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Friday, December 23, 2005

Love Poem 

In the tradition of ecstatic poetry, the Beloved Within is frequently addressed as though he/she were indeed an actual lover. This poem is in that tradition, and can be read either way.

Don't Be Seduced

Don't be seduced
by my words.

Especially when they talk
about love, longing.

I could be describing
the rose in the window,
the fish you left on your plate last night.

I could be conjuring
last night's sunset,
this morning's rosy
show (scarlet
spreading over orange
like ripeness overtaking
a fruit.)

Above all, don't listen to me now.
I am a reluctant lover,
a fugitive, like a secret
hiding in a fist
waiting to be found
and opened.

Even now I am not certain
if this yearning
is for god,
or a feeling,
or the scent you left
hanging in the room
when you left.

Dorothy Walters
December 11, 2005

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