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Friday, December 30, 2005

Tribes, Clans, Cultures--More from Daniel Jacob 

As always, I am intrigued by the messages from "Reconnections," who are channeled by Daniel Jacob.

The following quote is indeed a bit "far out," but maybe it is time for all of us to stretch our imaginations and envision the greater possible rather than the smaller familiar. Once more, I am not endorsing these ideas, but rather am offering them as matters for reflection. I particularly like what is said about individuals combining into groups, and then into tribes, and on and on. This message was part of what I received some 20 years ago--that "soul groups" would form, composed of like-minded individuals, who would share a common identity, yet maintain their own individuality. I think that is what is happening now, as kindred spirits find each other. And I also like the reference to "mystical bliss," which is, to my mind, the sweet rapture of Kundalini when the spirit of Oneness descends and all boundaries and arbitrary divisions dissolve.

From: "Reconnections"
Subject: A New Journey Begins.....


(from the Reconnections):

And so....little by little......humanity is once more approaching that sacred time when we open ourselves.....COMPLETELY. Where we infuse ourselves, ALLOWING OURSELVES to be taken aboard a Magical Mystery Tour..........where days become night, up becomes down, and that which is within gets slowly turned inside out.

Archangel Michael comes to each of us now.......EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.....offering his Sword of Flame......inviting us to take our next steps:

"Take this sword in your right hand, and run it in and through your aura..........cutting cords of connection that have existed, all across time! Cords of Remembrance, Cords of Disappointment, Cords of Expectation, Cords of Anticipation.

Reach high into the sky, then reach down and touch the Earth..........move in circular fashion this way and that........severing ties to past and future so that all might be transformed and translated into LIQUID NOW!

Surround yourself in a Golden Bubble of NOW, and allow the protection and focus of NOW to fill each and every facet of your Majestic Being!

(Now Daniel Jacob)

DJ: A New Journey Begins. The alignment of 11:11 allows for the Mystical Union of 12:12. Those who were ready to allow in Mystical Ecstasy have done it, or are in the process of doing it. Those who are not quite ready to LET GO OF CONTROL are slowly, steadily, inching themselves ever-closer to the door.......peeking inside, peering around corners. For many, this stage is called WAITING TO BE READY.......and there are times when we do, indeed, feel like "E.T." stranded on the Earth, waiting for our friends to come back for us.


Where once the manifestation of that UNIVERSAL MAGICAL CHILD was beheld in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes, or symbolized by a star, shining high in the sky..........it now is to be manifest as a ONESELF COMMUNITY......a Family of the Heart. The process is an INWARD ONE........which slowly manifests itself outwardly.



Now is the time for Gathering the Clans and Tribes. Each of us is doing it, inwardly.....drawing to ourselves those individuals (on both sides of the Veil) who best symbolize and support an Inner Evolution Revolution that is occurring, all across the planet.

From the Reconnections.........

"We once told you that the event, popularly known as "Armageddon," was already being fought, on the Planes of the Imagination, at the Gateway which leads to the Multiverse. In essence, it has been a war of thought forms, a crisis of values and ideals. It is as though the ruling elements of your internal realms have been battling over the PRIORITIES OF YOUR LIFE, so that the victor could seize control of your "Multidimensional Ship," and set its compass for the next destination in your journey across time and space.

We are the Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you--just far enough. We are a Conscious Collective that has volunteered to serve humanity during this powerful time. Upon request, we will function as a search engine into your own storehouse of ancient knowledge and wisdom. At other times, we may also act as Tour Guide, for your journey through the corridors of possible/probable existence.

Soon will the outcome of this great battle be made known to all people! Each of you, in your own way, and by your own hand-- has now risen or fallen upon that inner field. It is already done. It is complete. What is seen here now is simply a revelation of choices which you have made. There is no condemnation. there is only learning. And everything and everyone around you is playing out each facet of who you are. You are not one of many. You are really many of one!

We speak now in the style of linear thought, so that your 3D mind can absorb and integrate these important lessons quickly and easily. Rather than seeing your world, at this time, as an unfolding mystery that needs to be "solved," it is far more useful for you to engage with it as a motion picture that has already been filmed--a finished product that is now being premiered for your pleasure and enjoyment. If you can do this, your personal stress levels will be held to manageable limits. You will be activated and excited, without being injured or destroyed! And so, we begin." (end excerpt)

The end of a paradigm.........the beginning of a New Cycle..........

Each of those Orientation Gifts is in the process of becoming a TRIBE, a focused CULTURE of individuals, united solely around that which makes them breathe faster and GLOW. Here is cyberspace, on the Discussion Lists, in our Hearts.........the Gathering of Tribes will commence. In Sedona, a selected group of physical beings can embody FOR THE WHOLE.........what each of us is doing individually.


Conclaves will expand into Enclaves......each focused on particular desires, proclivities, and desires. Are you ready to be a Research Leader into these 12 Gifts? Are you ready to gather with others who think, feel, YEARN in the ways that you do? Are you ready to congregate and impregnate your world with that one sacred focus?

Those who exist on the Other Side of the Veil are ready to stop by for purposes of seeding, and for an Empowerment Dance. Both sides always benefit from there. Here is some new material on Spiritual HOSTING..........which has just come through:


Do not be afraid. The Magical Child is within. The Mother's Presence permeates and empowers us, in bearing this new energy. Doubts are temporary. Knowing is forever. The difficult we do right away. The impossible takes a little longer!


There is so much to say and share, and we are doing it...........on the Inner Planes. I am constantly informed of "encounters" that are occurring, where entire LIBRARIES of Knowledge are being imparted. Think about NEO, in that first "Matrix".......learning all those martial arts forms. We're all so HUNGRY, to remember who and what we are! We could go on and on, couldn't we. And we will!

Have a Great New Year. Remember the words of that great Eric Clapton piece, called "After Midnight?" It is reminiscent of the period of STANDING STILL SUN that we just passed through. The Light is on, the champagne is bubbling, and a New Game is Afoot! Let's get busy and kick some Now Moment butt!!!

I love you all. Thanks for the gift that you are.

Daniel Jacob

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