experienced a dozen or so neck stretches, similar to ones in the past, except my head was in a sideways position instead of being upright, so that my ear ended up on my shoulder. I actually felt like someone was pressing my head into my shoulder to get a maximum stretch. Each stretch ended with a couple of orgasms, and then my neck was stretched in the opposite direction. Sometimes I remained in a stretched position for quite awhile before I had the orgasms.

A couple of times I was put in the back-arched, head-thrown-back position, followed by the body-curled, head-bowed position. Each of these was followed by an orgasm.

4th chakra track –
My body was first put into a really extreme back-arched, head-back position, and I had such an intense and long-lasting orgasm that I fell out of that position and ended up half sideways in my chair.

After I recovered from the orgasm (it took a minute), I was put back in the back-arched, head-back position, but it wasn’t as extreme. After I noticed that my neck and jaw were hurting, I was put in an even less extreme variation of this position.

During most of this track, I had a vision of white light streaming into my heart from someplace high above my head. Later the light in the stream turned into a rainbow of colors with white light on either side of the rainbow.

5th chakra track –
My back was arched less, but my head was thrown back more with my mouth open as wide as it could go. I saw blue light coming into my mouth and down my throat. The source of the light was somewhere high above my head. I again had asked for help in my future speaking role.

After thinking about the future, I started thinking about my current job and the fact that I don’t like it and worry about doing enough to keep it. I then had a combination lucid-dream and déjà vu experience, where files suddenly and magically appeared on my computer at work. This made me feel like things would be OK.

6th chakra track –
My head was still thrown back, but my jaw was now closed. I saw purple light streaming into my forehead from someplace high above my head. I felt pressure on my forehead from both inside and outside. I also felt pressure in my sinuses. I felt like I was only about half conscious. I sent energy to Dorothy to help her eyesight.

7th chakra track –
I was put in a normal sitting position. I had a vision of the top of my head being completely open. Smoky white light streamed into my head from someplace high above. I was still feeling pressure on my forehead. I was again only about half conscious, and then I went away completely. I came back as the track was finishing.

Some further notes –

I lose track of time during these sessions and end up feeling like only 15 minutes has passed, even though the CD’s actually last about an hour.
I always listen to these CD’s using headphones, which enhances the effects of the binaural beats on them.
The night before and the morning of my session I had really bad pain in my lower abdomen. During the session my pain went away, and it stayed away all day. I experienced some gurgling sensations during and after the session.

Some thoughts from my session –

I want to be more appreciative of these wonderful gifts and experiences.
I want to listen to my CD’s more often. I already get up at 4:00 AM and don’t think I can get up much earlier, so I will have to make time in the evening somehow.
I want to stay more in touch with my Beloved Within throughout the day, but I'm afraid that won’t help me get more done at work. Maybe there is some kind of happy medium.
I want to spend more time getting ready for whatever it is I’m supposed to do in the future by reading and getting in better shape physically. Now that swimming season is almost over, I need to find something to do to replace that form of exercise.

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