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Sunday, January 29, 2006

About Karma 

I have always had trouble with the notion that suffering in this life was somehow retribution or payback for personal misdeeds in some past life. It never made sense to me then, nor does it now. Too many people all over the world are innocent victims of social unrest or chaos; too many people are suffering the effects of bad environment on their health, or are afflicted with other diseases which have no rhyme or reason that we might detect. I think it is cruel and unjust to "blame it on their so-called karma", past actions playing out on this later stage.

However, I do agree that, on the level of personal action, what we do (in "normal" circumstances) tends to affect the world we create for ourselves. Thus, when we send love into the world, we receive love in return. When we send creativity and joy, we receive the same in return. In this way, what we send forth does, in fact, return in full measure.

This comment on karma drew my attention today and I reprint it here:

"Karma illustrates the circular energetic nature
of the universe. Energy doesn't move in a linear format,
but rather arcs back to itself as a vibration in an ever
widening, narrow and concentrated circle.

Every energetic impulse that the self projects eventually
returns to the self, precisely the way it was issued out.

Karma, a gift from the universe, provides a guideline for
the Soul's evolutionary curve. It is the road map through
which the self describes the specific journey of the Soul
in this particular lifetime. Ultimately fair, karma
establishes cosmic justice. The Law of Karma is EXACT...
Karmic Law dispenses the lessons which are uniquely
tailored to the individual student."

KARMA: The Soul Connection
by Elizabeth Joyce

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