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Monday, January 30, 2006

Lovely Poem to the Beloved 

I couldn't resist reprinting this lovely poem to the Beloved, which was the daily offering from Ivan Granger's Poetry Chaikhana (www.poetry-chaikhana.com)

Say it out loud, slowly. Repeat it. Let the words sink in and enter your heart.

The day Love was illumined,

By Abu-Said Abil-Kheir
(967 - 1049)

(English version by Vraje Abramian)

The day Love was illumined,

Lovers learned from You how to burn, Beloved.

The flame was set by the Friend

to give the moth a gate to enter.

Love is a gift from the Beloved to the Lover.

-- from Nobody, Son of Nobody: Poems of Shaikh Abu-Saeed Abil-Kheir, Translated by Vraje Abramian

(Just think. This beautiful poem was written over ten centuries ago, and it still speaks to us. The voice of the Beloved endures for all time. It speaks to us always, if we but listen.)

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