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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Seeing the Angels Dance 

I belong to a small circle called "Women's Sacred Spirituality." We meet once a month to share in rituals and events designed to help us celebrate our inner journeys, whether ours alone or with others.

Recently we did an "exercise" which made a very deep impression on me. We began our meeting, as always, with 30 minutes of quiet meditation. Then we broke into groups of three. Following our instructions, one person moved while the second mirrored her movements. The third member simply watched, with the intent of sharing her impressions of what she observed.

I was the witness. My two friends moved together in a common "dance," graceful and flowing. As I watched, I realized that something very sacred was occurring before my eyes. Each had a deep, dreamlike expression on her face, as they performed their fluid, elegant movements. It was as though they were "dancing naked," as if their spirits, fully unveiled, were in fact the dancers. I stood in awe of the inner beauty and sweetness being revealed before me. I felt wonder and amazement that I had such friends.

It was, for me, a holy moment, a descent of divine grace. I gave thanks to have such friends, and for their willingness to reveal to me what they truly were.

And so I wish that each of us may receive such precious gifts, such holy moments, now and every day in the coming year.

Blessings to all.

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