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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Daniel Jacob on the New Energy 

One of my favorite channels is Daniel Jacob, based in Seattle. He channels the group called "Reconnections." I do not necessarily believe all that he says, but the messages are fascinating. Here is a recent one on "The Great Reunion" (and I do believe that something very important is occuring at this very time--something has definitely shifted us into a different state of consciousness.)

The Great Reunion"
Led by Daniel Jacob, Channeling the



Hi Friends,

The vibratory key of 1+2 is the energy signature for a Convergence of Polarities, resulting in the manifestation of a Convergence Point, or MAGICAL CHILD.......the third point of a triad.

When this energy signature appears on both sides of the Veil (12:12), the resonant power flux absolutely goes off the chart! This is what occurred when God merged with and filled the womb of Mother Mary, and it is what happens every time two (previously) separated aspects in 3D Space choose to return to our Home State of Universal Oneness.

The heart of the 12:12 Activation is the blending of human and divine DNA, for purposes of expanding the experience of BOTH SIDES of the Agreement! The belief that humans are merely "handmaidens" of the Lord is borne of Separation Consciousness. We are COSMIC CHRIST MANIFESTATIONS, each within our own created universe. (uni=one), and worthy of much awe and respect.

As far as observation power goes, this little blue ball called "Earth" is the HIT ATTRACTION of the Multiverse. We are an "E" Ticket (if any of you are old enough to remember that term!)

In this evening's session, The Reconnections will discuss what it's like to MAKE LOVE TO GOD, GODDESS, ALL THAT IS. We'll also talk about being pregnant with Oneself Resonance. Further, we will consider what it's like to make love AS a God or Goddess.

Is this possible? Is there something that an incarnate human can offer, in Mystical Union, with The Great Divine? Oh yes, my friends.........It is the Secret of the Ages! Can you keep a secret?

The stories of UFO Contactees (Sons of God going into the Daughters of Men), Human Mixing and Mingling in Realms of the Fae, The Ecstacy of St. Therese of Avila and St. John of the Cross, and a whole host of Mythological Joinings across time are all documentations of what we'll be discussing here. The session concludes with a 12:12 Ceremony.

All Reconnections Events are committed to following Spirit in the flow of the moment. Each Workshop has visualized goals of focus, though each participant (and the group) co-creates that focus, moment-by-moment, including The Guides who come to be with us. Some concepts which seem up for consideration this evening are:

*The importance of a proper juncture of Spirituality and Sex to the healthy integration of the "New Energies."

*What are the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical ramifications of becoming "infused?"

*How do these New Energies affect my image of myself, my relationships to others, and my own life's work?

*More discussions of practical ways that I can assist myself with the process of integration and balance?

Are there any innate dangers of opening myself to a Mystical Union?

This session will include group process and discussion, toning, a live channeling from The Reconnections, and lots of Q and A.



Two Dates, Separate times for International Access. Each date is a whole unto itself, with distinctive content. Both dates give a nice taste of what happened on the weekend of 11:11 here in Kirkland.



Set of 5 Mp3 files are now available for the Spirituality and Sex Series. Over 7 hours of powerhouse material and discussions on Children and Sexuality, Recovery from Sexual Abuse Trauma, Spiritual Integration Facilitation, The Incoming Goddess Energy, and the Dance of the He and She.

For more info:


Also features a discount on a one-hour reading with the Reconnections. See link for details.


Daniel Jacob

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