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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Psychic Ability and Kundalini 

Psychic abilities may or may not be associated with (energetic)Kundalini awakening as such: indeed, some people believe that psychic powers are themselves an aspect of Kundalini. Some writers warn students against developing such psychic capacities, on the grounds that it will deter them from future spiritual development. Personally I believe that these abilities, like any others, should be allowed to develop naturally (should they appear), and not suppressed.

A friend recently wrote that for years she had dreams of an airplane (or airplanes) crashing into tall buildings. After 9-11, she felt that her dreams had been prescient. This same friend dreamed that her young daughter dashed into the street and was hit by a car. One day her daughter began to run ahead and toward the street, and my friend, remembering the dream, ran after her in time to save her from an oncoming vehicle.

Another friend once had a "waking premonition" while he was at a service station that a car would cross the median at a nearby highway/avenue and strike his own vehicle. Minutes later, as he drove down this avenue, he remembered the premonition and switched to the far lane, just before a car swerved over the median and into oncoming traffic.

Yesterday, I had a little experience of "seeing auras," as I have often done in the past. While I was in my chi gong class, I noticed clear light around my teacher's head. As I continued to watch her, I saw bands of dark purple light outlining her shoulders and arms, all the way to her wrists. I felt that I was literally seeing her chi energies as she moved her limbs through the exercise. I thought it was especially interesting since she was wearing a black silk chi gong jacket and trousers and the purple was visible even against the black. Sometimes when she moved her two hands together down in front of her chest, I saw streams of purple light (energy) follow her hands.

These are only a few examples of psychic events which I have heard of (or experienced) recently, coming from a limited circle of friends. I wonder how many similar accounts we would hear if more of us shared our experiences? What if we had the total "world picture"? We would doubtless be amazed at the infinite connections of psychic communication and happenings going on constantly all around us and all over the globe. We do indeed all swim in the same inner sea, and are connected at levels deeper than we know.

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