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Friday, November 18, 2005

Merrilee's Story Continues: A Study in Contrasts 

Merrilee's Kundalini awakening began in September of this year. I began posting entries written by (and about) her soon thereafter. For the earlier accounts, see the following blog entries:

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Here, for the first time, Merrilee speaks of one of the common signs of Kundalini awakening--sudden mood shifts from high to low, joy to discomfort. Such swings can occur for no apparent reason and can be minor or extreme. To her credit, she becomes a witness to her own experience, and doesn't let it distract her from her responsibilities in the external world.

(Oddly, such heightened states can sometimes seem to occur simultaneously, joy and pain mixed in one, as if the energies are flowing through and arousing the deep centers of cellular memory.)

from Merrilee:

The below events happened on Wednesday, November 9th.

My morning was truly a study in contrasts. I experienced a complete about-face over the course of just a couple of hours.

I woke up very tired, anxious, sad, jumpy and just down-right crabby. My eyes, ears and feet hurt. The foot pain was definitely Kundalini related, and the pain in my eyes and ears might have been, too. I couldn't see too well out of my left eye for a few minutes, and my hearing seemed to be a little off.

During all this, I remembered a dream I had three weeks after my Awakening in which I found out I was supposed to take a cruise. I was upset because I had not signed up for the cruise (my Awakening) and had never been on one. And, if I was going on one, I needed to go home and pack (get prepared), which I was never able to do (because my Awakening was spontaneous). That's how I was feeling this morning as I got ready for work and drove to the van stop.

But then on the van, as I listened to some wonderful Gregorian chant sung a cappella by 4 women (Anonymous 4), things started to change. I started feeling intense love for everyone. My heart (chakra) literally felt swollen with love. I had transient pains in the front and back of my body in the area of my heart. I cried a fair amount because of how I was feeling. (Fortunately it was pretty dark and my van mates were mostly asleep.) During all this, my Kundalini energy was very present in my neck - soft, sweet chills kept running up and down it.

When I first got to work, I felt intense love for everyone I interacted with. I almost felt like I could see people's souls or the divine part of them.

Throughout the day I felt a lot of transient chest and heart pain, like perhaps my heart chakra was being worked on. I also occasionally felt pain in my back near my heart chakra.

Ironically, in the afternoon, I got very annoyed with people in a very large meeting. I just wanted to get away from everyone and everything!

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