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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Cohesive Psychic Sea 

The following quote resembles much of what many others have said, and are continuing to say during these times of accelerated understanding. However, I think these ideas bear repeating, in whatever form, until they become totally embedded in our daily perception. It is sometimes easier to say words than to absorb them into our full psychic awareness.

(The Sheldrake he refers to is Rupert Sheldrake, one of the most advanced thinkers of our time. It is he who originated the notion of "morphogenetic fields," which are created when something (an action, process, or thought) is repeated numerous times, so that each successive repetition becomes easier. Rats running a maze in an experiment which becomes constantly easier for other rats in other places is the primary example of this. How do they "learn" from one another? What exactly is this process of seeming transference of learning from one location to another though there is no physical contact?

How do we communicate "psychically?" Recently, I was trying to remember the name of a poet I had heard read some years ago in San Francisco. My listener supplied the name for me, though she knew nothing of the occasion I was referring to.

All of this is part of the self same mystery which we do not understand but seem to witness or experience, sometimes daily.)

... In other words, though invisible to the human eye, we seem to be immersed in a sort of universal ocean of interconnectivity. Just as all creatures in a sea are connected by the cohesive body of water, so the entire world/universe is interconnected in a kind of cohesive psychic sea. There is nothing to which you are not attached in some way.

Evidently, even our thoughts are not just isolated ideas waiting to be acted upon, but are actually linked in some fashion to the object(s) of the thought. Sheldrake goes on to say, "Our intentions stretch out into the world around us, and also extend into the future. We are linked to our environment and to each other." If, as Sheldrake says, we are linked to the future, then our thoughts affect what is coming. This means that our mental intentions, or stretching our thoughts outward, actually link to objects and draw them toward us.

Barry Carter

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