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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Merrilee's Mystical Vision 

Merrilee's Kundalini awakening began in September of this year. I began posting entries written by (and about) her soon thereafter. For the earlier accounts, see the following blog entries:

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In the following experience, Merrilee enters mystical awareness (seeing the unity of all things) in a stunning climax to her daily practice of movement and inner visions.

On November 13th, I had some amazing experiences while listening to Jonathan Goldman’s Trance Tara CD.

For the first 7 minutes of the first track (I peeked at the clock), I had my usual head and neck and body kriyas, back-arching and orgasms. For the rest of the track (19 minutes), I “danced”. My hands and arms took on a life of their own, and also sometimes my head and upper torso and even occasionally my legs, all while I was sitting in a chair.

I moved to the drumbeat in the music in a very coordinated, graceful fashion. My hands moved in beautiful patterns which I couldn’t do consciously if my life depended on it! Sometimes my hands and individual fingers moved unbelievable fast, but generally the movements were slow and graceful.

I was amazed at how my hands moved so well together, so harmoniously. I was also amazed at how many different things my fingers did, how many graceful positions my hands were put in. To my knowledge, none of these positions were formal mudra hand positions. And my hands and arms never stopped moving the whole time. Occasionally I would open my eyes to watch them, but I found this a little distracting and even disconcerting.

During the second track of the CD, I had visions. I sat quietly for a minute or two as the track began, and then my head began to trace the chalice-like symbol (from last week’s session), which appeared right in front of my third eye. (Note: I had my eyes closed.) My head traced this symbol over and over – “doodled” it, if you would – until it started to change. It eventually morphed into a flower with dark-blue-almost-purple petals. The part with the petals was the same shape and size as the gemstone in the chalice-like symbol. The rest of the symbol morphed into a green stem and leaves.

As my head continued to trace the flower, it multiplied and filled up a garden in front of me. As my head began moving in circles, the flowers filled up the area behind me. Then the flowers filled up the whole hill I was sitting on, the valleys below the hill and the mountains off in the distance. At some point my arms had started moving, I think as the mountains were filling with flowers. Then my arms started circling above my head, and I felt/saw the whole world become covered with these flowers.

Eventually my elbows came to rest on the arms of the chair, with my hands up and my palms facing upward, and I felt like I was holding the flower-covered world in my hands and against my chest. Suddenly there was a very bright light shining down on the world from high above. It was so bright I couldn’t see the flowers anymore, but I knew they were still there.

The world started getting bigger, and my arms moved down to my lap so I could hold the world in my arms, in my lap and against my chest. The world got bigger and bigger – and lighter and lighter – and eventually it floated off into the Cosmos. Then my arms and hands started moving to the music again, and I had a sense of myself as part of the Cosmos.

As the track was ending, the tip of my index finger and thumb came together on each hand, and then my fingers and thumbs were joined together to create a tiny, tiny diamond-shaped aperture. My hands were brought to my forehead and my third eye looked through this tiny aperture. It was like looking through a microscope where the power was quickly getting stronger and stronger.

I started out seeing molecules, then atoms, then protons and neutrons, then whatever comes next - muons, leptons, quarks, strings, waves, particles, etc. The music ended and still I continued seeing things, until I think I saw what was quite possibly Lynne McTaggart’s Zero Point Field – the vast sea of energy which connects everything in the Universe. At the same time I was seeing McTaggart’s Field, I was also able to see a planet-filled sky above me, and I felt like everything was all one, all the same. And then it all went dark.

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